The Real Scam: Tai Lopez On How You’ve Been Lied To

The Real Scam: Tai Lopez On How You’ve Been Lied To

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you want to know where you’ve been scammed you don’t want to know what you really should be angry about I’ll tell you what I’m angry about you know I was just in the house here watching a basketball on TV and I realized that there is something being perpetrated right underneath right underneath the surface of society that everybody is overlooking it’s kind of like magic you know and magic I did magic when I was in sixth grade and you hold things that you want people to see here and what you don’t want them to see you have operate underneath your hand you know underneath below the visibility line so I’m watching commercials what do I see 90% of all commercials are pushing things that are bad for you that are bad for your health that are bad for your wealth that are bad for your happiness why is nobody boycotting you know people say to me hey tie the stuff you talk about reading and books and success what if people perceive it as a get-rich-quick scheme and all this and I say hey it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but let’s say it was is that the big thing that people should be calling out as a scam is that the big boycott that should be uh being talked about or how about right down there at all the fast food places how about a million people strong saying you know what this is killing us this is killing our kids this is killing our families I read that I by 2030 maybe 50% of all kids in the world will be diabetic or pre-diabetic so you want to talk about our reading it is reading books is learning to become an entrepreneur learn to become a better investor is this a scam I mean I see all kinds of things throughout my life I’ve bought all kinds of things that people thought were getting rich quick schemes I remember I bought Carlton sheets he had a program online that you spent I think I spent $300 I think he might still be around and I was an infomercial and it taught you the basics I got a little binder in the mail taught me the basics of investing in real estate and I remember thinking this was worth 300 bucks you know what if everybody in the world was educating themselves instead of just sitting in front of the TV and his wife Taco Bell commercials in pepsi and coke and sprite and McDonald’s and Burger King Taco Bell for breakfast this is the big thing this isn’t the ultimate scam being perpetrated I was reading National Geographic and they said sugar is probably the number one culprit this is not some pseudo scientist some alternative Health magazine this is National Geographic scene it’s sugar that’s probably the cause of a large percentage of our acute and chronic health problems where’s the outcry where’s the big you know Yelp ah and review sites taking down all these big players no they’re not because what the big people do what the big fast-food companies do what the big sugar pushing soda companies do is they put it right in front of your face it’s like the magician they make it so obvious that you know people focus on all the things that don’t matter it’s like in that Denzel Washington movie where the two serial killers are sitting they kill a new person every day or whatever they’re the bad guys and they’re eating a dinner or eating breakfast and one looks at the other after he read the paper and said you know what man people are all afraid of the wrong things what we was saying is we’re serial killers people should be afraid of us but they’re not they’re focused on this and what politician and who this and little scandals and who Kim Kardashian is dating and you know blah blah blah when I can get my next Taco Bell breakfast order or where’s my coca-cola that’s how the low-level mentality of the world and that’s the scam companies preying on that where’s all the great entrepreneurs out there what about you you’re gonna be the next entrepreneur come up with a win-win business where you can get wealthy and at the same time make the world a better place you can do it we don’t live in the medieval times archaic times it’s possible for you to make the world a better place and make your own life a better place but you know what like I said I would love to see a world down there and Joel Salatin my mentor used to tell me ty you don’t need government intervention to tell people to not drink soda I mean maybe that will help but he said the ultimate cause the ultimate way is vote with your checkbook stop buying stuff that’s bad then the advertisers won’t have them to advertise that stuff you know go out by a carlton sheets program i’m not affiliated with it i don’t make any money spend stuff spend your money on quote-unquote get-rich-quick schemes that’s what people want to talk about as the big you think that is the problem in today’s society that people are pushing educational products that give people hope even though obviously Carlton sheets knows with his real estate program not everybody’s gonna get wealthy doing it and of course people want to call that out oh it’s a get-rich-quick scheme he’s showing people how to be educated in real estate and what if they don’t get wealth equal welcome to the world of competition welcome to the world a biological imperative some people are going to make it but I’d still rather live in a world where we’re pushing things that have positive potential what’s the positive potential from a burger and a big big gulp of crappy soda zero it’s all negative for you not one person’s help will be benefited from that so great the Olympics are sponsored by McDonald’s that’s great that’s great that’s really not a scam that’s what people are so stupid that’s the scam man rise up for that scam focus on that that’s what I wish was going on right now in Hollywood I wish Hollywood was boycotting in and out burger I’m boycotting Carl’s jr. and boycotting Cheetos and Boyka and here’s the thing we now have the science that you can make good food cuz at the end of the day I don’t care what education level you get I don’t care what job you have I don’t care even how great of a social life you have at the end of the day it’s health I talked about the four pillars of the good life health wealth love and happiness if you don’t have health you have nothing so like I said the biggest scam being perpetrated in the world is distractions that magically just like that evil magician keep what you what they want you to see here and keep you from having a skeptical I have a skeptical eye on the right thing don’t call out Carleton sheets don’t call out educational programs don’t argue whether you should read ebooks ah or regular books and I was lit was reading a book I can’t remember which one it said I think it was Bill Gates or somebody and they said you know people who nitpick are never successful there’s a lot of people I want to nitpick someone’s gonna comment on the video all tie you know your hair is messed up who cares man why you focused on all the wrong stuff why don’t you focus on the big picture stuff so all you have to get right in life get the big picture stuff right what you eat how much money you make and how well you are steward of the money you make who you hang out with your social life and the quality of thoughts going in your brain because that will equal fulfillment and happiness just focus on those let everything else fall by the wayside don’t spend all your time trying to figure out what wardrobe you should wear don’t figure out all time trying to figure out what’s the next burger to eat or who Kim Kardashian’s dating who cares see it’s the magic trick it’s the scam you want to be angry about something be angry about that don’t like I said I think I said in my TED not in say to my TEDx talk I said it enough talk I just gave and I said you know if you in a room playing poker and after 30 minutes you don’t know who the sucker is you’re the sucker watching TV watching those commercials I’m like oh my god these big corporations and small companies – they’re making people suckers everything that’s being sold almost without a doubt I mean almost without exception from the music to the food to the drinks to even you know the entertainment it makes you either stupid unhealthy or poor it’s a lose-lose it’s a win for them and a lose for you a win lose you want a Pareto efficiency that’s a win-win so figure out how to do it so like I said don’t become a nitpicker when you see an infomercial when you see a book when you see somebody trying to push success don’t be like oh this is what’s wrong in the world no it’s not I’d rather have a world with a million people trying trying then a million businesses without a doubt pushing sugar process and mindless drivel there’s no upside to that at least if there’s somebody like Carlton sheets or whoever I don’t know why I picked on Carlton sheets and there’s a lot of stuff online at least there’s potential find something with potential lockdown on don’t be a sucker 

This Post Was All About The Real Scam: Tai Lopez On How You’ve Been Lied To.
The Real Scam: Tai Lopez On How You've Been Lied To

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