Making Money on Fiverr Introduction EP #1

Making Money on Fiverr Introduction EP #1

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what’s going on guys I’m back with another face-to-face video I haven’t done one of these in a while actually basically because uh being swamped with questions so a while ago I started a series called ask Franklin er and I haven’t been updating lately because it’s just been crazy with questions but I did have a look through them all it took me hours believe me it took a long time but I look through every single question and pretty much 80% of the questions were how can you make money on Fiverr and the reason is I think is because I’ve interested a few times and some of my videos and on my blog so I’ve decided to make a whole series about it because I tell you what five really is actually one of the easiest ways to make money online so with five are you kind of have the unique the gigs where it’s kind of a one-off so let’s say someone sings happy birthday and a whatever in a bunny suit or something like that those really can’t be replicated but a lot of them can be replicated so like building backlinks for people hard to explain but just there’s so much things that can be there can be replicated catered and you can make money off it I’ve got a few friends doing it at the moment one of them was made over $15,000 since he started I’m not 100% sure how long he’s been doing it but he hasn’t he doesn’t have any skills at all he simply just does what everybody else is doing and he makes a ton of money I’ve got someone else that’s been doing it for a while as well never made about two two thousand eight hundred dollars but they have it but they don’t really do it as much as the other guy so they don’t have as many gigs going and stuff like that so in this series I’m gonna be showing you exactly all different types of ways you can make money on Fiverr without actually have any having any skill so you don’t have to be a logo designer or some sort of website creator or anything like that a lot of people just use automated programs so some of these episodes you might have to pay for a program but most of them will be free 100% free I’m gonna upload try and upload of one a day I might not be able to keep up with that but I’ll try and do one a day I’m not sure how many episodes is gonna be there could be 10 20 30 I mean there’s actually so many ways to make money on fiver and each episode will consist of one way to make money on Fiverr and I’ll go through the steps to show you how to do it I mean I’ll show exactly how to do it it’s very very easy to make money on Fiverr $5 might not mean enough might not be enough money to some people but if you can do stuff like under 15 minutes you don’t want to be doing something for $5 it’s going to take longer than 15 minutes you want to stick to under 15 minutes roughly because in that means you making roughly $20 an hour if you’re gonna be spinning an hour on something that costs $5 it’s not worth it I mean it’s just not worth doing so I’m gonna be showing you quick any easy ways I mean one of the ways I’m gonna be showing you doing blog comments and stuff literally takes like five minutes and you’re gonna make five bucks that’s a dollar a minute that’s pretty good so if you can get some sales rolling any going to be making a bunch of money so a few things the key things are fiber you wanna if you’re making $5 you want to make sure it’s a very very fast process you can add on extras so you the new process can be a little bit longer and you want to make sure you optimize your gigs to see your bit so you can out it’s like SEO on Fiverr if you the more keywords you put in and stuff like that the more you’re going to come up to the top so you simply just have have something to sell some sort of Fiverr search engine optimization I guess you could call it and just be there really to take sales and kind of be I have some good customer service so your customers will keep coming back to you so this is the first episode just kind of an introduction you know there’s no secret to making money on Fiverr there’s no hidden cost I’ve seen some guys selling of course the other day for like 300 bucks how to make money on Fiverr who would pay that I mean there’s no secret it’s all in front of us it’s all in front of our eyes I’ve never actually made money on Fiverr because I’ve never tried but I know how to do it because I’ve done the research I had friends that have showed me how to do it of friends that have told me how to do it I was on the I’m Skype with one of my friends for about three hours the other night after I got all these questions from you guys without Fiverr asking about any tips and tricks and stuff I then he showed me all of the stuff he knows and it simply was right there in front of me anyway so I’m going to show you exactly how to make money on Fiverr it’s going to be a pretty epic video series I will bring up to the first two episodes with this video and I hope you guys really enjoy it I I want to bring out content that you guys want to see and the main question has been Fiverr at least 80% I mean crazy crazy amounts of people ask me that five oh you guys want to see it I’m gonna make up for you and you know I hope you guys really enjoy it I’ll also send a blast out of my email every time an episode has come up or every time I’ve done a couple of episodes I might just put one or two episodes and an email for you guys and I hope you simply thoroughly enjoy the episodes I’ll see you guys in the next episode of how to make money on Fiverr 

This Post Was All About Making Money on Fiverr Introduction EP #1.
Making Money on Fiverr Introduction EP #1

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I’m going to show you how to make money on Fiverr in my new video series

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