Make Money on Fiverr With 100 Words! | EP #5

Make Money on Fiverr With 100 Words! | EP #5

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what’s going on guys so in today’s fiber episode we’re gonna be looking at writing short descriptions for people for five bucks now this is going to be another short video because seriously this is how easy it is to make five bucks on fiber and we want to remember that we want to make five bucks and the less time possible so we’re gonna be looking at writing the strip to our descriptions now and this one I’ve found one where this person will write a 100-word product description for five dollars now what is 100 word words look like roughly this anyone can pretty much write a hundred words about something and probably about five minutes five or five or ten minutes so you simply just want to start an advert like this I will write a 100-word product description or any type of this code description and if you have some more writing experience like you want to write some more words or something something like that you can just add on more you know extra gigs so this person would do 200 words or 300 words or 400 words so if you’re good at writing this is definitely good way to make some money even if you’re not good at writing you can just stick to the 100 or 200 words and look this one even buy me a cup of coffee so that’s a bit of a tip there she’s asking for tips and give me extra five bucks for stuff like that and if you do a good job they’ll give you an extra five bucks and that’s it very easy so you just go to word counter dotnet simply writing your hundred words and honestly it will take you like a few minutes I guarantee you won’t take any longer than 10 minutes you come back and you just send it off to the person that bought your gig it’s that simple and you know this girl has some you know people queuing already three it she’s had five reviews she’s probably had quite a few sales as well and there are some other people doing it for for I can’t find I see there’s her one but not many people actually do this for this you know for a hundred words but they do sell so definitely give it a go oh that’s another way and what I mean by give it a goes I don’t mean just do one gig and leave it like that you’re not going to make much money you’re gonna have to kind of combine this with a few other gigs from my episodes or just work work it so you do make some good money from it the best way to make money off Fiverr is to have a multiple gigs going at the same time so you might have five or six gigs going and you’ll definitely start making some good money on Fiverr all right guys I see in the next episode this one was really really short because it’s really really easy I mean very easy 500 word reviews on products descriptions or just a hundred words on anything and believe me people will buy it because people are lazy and they don’t want to do it themselves they’ll pay five bucks for anything for someone else to do it I’ve paid five bucks to get someone else’s oppa four because I was lazy and I’m still lazy and I still paid people to write for me so get into it very good way to make some money I’ll see you guys in the next video 

This Post Was All About Make Money on Fiverr With 100 Words! | EP #5.
Make Money on Fiverr With 100 Words! | EP #5

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More advanced ways coming soon! This just another nice easy one for now.:)

Just another simple and easy way to make money on Fivrr

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