Make $9.00 Every 15 Minutes Just PLAYING GAMES! (FREE PayPal Money)

Make $9.00 Every 15 Minutes Just PLAYING GAMES! (FREE PayPal Money)

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in today’s video i’m gonna be teaching you how you can earn nine dollars every 15 minutes just for playing games now you’re gonna be playing some of the biggest titles coming out releasing soon you’re gonna be one of the first people to play these games on this website and they’re also going to be paying you for your time as well imagine earning nine dollars every 15 minutes you play a game well that’s what i’m going to be showing you in today’s video so stick around because you are not going to want to miss this video but before we do jump in we’ve got a few quick things to mention first of all as you see this yep that is the youtube like button and if you destroy that okay that is going to help up the youtube algorithm so much it’s going to make my video pop off and help out my channel greatly and i really really appreciate it honestly when you do hit that like button let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes if you can do that guys i’m going to be doing another paypal money giveaway because yeah you would definitely deserve it after getting this video to 5 000 likes so go down there and smash that like button if you want another paypal money giveaway also apparently check out this around 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet you’re sitting there watching these videos getting all this free content learning how to make money online but you haven’t hit the subscribe button yet but guys you’re just missing out because i’m posting videos every single day teaching you new ways to make money online so if you’re interested in that yeah just scroll down hit that subscribe button and also continue to consider turning on the notification bell as well just so i can send you an update every single time i post a new video and you can be one of the first people to watch it okay and without further ado let’s get into my laptop and let’s start learning how to make money online and some free paper money nine dollars every 15 minutes just for playing games so let’s go all right then guys so just quickly before we do get into the actual content of this video i want to mention one more thing okay stick around and watch this video until the end please and thank you it’s gonna benefit me okay for the youtube algorithm and it’s also going to benefit you because you’re going to get the most value the most information out of this video i’m doing this okay i’m giving you this information for free you don’t have to pay for it i’m giving you this for free so please at least you could do watch until the end okay you’re going to get a lot of value out of it and by the end you will be making money online getting paid to play games all right so without further ado here we go this is the website that i want to show you today it’s called play test cloud okay that’s the website that we’re going to be taking a look at today so make games that players love okay playtest cloud is your one stop solution for play testing mobile games doing prototyping development soft launch and after release okay so yeah you could be playing games that are in prototypes even which is like brand new or sometimes even during the development or during a soft launch okay you could be playing these games before anyone else in the entire world and you’re also going to be getting paid for it as well all right so this home page is not like not for us okay this is for the people who are this for the game developers who want people like us to test the games for them okay this home page is for the game developers what we’re gonna do is click on this button right at the top it says become a tester click on that and uh yeah we’ll be taken to like a signup page where you can start getting paid okay so these are the steps number one sign up below if you’re eligible we’ll send you our qualification test okay so after putting in all your information here they will send you uh a qualification test to do after that number two the qualification test is unpaid okay it teaches you how to play test so they probably send you to a game or something like that teach you exactly how to do it they’ll guide you through it it’s going to be really really easy but it is unpaid but it’s just going to take a few minutes of your time don’t worry about that once that’s over you move on to step three if you fail the qualification test don’t worry you can retake the test and step four after you qualify we will invite you to play tests where you can earn money okay so basically sign up using this form right here after that they’ll send you a qualification test if you pass it you can start playing these games and getting paid if you don’t pass it don’t worry okay do not worry at all because you can just redo the test until you pass it simple okay so let’s go through the sign up process right here it is very very simple but i’ll guide you through it anyway okay so step one okay just type in your email that’s simple okay just put in your email address right there this is the email it will send play tests to later on once you pass so make sure you put an active email right there full name okay which games do you like to play at least weekly so any games you play weekly i’m sure you guys are gamers if you’re watching this video you’re probably a gamer you like play games and you’ve got some games in your head already write those down here so which game do you like to play at least weekly right now for me it is gangshin impact let’s see if that’s on here gangshin is it on here it’s pretty new so be surprised let’s have a look it is on here boom ganshin impact is on here play this actually be careful with this game it’s a gotcha game if it could take up a lot of your money be careful with that okay that’s besides the point i’m going on a tangent here why am i talking about games i want to play i like to play but yeah let’s delete delete that stop talking about it put in the games you’d like to play right here okay if it’s call of duty put that in if it’s fortnite if it’s minecraft anything at all write it down here so we love mobile games but you can include pc console games that you play okay any games that you want to would you like to play just put them in there it could be anything mobile playstation xbox pc anything at all your gaming devices tell them what devices you own there’s a small little flyer flying around it’s like this big it’s flying around my face annoying so uh where was i what devices do you have okay so ios scroll here if you have an ios phone find it in here okay i have like a i have an old iphone which i don’t really use anymore but it does still work so i think it’s an iphone 6 so i’m just going to put iphone 6 right there android yes i do have an android i have a samsung galaxy s 10 plus i have a guess of the galaxy s10 plus so boom there it is i put that in right there let’s have a look what they’ve got on other apple watch blah blah blah blah pc laptop with a microphone yes i have that a computer the microphone yes i have an apple macbook with a with a microphone uh i have a playstation 4 and i think that’ll just about it so i have all these devices right here so honestly guys the more devices you have the more tests you’re probably going to get okay so yeah try and find as many devices as you possibly can put them all in here which country do you live in so i’m currently living in thailand all right so yeah i just put that in here let’s see if it’s on the list it is boom thailand what’s your gender i am a male okay if you thought otherwise i hate you what’s your birth date my birth date is 1995 okay so guys i’m not going to go through all answer all of these just click these things and then boom start testing games and like i said if they think you’re eligible they’ll send you an email to do their qualification test all right once you get that email just do the test they’ll guide you through it it’s going to be easy you can start playing the games now that’s the sign up process very very simple okay here we have some common questions like faq i would highly recommend coming to this website and reading all of these first just so you have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into how do i become a play tester okay what is play test cloud what devices can i play test on is play testing a job how much money will i earn like i told you you will earn roughly around nine dollars every 15 minutes that you play a game okay they’ve got all sorts of different payment of questions on here all right loads and loads and loads of questions and answers here if you do have any more questions after looking at this you can ask me you can go to the comment section and ask me down there and i’ll reply to you i’ll get back to you that’s what i’m here for i’m here to help you make money online so yeah any questions go down there ask me i’m here otherwise yeah there’s plenty of questions and answers right here anything you could there’s prob you’re probably gonna have no questions out of this after after watching this video after seeing all these faq questions here you’re probably going to be sorted and you’re going to know exactly what you’re doing but yeah guys that’s all you need to do very very simple so that’s all i can show you in this video really okay because i’m not a tester i can’t show you the actual games and things like that okay but yeah just try it out for yourself very very simple method fun playing games getting paid to do it can’t beat that right but yeah that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this one or found it helpful please don’t forget to smash that like button let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes okay that would be amazing uh subscribe if you haven’t done so already okay just hit that subscribe button it’s free to do the hit the like button is free everything on here free to do if you want to learn how i make money online myself and how you guys can basically copy me scroll down go to the top description click the first link you see it says click that link and i’ll tell you all about it on the inside okay you can learn how i’ve been traveling the world for the past five years making money from my laptop my smartphone my computers okay simple thank you so much for watching and uh yeah i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Make $9.00 Every 15 Minutes Just PLAYING GAMES! (FREE PayPal Money).
Make $9.00 Every 15 Minutes Just PLAYING GAMES! (FREE PayPal Money)

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