Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner for Free

Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner for Free

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More specifically, you want help with Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner for Free?

hey what’s going on guys it’s Franklin here and I just want to thank you all for being a part of my blog my blog has grown at a very fast rate in the last two weeks and with that comes way more questions so what I’m doing is I’m answering questions in this video and the main question I’ve been getting this week is pretty much how do I do free research now I don’t do free keyword research myself at the moment I use paid programs but I used to do free keyword research so I’m going to show you how I used to do it I’m going to show you how my friends are doing it I’ve got a friend that does it this way still today and he’s making about six thousand dollars a month off his website and this way works just fine you don’t really need products that they’re going to pay for late longtail Pro and all that I mean it does help and I do use them but I only use them use them because it speaks things up for me okay these products take the same information that we’re doing now and just put it in a program for you so I’m going to show you how we do it and it’s pretty simple in this video we’re going to need a product and just some keyword research and I show exactly how I get my keyword research basically I the only difference is I just don’t use Google Adwords Keyword planner anymore but that’s the free way to do it so I’m going to show you how to do it right now basically you want a product right so whatever your product is whether it’s a service a physical product an affiliate product you know a business like web hosting or whatever you’ve got to get your products in front of your audience the case you’ve got to rank it but the problem nowadays is ranking is a lot a lot harder than it used to be but it doesn’t really have to be that hard if you dig deep and you find some good keywords that are kind of low search volume and I’m going to explain that to you now so what we’re going to do is find a product and I’m gonna go to I’m going I’m gonna think would offer volt right and this is CPA officer click correction and stuff like there and I’m not I’m not a professional with click correction but I do have experience with ranking sites like this because I have helped free and stuff like that well I’m not really SEO ranking for this but I’ve helped friends set them up and do articles and all that type of stuff so what I do is I go to diet trending searches number one you can go to whatever you like really what are you looking for and I’m going to explain a couple of things here so the ones with a saleable means that you get a commission from a sale and the ones from a lead means you get a commission every time you seem to lead to that website so if that person puts an email address or a zip code then you get some money from there and I don’t do CPA well I understand I do it and I’m and but the thing is we me and my people that I work with my friends and stuff like that we go for big big payouts right usually over $30 that’s why I’m kind of base my video armies so what I’ve done is I’ve done a product and I’m gonna do this product because my friend that is doing a product that’s kind of similar know exactly the same but similar he’s making around about six thousand dollars a month of this exact method is exactly how he does his keyword research he doesn’t mind me telling you I see cities he’s fine with that because he’s you know he’s I’m not that’s not like I’m telling you his exact product this is exactly how he does it I have what this keyword research quite often and first of us look at this product okay so this product is a fat-burning cream or pill or something pills fat-burning pills and what it does is you put a link to this in your landing page of your website or your blog and the customer comes here and fills out some information you get paid for the information it gets submitted right now what we want to do is some keyword research so I’m gonna copy this real quick you’ve copied the whole thing you like I must have a copy this because this is the base keyword I’m gonna be working on you want to go to Google and put an google adword planner it’ll come up this is the best free software I mean most of the other free software’s used Google Edwards as their metrics anyway so you know just to go right to the source right so we’re gonna put that keyword I usually just stay on United States for everything but if you’re gonna take a specific country like France or Germany or whatever then unique it’s best just to change it so you get more of an accurate result I leave everything else like it is I don’t really see any reason for changing it what this does is it brings up our keywords now this one is explained something really quick so I’m going to click here I’m gonna bring up all the highest ones no we don’t rank I don’t rank for any high keywords high high-volume keywords and the reason is it’s just too hard I own a guy you know me the other day they said hey Frank Franklin can you help me help me trying to rank this for the last four months can’t do it nothing’s really happening and I said sure you send me the information I help you out what it was is he was trying to rank for a search term that was twenty three thousand searches per month and the thing is he just he just had the impression you go out you find a keyword and you just you know if you just rank for it or whatever that’s kind of the impression he’s been getting from other people or other things he’s read and he’d wasted all this time optimizing space for this one specific keyword I didn’t have any other keywords in there you know and I just said to him dude I’ve done some research on your keyword the top ten is completely dominated by massive sites you’re probably never going to rank for this okay you need to change your strategy and so I helped him out for a few weeks and I I showed him exactly what I’m gonna show you here and now he’s quite he’s he’s not ranking for any of the keywords that I’ve helped him out with but he’s starting to kind of see some results now so what I’m saying what I’m gonna show him those videos instead of trying to rank for one massive key order Tory mess of keywords and by mess and I’m talking you know a thousand nineteen hundred this works good for niche micro niche websites but I’m talking about building up Authority websites are building up a a kind of a website where you’re going to be updating it right now and indicating going to be putting up more content so what I do is I go to the lowest start of the lowest again and I want to i go to usually between 50 and 200 or two stop here I get a whole bunch of keywords I get between 10 and 20 start off with okay and I just kick what it is related to my topic whatever I think fits at this long short it doesn’t matter so you give them I put them in a list now what I’ve done is I’ve only I’ve done a small list here that you can see I put the numbers of searches next to it just to speed things up why does I start going through my keywords okay you just need a whole bunch of it you don’t have to our beeps specific on this and now I do my search Tim and I’ve done it here and what I want to do it I used to talk woodmoor’s toolbar and this brings up the authority now if you start seeing a whole bunch of green it’s probably not a good idea to try and rank for it and but you know this isn’t too bad I could probably rank if I also do this I could rank above this worm and you know there’s a few that I could probably be but the thing is you know you don’t you need to look at the competition so out of this I found a few sites that kind of interest me this one here looks pretty good right this is somewhat this is a competitor then we’ve got this one this was actually have another keyword that’s the same thing right and he’s just thrown a whole bunch of keywords in here this is this is old school this guy probably made this a really long time ago and then we have this now this here is a perfect example of an affiliate site okay he’s got everything looks good this is main product here and then he’s got here what we call a base method and this bait method works it’s attracting people to his number one product right so this products here he makes most of his commission off I’m guessing these ones he makes a little bit of commission off he puts his choice he puts the prices high and he puts the review site nobody does as he puts the price low reviews low here on the same one here and what this does is it kind of gives us the people that idea that this one over here is the best so a lot more people are buying this product here than that product I know this because I’ve been doing this with some of my luxury items you know I’ll put three luxury resorts and I’ll do the exact same thing so what I’m getting it here is you’ve got to analyze your competition and you’re probably thinking well why would I want to rank in a keyword with this other affiliates ranking but that’s the easiest way to do it you want to rank in keywords where affiliates because then it just shows that it’s possible for you to rank a full of affiliate websites you don’t want to rank and keywords that have websites like a massive Health magazine websites with a big Authority and health forums you know like bodybuilding forums and all that because this is kind of related to that I guess you want to rank and search terms that have review sites and sites like this okay and that’s the thing a lot of people are trying to rank for the ones that have all the authority sites and it doesn’t it doesn’t work I mean it may have a lot of search volume and you’re trying to get up in there but it doesn’t always work sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t and that’s the same with this sometimes my techniques work and sometimes they don’t but I had more success with these techniques than I do their old-school techniques so what I’ve done here is I’ve gone through this guy’s website and it will take a while but I’d look so when I get a whole bunch of other keywords and I want to rank for this guy’s keywords because he’s ranked for them so it’s probably not that hard considering he’s an affiliate site but what I do is I do research first to make sure I actually can rank for it and I’ll put this in here I’ll do a search for it and it has 70 views 70 searches per month now you probably think that’s not a lot and it isn’t a lot but the thing is if you’re selling I’m something right now we’re searching for product that sells at 52 dollars per lead if you get two clicks two leads from this keyword in a month there’s a hundred and four dollars you imagine if you have four or five keywords ranking for your article that has the same search volume then so that’s seven seventy times five then you take that to those two leads new times that by five right that’s 10 leads possible so it’s $52 times 10 so it all adds up so what I’m what I’m getting is we’re gonna use a bunch of keywords to optimize our article to rank for a certain amount of keyword phrases so I’m going to show you right here okay I’m gonna get rid of these sites we don’t need them now and these are just examples of sites that you could kind of check out and see what they’re up to they search see what the keywords are stuff like that now we’re gonna get out of here I might just keep one up in case we need it so what I’ve done is I’ve got four keywords here right for keyword phrases now the thing is a lot people normally just thoroughly keywords in that area the whole thing and what that does is see this main keyword here this is put this keyword in here four times already you know and Google will see this is over optimization if you do it too much okay this keyword right here so what and what I’m going to share what’s gonna refresh this refresh this real quick because my thing’s not coming down properly this is my SEO plugin now you see I’ve put one of my keywords in here it only shows up in the content for that specific keyword it doesn’t show up for any of these others that have the same keyword phrase in it what this means is a lot of people into optimizing their articles they think I so I’ve got my con business I’ve got a mention of my content once it’s a sale it’s one person well then I realize is there to mention this word so many times in other parts of the article and in the titles and the new meta description that this doesn’t pick it up and only picks up that exactly I’m gonna put in there now sure you could put this in here okay just to this but we’re not trying to ranked us for that we’re actually turning a rank for this whole thing so you know there’s there’s a new way people are doing it and I’m going to show you instead of over optimizing with all this this is what this is what I do so see how it says how to use I don’t know how to promise the X I’m going to say how to use pill to lose weight I put when using a pill to lose weight is it a natural extract that could help with diabetes research research shows that this extract has no side effects what I’ve done is I’ve used my main I want to use this as kind of a main keyword so I’ve used that here perhaps of it then what I’ve done is I’ve used the word natural and that comes down here so this is natural I’ve used extract and that’s used twice down here well let’s use twice in here sorry so I’m used to hearing I’ve used diabetes and I’ve also used side effects now I’ve taken a part out of each of these now what that does is Google doesn’t exactly people doesn’t use this all the time for search results in fact it doesn’t don’t match it all now for me anyway what Google does is it takes the searches the search results from the whole article it goes through a whole article and it brings up what’s best fits your customers search – okay and I’m going to give you a bit of an idea so I’m gonna put I’m gonna get a keyword here sorry I’m gonna get this one here I’m gonna copy it into Google and it comes up with see it comes up with natural soompi a natural extract natural here and natural what we can do we can add and best and it comes up with best so what it’s doing is it’s grabbing just random words from the article so you don’t have to actually have your specific keyword so you don’t actually have to have yours this specific keyword in the article okay I hope that makes sense it’s a bit hard for me to explain kind of without doing a full article but what I’m saying is I basically with this line here I have a potential to rank for all of these without using all of these so I could rank for this here this here this here this here and let’s say we add three more okay so these are all a hundred each they say there’s some random keywords here there will be 300 400 500 there’s about 700 potential searches that you could turn up for on page one if you do your CEO a co-write just for your article that you’ve optimized your one article that you’ve optimized for these search terms individually if you have four or five articles you know ten articles 20 articles and you’ll notice optimizing for these little search terms you know you can really do some damage when it comes to making money you can make some serious money doing it this way and you can also you know when you’re doing your titles you want to add a few of these into the title you want to add a few of these into the mid a description and that is CEO title and stuff and just optimize that for these little words and so what I do is I send a text format to my article writer and I’ll say hey this is my main keyword I want to use and then I’ll highlight I’ll probably has other keywords and I’ll highlight words that he should be using so I’ll highlight that I’ll highlight that no highlight this and he’ll he’ll do a whole article based on my highlighted words and this main keyword here he’ll write a good article about it okay so that’s kind of how we do it we’ve timing low key low volume keywords but a lot of them and one article or one page now hopefully this kind of covers you know what you guys have been asking me and I’ll just you know backtrack a bit so what I do is I put a main keyword I put a main I don’t think I have one here let’s go over it one more time okay I give my main keyword put it on my player let’s get rid of moss here simple search for it and then I want to get my ideas when I see a whole bunch of random ones you know sorry that a kind of low low volume and you can also try to find ones that are trending kind of you know these are them the search volume is doubled on this one in the last last month so you know you want to use ones like that just one not so much okay so it’s just a min of going through and manually doing it it does take time but this is how you do proper research you can’t really just type something akin to a program it just put something unique that’s what everyone else is doing see like this has got some really good search volume from last month and it’s only 30 searches but if you get a couple sales out of it then you don’t well and I want to just read out go back on something you know people gonna say well what about keyword competitiveness on that but it’s not really accurate because a few you I use for programs you know market samurai longtail Pro and a few others and they all give me different readings every time so one might give me ten moment give me twenty one might give me fifteen one might give me fifty and then you can’t rely on it because they all a different front they’ll cut using different metrics so the only way to really tell from keyword difficulty because to just use miles bar and just study your competitors that’s that’s the only way you can either study everyone else it’s in here you know and really dig deep I mean if I do a quick keyword difficult universe it’s probably not going to load 26 it’s not too bad but I don’t really trust these okay so yeah I hope that answered your questions and there’ll be some more videos coming soon stay tuned and if you have any more questions feel free to ask and obvious blasters video off to all you guys had asked me how to do free keyword research all you need is Google Google Keyword planner a product a few low key words get them optimized and I do want to say that you want to keep your store neck and keep these because you you might want to use them when you’re doing your SEO for like anko taxes and stuff like that so you want to keep these okay I’ll see you guys in the next video 

This Post Was All About Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner for Free.
Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner for Free

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Let me show you hoe to do Keyword Research Using Keyword Google Planner and target low volume keywords. The reason I target Low volume is because I’m promoting products that don’t need a lot of traffic

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So I’ve has a lot of questions rolling in regarding free keyword research.

I’ve created this video to show you exactly how I search for low search volume keywords. The reason I do this is because I find them easier to rank for. I optimize my content for multiple keywords.

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