Keyword Research Tutorial – Researching Affiliate Competition | Part 3

Keyword Research Tutorial – Researching Affiliate Competition | Part 3

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hey guys Franklin here from online games and this is my third video in my Affiliate series I got myself a new microphone this week since a lot of you guys said that my last black wasn’t very good and I completely agree it was really bad next I have the best standard microphones in them this video is about keyword research and this is probably the most important step in trying to sell an affiliate product on a website now you should by now have a product of some sort so whether it’s a affiliate product a CPA product a product to the selling a physical product that you’re selling like an imported product just any type of product okay so we’ve got that we’ve got a product now a keyword research is the next thing and it’s very important so you’ve got keywords right and you want to rank for a specific keyword now you’ve got to optimize a website for that keyword and you’ve got hard keywords then you’ve got medium excuse my writing I don’t know I’m not very good at writing I actually had a motorbike crash a few years ago I had to learn how to write from scratch and I was very hard to do so we’ve got hard medium and low I will just say easy sorry and then you we’re going to be going for the keyword called long tail and these are keywords that are longer than your usual keywords because the ones that are short quite hard to rank for so I’ve got hard medium and easy and for affiliate marketing I usually go for the medium and easy ones I don’t even bother going for the hard ones so let’s go over and look and my program for keyword research now you can I use just before we do that you can use Google Keyword planner okay I’ll just put planner here but I use long tail Pro and I only use this because it’s convenient for me this is completely free and you can use this for free that it just doesn’t have the competition analysis on it now long tail Pro takes all of its metrics from this Google planner so it’s exactly the same thing just long tail Pro is a lot easier to use and it is better in the long run if you’re going to be doing keyword research all the time so let’s say I head over to my web browser and I’ll show you exactly I do my keyword research and my competition analysis alright guys so I’m in Clickbank right now and this is a standard kind of place people go to get their products I mentioned a few other places in my first video so if you want to know some other places I cpa offers and all of that kind of good stuff you can go and have a look at that video now I look through here before I started this video just to speed things up a little bit and I found a book on learning how to play the piano and it has a sale price initial sale price up to $30 and 20 soon so that’s what I’ll get for making the sale I don’t go below 30 I try to stay between 30 kind of 50 I have another one that I’m selling at the moment and I get fifty eight dollars per Commission per sale so you know that’s a really nice one for me to have and I’m making a little bit of money off there so I’ve picked a rocket piano here and you want to make sure it’s kind of in the spotlight section and because because this will give you our kind of banners and some options like that and we’re going to be using this later on in my next video about making a website so I want to make sure it’s got one of these I mean you don’t have to but just it’s good if it does can you’ve got more options when you’re making your website you want to check out the page make sure it looks nice make sure it’s not you know just some dead site or not very clean doesn’t really appeal to you if it doesn’t appeal to you it’s not going to appeal to the people that you’re trying to sell it to so this is a good site I really like it and you want to make sure it has a contact yeah it’s going to contact us at the bottom so this is good you know if you need a content in about anything if you need to get a sample you can might better get a review coffee for them now the next thing I’m going to do is bring up my longtail Pro and what I’ve done is I’ve gone through and I’ve kind of put just just a few things here so piano lessons learn how how to and then playing piano and you’ve got you’ve got to go through and do a lot of variations like I might do this and then I’ll come back into another set of four or five or six you could put ten in here or 20 but I always endeavor shoes when I do that so I just stay – minimum then what I do is I don’t really do anything here so one tick there I just did my everyday minimum of 20 searches and then I did number of words so I want a minimum of four words and then I just click generate I’m going to cancel this really quickly because it’s already done it for me so I could speed up the video now what I did very simple I just went through and I just would click calculate on a whole bunch of these right and it brings up the average competition for the keyword okay looks like google plan is actually down at the moment so don’t take any notice of this but you know something will show up now what I have found where is it ahead of 19 somewhere here yeah see here we got off so it’s back up the top so I’ve found piano lessons for kids and the reason this kind of appealed to me is there’s all your kind of piano how to play piano and all that stuff but kids is another niche it’s another least different to your standard how to pipe you know nice right so this appealed to me and then what I did is I just you know I go – I’ve sped this up a bit for you guys just to keep the video kind of going in at a good pace now and here you’ll notice this is 32 and back here at our researchers is 19 this is why I say in all my videos all my articles or my tutorials is do not trust the metrics of these programs it’s never correct always never Creek for me anyway you know some people say oh you know there’s a problem with your program or something like that and there might be true but I just don’t use the metrics and these programs you know people might stop at this point and think you know 19 cool I think I make a website now and rank for it but it doesn’t really work like that I do I only use these here just to make it easy for me while I’m scrolling through the keywords because one might come up and say 50 or 60 and I won’t even bother with it so you know you kind of you don’t don’t trust the metrics of these programs now what I do here is I go to title and I wanted to see how they’re optimized for the keyword these ones here have the keyword at the front of the title these this one here doesn’t have the keyword as part of it you know these aren’t very optimized at all and I think I could do better and this will give me an advantage when I try to rank same with the URL URL you know these guys don’t really have this is Yelp I think you know I’ve think all the other I’ll break that especially since these ones are a lot of ah this one has you know kids piano lessons cleanup you know listen so you know you get the idea next thing I look at is just how many links are coming in but I don’t really you know I personally don’t really look at this much because I do a lot of my stuff manually and I’m gonna show you that right now okay so you know this is basically at the point where I think you know I’ve had a look everything looks all good and okay now I’m gonna go into my browser browser and do some more research okay alright so I’m in my top team and I’ve searched for it now one thing I do want to mention okay is you need to be on the same ip as a country that you’re trying to rank for so if you’re trying to rank for America when you’re doing your research you want to be on an American IP so I use the program could hide my ass and you basically download it I pay a fee for it and then it’s like sixteen dollars a year or something like that and then I changed to an American IP and the reason is Google will customize the search depending on the terms that the person puts in and depending on the countries so this is when I did it on an American IP and this here is when I did it on my own country it see it came up with stuff from my country here so big difference big big difference and this is a mistake that people make all the time so you need to be on the IP of the country you’re ranking for it now won’t affect you in the long run you’re still going to rank for different countries or you might rank for words II didn’t mean to rank for us not gonna affect you in any way just going to help you in your would research okay so we’re gonna get rid of this one because this is the one for my country and we’re gonna go for the American one what I do is I go to I have a tool called a mouse bar it’s free and all I do is go through and this is why I don’t read the links and my research tool because I would rather use the Moz bar tool it gives me a better indication it’s more accurate and I find it easy to use now I go through and I look at every single website in here so I’m gonna open this one open this one open this one open this one I’m gonna keep going just do those ones okay I’m not gonna worry about the rest right now and I have a look in the earthís has some good page Authority it’s got a lot of links coming in and there’s actually quite a nice site so I don’t think I’ll have to put a lot of effort to out-brake the site right here they’ve got a good following on Facebook so they probably get a lot of social shares so I’m going to leave this one and then we go to next one this one is also a really nice site I have next you had a look at these ones they’ve got some good you know they’ve got a Twitter going so this one would also might be a harder one tout rank I mean it’s only got 80 links coming in its got 31 page Authority so I might be able to get in front of this one but I won’t be to later on but I do a bit more hardcore SEO this one here is another nice site looks quite nice I haven’t seen this one either pages 30 36 it’s got some links coming in it’s got a lot of our Facebook shares and Google pluses okay so I’m gonna get out us one as well this one here is it’s quite nice as well but these two caught my eye because these are not good look at them they’re not good at all like this has nothing on it and this is the same there’s barely anything on here so I think I could outbreak these with these so I’m basically gonna be able to get myself I think in this position here which is fifth or sixth and I’ll be happy with this you know I don’t necessarily need to get to the to the top so I would be happy with this and if I can get into this position here and as you can see I don’t have to do much to beat these guys this is so easy to beat I mean these guys aren’t even ranked this the site here isn’t even ranking for my keyword its ranking for piano lessons for children but for some reason was popping up and when I do keyword listens for kids so you’re just gonna have a look and you know basically figure out whether you think you can rank for that keyword because no program can really tell you if you can rank for or not it’s up to you whether you think you can how much work you’re willing to put in to rank for that keyword so once you’ve done this you can also look at the backlinks and this is also very important you want to do this at this stage of the affiliate marketing but you know you don’t want to do it later on because you want to make sure you can actually outrank them now I’m going to copy this guys your URL and I use a program called SEO spyglass this is free I’ll put a link to the description there is a paid version but you don’t need it if you’re not doing hardcore research I’m just going to get a new project I’m gonna put in the euro you our URL sorry and it’s going to do a search this might take a while so we’ll come back to it okay so it’s done its job took about 11 seconds I’m gonna click finish and it comes up with all these backlinks now you’re probably thinking what the hell is all this stuff so I’m gonna make a little bit easier for you you want to click on backlinks from home so he’s got no Bakley backlinks coming from any home pages and this is good this is what we want to see next thing I click on backlinks from blogs and forums and I want to look for spam okay because spam indicates that he’s at some poor SEO done or he you know he’s done with himself and he’s just hasn’t done it very well this is spam here Chinese stuff Asian stuff Russian stuff stuff related you know kind of the similar to that but it’s not always all spam but most of the time it is and then we’ve got back leads from directories here and you also want to look at kind of what anchor ticks they have used and this guy’s used piano lessons for children for most of his nk6 and maybe this is why I keep showing up in Google for other for missions for kids because it’s just super demised for children that Google’s just putting it anywhere you know and it’s also got a good anchor text there’s actually no anchor text here just this site there’s nothing oh there’s more Asian stuff here I haven’t had much of a look through here this is just where the traffic coming from these sites now another good thing about this program is you can actually replicate the backlinks okay so let’s just say your black wall you know whizzers backlink coming from load it up and it’s not loading something up here we go so this is a forum and he’s obviously done something here and got his backlink put on here now all you what you can do is you can sign up if you can sign up here you can post a post as well and you can get your backlink from this site giving you a backlink that your competitor has and you can keep going and you can go to other ones here so we’ve got some more taking awhile to load here now he’s somehow got a backlink from this site so you can figure out how he’s done it and you can replicate it so you might have here I think he’s probably done a blog comment some way out here okay so you know just put a blog coming down and doesn’t matter if it’s nofollow because you want diversity anyway get people wise I’ll just get do follow and do follow but Google doesn’t like that and he’s also got a thing from here I don’t know if I want to put my backlink on this site doesn’t look very appealing but you know if you kind of get the other the idea so can we do research is very simple I’m going to finish this now you know I’ve covered everything so you’ve got your product you want to make sure it’s got a vendor page here then you want to check it out and make sure it’s all good you know make sure you can sell it make sure you want to sell it we’ve got a bottom here when I check out your top 10 or actually first sorry you want to do a search here you want to find a whole bunch of keywords now sorry I don’t mean a whole bunch okay if maybe you’re starting a website ain’t gonna do a lot of pages in yes but I’m just gonna be starting a one-page website stay with and I’ve picked three keywords I’m going to show you what keywords I’ve picked my article here I’ll just refresh this though the reason I picked three is because I’m gonna put three keyword variations in my front page and I’m going to rank for those I just let come back once this has loaded up okay actually it’s just loaded now so we’re gonna go down and I’ve picked piano lessons for kids piano lessons for toddlers best online piano lessons for a total of three thousand searches per month and that’s why we’re here I want to show you this is what I’d sent to my writer okay he charges four dollars per 500 words hey bad coming in a thousand word article my title is best online piano lessons for kids now you can change this later on this I just gave this for home so you can researcher my main keywords going to be piano lessons for kids and then I’m going to add and best online and toddlers now most people would add best online piano lessons but the thing is that’s when you start over optimizing your article because Google she listens so many times so I’m just going to put them best online and toddlers and Google will pick that if that’s why the person searching for so you don’t actually have to put on all of these keywords it’s got to put on variations of the key word but this is my main keyword so I have my main keyword in there as well and then I just say use the key word piano lessons for kids five or six times and the other key words three to four times Cheers and then to listen to my a writer and about one or two days he’ll get back to me and he will have my article fully so I’ve got that out of the way now we’ll go back to the research again so you find your words just check the competition on here then you want to quickly check your competitor analysis and you want to make sure you can outbreak the titles I mean if usually really really optimized titles then that’s a clear a clear indication that you might not rank for it if they’re competitive like if the competitiveness is quite high I mean I know this is 32 and I’m going to be going off the 19 but even if this is 32 I could probably stop if this really is 32 we still rank for it because these are titles aren’t very optimized and the websites as you can see and very good okay now once you’ve done that you just want to search make sure you change your IP at your address your IP address to a American or UK or whatever country you know you have searched your keywords from and then you want to suss out your top ten and I’ve done that I’ve actually haven’t looked at these ones but see this is just a wordpress blog so you know you could easily outrank this just by looking at it I knock it out ranked there and then you just sort out your competition you know figure out who they are figure out their backlinks can you beat this design I mean anyone can be this to this design nowadays and anyone could beat this you know all you’ve gotta do is still 500 word article or something can you’ve already been in the sky you don’t even need to put up anything that’s you know gonna help in your search you need to do an article putting a picture and you’re done so you know this is where the main keyword research goes on it doesn’t go on in programs like this these are just guidelines to help you keep get at the keywords now I hope that I helped you know my next video is gonna be about making the website so I’m gonna make a website from scratch and I’m gonna make it’s gonna be probably gonna be a very long video but it’ll be worth it and when it goes from signing up to a hosting all the way through to doing my article I’m going to do the article that I’m getting from my writer so I’ll see you guys in the next video I hope you enjoyed this if you have any questions you can ask me on at online dime’s calm hey if you like this video feel free to check out any of my other affiliate marketing videos and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel 

This Post Was All About Keyword Research Tutorial – Researching Affiliate Competition | Part 3.
Keyword Research Tutorial - Researching Affiliate Competition | Part 3

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Full Affiliate Training + Mentorship

In this keyword research tutorial, I show you how I do my research and how I do it manually on my top 10 competitors on google.

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Alright, When doing the keyword research it’s important you choose a keyword you think you can rank for. No program can tell you can rank, but it can help you with ideas.

When trying to rank Clickbank products, CPA offers or anything really I like to do my keyword research with Long Tail Pro then work my way into google and check out all the competition in the top 10. I use Moz Bar to do this. I think go into the website and check them one by one. In this keyword research tutorial, I show you how I’m doing that.

Look for sites that are outdated and aren’t optimized for the keyword you are trying to rank for. You also need to be connected to an IP address of the country you are ranking it to get correct results. I use hide my ass for this. The reason for this is google brings up searches based on the person’s country and what they searched for. The short version.. google is personalizing the searches.

That’s why this Keyword Research Tutorial is important because I show you an example of this. I do a search from my own country then a search with a US IP.

I then show you how you can replicate your competitors backlinks! Yip that’s right. with SEO SpyGlass you can find and replace any of the backlinks you need! Simply enter the url and all the backlinks will come up giving you the opportunity yo research the backlink then replicate them.

What does replicating the backlinks mean? Well, when doing the keyword research you need to outrank the other site for those keywords. replicating a backlink is an easy way to get a backlink to your site, better yes it’s your competitors backlink! So we have just used a backlink that your competitor has used also.

Put those brains to work and start outranking everyone else on google in your niche! Manual research is the best way to go when trying to rank affiliate and CPA offers

Once you have done all the research you need to do then it’s time to build an affiliate website. I’ll show you in my next video. I’ll build a website from scratch.

Always wanted to make money online? Well, let’s connect. I’m an affiliate mentor.

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