Keyword Research Tutorial For Amazon – How To Find Keywords That Make PROFIT in 2015

Keyword Research Tutorial For Amazon – How To Find Keywords That Make PROFIT in 2015

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More specifically, you want help with Keyword Research Tutorial For Amazon – How To Find Keywords That Make PROFIT in 2015?

hey what’s up guys welcome to back to another keyword research tutorial and my last tutorial if you haven’t seen it i’ll put in the link in the description below a link down there i did a keyword tutorial on adsense and that’s why we’re going to be focusing on keywords for amazon and i’m actually working on amazon web site at the moment i’ll just show you here it’s a cannabis website that I’ve just been working on and I’m going to be using cannabis related keywords because that’s what I’ve been working on lately so we’ll do that and I’ll show you exactly how I’ve been doing it now the first thing you want to do and this is the important part is you want to find something on amazon to sell obviously so I’ve gone with cannabis our bongs you know weed smoking pipes herb grinders and stuff like that because this is what my sites adult and this is what I’m going to be selling so once you’ve found your niche on Amazon I’m not really going to go into that right now because this is more of a keyword research tutorial but once you’ve found your niche you want a keyword research tool now I use a tool called long tail Pro and I’ll tell you what this by far the best tool you can get you can pretty much do everything you need to do inside this tool check the competition of the keywords your search volume your suggested bits of you in Adsense your advertiser competition and all that good stuff I’ll leave a link in the description for that as well and you can get a 10 day trial if you want to try it out so with this one I’ve gone with how what you do is once you’ve got your keyword long tail Pro you want to start a new projects I’ve done we’d hear a United States and create project and you just want to go to find the keywords add your seed keywords now with Amazon you need to use a buyer keywords and buy a key words or keywords where people I have the intention to buy something so if you see here I’ve done bongs for sale glass pipes for sale bond reviews bond discount and my other keywords here that that’s nothing and you just simply want to put them in here so you’ll put bong review I will just do it really quick we’ll put bong baba bongs review because it will come out twice and it just ed if you keep doing that you can do that at 10 keywords news click generate keywords and I’ve done this already to speed up the process now once you’ve found so as you can see here I’ve got I’ve already done some analyzing here and my keyword competition is 16 20 and 26 now with the fibers on you don’t need to worry about suggested bid unless you want to add adsense and join amazon store as well you don’t really need to worry about advertiser competition all we’re worried about here is the local searches and the keyword competition in just a few other steps are going to be looking at in this tutorial so as you can see here there’s lots of really juicy keywords we’ve got cool bongs for sale gas masks bongs for sale we bongs for sale and these are the words we want sale sale sale cheap sale a bong for sale online there’s actually so much here that I can choose from for my website now keyword our volume doesn’t really matter too much okay I usually go it doesn’t matter of you because if you’re building a big Amazon site you can go for keywords at a 202 60 if you’re building in amazon’s left with site with just a few pages you want to go for something that’s got a higher search volume so it just really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your Amazon website for this tutorial where do we go more for bongs for cheap as 4,000 local searches I don’t need to worry about any of the stuff here or any of the stuff here unless you want to add adsense to your website has a keyword competition of 16 which is really really low if you just click on here one thing I always look for is how the titles are done so this title here doesn’t really have anything in there are bombs for cheap so it’s not really optimized that well at all this one is kind of optimized cheekbones buy cheap bongs and then bongs again so this is quite well optimized but it would be better if a header at the front buy cheaper bongs this is a sort of optimized that’s at the front but there doesn’t really have anything out here so these titles aren’t optimized as well as they could be so this is a really good sign for me next thing I just want to look at keyword competition for each site as you can see it’s really really low and then you’ve just got all your stuff like page rank site age and stuff I there but I don’t really look at this I do work manually so I’ve picked a keyword bongs for cheap simple easy keyword now the next thing you want to do is you simply just want to check the top 10 so I’m going to assume that you’ve done all your searches here your search the key with your found your keyword and if you just look through you know you’ve got so many keyword options here for this keyword that I’ve been looking for bombs for sale glass pipes for sale there’s all sorts of keywords here and it’s just crazy and I’m and longtail Pro totus brings them all up so late there’s 1665 keywords I’ve got to choose from most of them are pretty good search volume and you want to make sure I want to stress this again you want to use buyer keywords so words like cheap discount cheap bongs online is another good one just you know even sick and hand is a good keyword even though you’re not selling sticking their products because people still interested in buying the product you know it just buyer keywords keywords where people have the intention to buy a product yeah I mean you don’t want to make an Amazon store for bongs or he may hear bubbler pipe because bubbler pipe doesn’t really that’s just too broad of a keyword doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to be buying the product now this is a good one here water bombs for sale cheap because it’s a long tail keyword and there’s only got 260 search volume but if you’ve got a big website just want to throw up another page a throw up another product this is a really good keyword that you go for it so we can go bombs for cheap and we’re now we’re going to go and have a look at the backlinks to see if we can outrank some of the sites on page 10 sorry page 1 and the top 10 others I was trying to see right so I’m just converted into windows so I can use my one of my backlink programs so I’ve searched for bombs for cheap in the Google here now on top 10 is dominated by our shops ok and a lot of people get turned away by this but shops are some of the most easiest websites to outrank because they don’t even bother about search engine optimization optimizing the pages or they have really thin content or any stuff I then people don’t even bothered with I think they can’t outrank them or you can outrank them it’s super easy down wreck el reg these guys it’s gotta have more content better search engine optimizer bidder on page optimization I mean if you look at some of these websites like let’s just look at this one here maybe this one here just a few random ones here you know there’s not much optimization there’s a bit a word some words here and stuff like that got some words on the side but this is all about selling products this isn’t about um you know this isn’t this this site ton about ranking so they don’t really have ranking intentions they’re just you know they’re to sell products unless they pay someone to do it for them which I doubt a lot of them I mean some of them might with some of them don’t even bother then you’ve got this one as well which has absolutely no content just some content up here I mean this would be super easy to our rank depending on the keywords he has this one here’s the same website probably are different different category here water bongs he’s got some content here which will help a rig but it’s not much and just the same type of stuff here pictures and all of that stuff so what do you do now well if you like the top ten here you think well I could probably give this a go you simply just want to copy some of these links into your backlink finder and I’m you know I suggest you do it to all top 10 because then you kind of know where you stand so this one here I think of rid of search and I did exact URL so that’s going to search just for this your URL not the actual domain so here it’s got no backlinks at all for this page right here so this page right here which i think is this one here has no backlinks whatsoever so i could probably outrank this page the next one i might check is this one here let’s have a look at this one i’m using this program here and I you don’t want to have it on domain you wanna have it on an exact URL so we’ll get the backlinks from this URL only nothing else and we’ve got the 57 backlinks here you just wanna have a look at them make sure this you know what they’ve got so they’ve only got our links coming back from their blog which is really good because it doesn’t really come from any other sites and then we’ve got what else have we got here we got some shiny stuff is this could be done it could be flagler stamp this will be easy to outrank as well because they’ve only got our links from their own blog so that’s super easy to a drink as well that’s all you’ve got to do you’ve just got to find us buyer keywords you’ve got to check out the top ten and don’t be fooled by people saying you cannot ranked our shops and stuff you can I do it all the time I friends door at the time I’ve got a guy that he’s he found some product account me what it was always cameras and this is actually a website here I’ll just get it up for you guys to have a look this is this website here he hid this is one of his Amazon pages but he has another camera website and what it does is he he found the camera Net affiliate Cameron he actually outranks the people that he as an affiliate with and and they dominate the searches but he outranked them so he’s making lots of money and while runner on this page here see this is the kind of page you would want to do to outrank these guys here i’ll just go back into windows here i’ve just using two systems at the moment you know these are really really shitty pages i’m locked away there’s a shitty pages you can easily outrank these by just doing it with a simple website like this so he’s selling a camera lens he’s got all I don’t know this is probably like let’s just say for 500 600 word article and he’s got his stuff here for Amazon that’s it cited a simple page like this with some search engine optimization some backlinks will easily easily I drank any of those pages over here but you know we’d version what the other ones a camera vision and that’s it so let’s just recap here I don’t like to join with videos I get straight to the point it’s pretty simple you just want to find find some buyer keywords search them search the competition and see what you know just use this as a guideline this isn’t really something you should be using you know don’t just think 16 cool i’m going to go rank for that you want to get our check all these have a look at the titles make sure they’re not to optimize then you simply just want to go to the top 10 search the top 10 and check the backlinks for every single one and you’ll be surprised at what you find because I tell you what something like this is a gym I’m going to be breaking one of my articles in this for my website sticky greens don’t shop I’m gonna start a blog for this website this is a big this is a big amazon store that i started enough this i’m selling a lot of products on tumblr and it’s just a bit slow dramatic something having issues with it but once i get my blog started i’m going to be out raking these guys in no time because if you just you know look at look at these they’re all shops probably outranking these because they don’t have very good backlink structures so that’s it guys very simple if you want to do amazon keyword research hit me up at idle and dimes com if you’ve got any questions about this i’m happy to help you guys out and i’ll see you in the next video hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel i bring out videos every single week about affiliate marketing making money online ranking website to Google and heaps more you can also get my free ebook on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s one hundred percent free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About Keyword Research Tutorial For Amazon – How To Find Keywords That Make PROFIT in 2015.
Keyword Research Tutorial For Amazon - How To Find Keywords That Make PROFIT in 2015

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Keyword research tutorial for Amazon using Long Tail Pro

I’ve done a tutorial on Adsense, but now it’s time to look at Amazon. You can use google keyword tool for this buy I highly recommend using Long Tail pro, it’s the best tool for 2015. The first thing you need to do is head over to Amazon and find a niche or product you want to sell. Now here comes the research part. You want to go for people who have intentions on actually buying the product you are trying to sell.

Fire up Long Tail Pro then start the magic, you could use free keyword generators but it’s not recommended. now check the keyword competition, its time to see if you can outrank it or now. Once this is done it’s time to check out google and the top 10. You want to check and see if you have a chance of outranking those websites. This Keyword research tutorial for Amazon shows you the steps you need to take when doing this.

Checking the backlinks is also something that’s needs doing. Look for spammy links and pages with no links. You can outrank those with stronger backlinks.

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