Importing From China: Affiliate Marketing | Part 2

Importing From China: Affiliate Marketing | Part 2

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hey guys it’s Franklin here from online domes if you don’t know who I am I’m online affiliate mentor and I’m doing a video series on affiliate marketing right now and this is my second video so in this video I’m going to be going over importing products for resale in your country and you can sell them on eBay or Amazon or make a website so first of us want to kind of cover what importing is so you have a product that they’ve brought from a country and it gets sent to your country right now this is the airport and when it gets sent to your Airport you usually have to pay a tax on it and the tax is a duty tax so you have to pay a tax on your input of products now in my country it is four hundred dollars or anything over four hundred dollars you have to pay a tax on so you have to double check with your country to see if you have to pay tax and if you do you have to pay it before it comes into the country or get your details written on the parcel and they will ring you when it’s in the country and you have to go down and pay taxes and claim your products once you’ve gotten through this hurdle you then get the products into your house or you pick it up or whatever you do however you do it and this will be your just distribute ation area so you can be putting this on eBay or Amazon or website and selling it so down here we’re going to put eBay and Amazon and a website and then once you have these set up you don’t have to go a website I mean a lot of people just use eBay and Amazon you’ll then make sales and you’ll send your products to the people to the buyers making money now the reason I want to cover this topic is because I was watching a webinar last month and there was a guy on there who does this exact thing and he’s making he made a million dollars I actually said in my last video that he made a million dollars there was a million dollars total so he’s making the money and is saying all he’s doing is importing products and selling them on eBay and Amazon so I’m gonna show you exactly where to get your products from and how you can do this to Rhys our products in your country I want to show you guys something really cool before we start and it’s a product a water bottle now this girl sells them on Instagram for $30 and on this website she buys these for around about 50 cents to $1 from a website now I’m going to show you on this tutorial and how much we sell them well she’s a nice website and she fills a lot with fruit and what she does she goes on her Instagram and we’ll just load up here really quickly it’s taken sweet time so she sells these products who sells jars or fruit where’s the bottles add some bottles here see bottles actually no I think she sells to jazz they must be just decoration but you see she is like you know really good nutrition effects now how much less you make apparently I was reading the article apparently this girl makes over six figures a month and she’s only young she’s just come out of a teenage years so you know it’s important product to be really powerful if you know how to market it well I mean this is this is crazy marketing right here she’s marketing it perfectly you can’t get any better than this good photos good captions you know just really really good marketing right here so you know take note this is how it should be done if you’re going to be selling a product online that said we’ll go over and have a look at another guy that I’ve been looking at so before I get into the importing part let me show you this website it’s a version of eBay and Amazon but in New Zealand so this website gets about I think it gets um a few hundred thousand views a day or something now I just want to show you kind of you know you’ve got to check out your competition first so if you are thinking about getting a product in or you want to sell a product you have to check out the competition I’m going to show you an example of how I would do that and I do have some experience in this because my girlfriend currently makes around about 300 to 500 dollars a week doing this exact method she sells handbags on this website so I’ll show you how we do it and I’m just going to show you a guy that I’ve actually been watching for quite some time so drift carts here I start their wrongs cats if you look at this there was a guy here that was selling go-karts and he sells all that’s just for two so we want to go for one will go to was our page really quickly so he sells one go-cart for here we go he’s now is one go cut for around $1,400 and does look at how he sells it so he’s got um you know sold out be quick so this is kind of like a urgency to buy the product it’s got its brand up here he’s got a whole bunch of free stuff and the thing is all of this stuff comes for free with the package I found out so he’s actually not he’s just giving away this stuff and saying it’s worth as much when really it just comes with it anyway and this is you know this is a really good sale pitch sales pitch here he’s got really good photos you know with $800 worth of victory’ extras well it’s only really I think it’s about $50 worth because these androids I checked out as well and they go for about thirty to fifty dollars so I just want to kind of show you what you know this is a perfect example of how you should be selling a product on eBay or in the dog or your website you know he’s got um pay now over 15 new features he does you know limited stock he really sells this product and I’m gonna show you exactly where he gets it from and how much money this guy’s making this website is called le beber and this is going to be your main hub for importing products from overseas to website where people list products from that with their companies so you know people from UK America China mainland China and I’m just going to do drift carts here and this is where the guy on trade me gets us go-karts so as you can see here they are $399 now this is 399 is for one that guy will probably get multiple units so he will pay around about 310 but we’re just going to go off to 399 so if we take his price which is 1400 at 97 and I’ve put my exchange rate in here so 400 so I’m going to minus it by 533 and I’m going to take out about 200 to cover you know taxes and other costs that he might have to pay for and he’s making 700 roughly seven hundred and sixty-four dollars per unit now if you announcer his feedback here you can see he sold 757 he’s got that that’s his feedback but you gotta understand it only about 80 percent of people leave feedback so he’s probably sold over a thousand products so we’re going to take that seven five seven I’m gonna go seven rough about 760 times 750 so he’s made nearly six hundred thousand dollars off selling these go-karts and this is all he sells he doesn’t sell anything else which is all he sells so you know you can see the power of this and it’s the way he sells it I mean if you look at some of those competitors you can see these guys just don’t do a bit of job you know they’re trying to sell the same thing but there’s really nothing here that catches people’s eye it ever only sold 150 so big big difference now let’s look at some other products and how you can import products to sell yourself I’m back over an le beber and this site is for bulk orders mainly if you’re looking for something a little bit smaller you can go le Express and all this is as these companies over here they’re advertising this website will sell smaller packages in this website but for a higher price so an LED that you could buy 200 hats the same company might sell 200 sorry that same company might start ten hats over here but for a higher price but then le Express has are really good shipping fees and most of the time it’s free so we’re gonna go with le beber this is the one I’ve used the most and I’m just gonna randomly go – I mean you’ve got to kind of do research and find the products and figure out what’s going to work for you I can’t really tell you what’s going to sell them what’s not and I do suggest signing up to their newsletters because you’ll get sent the trending products of the week or the day and then you can you know kind of think I’ll should I get that or you know whatever and then there’s the new arrivals as well which is really good because you can look through here and see what’s coming in and what’s really good I do know that these fitbit’s are really popular at the moment you’ve got smartwatches so it’s really up to you to figure out what you want to sell but I’m going to show you the process of how to do it I’m just going to click on a random thing here we’ll go have some Beauty make body weights and I’m signed in here I think on my girlfriend’s account yep and see it’s minimum 500 pieces now this is the thing you know you’re not gonna be able to afford that if you’re just getting into the into this game so you would go to Le Express and you will find the same thing for a cheaper option so you know maybe 10 pieces minimum instead of 500 but we’re just going to go with this and all you would do is go context you want to make sure that he’s a verified seller okay this is very important because you don’t be buying fakes and stuff like that you just go contact seller and all you do is you just contact them sending a message you know ask for a sample because they will give you one to see what the quality is like and then you just put in your how many pieces you are interested in and stuff like that it’s so simple just like that and the same with Le Express now how do you find good products I mean I’m not really experienced in that department because the products my girlfriend sells she’s meself selling them for a long time so we haven’t been looking we haven’t needed to look for training products if you know what I mean you can and hot products and this will bring up any product with that you know keyword and that in the title but you kind of gotta just go through and pick out all the ones that you don’t want so it’s gonna be a tedious task but you know this is where you’re going to get most of your stuff for cheap and here it goes trend trending hot products newest hot products for 2015 so you kind of get where I get the idea now the next two sites that could be of interest to you are dr. J’s now this is a clothing site in America and they do really good deals every day so 50% off 15% off and clothing is a really good starting point for if if you don’t have much money in your getting into the game but you’ve got to remember that clothing is very saturated market that’s very hard to sell clothes so just keep that in mind when you’re doing it you can you’ve got to find something that no one else is selling or something that’s rare or cheap you know but you can still make high profit on it another one is plunder this is the same thing there’s really good deals and you can really pick up some good deals and these sites let’s click on this one and you know $20 $20 you can sell these for 30 or something but like I said there’s not much money and clothing really you’ve got to find good products on these sites that have them you know a really big margin so something that you could buy for maybe two three hundred you can sell for over $1000 like the go-karts that’s um something that really I mean that guy’s kind of as rich he’s seriously rich and he’s just ripped off important go-karts from a website like this I actually had an idea I was gonna import go-karts that were electric because he imports guest go-karts but I was going to important literature cut so that’s never got around to doing it so you’re going to kind of think outside the box and just think of what you could do to outrank your competitors and when you’re searching you might want to filter out you weren’t going to filter gold supplier on-site check and assess supplier because that means these guys have really quality products you know this guy’s been in it and this game for about four years three years and also watch out for fakes okay so I’m gonna put an iPhone here and this doesn’t actually have many fakes out of this website you still going to watch out okay I don’t see any here but yeah so this will be a fake okay probably most likely a fake I have a look at the price see it doesn’t have a price but I wouldn’t trust this so don’t go for anything like that anything that’s a big brand name but it’s really cheap to stay away from it because you can actually get arrested for important to thank products I don’t know what it’s like in your country but in my country people get arrested all the time and I don’t know if any of them have been in jail but they do get fines and they do get a lot of trouble so it’s quite serious if you import fake stuff but I’m just going to go over everything really quickly again if you have trouble finding something to sell you could just sit on here and look at things and if you find something you can have a look at your competitions I’m going to go to toy vehicles and what I would do is I’ll just find all these things that I’m thinking of selling and I’ll go on to my eBay or my Amazon and I would have a look to see who’s selling it and how much they selling it for but this is a really good example of what you should do I mean this guy is really outdoing the competition they no one can keep up with this guy you know he sells four at a time he’s doing really good deals and all he’s doing is getting them from these websites it’s a lose don’t bring them over pain as taxes and he’s making serious money so if you’re not really into a fully marketing and you know and you’re stuck with it and you’ve gots a bit of money and you want to you know kind of have a go of this I would suggest doing it but make sure you look at your competition make sure you can sell it and don’t be scared of failure failure because you’re not always going to get on your first run you know you may fail at three or four products before you even make you know really start selling some product so you’ve got it was try different things figure out what you really want to know you ever have a game plan and just really put some effort into your marketing because marketing was what sells your products it’s not the product you’ve got to market the product I’ve seen a guy make a living off selling USB sticks but what he did is he he got gold USB sticks and he would take photos of them with Lamborghinis and watches and and he would sell these USB sticks for like ten times the amount and they were worth like two dollars and he was selling them for $100 or $50 or whatever because they were painted gold and he was taking photos of them with Lamborghinis and flash Rolexes and promoting them as luxury USB sticks I actually seen on a forum so you might be able to find that if you googled it if you guys have any questions let me know and in my next video I’ll be running over keyword research for all your affiliate marketing needs and I’ll show you how to find longtail keywords for your product that will rank for you and hopefully make you some money I’ll see you guys in the next video 

This Post Was All About Importing From China: Affiliate Marketing | Part 2.
Importing From China: Affiliate Marketing | Part 2

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Full Article:

In Part 2 of my affiliate marketing series I look at Importing from China using

In this Video series, I’m going to be covering 6 Topics. This is part 1

-Finding affiliate networks and offers
-Importing to sell on Amazon
-Keyword research
-Building a converting affiliate website
-Traffic and SEO

Importing from overseas can bring in huge profits. Using website to bring in products to sell on ebay and Amazon is getting more popular. I take a look at where you can find products.

I cover researching the competition then analysing how they sell a product. Anyone can sell an item but it’s how you market it that will bring in the real results.

Although my series is on affiliate marketing I wanted to cover importing products from china just in case this is something my viewers would like to get into. Once you find the right product make sure you have a plan of action. You might have to test some items before you really dive into this.

If you have an questions let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out with anything you need with starting out. If you live in America I’ve added some good companies you can use domestically. This will save you importing from China if you want to keep shipping cost down.

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