I’m Done – It’s Time To Move On…

I’m Done – It’s Time To Move On…

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i didn’t want to make this video but there’s something that i want to talk about and just like the title says i’m done i am done i’m done with the bs with the bull crap uh now if you don’t know what i’m talking about um there are some videos and there’s content on my channel that i’m not entirely happy about i mean i don’t feel good always making those videos there might be some of you out there that feel like i’m i enjoy making these types of videos and i i don’t i don’t stop the video and then go yeah you know i’m not that excited about it guys um it gets to me it bothers me and and you know i run other businesses and stuff i’ve got a couple software businesses and you know i help customers on a daily basis i talk to them every day i run support and stuff and what i do on youtube is so dramatically different than this so-called other life that i’m you know that i do and it’s there’s just a huge dramatic difference things have changed quite a bit in the last couple of years in the make money online niche on youtube um it looks a little bit different than it did uh two or three years ago okay uh when i started youtube i was kind of in a lost dark place um i struggled we struggled as a family i remember only having 75 in my bank account wondering how i was going to pay the rent but when you have two kids you have a wife and you need to put a roof over your head and food on the table uh it’s gonna light a fire underneath your ass and you’re gonna you’re gonna do whatever it takes to support your family and i think for a lot of people that have kind of i don’t know so-called broken through or awaken the giant within or whatever you want to call it i think they have probably been in that same situation where they had to do something and if it hasn’t happened it maybe for everybody it may happen or may not i don’t know but my back was against the wall and i started this channel and i had some ideas i got inspiration by other people to create the content and go into the direction that i was gonna go to or that i’ve been going into and it started off light i was nervous i was uh skeptical i i was unsure about how i was acting and stuff i didn’t know how to act on camera i had no idea i was just it was weird it was like what’s what’s the difference you know they hit you you hit that record button and you get uh there’s a fatigue there’s a fatigue that happens and it’s not the same as if the record button’s off you’re probably a little bit more relaxed but after doing it so many times it you get used to it and you become you get better at it and i wish i could tell more people this because there’s a lot of folks that are a little bit shy about coming on to youtube and recording themselves but it just by doing it more and more you get better but what i really what i wanted to focus on though on this video uh is i don’t want to get too far off track okay but what i’m trying to say is things are different and i saw some opportunities out there i saw some potential in the market and what was going on and i started to get more into uh you know psychology and also human behavior and things like that and so i used it so i went forward with that and at first i was frustrated when i made my youtube channel because like most people you start the youtube channel you want to go out there and help people and you know i started like with the whiteboard and blueprints and and all that stuff like most people do and um my channel tanked and i just couldn’t get any traction and then later i you know i realized people just want to get rich quick and they don’t really want to do much work and so instead of trying to change people’s mindset instead of trying to change them which i then realized i can’t change people and then later i realized i can’t help them i can’t help them they have to help themselves they have to see some light or vision or something that they enjoy or find something out there on their own and and get enough inspiration to move forward with it and pursue that whatever that is so i wasn’t able to really give that to them i could possibly provide a little bit of guidance but not that’s pretty much it so i got frustrated with it and so i started to instead of changing people’s mindset most the general market is what i’m talking about most of the the population the people seeking out information for this sort of thing make money online you know whatever it is and instead of trying to change i kind of went with the mindset that is already there if that makes any sense to you instead of changing it trying to hey don’t do that if you really want to you know make a change do this or so that’s all i did in this way i was able to appeal to a larger market uh to go a little bit more broad appeal to more people attract more people get more views more exposure on youtube and that’s what happened and now the bar was raised but now we’re at a point where there’s just everybody is out there competing and competing for your attention and it’s getting crowded right we’ve got people copying people everybody’s it’s it’s reached a point you know we don’t see a lot of faces on thumbnails anymore it’s just about it’s very flashy it’s very hypey kind of reminds me of the old days you know with the banners and stuff and it’s reached a point where it has nowhere else to go has nowhere else to go because everybody’s doing it there’s an old saying in a graphic design if everything is prominent nothing is prominent you know you used to be able to have videos on youtube and then in between the lines there’d be like this one flashy kind of video but then that would really stand out from the rest but what we have now and it’s not just i’m not talking about thumbnails and everything i’m talking about everything as a whole everybody’s kind of doing the same thing also goes for you know social media facebook stuff like that and it’s got really nowhere to go because it’s touching on those little pain points with people and touching on those emotional spots and them their desperation and they are going with it and so i’ve learned that well for me i’ve got to do what i feel good about doing and even though it might may not entirely help you or i need to understand that the videos or content or tutorials that i do on my channel may not really make much of a difference for you or the people that watch my videos a lot of it does require work it requires sacrifice lots of time which a lot of people don’t have and sometimes some people are just not willing to or able to to vote devote that much time and energy towards doing something to accomplish or to set yourself where you’re making an income on the internet where you don’t have to go to work and all these things it is possible and of course because there’s so many people doing it out there and i talk about it all the time on my channel i refer you guys to my links and stuff in my description i make my videos to on my channel i make them to attract people into a or to show them and to share with them education education that i highly recommend but the only way to expose or to present that education and information to you um i have to attract you first and what the whole thing with my channel is to kind of get your attention but then really bring you down not bring you down but i mean bring you to a point where it’s like this is okay that i what i’m talking about on the video is good it’s all right but if you really want to change things for yourself i have something else for you that i want to share with you and that’s when i direct people to my opportunity my link that i have in my description and so because that is what i truly believe in that makes me feel good and i only promote things that i feel good about that i feel that are so called legit and and all that so things are going to change on my channel i’m still going to be talking about making money online but it’s going to be different uh there’s some topics that i’m not going to talk about there are some apps and websites that i’m not going to mention anymore because i just don’t feel like doing that it was it was fun it was well lasted or whatever i mean it’s uh but sometimes not so fun and i thought about a year ago i’m like you know there’s to come a point where this is just not as effective and it’s not like it has to be effective because it was a battle with myself feeling and wanting to actually create this type of content and also uh the the scalability of that particular style of content as well and i’m not saying we’re at the bottom here i’m probably saying we’re coming near to the top but it doesn’t matter i’m going in a different direction and i’m doing what i feel good about and that’s all i’m really trying to say but i’m still going to be big mark um i just have my i have my inner challenges guys um you know there are some things that i don’t talk about and i was gonna make a video about it uh uh i’m in the spectrum i don’t know if you guys know what that is but but that’s all i’m going to say and it’s difficult for me to be around people okay i’ve chosen youtube to kind of be able to communicate and provide information to people without doing it in person or physically being around them okay so in a way that’s it’s it’s worked pretty well for me and i’m able to be that clown or whatever it’s a switch i can turn it on and off and most on youtube really a good tip would be to take your personality and times that by 10. just exaggerate your personality a little bit and really it’s always me it’s always been me it’s just an extreme me i guess but i don’t want to get all off track here so i’m making some changes on my channel that’s all really i wanted to make this video about if you guys see changes uh if you’re watching this if you’ve never seen one of my videos before uh this is going to be a little bit weird so this video is just for those of you that know me or that know of me and also my subscribers and guys it’s not all about the subscribers i just want to tell you that i lose i have lost subscribers every day since i started youtube most people lose subscribers every day but they also gain subscribers every day too so you lose some you gain some i don’t really think about it it’s not even on my mind i’m focused on the videos making content and coming up and now coming up with ways if i were to come onto youtube and look for a way and try to find a legitimate way to actually make an income what type of video would i want to see and believe it or not guys i’m always looking for ways to make money online just like you are just like you are i’m doing the same thing and i’ve found ways to do them and i’m going to be sharing those ways with you um but there’s some things that i’m not going to be talking about anymore and i think you kind of know what i mean and if you’re also a youtuber and you also talk about make money online you probably know what i’m talking about okay so that’s it uh just going to leave it at that and i really appreciate your time if you’ve watched this video all the way through man hey thanks and thanks for the support on the channel it’s been a long road um but i think we’ve got many rows ahead of us and i’m looking forward to it so i’m looking forward to the grind and to the challenge and uh yeah that’s about it i’ll see you guys on the next video peace out you

This Post Was All About I’m Done – It’s Time To Move On….
I'm Done - It's Time To Move On...

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