How To Win Friends & Influence People: Ferrari & Miss Kentucky

How To Win Friends & Influence People: Ferrari & Miss Kentucky

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all right we’re just here at Book Soup just bought how to win friends and influence people looks good right ollie yeah and she got a kitchen I mean ah not at Studio 54 book she likes to party yeah I get asked a lot you know what’s the secret if you’re completely broke if you’re trying to do big things without a doubt your ability to have powerful social skills whether it’s networking whether it’s finding mentors finding investors it all comes down to a few principles always use by the way hundred-dollar bookmarks why it’s not to show off is to remind you that if you read this book there’s a lot of value in it not just financially but in all ways in life so we’re going to head back to the office here let me see if I can get you in brought the Ferrari out so I you know watch the edge here don’t scrape so the most powerful things that I’ve learned when it comes to social skills all right you in there I’m gonna try to sneak in here without getting hit who Sunset Boulevard the bitch the number one hold on guys sneaking all right so when you’re first starting out it’s very easy to get intimidated right why well you’ll assume that just because you’ve never done anything or you’re just starting out that everybody you meet knows that people don’t always know that so you got to stay cool under pressure I don’t know what happened to my hair the top down on this thing spiders are awesome but don’t go too fast anyway so the first thing is don’t get intimidated you got to stay cool every human is on the same path no matter how powerful they are today in a hundred years they’ll be dead keep that in mind no matter how beautiful somebody is they won’t be beautiful in a hundred years all of us are on the same path and since we’re all on this and I actually read an interesting book I think it’s bob latta now the guy the physicist from Caltech and he said all humans are descended from 70 women genetically humans are very close to each other so don’t get intimidated because being intimidated and showing a lot of weakness to people will inevitably turn them off no one wants to be around somebody who’s desperate so number two is don’t be cocky so sometimes people are either too shy and intimidated or their flip side you can’t post up one time I made a mistake I had a billionaire guy and is what first Ferrari I ever had not this one another one and I showed up at the airport and I was trying to act all cool like I was you know can you press the start button and by the way I shouldn’t talk too much probably nobody wants to hear from me Ali’s a little bit shy but you moved here from Kentucky I did you were Miss Kentucky Kentucky 20 pounds so she knows Donald Trump if you’re looking at the political race but you didn’t know anybody here and you had the network yeah yeah I came here all on my own drove here you know across the country and you just figure it out you meet people you know where yeah and you’re not she doesn’t really get it you don’t get intimidated you’re pretty cool under pressure she don’t even need this book she need those hundred dollar bills she’s a Capricorn though Capricorn is always appreciated hundred dollar bills bookmarks uh anyway so the number two thing you know when I rolled up on this guy and Ferrari at the airport he was a billionaire it didn’t impress him he was like dude I got he told me he goes I have a fleet of Ferraris he’s like what will impress me about you is you just showing me what you know which leads to number three you gotta know stuff and a lot of people say ah how can I you know be persuasive how can I network if you don’t know people are gonna figure it out so the beauty is no matter where you are in the world you could be brought like I was broke sleeping on a couch forty bucks in your 47 bucks in my bank account you could be in the same situation dan whatever it is you can still know a lot of stuff because you can pick up a book you can go to the pub you can go on YouTube now you can start to become knowledgeable you don’t have to be knowledgeable about everything Warren Buffett the billionaire investor says just have a circle of competence just keep your knowledge in a tight circle and you’ll impress people so there’s a lot more things check out the book you’ve never read it before right so she’s gonna read it and along with that that’s a badass coffee table book if you never heard the story how you selling a lot of nightclub so this is like the original nightclub studio 54 by the way check out this shirt somebody made for me the good life health wealth love and happiness and it’s got my website somebody mailed this so whoever mailed this to me thank you for the president and I you want to hold the camera while I Drive them for a second can’t go too fast here’s a lot of people outside set alright that’s how fast you could go people always like dude why don’t you go faster in these videos I’m like it’s Hollywood guys you see so turn the camera around that’s about how fast you can go so anyway here you can hold it again so here’s a question for you oh by the way I’m doing this big contest I’m gonna give away a car this year okay to the winner it’s not going to be a Ferrari 458 spider but I’m going to give away a car and I’m giving stuff away every Friday I have this little thing called invest in others I believe people helped me when I was starting out they didn’t always helped me with contests or money but they gave some time they my mentors taught me what they knew and so I believe in investing back in they’re people so I’m doing this thing so subscribe here wherever you’re watching this make sure you subscribe because I’m just going to pick randomly from the subscribers every Friday and I’m doing some flash contest stuffs too and at the end of the year I’m gonna pick somebody so give them a car okay so anyway subscribe by the way what’s the no 1 thing you ever learned about people dealing with people um treat others the way you want to be treated old-school boulder roll can’t beat that alright guys peace out you 

This Post Was All About How To Win Friends & Influence People: Ferrari & Miss Kentucky.
How To Win Friends & Influence People: Ferrari & Miss Kentucky

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Was just buying this old classic again for today’s Book-of-the-Day with Allie.

If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of How To Win Friends And Influence People.

The three social rules I’ve learned from How To Win Friends & Influence People

1. Don’t be intimidated
2. Don’t be cocky
3. Impress people with your knowledge

Remember, perfect your social skills. It’s the key to doing big things.

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