How To Make Money Posting Simple Clips On YouTube ($100+ Per Day) Make Money Online

How To Make Money Posting Simple Clips On YouTube ($100+ Per Day) Make Money Online

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big mark here what’s up guys welcome back to the channel all right i’m totally pumped up because what i’m gonna do on this video is show you guys how to make a hundred dollars a day just by posting simple videos right on youtube this is really exciting i’m actually going to take you through and show you step by step right on my computer i’m going to make the videos so you can see exactly how i make them what type of software i use where do i get the files and the content and everything and you don’t have to show your face i know when i started youtube i was really nervous and i had to show my face but i know what that feels like and so if that’s something that you don’t want to do you are in the right place let’s go ahead and get started here so we can see that there is the potential to make money online over 400 whatever 100 200 300 doing this i’m gonna handle your objections if you guys are wondering do i need a lot of subscribers no nobody has a lot of subscribers when they start a youtube channel or when they start posting videos how do i get monetized you know what do i do where do i get the content where do i get the music what do i have to do so what we’re going to be talking about on this video is creating simple guided meditation videos stay with me here because i’m going to walk you through step by step i really like this because it’s a great thing you’re doing something good and a lot of people like these videos especially for the different times and weird situations that we’re going through right now so looking around on youtube you’re gonna find a lot of guided meditation videos the reason is because this works there are people that search for this on youtube like every single second and the great part about these videos is people watch them over and over and over again i know my wife watches these guided meditation videos you know she listens to things like this during you know when she goes to bed so but she’s listening to it over and over and over again and each time someone watches it and listens to it you guys get paid now a lot of you were wondering well is google or youtube are they actually going to monetize these types of videos well they do so here’s an example here i’ve taken this exact video and i’ve opened it up into a private browser window this is an advertisements that that’s being played before this video here we go me killing i have my own medical practice this is an advertisement guys okay it’s got a little link there to this uh whatever it is it says ad right down here and there’s a skip button okay after a few seconds you can skip the ad this great meditation channel is what it’s called they are getting paid they’ve got the channel monetized so does it work yes will youtube accept these types of videos wait a minute i’m going to talk about that because here’s the thing when it comes to youtube youtube likes original content it has to be original it can’t be replicated or reused content i’m looking over here at socialblade i’ve looked up the great meditation channel i’ve scrolled down here yes they have a lot of subscribers yes they uploaded 200 videos but that’s not everything i’m going to show you how you can do that and i’m going to show you proof that you don’t have to have a lot of subscribers and you can still get people that are out there looking for your videos so looking over here at great meditation coming right down here you can see that she’s getting a lot of subscribers hundreds of subscribers every single day and lots of video views she gets more views than i do on my channel so i mean that’s pretty impressive so we got a 60 000 64 000 views a day even on the low side uh you know she could be making up to 400 450 even up to 500 a day so guided meditation how exactly do you do this and here’s the thing some of you might be thinking well you need a lot of subscribers and all that stuff guys you don’t look at this right here rachel g she just posted this the other day she has four subscribers okay four subscribers and she has 92 views i just looked at this yesterday and i think if she had 70. now she has 92 views i don’t really know who this woman is i have no idea but she has four do you know how hard it is to get 92 views on a channel that just started out with only four subscribers it’s pretty tough but with the power of guided meditation because there are thousands of people searching for this sort of thing it’s really easy to get your stuff discovered and that’s why i want to share it with you guys and so she’s got this higher self now she kind of tweaked the keyword a little bit because you don’t want to just put guided meditation in the title because everybody does that right but she switched it up a little bit she put seven hertz theta waves right there okay and height yourself guided meditation it’s more of a higher self guided meditation and she put the binaural beats let’s go ahead and play this back and see what it sounds like i invite you to take a moment to settle into a comfortable position and bring your attention to your breathing nice nice i love it and looking over here if you guys want to know what these actually sound like and you kind of can get an idea on what it looks like just by looking at these graphics here a little uh the woman there and it says 10 minutes and so let’s go ahead and play this back so you can hear what this sounds like here we go we get a little water in the background we got a little music i’m gonna show you guys how to do all of this okay tall and proud keep a little voice over in the back and eyes softly closed you see how simple this is guys now what i’m going to do is i’m going to show you where i mean you probably won’t well i i don’t know what to say right like i don’t know what to say on these videos what am i going to do i mean i don’t know i have to write everything down it’s going to take me all day to figure out no no no here’s what you do you go over to google and you type in guided meditation script there are i would say probably thousands of guided tip meditation scripts out there already on google and you just click on one of these sites and you just go through here i mean they’re just like number four number five number six it just goes on and on and on and on so you’ve got a script here you close your eyes and allow every worry task and negative thought to float away right the script is right here guys and that’s what makes this so simple you really don’t have to do much thinking at all if you have a microphone or something like that that’s great you can pick up a usb microphone you know off of amazon or go down to the store and get one for maybe like 25 bucks but there’s going to be a little bit of an investment a little bit of time of course if we want to generate an income online then we’re going to have to put a little put in a little bit of effort to to do that but the great thing about youtube is that once you get your videos out there they start working for you because videos on youtube and why it was so powerful it’s like real estate right you create it once you put it out there on the interwebs and it just keeps working for you 24 7. and the more videos that you make the better right the more views the more watch time the more people that watch the different advertisements that are on your video just like this advertisement right here now for a few weeks and when somebody skips that ad videos then they get to see the guided meditation video looking through here so what’s the first step that we must do there are a few components that we must take care of uh before we can create the video right music really important something relaxing this can be sound effects so what i’m going to do i’m going to direct you guys over to epidemic sound this is the website that i use for everything the music the quality of the sound effects the quality of the music is just unmatched okay this is a great website to go to um i use this all the time i have music you can if you get a subscription and i’m talking you know whatever i know 14 15 bucks a month you can use as much music and sound effects that you want to your heart’s content you can create hundreds and thousands of videos with the music from this website you don’t have to worry about getting any copyright strikes or any uh you know copyright claims or anything like that on your youtube channel because you sync your account at epidemic sound you sync that with your youtube account what i will do is i will leave that link below in the description so you guys can go over there and check it out yes it’s an affiliate link yes they have an affiliate program that you guys can use i do get a little bit of a kick back from that so i appreciate it it supports the channel but if you guys want music here’s what you do especially for guided meditation what i’ve done here is i went up here to the very top and i typed in meditation and i’ve gotten a whole bunch of different things uh let’s go ahead and listen to a couple of these and see what they sound like that’s nice i like that yeah really nice see i’m just getting chill right now just listening to that okay thunder meditation so it’s got a little bit of a ambient sound bed in the background and then there’s some rain in there i hear some thunder oh i got some thunder in there all right and if you guys want to just do something like maybe you just want to use some rain or something like that which is very relaxing well then all you have to do is go to epidemic sound and then come over here and by the way if you guys want to know yeah 15 bucks a month is a no-brainer but come over here to epidemic sound type in rain and then after you do that select sound effects and then it’s going to give you a huge list and if you want to like what i would recommend is probably to choose a rain track or a sound effects track that is pretty long because some of these guided meditations go on for a little bit longer so what you can do is come over here where it says best match uh you can select uh longest first so that will display the longest uh rain and thunder sounds first let’s go and listen to these yeah that’s that’s really nice i like that oh yeah this is nice and it goes on for like three minutes and 37 seconds and you guys can just loop this over in the program if you want to or you can crossfade it find the content so we’ve done the first part of this video we’re just basically copy and pasting stuff to give you guys some inspiration so you can start this right now something so simple that would cost you almost like a dollar to do and what i’ve done is i’ve recorded a video of a candle like like a candle flame so i’ve got a lighters lit the candle and you can use your phone to do this if you want to or if you have like another camera i have a fancier camera here you don’t need that you just need something that’s pretty basic and just you know get close to it or whatever and to just hit record and then you know just put this was actually during the day i closed all the blinds and everything in the room and i just recorded a candle just the flame just moving there and and i’m kind of imagining like the the music that’s going to be playing and everything and how relaxing this could be and we over complicate things so much we think we have to you know drive to you know the alps or whatever and you know go out in the forest to record rain sounds and and to get like raindrops and trees and and you don’t have to do all that stuff guys just keep it really simple but the great thing is is that this is original content nobody on youtube has this particular candle video this is mine youtube wants to see original content so we’ve got that out of the way and i have some files here on my hard drive we are going to create this video i’m going to take you through step by step and show you exactly how to do this so this is really cool now what you’re going to need i want to show you what you’re going to need now i’m on the mac okay i’m on the mac so i have this little piece of software it’s called imovie and if you don’t have the mac if you have windows then what you’re going to have to do um with the newest version of windows windows 10 or higher they used to have a program they called it movie maker a windows movie maker well they changed the name to video editor they just call it video editor and you can find this which should be included inside of your installation of your operating system so if you if you have windows well there’s a good chance you already have a video editor built in now if you have a like again if you have an earlier version of windows than windows 10 then it’s probably called a movie maker or windows movie maker it’s been around for a long time but it looks something like this and it has almost all the features that you would normally get if you were to use uh imovie so what we’re going to do here is create a new project in imovie so go ahead and load it up and create a new project we’re going to make this uh a movie and then uh so i’ve opened up a blank canvas so to speak uh we’re able to import the media let’s go ahead and do that right now so i will browse on my hard drive and select the files that i have downloaded on epidemic sound any sound effects any music or anything like that i have those all right over here and also the little uh video maybe you could uh if there’s a raindrop outside or if it’s raining then put the camera up to the window so you could see the raindrops coming down anything like that it doesn’t have to be complicated guys you know we all get so worried about oh my gosh what am i gonna make videos about and a lot of people they will take video footage from another website which somebody else has already used on their video and youtube looks at that as duplicate content you know reused content so just make sure every video that you do it has to be original something that you’ve made from scratch okay you just go around i don’t know just you know point the camera out the window it people are going to be closing their eyes listening to these things and it’s not necessarily all about the video it is a lot about mostly the sound so when you have your files ready to go let’s go ahead and drag my little candle file into the uh into the editor here and let’s just uh zoom into this a little bit and we can go ahead and play this back now there’s no sound or anything so it’s just going to show the little candle there and we get a little flame burning there in the background uh look at that there we go it’s not even in focus it doesn’t have to be perfect i realized it wasn’t even the candle it wasn’t even that much in focus and so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to drag in another file this is the thunder meditation one i’m going to click and drag that below the candle just like that and now let’s go ahead and play this back that sounds nice and we can lower this a little bit i can just pull this down in imovie i can just hover over the clip and i’m going to have this little line here and i can just scroll down just yeah just scroll it down a little bit and that will lower the volume about that 75 percent okay and and then so it’ll be a little bit lower because what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a voiceover and i’m actually going to do the voiceover right on this video i’m going to show you guys how i would do it and so you know what to do first we need a script because we’re going to be speaking into the microphone and we need to know like what are we going to say so just like before we go right over to google we type in guided meditation scripts and then we can just come over here and find something uh got a meditation for positivity okay that’s a pretty good one right there you can make god you can make guided meditations about uh uh you know how to get rich right uh you know finances uh guided meditation on you know to relieve stress gutted meditation on about relieving pain maybe a trauma or something like that that has happened in the family or whatever uh or maybe just not that or maybe just some past traumas or maybe you’re just trying to kind of get through the day and you need to calm down and relax and that’s what most people use this sort of thing for so we’ve got the script right here in front of us but how do we record the script how do we do all that well here’s a really cool thing about imovie now windows movie maker might have this and if they don’t then you’ll just have to figure out a way a little app that’s installed on your operating system that you can just hit record with and record the sound it can get a little bit more complicated they have bigger programs out there so what we’re going to do here is go over to imovie now imovie has this little microphone button right here if i click on that this is going to open up the uh the voiceover recorder features okay and then a little a little button here if i click on that i can select my microphone from this menu right here so i can select the input source what is the import input source uh if you’ve got your microphone plugged into a sound card then you would want to select the sound card whatever microphone you’re using if it’s like i don’t know like an audio technica then you would select audio technica from this list right here so make sure that you have the proper and the correct input source selected before you continue all right so we’ve got that now i do not want to mute the project i want to listen to the sound while i do these or while i read the script okay and you’re gonna you guys are gonna see me do this okay this is really cool it’s kind of like more of a like a relaxing type thing and so i’m going to just rewind this all the way back or move this cursor a little bit over here to the beginning of the timeline there and then i will click on record now as soon as i do that i’m going to jump over to the script over on the website so you guys can see me do this here we go let me turn down the i don’t want this too loud okay here we go and hit record close your eyes and allow every worry task and negative thought to float away you have no time for them here and so you let each of them go every bad thought every fear and every worry watch them all float away on the great big ocean in your mind okay and then just hit stop wow that kind of actually relaxed me a little bit i gotta put kind of went in a trance there for a little bit um so and if i scroll right down here i can i can see this audio right here at the bottom of the screen i don’t know if i can make this a little bigger for you guys uh there we go so i can see it right down here now let’s go ahead and um now i’ve noticed something here it lowered the volume of the other audio of the music and stuff so if you don’t want that in imovie click on the clip and then up here above the video click on the little speaker icon and turn off where it says lower volume of other clips make sure to turn that off and then the volume or from the you know with the music then it will stay consistent because you know you guys really want that people just want something steady uh while they’re listening to their guided meditation but all right let’s go ahead and hear this back guys let’s see what it sounds like close your eyes and allow every worry task a negative thought to float away oh yeah now i want to let you guys know you might be asking well how long do i need to make this well a lot of people just want to get in and out you know they between they may need to just do like a power meditation session for maybe like four to five minutes maybe on a work break or or lunch break or maybe or whatever something like that they just want to take you know a few minutes aside of the day and sit down have you know plug in some headphones or whatever and just put this video on and just kind of like you know just let it all go and relax and listen to someone and help because when someone’s guiding them people it helps them to kind of get their mind off their own thoughts how do you export this and then upload it to youtube well i’m not going to show you everything on how to upload a video to youtube because there’s so many videos about that already on youtube but in imovie what you can do if you come over here at the very top of the window there’s a little button here and you can actually upload directly to youtube right from imovie which is kind of cool or you can just select uh export file and that will save the video directly to your hard drive and then you can just upload it to youtube whenever you want so those are some of the really cool features this is so simple guys and you know um some other things i wanted to share with you if you’re wondering how do i make money with youtube how do i get accepted into the partner program well you’re going to need 4 000 public watch hours to do that now don’t let that freak you out that’s about 240 000 minutes but here’s the thing youtube gives you a whole year a whole year guys to do this so you have 12 months to get up to 240 000 watch minutes uh so you can do this i’ve done this all right i’ve got some people in my family that are doing this anybody can do this i have friends that have done this i mean most people that have started a youtube channel and that have been consistent posting videos uh they have all got their channels monetized okay guys and all you got to do is is create a little adsense account now you must have more than 1 000 subscribers that’s not that bad i mean it’s it’s not even that any i mean 5 10 years ago it was hard to get a lot of subscribers but these days there’s so many people on youtube you guys are gonna have no problem with this okay and you know um one thing before you guys go a lot of people ask me mark how do you make your money and i’m gonna be honest with you guys and some of you guys know this already but um i make my money through um i do i make my money through affiliate marketing okay a lot of the a lot of the reasons why i make these videos on youtube is to share with you guys my number one recommended opportunity it wasn’t even that long ago about a few years ago i actually remember it about back in 2016. i remember having like you know 75 dollars in my bank account wondering how we were going to pay the rent and stuff and it was a really really hard time well i got the edu the right education to learn how to actually make money online how to do a passive income full-time passive income uh how to you know get traffic which is important how to get people to you know uh you know sign up how to how to get them to mix how do you get sales how do you get commissions uh how do you make money while you sleep like maybe you don’t have to trade your time for money maybe you could have something working for you in the background that automatically generates money for you a lot of people ask me mark how do you do it how do you make your money right i get a little bit of money from google adsense don’t get me wrong i do of course it’s obvious but a lot of the income though a lot of the majority of that income comes from my number one recommended opportunity and so what i’m going to do i’ll leave that link below in the description of this video you guys can go over there and check it out this is a really really simple process i think a lot of you will enjoy if you enjoyed this video hey give me a thumbs up i would appreciate that or subscribe to the channel because on the next video we’re going to go through another tutorial on creating uh simple videos on youtube because you know what we’ve been creating a lot of videos on youtube the reason is because that’s where everybody’s going now everybody’s home now i mean they’re watching everybody in my family has a little phone and an ipad everybody that i know has watched like one youtube video every single day and the average person watches youtube 45 minutes per day so think about that you’re watching youtube right now there’s lots of good stuff on here right okay all right guys hope you enjoyed the video we’ll see on the next one i’m out peace you

This Post Was All About How To Make Money Posting Simple Clips On YouTube ($100+ Per Day) Make Money Online.
How To Make Money Posting Simple Clips On YouTube ($100+ Per Day) Make Money Online

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How To Make Money Posting Simple Clips On YouTube ($100+ Per Day) Make Money Online


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