How to Make Money Online With Facebook – $160 in 1 Day Step by Step.

How to Make Money Online With Facebook – $160 in 1 Day Step by Step.

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what’s up guys in this video I’m gonna be showing you how I made over $100 in 24 hours and I also collected 200 email subscribers for future promotions and this account I need are sixty nine dollars and forty-one cents and in another account I made about thirty bucks and if I convert that to my currency it’s roughly about a hundred and sixty hundred and seventy dollars total from the US currency so what i did is i basically posted some affiliate links on facebook groups with a landing page to collect emails so we’ll show you how i did that right now so the first thing I did is I found an offer I wanted to find an offer that was free but had sales afterwards after people opted into the email and I don’t have my own product for that so what I did is I went to website called a warrior plus I’ve never used this before I just heard about it the other day and I signed up to an affiliate account very easy and then I basically applied for some offers and whatever one I got accepted into first that’s what I used and I made a landing page based around there so this is the offer 99 easy ways to get more traffic in 2015 and it’s free so what this means is people will download this for free and then once I’ve downloaded it they’ll get offered to buy a course or whatever this person’s offering I haven’t had a look at it but this upsell so there might be a course for $20 $30 nine dollars and stuff like that so very very easy nice and free and you can get ones that aren’t free if you like I’m not sure cuz I haven’t tested them with this method but I’m sure they’ll work just as well as what I’m going to show you now so you’re going to need a landing page okay are very very easy to do I’m gonna show you one here so this is the one I made free traffic secrets click are secrets that will give you more traffic then morning rush hour I should have changed it to that gives you more traffic so you’ve just got to kind of miss around with it and you know and just find the best one that works for you and when you click on get instant access it comes up with the email and then you will get a our email address so first you get the email address and then now get directed to this page and then I’ll sign up again probably with this guy if they wanted I’ll leave and he’ll get the email address but then it’ll be forwarded on to some sales pages where you will make a commission from this offer very very easy so it’s very easy post a link on Facebook which is what I’m going to show you soon you post this link here they sign in under your landing page you get the email they go here they get the free freebie and they might download the next one and pay for it then you get a commission from that very very easy so how did I do this I used a program called ninja blaster and I did this for free ninja blaster has a three day trial so I basically downloaded it and for three days I’m sorry two days I got accepted into a whole bunch of groups and then on the last 24 hours I automatically posted my link on Facebook groups that’s that set so first I’m going to show you how to do landing page your case because this is very very important and I’ll tell you what it doesn’t take very long at all with this program so I use a program called where is it here W P profit builder and this this isn’t free but you can probably find free free things around I didn’t pay for this because my friend already has it I’m using my friends website so I did this all four hundred percent free I will leave a link in the description if you want to get this or if you want you can use a landing page from your email subscription service so you could use one from I get response here create landing page if you want or any type of landing page program that you use but I’m using WP profit builder in this tutorial so the first thing you want to do if you install this program I’m just going to be using this profit builder one in this example because that’s what I’m using this is a wordpress plugin you just want to check out the pages okay they’re very very nice pages some of them are more complex than others I like to use very simple pages I seem to get very very good conversion rates I’m getting over 60% and like the stand it that’s what the pop-up if I don’t have a pop-up I’m getting around about 20 48 to 52 percent and the standards kind of like 35 percent opt-in rate so these are very very good templates now the one I used and my promotion that it on Facebook was a squeeze page squeeze page basic so if we go to the pages section add new page I’m just going to name it here whatever we want and then you want to go to template here profit builder full with the page and click Save draft you need to do this otherwise it’s not gonna let you build a landing page then click on profit builder in the corner here and click Edit Page and our one was called the squeeze page basic up here on the left there’s a little folder where you click a load template then click load template here and we’ve got squeeze squeeze squeeze page basic and it’s loaded it just like that now we if we upload a back a background image to this it’s only going to show up in these sections here so we’re going to delete this section here and we’re going to delete this section here and then we’re going to click on the little icon here on the left edit and we’re gonna upload a background image into that section and we’re gonna go to upload here I’m just going to pick a random image because I don’t have many uploaded on this website this is my friend’s website so my shorty has and we’re gonna select this one if you wanted this mess with the padding and stuff a little bit so we’re gonna go top padding maybe 300 bottom padding a bit more we’ll try that you just want to click Save up here on the left and then preview template a preview page and there you go you have a nice simple easy landing page and you can dismiss what the sittings but more so we could head this up to 300 and save it again in preview it and it’s a bit more down now but you’ll have a better image like this this one is overlapping as you can see in here now you’re only doing this to clicked emails okay if you want to just promote the office straight up sorry about this the plugin i’m using a suspends tabs if you want to just promote this office straight up and get a commission you can do that that’s fine but i prefer to collect emails because I can then promote more products to these guys later and make money and you don’t need a big email list a friend of mine has an email list about 700 and he makes around about two to three thousand dollars a month offers a little less because he what he does is he promotes products that have been launched and he builds them up with with emails about three or four days before their and he builds and that builds Marc future product launches and then when they launched he advertises the product they get to commission and he keeps advertising that advertising the affiliate product for maybe a day two days three days a week however long it takes for the sales to finally stop rolling in and he makes it very very good money doing this so I made about two hundred seventy subscribers out of this thing that I’m showing you and like I promote products them and make some good money so this is why we’re doing it so you’re going to need an auto some sort of email responder okay and what this does is this is how you get our people on your list now I use Aweber but I am transferring over to get response this is why I don’t have these subscribers I’m currently transferring over now but I have two hundred and seven in here from one of my list and this some of these were collected from the Facebook thing that I was showing you and this is very easy to use so we need to put the a webform in our landing page so people can sign up see I’m going to leave a link for a weber in the description you can get a trial first 30-day trial which is quite cool because you can try out this method for free and see if you make some money because all the stuff is free apart from the website that you have to make for profit builder you can get a free version of profit builder summer I think but I suggest paying for it because in you it’s not going to be all messed up or cracked version or whatever and you know powerful is free so very easy to do and then we’re gonna go to just web forms here this is how we set up our signup form on the landing page and go to create web form and you want to get rid of the name section here so we’ll just click that down there go to next step and just put in a name so it’s going to put anything here and you probably want to have confirm opt-in off because you’re not really if you have a blog or something you want to have double opt and on because people kind of want to see your stuff but these guys might not want to sign up and all that and I get way better cuz way better conversions and stuff if I have confirmed opt-in off okay and then you want to do a custom thank-you page now this is where you put your link for your affiliate link so I don’t have the affiliate link here but this is what I would put in it would be an affiliate link I would simply copy there and I’d put that into my section here a custom thank-you page and you also want to put it on the where is it there’s one so we’ve got default you know we want to put it on custom I here it is so you want to do a change already subscribe URL to the same one because sometimes the same people might come back and they’ll sign up again and you if you push them to the your affiliate link you might get a sale out of them this time around so that you know you want to put that in there once you’ve done that you want to click go to next step you want to go show HTML code and you want to copy this code copy that go I will install the form myself go to webform list now we’re going to go back to our page and you want to click on this here this little button you want to go to the Edit symbol here this little pin simply paste your code in here and push enter and when you see this little thing come up here it means that it’s inserting it into your page and you have now created a signup form so no people going to click on this a little signup box is gonna come down they’re going to sign up to it and they’re gonna get transferred to your affiliate link ok very very easy to do and if we save this here I’ll show you what it does now click on that they sign up and they go download report or whatever you put in here you can edit all this stuff but I’m not going to go through I want a trinket as video as short as possible to show you how to make the money and then they’ll get transferred to your affiliate link and you make you might make a commission offer or whatever you’re trying to promote you might have your own products that you want to promote so that’s that that’s setting up the our landing page but you can skip this step if you don’t want to click any emails now let’s go to the actual spreading out the link so we’ll quit out of this and I’ve also got a guide here at blackhat Worldcom if you want to check it out on how to do this I’ll leave a link the description for that as well so once you’ve done this you want to download a program called ninja blaster but like I said it’s are free for three days but and then you can it’s only $7 for unlimited access or you can get it for $9 I think per month or something like that I’ll leave a link in the description now this this can be very very confusing it’s quite a confusing program and once you get the hang of it you can simply spread your link out on Facebook groups first thing you want to do is you want to find some groups so you need to have a niche so my niche was kind of like making money online blogging drive traffic to your website all that sort of stuff so these are my groups here and I simply just win in here and you would do blogging let’s just go make money affiliate didn’t want to go to groups to join per keyword so we would join three lots of four here so that would be 12 something like that I think so twelve groups and well you could just change it to what if you want believe it on four and you want to go to join the group of them minimum members I went with a thousand per group just so you’re not really going into any dead groups and you can have a delay second so adjoins every twenty seconds 30 seconds nineteen hundred and twenty just keep it on ten and then you simply it goes start and it will find I will login it will find groups for you and automatically join them for you okay very very easy and to do this you just click on the join oh one or join it too and see it’s found some here and this is less member so it’s not going to join this one might join the next one if it is more then a thousand now to post the link it’s very very easy I see there you go let’s join that one it’s requested to join so to post a link you simply or anything if you share a video what if you want but this one we’re gonna be doing a link we’re gonna go to a link post or one that’s come up come up here and then your groups will probably be blank you want to leave it for a day or so so you can get accepted into some groups you want to click load and all load oil groups here for you and then you can just go through and tick the ones you don’t want to post to or leave it if you want to post to all of them very very easy now this is going to be your our description so your status and this is going to be a link now the good thing about this program is it has a thing called spin Tech’s and this is very very cool when you post on Facebook multiple times Facebook can catch on to and they can ban you and talking about clean bed you might get banned doing this I think their responsibilities of your counselor if they get banned but I didn’t ever got banned and I’ve haven’t heard of anyone getting banned with this program so I’m going to show you how to do it and risk not getting bent you know have the minimum minimum risk of getting bed now you want to go to spin your text down here on the left at the bottom of the program and this will load up a screen a very done it you just want to put your our status in here all your descriptions so to speak so I’ve put I didn’t know getting traffic was so easy I’ve written up this free course is showing you how I generated over 5,000 visitors overnight this is insane and a must read now this is understood this quickly I would usually do it better than this do you simply click spin article and what this does this is actually very very intense I didn’t wanted to be that long that’s okay we’re gonna put this in here and this simply will use a whole bunch of different words so we’re not using the same words over and over again and then you want to put your link here okay I’m just going to put my blog link here for now just so we can do a bit of a demo for you guys and then you can just want to go to add and this will add it to the thing down here that he uses and you can keep doing different ones and you can add more and more and more and you can click around them if you like and it all just go through them and post different ones to groups or you can just use one repose the same one with different words through these spintax and then here’s your seconds so this is how it will post either every 10 seconds 15 or up to 1,800 18,000 seconds if you want I usually do it for every minute you kind of have to test this I mean if it’s a new account you want to go way higher than this you wanna go maybe 300 and then you’ve got sleep for 10 minutes so every 10 minutes that will stop posting for however long you choose 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes whatever our seconds sorry oh no Thea this is minutes so these are minutes here so it’ll slit stop for 10 minutes for 10 minutes and then you’ve also got loop posts this means how many times it goes through all these groups so if I wanted to go through all these groups three times it’ll go through 360 376 times some know that I think mine s isn’t that good so to go through a lot of times we’ll go through three times each all these groups very very easy now all you got to do is click start and we’re just going to do a an example here and we’ll start it says oh so 378 times it’s going to go through us pretty close and I’ll just go over here for now and as you can see it’s requested to join four groups over here very very easy I mean how easy is that I’ve now joined our blogging boost blogging network and a few others just like that and as you can see I’ve already joined all these ones so it doesn’t do it again now I think it just posted a post here so we’re gonna have a view just highlight it and click view I just had to log in there and as you can see it’s got my partner and I don’t understand getting traffic had been so simple we’ve come okay this is this is probably isn’t the best fun text actually but uh you know it works you know whatever so it’s all good I’m just going to delete this because I don’t really want it on there I’m just going to stop this really quick and I’ll just delete this here but as you can see I’ve been getting lots of friends requests messages and notifications from all my other post and that’s it it’s very very easy to automatically post it for you and it will post all of your little post to the landing page and all that so let’s just recap the cameras going to show you recap on this little bit here so you need a website of some sort a landing page ok you don’t have to do this but it’s important if you want to continue on with your promotions and you know female list is very important if you ask any online marketer in the world anybody and you say what’s the most important tool they’re gonna say my email list if they lose the email list that’s that they’re they’re on a business because a lot of affiliate marketers use the email list to promote products that’s that’s their customer base you know that’s their Yellow Pages that’s that’s where all the customers are hanging out is on the email list ok so landing page it’s a website landing page and some sort of offer a fully at offer your own offer free offer paid off it doesn’t matter as long as you’re making a commission or you’re making some sort of money out of it the business is the point you want to click emails and you also want to make money at the same time you can do either either you can just click the emails if you want or you can just make money if you want but I suggest doing both because it doesn’t hurt to make a landing page you saw how quickly I made this landing page here very very easy you know just add an image and there’s all sorts of other LED types of landing pages you can use in this profit builder plug-in or if you have your own landing page program it like do you like to use and you can simply just use they’re very very easy so website landing page product offer affiliate offer anything like that and then ninja blaster and you approach to online marketing and it isn’t great approach to online marketing because you can simply send out links all over Facebook and this also creates all sorts of stuff like the author creates links to your site to create all sorts of good buzz if you want to promote a blog or whatever if you just wanna promote something so very very good to use and then you simply go in here you want to join some groups as you can see it’s still joining so if all here five here and then you want to simply spin text your text down here you just write then whatever you want blah blah blah you spin your text and then you simply put that in here and then you put a link and that’s it then you just select your groups here and start and you can make some money you’re not gonna get rich on this overnight but this is you guys always ask me how to make money some simple ways to make money I’ve tested this myself I made over 100 dollars in 24 hours I’m gonna be buying this product probably now and I’m gonna keep going I’m just going to keep going if I can make a hundred bucks a day off this and there’s no point in me stop that and stopping doing it I’m as I’ll keep going because 100 dollars a day is seven hundred dollars a week you know that’s money that’s more than some people make working at McDonald’s and  like that so this is a very very good way to make money and just some yeah that’s it ma’am if you just want to make some quick money online very very easy way to do it very automated you don’t have to do anything just let it run you might have to update your our landing pages every now and then maybe once or twice a week because people can get sick of seeing the same landing page but that’s all good that’s very very easy to do so see you guys the next video I’ll leave links in the description for the tutorial on blackhat world and all these products that I’ve used in this video and I’ll see you guys in the next video hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week about affiliate marketing making money online ranking websites at Google and heat some more you can also get my free e-book on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About How to Make Money Online With Facebook – $160 in 1 Day Step by Step..
How to Make Money Online With Facebook - $160 in 1 Day Step by Step.

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How to make money online with Facebook. I show you how I made money online overnight on Facebook.

I built up a landing page to collect emails than I used all affiliate offer to earn money. I used facebook to advertise with groups to spread out the website. It’s important to use a landing page because you can get sign ups and promote to them later. I also used Ninja Blaster to send out the link, it’s fully automatic.

If you want to know how to make money online with Facebook then this is a great start. You can upscale this once you join more groups. If you think outside the box and get a little creative things will start off nicely. This would also be good for teenagers who just left college.

Optimization will be needed if you want this as a fast method.

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