How To Make Money Online Even If You’re a Kid / Teenager (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

How To Make Money Online Even If You’re a Kid / Teenager (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

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in this video i’m going to be teaching you how you can earn free paypal money even if you’re a kid or a teenager this method i’ve got for you today is going to be absolutely perfect for any beginners looking to start making money online today with a fast payout method okay guys i’m going to show you exactly how this works step by step in this video so make sure you stick around and watch the cool thing you’re not going to want to miss any part of this okay trust me i’ve got a lot of tips and tricks to show you in this video to make sure you are getting the most out of this and making the most money online possible okay so stick with me until the end don’t skip ahead don’t leave watch the whole video but before we do jump into just got a few quick things to say number one guys is please do not forget to like this video at any point during it if you’re enjoying it finding it helpful just smash the like button let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes okay number two is apparently around 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet okay so if you’re watching this video right now you’re looking for ways to make money online or guys i’m posting videos every single day teaching you new ways to make money online so all you got to do scroll down hit that subscribe button and also turn on the notification bell so i can update you every single time i post a new video and you can be one of the first people to watch and third and final thing i want you guys to do is again scroll down go to the comment section this time and let me know what you’re saving up for with your money i love doing this with you guys i’ve done it a few times in a few different videos just tell me what you want to buy with your money you’re looking for ways to make money online well i just want to know why are you saving up for a computer you’re saving up for a ps5 a new smartphone are you just looking to start a college fund help your family anything at all i would love to know so just scroll down and comment what you’re saving up for with your money i’ll also be in the comment section replying to you guys speaking to you down there and reading every single comment i do that on every single video i read every comment trust me so guys without further ado let’s jump into my laptop let me teach you how to earn some free paypal money make money online even if you’re a kid or a teenager uh so yeah let’s go all right then guys so here we are on the website that i want to show you today it is called point club okay i’m gonna put a link to this in the description down below and i’ll also put it in the comment section as well just to make it easy for you to find okay so yeah this is it this is the website we’re gonna be looking at and i’m gonna be showing you exactly how this works and everything in this video guiding you through it helping you make money online with it okay so as you can see it’s a survey website okay the best place to earn cash taking surveys and more okay but there are other ways to make money on this website at not just a service all right now this is for beginners i just want to mention that first of all you can expect to earn somewhere around five to ten dollars per day on a website like this that’s what i’m saying it’s just for beginners looking to earn a little bit of extra money and just get that first step going into the make money online world okay use this money to save up for bigger and better things all right that’s what i would recommend you guys do but use a website like this save up some money and then later on you can invest that into bigger better things maybe some stocks maybe some crypto maybe a course teaching you how to make even more money online the possibilities are endless guys but use this as just a stepping stone if i was you i wouldn’t try to make you’re not going to get rich from these websites that’s what i’m trying to say okay but they are a great place for beginners to start so let’s take a look at the website so there’s not much on here on the home page this is it i can’t even scroll there’s nothing here let’s have a look what they have for us anyway so become a survey superhero we’re recruiting heroes like let’s go on join our influencers we want adventurers like you who want to become part of a fun thriving community your power to earn we seek trainees like you who want to master their power of opinion okay become a super recruiting heroes like you to take fun service participate in polls and save the world so that’s the three things they have for us like they had to read those pretty fast because they’re going through pretty fast so you also get a five dollar sign up bonus just for signing up to this website okay now you do need to read the small print that get which i do have right here so five dollars is equip equivalent to 5 000 points in point club currency to qualify for five dollars you must complete all onboarding tasks okay including the training surveys and verification of your email so that’s all you need to do is do like a practice survey like a like just one to check if you could you good enough to do it do that takes you five minutes and verify your email which takes you 10 seconds to do okay do those two things and you’re gonna get five dollars for free straight away okay five thousand points on this website that’s five dollars which you can then withdraw straight away if you want to so that’s all what we need to do okay sign up register verify your email do the sample survey and boom you get that five dollars for free so to sign up guys very very simple put in your first name last name email address password re-enter your password and put a referral code now i’m gonna put a referral code in the description down below okay i’ll also put it in the comment section as well it’s gonna be a referral code copy and paste that and put it into the website okay put that right here that’s gonna give both of us a bonus so i will get a few free points for that so as a thank you for showing me this method uh yeah that would be awesome i’d appreciate that so much and you’ll also get a few free points just for using the referral code as well okay so it’s a win-win situation for both of us really really cool so guys once you’ve done all that okay you put you put in your your name your email address your password your referral code uh you’ve got an account okay you basically sign you can sign in now and go through all the onboarding process and start getting that five dollar signup bonus okay so i’ve already got an account i’m gonna sign in really quickly right now and uh yeah take you through this so i’ll be right back all right so by the power of editing i am now here i’m signed in and boom this is it right here okay so let’s go through their onboarding process first they’re going to teach you exactly how the website works i’m going to go through this with you okay so first of all you’re going to be doing what they call missions okay that’s what they call a mission so what is a mission so as a member of pine club you attend surveys provided by our survey hosts we call these missions upon successful completion and review of your missions you’ll earn points to trade in for cash and rewards our training and evaluation missions are created to teach you how to be successful on your missions it also helps us send you on the right missions okay how many times have i said the word missions in this video comment down below try somebody count it comment how many times i say missions mission submission mission situations missions so let’s move on and boom here we go okay that’s all they want to show you that rather pretty quickly that’s pretty quick so next thing you are going to want to do to get that five free dollars straight away is this okay so we’ve done this we’ve done the registration we’ve confirmed our email we’ve done the training now it’s time to do the training mission sorry okay so complete the training and evaluation mission to earn another thousand points okay that is another thousand points that’s another one dollar basically okay so just click this start training and blah blah blah blah now you’re gonna go through all of this okay so we like consistency so make sure you always give us your honest answers now this is very very important on any survey website when you create your account be 100 honest because they refer back to your account all the time and if you answer a question differently to what you’ve got on your account then this whole survey could be scrapped and you can make no money that’s very very important tip with any surveys is you have to tell the truth because these days they know okay they know if you’re just lying so what is your relationship relationship status single never marry domestic partnership um i’m gonna guess am i a domestic partnership i’ve got a girlfriend that lives with me is that considered a domestic potter church i have no idea he’s gonna put that how many children under eight years 18 years old do you have none i have no children which of the following best describes your current home uh single family blah blah blah blah mobile home apartment economy wrecking rage honestly i have no idea what my home is considered it’s like a tree house where i live it’s like a it’s like a tree house honestly i’m just gonna put i have no idea i’m just gonna put not sure because i don’t know what this is considered if you guys want to see this place it’s a pretty cool place where i live you might you might like it if you want to see that just comment down below i live in like a tree house in like in like the jungle in thailand it’s pretty cool if you want to see it yeah let me know in the comments down below do you own or rent your primary residence so i’m currently renting this place okay because i live in thailand i’m not going to be buying any properties here anytime soon so don’t try to answer based on what you think we may want okay like very important just tell the truth don’t think what they want just tell your honest opinion your honest truth so we receive missions of all kinds with a lot of different needs it’s important you just be you will match your surveys as best as we can okay so let’s go next whether you’re a ceo ceo or a house spouse a teacher or a surgeon or you’re between opportunities we need everyone here at point club okay so education unemployment was the highest level of education you have so my highest is i’m a high school graduate other post size rule i’m just going to put i don’t have any degrees or anything like that completed i’ve done this i’ve completed some graduate but no degree so i’m going to put that what is your current employment status self-employed active military blah blah blah students everyone’s going to put self-employed full-time what is your job title level responsibility i am the i’m just going to put ceo for now which is the following best subscribes to your industry i’m gonna put i don’t know oh there’s a big list right here i guarantee you they don’t have youtuber on here anything to do with youtube um marketing boom just gonna put that please indicate your specific role in your industry um again guys this this is difficult for people like without jobs like me hopefully you guys can do something you can answer like more accurately than i can it’s pretty difficult every time i sign up to a website like this and they ask me questions about my job i never really know what to put okay because yeah i do i make youtube videos and i send emails and things like that to make money what is the highest level of education you have completed didn’t they ask me that already um completed some graduate but no degree maybe this is a test don’t worry you’re not certain ah okay see yeah the test they’re just trying to they’re trying to catch you out if you put a different answer there to what you did before they would have caught you out there in case that’s what they’re saying be honest so don’t worry you’re not stuck in a time loop they’re just testing you okay so let’s just keep moving forward your answer is consistent both times you and s great job see they were trying to trick you out there be careful answer honestly or at least remember all your answers okay okay thanks boom i think we are are we done not yet okay mister if you went to the grocery store and bought two red apples one yellow banana and three green grapes which the following will best summarize your shopping so two red apples one yellow banana and three green grapes so i guess is that right two red one yellow three green oh it took me 17 seconds to complete that was with speaking to you guys as well most new recruits take 42 seconds that’s slow come on guys try and beat my 17 seconds let me know what time you get let’s move on the good news is you nailed your comprehension was 100 spot on great attention to detail so we they need superhero i’m a superhero guys i answered that so fast i’m a superhero you trying to be a superhero too to choose only answers that could actually apply to you is the only way to assure accuracy which the following devices do you own and play games on pc boom right there mac right here i’m using it right now uh iphone android phone sony playstation 4 that is all i have i think so yeah boom regarding automobiles which are the best which i own a i don’t have a car in thailand nobody how many people drive cars here in thailand i own a bike so i i have access to a car but i don’t use it i’m just going to put that and i have access to a car i might have to challenge you to a game or two we both like to have uh out to have options i understand so just a few more questions please look through the list of of beverage items below and select option energy drinks as your only answers okay so energy drinks so we need to choose energy drinks that’s your only answer okay that’s the only answer ah okay so that’s what i’m talking about you saw right through that one great attention to detail so be careful focus on the questions that’s what they’re trying to teach you you need to be careful read the questions and answer them accurately you see these red herrings a lot before missions is your it’s our way of making sure that your heads in the game which of the following countries have you visited within the past six months well right now it’s the pandemic time so i’ve visited none of these countries in the last six months i’ve been to canada that’s the only one i’ve been to but not in the last six months nailed it that was another type of red herring question but this one didn’t trip you up either well i don’t know how that was a red herring but uh maybe because of the situation right now that’s how that’s why they were asking that sometimes the mission may ask you to provide our own answer and these are called open-ended questions the survey is seeking honest and thorough input don’t worry you won’t be judged on your spelling grammar or sentence structure just the content of answer so please describe a service situation with a cashier waiter etc that was so bad it made you vow never to visit the place of business again the more detail you can provide the better okay so um okay so yeah they’re basically saying you have to make sense in this don’t just put absolute gibberish you have to make sense so this is kind of annoying i don’t really want to have to do this but to make money online we have to do these things sometimes okay so please describe a service or situation with a cashier i’m gonna pause the video i’m gonna write something out really quickly here i’ll pause the video you don’t guys want to see this and i’ll be right back 2 000 years later all right then guys so i just did this i wrote one time i was in a restaurant with my girlfriend and as the waiter brought the food to our table he sneezed with the plate still in his hand so it went all over the food when i asked for new food he was grumpy and didn’t want to get it for us and insisted he wasn’t sick or anything so there was no need i will never be returning because of that so that is my answer for this question uh yes that actually happened uh let me guys know would you have done the same thing would you have asked for new food i think that’s pretty gross somebody i don’t know sneezes all over my food i don’t want to meet that that actually happened so before you finalize your training below the summary of the data we compiled from your answers click i confirm below and you are good to go so check all your info right here okay check everything that you uh put just to be sure okay so i’m a self-employed time the c-level management you personally work in the marketing industry in the blah blah blah i confirm boom there we go congratulations digital you have completed your initial training you are now free to explore point club and take in all the sites or start racking up points from our available missions i’m so proud you’ve got me doing my celebrity welcome board boom we are done okay so if you want even more points you can just keep getting more and more by doing this complete your consumer profile and earn 500 points more okay so i’ve already earned 4 000 points from doing all that now if i want the last thousand i need to do this thing next come start a consumer profile and then there’s another one a medical profile as well so i’ve already got 4 000 points for free i think i’m gonna end it there for this video because i’m not gonna do the rest but you guys can do it yourself and finish off the thousand okay so guys boom there we go that’s pretty much all there is now every single time you log in once you’ve finished all of these things highly recommend finishing all five steps here just you get the full five thousand points and once you’re done with that you’re gonna get more catered missions to you okay for now i have this one right here it’s a thousand points so that’s one dollar it says they’re going to take 14 minutes but they never take as long as they say i’d say you probably get this done in 10 minutes and you’ll earn yourself 1 000 points so keep coming back to the website and checking it every now and again seeing what missions are available to you do the missions get paid boom just make sure you answer honestly every single time because they will catch you out like i said that’s what surveys these survey websites are smart they know what they’re doing one more thing i want to show you before we leave is this okay um is that okay so i’m not able to do it but at this time you aren’t eligible to participate in our referral program so you they do have a referral program right here which means you can sign up to this and then every single time you’ll get your referral link okay so every single time somebody clicks your referral link you use your referral code you can earn money from them as well okay so i would recommend getting into this try and get as many people to this website as you possibly can using your referral code some countries it seems aren’t available right now to use this referral program but if it is boom you’re in you’re in luck you can do it guys okay so yeah that’s all i want to show you in this video basically i hope you enjoyed this one found it helpful it’s a pretty long one today uh but yeah pretty cool website definitely check it out great place for beginners to start making money online if you enjoyed this video please don’t forget to smash that like button if you have any questions at all comment down below ask me down there and also don’t forget to let me guys know let me know what you guys are saving up for with your money computers ps5 college funds helping your parents anything at all let me guys let me know what you guys are saving up for subscribe as well if you haven’t already and yeah i’ll catch you in the next video

This Post Was All About How To Make Money Online Even If You’re a Kid / Teenager (Earn FREE PayPal Money).
How To Make Money Online Even If You're a Kid / Teenager (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

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