How To Make Money Online As a Kid/Teenager in 2020 *NEW*

How To Make Money Online As a Kid/Teenager in 2020 *NEW*

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so i posted this video right here a while back teaching you guys how to make money online as a kid or teenager and we had an absolute blast in that video i asked you guys to comment down below what you are saving up for with your money okay and a lot of you commented it was really really good fun some of you are saying you’re saving up for a nice computer setup like i have some of you saying you’re saving up for a college fund helping your parents all sorts of different things it was awesome to see you guys commenting and speaking to each other i was in the comment section as well speaking to you guys it was a lot of fun so i’m gonna do the same thing in this video okay i’ve got a brand new method for you today a completely new one again it’s gonna be showing you how to make money online as a kid or teenager in 2020 but yeah different method for you guys today so you guys are gonna love this video but what i want you guys to do is scroll down again and let me know what you’re saving up for okay if you change your mind if you saw that last video but this time you’ve changed your mind let me know just comment down below what you’re saving up for with your money guys all you’re going to need for this method today is a smartphone yes that is right all you’re going to need is a smartphone for this method or a camera okay depending what you have a smartphone or a camera both you can use anything you have all you need to do is be able to take some pictures or some videos and that oh that’s what i’m gonna say for now before we jump into this method just quickly before we jump into the video i’m posting videos just like this every single day teaching you how to make money online i guess if you’re interested in that be sure to hit that subscribe button and without further ado i don’t want to mess around don’t waste your time i’m going to get straight into my laptop right now and i’m going to teach you how to make money online as a kid or teenager starting right now so let’s go all right then guys so i hope you’re ready for this video it’s going to be a good one you’re going to love this method it’s super super fun to do anyone can do it it’s very very simple you’re not going to need any skills or anything like that and by the end of this video you will know exactly what to do and how to get out there and start making money online even if you’re a kid or a teenager and like i said all you’re gonna need in this video for this method is a smartphone okay you can use the camera like i have okay with 4k capabilities that’s going to be better for you i’ll explain more later on don’t worry but all you really really need is a smartphone and you’re going to need this right here i don’t know if you can let’s see if it focuses this right here hyperlapse or time lapse you need a phone or camera with the capability of recording a time lapse or a hyperlapse basically the same thing hyperlapse is just videos i think whereas uh time lapses are pictures okay but basically the same thing and we can do the exact same method using this all right so don’t worry but yeah all you need to have is a smartphone with a hyperlapse or time-lapse uh function on it okay if you don’t have that ask your parents i’m sure your friends or your family somebody in your family has a phone or a camera that you can borrow that’s going to have this function on it and you can get out there and start doing it okay but now i’m going to teach you exactly what we’re going to be doing how much money you can make and yeah let’s get into it so here we are on the website that we want to take a look at today well this is just one of many okay there’s so many other websites just like this one out there that you can sign up to i’m just showing you a couple in this video as an example okay so the first one is this this is called and as you can see there are two million video effects in stock footage on this website right now one million 950 is 680 video effects okay so what we’re going to be looking for is like i said time lapses okay that’s what we’re going to be focusing on in this video because i think these are the best all right so if you don’t know what a time lapse is it’s basically if you take a picture every you can set it to how however long you want okay the timing options are up to you usually you can set that on your phone or your camera or whatever you can take a picture every one second every five seconds depending what you’re recording yeah depending on the time you’re gonna set it at but yeah it takes a picture and it stitches them all together to make a really cool looking time lapse okay or hyperlapse as my phone has but this is what we’re going to be doing so as you can see a lot of people post the same things about clouds because clouds are huge a lot of people i don’t know why like doing time lapses and buying time lapses of cloud so that’s one idea for you all right that’s something you could go out and record because this is what we’re going to be doing we are going to be going out into the world okay uh taking our phone and a camera whatever you have and recording time lapses all right now actually there is one more thing you’re going to need and that’s probably a tripod okay if you don’t know what that is it’s one of those things that just holds your camera up like keeps it steady right so it doesn’t move anywhere that’s important for time lapses because if you take one picture here then you move it even just a little bit up there take another picture and take a little it’s going to mess up if your camera is moving at all when you’re doing time lapses okay it’s going to mess it up uh it needs to be completely steady not moving at all okay that’s very important you will need a tripod you can get one of those for a couple of dollars on amazon or any other website aliexpress whatever is available in your country you can find a tripod for very very cheap okay super cheap do not worry about that so yeah two things really smartphone tripod okay smartphone tripod two things you need so yeah this is what you’re gonna be doing going out of the world and recording time lapses now look how much money you can make just from one single time lapse okay i want to show you this it’s very very very very crazy okay so let’s click on best sellers first of all i think that’s going to be important so this person right here he has recorded some storm clouds that is it he went out recorded set up his tripod and recorded the sky for i don’t know 20 30 minutes something like that that’s all he did and look at this he’s selling this for ten dollars at a time and he’s got 962 sales on this one thing right here so ten dollars a time okay that’s nine thousand six hundred and twenty dollars yes this website will probably take a small cut from you okay video hive need to make money as well so every time you sell one of these they might take a dollar or two but that’s still probably 8 000 or more dollars this guy has made from this one single video because the great thing about this method is every single video you record it’s not just a one-time sale you don’t go out and sell the video once and then nobody else can buy it no people can re-buy these videos as many times as they want okay as many people the whole world could buy one single video that’s just how stock footage works okay anybody can buy it this person this is okay this is even crazier 29 per sale with 959 sales i can’t even do that maths that’s just insane but uh yeah that is a lot of money right there that’s close to like thirty thousand dollars okay somewhere around thirty thousand dollars that this person’s made from this one video and honestly you can do this so fast you could go out there tomorrow you go out there today and record 10 of these videos in in a couple of hours you could record 10 time lapses in a couple of hours easily and that is 10 videos that you could potentially sell 1 000 times all right so that’s what i want to show you that this does work a lot of people do it already and yeah this is a great opportunity for anyone and this is just one website like i said this is uh this is there are plenty of other ones out there this is a very very famous one right here shutterstock this website is very expensive okay if you want to put your videos on this website it is a lot harder okay they they’re very very very particular with the videos that they uh that they allow on here okay honestly so again let’s just have a look for time lapse a search for that not images we don’t want images we want footage so let’s search okay do the search and then boom here we go this is all the time lapses on this website shutterstock and i want to show you the prices of these ones okay let’s click on any of these uh there we go so hd which is 1080p which most of your phones can do i think my phone probably does a 1080p uh time lapse as well or hyperlapse whatever it was so i could sell it for 79 every single time now if you have a really good camera like i’m using here which has 4k capability then you could sell them for 179 every single time 179 per video and like i said people unlimited amounts of people can buy these videos unlimited it doesn’t matter how many people buy this they can just keep selling it and selling and selling it imagine 179 dollars selling that like a hundred times that would be absolutely insane right that’ll be 17 000 in your pocket from one video that’s what i’m trying to get at guys this is very very powerful method that you can make a lot of money from okay trust me it is huge so all you need to do simple simple steps ask if you take your phone if you don’t have a phone ask your family your friends if you can borrow theirs okay let’s say you’ll give them a split of the money if you get any sales all right tell them that get out there set it up on your tripod doing whatever you want you can record clouds you can record the sea just do it to whatever’s in your city whatever is available to you i’m in phuket thailand so there’s loads and loads of beaches around i could go out there right now to any beach start recording some time lapses i actually did this before myself okay i’m going to link a video right here i don’t know which side it’s on is it over here is it over here i don’t know but somewhere up here right now will be a video link which you can click on because i tried this myself i went out one day and i recorded a bunch of stock footage all right now i didn’t do time lapses in that video i just did any stock footage okay but i’m telling you to do to do time lapses because they’re very very popular a lot of people like to buy time lapses they look really good in videos if you don’t know what people use these stock footage for people like me will come to these websites and buy stock footage to put into my videos okay because sometimes i don’t have the capabilities to go out and record storm clouds but i want to put it in my video but i just don’t have any storms here so i couldn’t do that so i’d come here pay ten dollars get this i put that in my video okay also in phuket there’s no city traffic it’s not a city this is an island okay so there’s no city traffic i couldn’t go out and record this so if i wanted some city traffic in my video i would come here pay 13 then i would have the rights to put this in my videos okay that’s what this is about that’s what you guys are gonna be doing if you follow the steps in this video so that’s basically all i wanted to teach you in this one guys okay very very simple method like i said uh anyone can do this all you need is a smartphone okay if you don’t have a smartphone you don’t have any family members with a smartphone or anything like that nobody you can borrow then guys you’re gonna have to watch one of my other videos because i’ve got 700 videos on the channel already teaching you a bunch of other ways to make money online so if you can’t do this one i’m sorry but it’s unfortunate but yeah use one of my other videos one of those methods save up for a smartphone save up for a camera then you can start doing this okay it’s all just buildings okay it’s making stepping stones start wherever you can all right and then just let’s just keep going ahead building and building a building whatever your money up and buying new things and investing into new things just to make even more money that’s what it’s all about guys okay so yeah thank you so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it if you did please do not forget to smash that like button okay helps up the youtube algorithm so so much i love you and appreciate you so much when you do that okay don’t forget as well to comment down below what you’re going to spend your money on i really like speaking to you guys about that let me know if you’re saving up for a gaming pc a laptop a smartphone a college fund helping your parents anything at all i’d love to know so comment that down below uh and yeah that’s gonna be pretty much it subscribe if you haven’t already and i will catch you guys in the next video thank you so much for watching this one uh yeah i showed you how to make money online as a kid or teenager in 2020. hope you enjoyed it see you the next video you

This Post Was All About How To Make Money Online As a Kid/Teenager in 2020 *NEW*.
How To Make Money Online As a Kid/Teenager in 2020 *NEW*

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