How To Make Money Online 2020 (GOOGLE MONEY)

How To Make Money Online 2020 (GOOGLE MONEY)

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in this video i’m gonna be showing you exactly how you can earn 15 per hour from just simply searching google yes that’s right guys you can start making money online working from home just searching google i’m going to teach you exactly how to do this step by step in today’s video but before we do jump into it guys if you are interested in making money online which i’m guessing you are if you’re watching this video right now then i highly recommend you hit that subscribe button and also consider turning on the notification bell because i’m posting videos just like this every single day teaching you new ways to make money online if you’re interested in that yeah just please consider hitting that subscribe button it’s completely free to do so guys don’t mess around in this video no fluff let’s just get straight into it so yeah let’s go all right then guys so this is probably going to be a pretty quick video today because i’m only going to be showing you two websites so you can use both of these to earn roughly between 13 14 15 per hour okay yes that is per hour it’s not a huge amount of money but it is a nice little bit of extra income on the side and what i’m gonna be showing you is super easy absolutely anyone will be able to do this i’m gonna be showing you two websites like i said both of them higher worldwide as well as a matter where you are anyone can use these websites so guys sit back relax enjoy this video so here we are this is the website that i want to show you today it is called now appen will actually hire you to become what they call a search engine evaluator or sometimes they call it a search engine rater so what that means is they will give you some search queries okay they will ask you to search this on maybe google maybe yahoo or bing or any other search engine and they want you to rate or evaluate their results okay it could be absolutely anything okay they could give you a search query on anything and it’s just completely random they just want to know if the results are accurate if it’s what you actually want to see so for this job guys you’re probably going to need a little bit of not expertise but you’re going to need a little bit of experience with search engines which i’m sure most of you have probably got already right because it’s just it’s just google how many times have you used google in your life probably just you can’t even count right but that’s what you’re gonna be doing this job will pay you to search on google that is all you need to do to be honest okay so this home page right here this isn’t really for us okay this is for p uh just for it’s not not interesting for us okay let’s just click on this button right here that says jobs this is what we are interested in okay click this and now we can learn all about the different jobs that they have for us on this website all right so they have part-time flexible jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world like i said this is a worldwide method absolutely anyone can start making money online with these two websites that i’m going to be showing you okay so this one the projects these are you can qualify for longer term or part-time opportunities uh this one i’m not really interested in again you can check it out if you want to but i’m not focusing on this in in this video okay surveys and data collection this one again you can do this again do simple tasks or surveys or record your voice with your mobile device you can do this as well if you would like to check it out but on this video we’re focusing on this the micro test okay work you can start right away okay you can do these like pretty much straight away so click on this how it works button let’s have a look on here so become an app and contributor our contributors do important work for innovative projects of all kinds here’s how and why you should join them okay so i’m not going to read through all of this again you can check it out for yourself if you want to come to the website go through all of this i’m not going to waste your time in this video uh if you if you’re interested in checking this out you can do it yourself okay go to waste other people’s time so this is how it’s going to work for you once you’ve signed up and all this good stuff you first select a project from all from the task wall that interests you read the instructions and you’re ready to go now just start tasking we keep track of your accuracy so you can level up and task on more projects step three task for as long as you like and come back whenever you want we are always looking for contributors to help with our project so like i said guys you just come onto the platform and you check what’s available for you right now see what tasks are available for you at the time you’re looking at it okay simple as that now here’s a little peek a little few examples of what kind of work you’re gonna be doing okay this is what i was talking about earlier so categorizing social media this is something uh that you’ll be doing on your read a tweet or short post and help decide what it’s about or what emotion it contains this is something very very easy okay it’s super super easy you just you read a tweet or a post and you decide what emotion you just think what emotions it makes you feel tell them and you’re done okay it’s as simple as that moderate content decided pictures or texts are acceptable for example whether a picture is explicit or a phrase contains abusive language easy easy stuff transcribe audio listen to a short audio clip and write down what you hear draw boxes on images use our image tool to place boxes around important objects in pictures okay a lot of different tasks for you to do they’ve got the search engine evaluator stuff social media evaluator stuff really easy things to do on this website okay so that’s all i want to talk about for this one you can come and check it out yourself like i said sign up to it and you can just click this button sign up now put in all your information like you usually would okay and then you’re good to go you can you’ll you can start doing these little micro tasks on this website you just need to put a full name email address password and then verify your email is the next step profile information and then select your payment methods in the end okay so if you have any questions i would recommend reading these first the frequently asked questions all right uh how the payments work is probably one you are interested in okay app contributor portal allows contributors to withdraw their earnings into their paypal account okay that’s the only payment method they have right now just through paypal okay uh but yeah this is just one website i’m showing you let’s move on to website number two we interrupt our program to bring you this important message hey so just quickly guys i did a very short intro in this video but i want to talk a little bit right now so if you are watching this video right now and you’re enjoying it at any point please don’t forget to smash that like button and consider subscribing as well i post videos just like this every single day teaching you new ways to make money online on your smartphones tablets computers laptops any single device that you have i will have some methods for you i’ve got 700 videos on the channel already with all sorts of different methods for you to make money online so check all those out yeah and just remember to smash that like button it really helps up youtube algorithm and i appreciate it so much okay back to the video all right and here we are on the second website now this one you can find it at okay now again this home page uh we’re not really interested in this okay this is for like companies businesses that who want work done we want to do the work so we’re gonna click on this button at the top join our team okay click this first of all and we can start looking at all the different jobs they have for us on here so current job openings all right corporate associates not interested translators and agencies in this video we’re not interested you can check this out if you want to okay a lot of you are you can speak different languages i know that a lot of you are from philippines who probably speak tagalog or another language a lot of you speaking hindi and things like this so you could do transom translation work all right but we’re focusing on this raters annotators and testers so welcoming home base workers around the world worldwide like i said okay with flexible jobs join our global community at leading innovations in a.i they do have these as well interpreters and gaming but for now let’s focus on this raters annotators and testers i’m going to click on learn more right here and boom there we go now again read all the information okay these are the simple steps register complete skills evaluation receive tasks complete tasks get paid those are the simple tasks yeah the simple task for you but we’re gonna click on this next view all opportunities okay because they have a lot on you you’ll see in just a moment they have a lot of opportunities a lot of jobs on here but some of them won’t be available in your countries just yet okay there’s openings coming around all the time okay so right now as you can see here they have japanese speaking search engine evaluators a job for japanese speaking people okay this one again japanese japanese they’ve got all sorts of different things chinese people dutch speaking english speaking okay like all sorts of different languages on your english english english english english this is just 1 to 30 of 140 different jobs that are available right now okay there are a lot of different jobs you can see all the different languages that they have jobs available for right now they’ve got two in arabic so if any of you guys are speaking arabic come to this website there’s two jobs waiting for you armenian one azerbaijani one chinese czech danish dutch english estonian french german hindi icelandic indonesian italian japanese korean norwegian polish portuguese russian swedish died turkish vietnamese there’s a lot of different languages guys okay thai that’s pretty interesting actually i didn’t know there’d be i didn’t expect it to be any entire that’s where i am right now but yeah guys just come on here have a look which jobs are available for you right now okay it’s going to show you all the different ones so this one barcode video research what is that no idea but you guys can check it out for yourself okay if you’re interested in the job just click on it and it’s going to give you a little bit more information on the job okay so that’s what you’re going to want to do first of all so this one uh read all the information right here to tell you what the role includes what you’re going to need to do the requirements all of that stuff and then just click apply now if it suits you okay so this is very important um the requirements especially this is the most important part right here read these first if you have all the requirements then click the apply button all right if you don’t have all the requirements move on to the next job try and find one there but yeah guys that is lionbridge search engine evaluator jobs like i said you’ll be they’ll give you some search queries your search for that and then you will evaluate and rate the results okay you give your opinion on if it’s good if there’s accurate results or not that’s all it is it’s very very simple just search google and earn up to 15 per hour both of these websites will pay you around 12 13 14 15 per hour for your work okay great man great money okay for working at home on your laptops it is great money but that is all i wanted to show you in this video just a little quick one for you today i hope you enjoyed it though if you did please don’t forget to smash that like button that really really helps me out okay i really appreciate it so much when you do that uh share this video on social media subscribe if you haven’t already and also if you want to learn about my number one recommendation for you guys to make money online scroll down to the description or the comment section and i will put it in there okay it’s going to the first link in the description and it’s going to the first comment in the comment section click that link and you can learn what i would recommend it for you guys to make a full time passive income online that’s what i do myself that’s allowed me to travel the world for the past few years like five six years now making money all from my laptop passive income so guys thank you so much for watching this video and i will catch you in the next one but you

This Post Was All About How To Make Money Online 2020 (GOOGLE MONEY).
How To Make Money Online 2020 (GOOGLE MONEY)

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🤑 My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.


What’s up my #FutureMillionaires! Welcome back to another video where I teach you how to make money online! In this one I’m showing you How To Make Money Online 2020 (GOOGLE MONEY).

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, look no further! In this video, Digital Millionaire shows you how you can earn $15 per hour in FREE PayPal money just for searching Google! The two websites shown in this video will literally pay you to be a “search engine evaluator” which means they’ll give you some search queries for Google or another search engine and ask you to evaluate the results. They will then pay you PayPal money once you’re done! It’s an amazing way to make money online easily!

These two websites are looking for people from all around the world and speakers of all sorts of languages. So you can make money online anywhere in the world using them.

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