How To Make Money On Tumblr – Earn With Autopilot Like a Champ!

How To Make Money On Tumblr – Earn With Autopilot Like a Champ!

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yo what’s going on guys I’m super excited for this video over the last few months I’ve been building up some tumblers and last night I decided to start to monetize these tumblers which means I started to make money from them I figured out a way to make money fully automatic and don’t have to do any work at all are using Amazon stores so I’m going to show you in this video how I did it so over the last few months I’ve been working on a pretty sweet project what it was was I started up some tumblers and I ran them on autopilot so I got followers on autopilot and I’ll show you how to do that soon and I like to do things on autopilot cause I don’t like to spend too much time doing things manually and I basically just left the tumblers and forgot about them so a few days ago I remembered well I’ve got some tumblers I’ve got a bunch of followers on one of them and I’m going to try and make some money out of it and it worked and I made some money pretty much overnight and I’m still making money now and it’s fully automatic now what I did is I picked a niche on tumblr I started an Amazon store and then I drove people from my tumblr to my Amazon store so the first thing you want to do with this is final niche that’s targeted people are engaging people are passionate about you know so what’s popular on tumblr is like fashion food drugs drugs is very very popular that’s my nation I’ve chosen I don’t take drugs or anything like that people actually ask me do take drugs for anything because your eyes are really drooping your videos well they’re droopy because I have a big light shining in my face so I don’t take drugs but I picked the drugs because a very very popular on tumblr I mean you can convert a drug page into money so easily because you can sell utensils are grinders papers clothing all sorts of stuff like that so yeah the first thing I do is pick your niche okay so let’s just say you’re going to go a fashion or something like that because it doesn’t matter week I’m using an Amazon store you can find anything on Amazon to sell to your followers so once you have your niche figured out you want to sign up to tumblr and make an account and you want to probably have a name that’s related to your account so I’ve got our three tumblers I’ve got badass bongs tumbler calm kick-ass bongs tumbler calm and then I’ve got snorted which is a really really good related name because it’s a tumbler about drugs and people snort drugs and stuff like that so that the slaughtered one has 25,000 followers and I’ll show you in a second so once you’ve signed up to tumblr you want to activate your account stuff like that and then you want to just put some stuff on it so some pictures related to your this reblogs and pictures related to your niche and you want to put a theme on a free theme it’s perfectly fine people don’t actually go to your blog that often they use you to see your stuff and the news feeds once today asks like follow you now what do you have that’ll set up you want to get followers now this I’m going to tell now this is the hardest part of the whole process the easiest part is actually making the money surprisingly enough money supposed to be hard to make online but it’s actually getting the followers that’s the hardest part for this experiment anyway now there’s a few ways you can do this you can get followers by following people manually being active on this stuff but this takes so long then you can only follow 200 people a day I mean you’re only going to get like she’s followers a day it’s not really with it or you can use a box now a bot is still a good automated way to do it but you still get hit with the 200 limit per day follows it so you don’t build it fast enough on tumblr but if you do want to use the box you can simply go into my channel I’ve got a tutorial on a Twitter bot and if you go to the link in the description they also have a tumblr bot that works the same as the Twitter bot if you want to use a bot I use the bot in conjunction with the NYX tip I’m going to be telling you so this next step is my favorite way to get followers on tumblr and it’s basically just stay active you have to stay active and I’m talking a hundred posts a day but you don’t don’t worry you’ve done it to post 100 posted a manually because it’s just crazy wouldn’t have time to do that you can use a program sorry a website called Q plus and what this does is this lets you automate hundreds and hundreds thousands of posts and you can post as many as you like whenever you like so you want to go over the Q plus sign up there and link your blog you can link one blog on the free account and then you have to upgrade to twenty dollars a year which is two dollars a month if you want to do the add more blogs which is our what I’ve done is I’ve got three blogs running on Q Plus once you have Q plus installed you want to simply go to a related tumblr so let’s say mine’s about drugs right which it is I’m going to go to add tumblers related to acid cannabis weed or cannabis um we the same thing ecstasy whatever drug and then I’m going to go and go into the page and then you want to go into the URL section the address bar you want to go forward slash archived now once you’re in the archive you can simply click above an order score I think it’s called select and then you want to go select all pictures and this will select all the pictures in their archive hundreds of them once they’re all selected you just want to go to queue in the corner and you can kill it on cue plus and then you just pick one of your blog’s or you’ll be on the blog anyway because it would have already picked it from Q plus you simply kill it on Q place and it’s going to send all those pictures so whether it’s a hundred pictures a thousand pictures it’s going to send all those pictures to Q plus once you’ve done that you want to simply go back to Q plus and then you want to click on schedule so you’re going to click on schedule and then you get a set of scheduled time so I have mine from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. that’s all day and set mine at 100 posts and honestly you watch within two days you’re just going to see there’s a massive line on your activity on a tumblr it’s just going up and up and up and up and up and you’re going to be getting followers followers and followers and more followers hundreds and hundreds of notes I mean if you go back if I look at my tumblr now with 25,000 people I’ve started a website an Amazon website they were going to talk about soon and I’m getting over a hundred eight hundred notes a day on with with my link in it so I’m getting all these backlinks to my website as well as visitors to my website because it’s also getting spread around is just like a wildfire that’s going everywhere and it’s absolutely crazy so you definitely to go the Q plus and you need a Q all those ads and you can sorry adverts you can kill those posts and you can queue them for a month two months three months I’ve currently got mine set the next two months so I don’t have to touch it I’m literally going to be making money sitting on my ass doing nothing I don’t even have to check this and that’s it it’s absolutely crazy something digging people from my tumblr to my Amazon store buying my products and then I’m gonna be getting money from it now the trick is to build up the tablets first so you want to build them up to maybe five thousand ten thousand twenty thousand whatever you feel comfortable with once you’ve built the map we’re going to be building a basic website just super basic website you don’t need a complicated website for this I’m going to be using our WordPress and a plugin called currently what it’s called it’s called warzone so WooCommerce and a theme called kingdom and the next thing I do now is you have a comfortable amount of followers as get some hosting because we need to start a website and I don’t recommend on a free web site it just looks tacky and I don’t not even sure if you can build and I was on web site on a free domain so you want to spend some money on getting hosting and a domain now if you click on the blue host link in the description you’ll get a free domain and then you get hosting for three dollars ninety-five a month which is dirt cheap you’re making that back anyway you’re going to make it there back times twenty thirty or whatever depending on how many followers you have so what you signed up to your hosting whatever hosting provider you use you simply want to go into your cPanel and then then that’s the backend of your website and then you want to click install WordPress and then I’ll install WordPress onto your server and they’ve got WordPress just like that with one simple click and then you want to go to your website so let’s just say your website for argument’s sake is fashion tumblr are sorry fashion comm because you’ve just made a website for your Amazon store so fashion commie probably not going to get there because I personally worth a lot of money but you’re go fashion comm forward slash admin and thus will log you in to your website now this is where the magic happens so once you in your website first thing you want to do is download a couple of plugins you want to download I will leave links in the description for this I don’t think you can actually download them through the plugins section in WordPress you want to download WooCommerce then you want to download a theme and plugin package called the themes called Kingdom and the plug-in is called Woo’s own this is a package you can get I will leave a link in the description account member off the top of my head right now and this is the best automated way to make an Amazon store because it’s just super easy and anyone can really do it so once you’ve installed these plugins you want to go to Amazon Associates sign up there it’s completely free and the way you sign up you want to get your API tracking and code and you want to put that into war zone I keep picking in the name so going to put it into war zone and you also get your tracking ID and put it into war zone if you go the war zone website they will have all the documentation for you to show you how to do that and when you download the plug-in it’s also got the documentation as well so once you’ve done this the next step is to find products on Amazon to populate the site with now let’s just say your website to that fashion so you are your tumblers about you’re going to go to the war zone plug in and you’re going to click on advanced search and you just simply type in fashion or shoes or handbags and it’ll come up with all the items that you that you want and you just pick the ones you want and then all you do is simply click add item or add it to your website just like that there’s a bit of tweaking you might need to do sometimes it imports the same images so you’ve got a few duplicate images you can simply change those not a problem now there’s one also feature about this plugin when you import stuff from Amazon you get duplicate content again this is bad for search engine optimization I don’t particularly care in my case because I’m not driving traffic from Google but later on if you’re on a drive traffic from Google you can’t have duplicate content well this plug-in has a spinner you simply go to the spinner and we’ll spin all the words in the descriptions for all your own products and now you have unique content well unique enough anyway for Google so this is a really good feature because you’ve just created an Amazon store which isn’t duplicate which is pretty much rare because most Emma’s on stores on the internet I’ve just straight-up duplicates from Amazon and they don’t do very well in the search at all they pretty much just stay at the bottom because Google doesn’t really care about them because they’ve got duplicate content so your sites that are stand out from the rest if you actually do it properly now add the products to your actual shop you need to create some categories so I’m going to assume you’ve installed WooCommerce and you want to go to products underneath and you want to click Add category and then so I’ve got our list of say on my own I’ve got a category called bongs and pipes once I’ve made that category you want to go to your menu section and you want to take your category at URL and then you want to put it in there and put a name for it you can’t actually pick up the category from the normal section because it doesn’t show up if it’s a word commerce product put the URL up put the name and an edit to your menu then when you import your products with the Wu’s own plug-in you just want to click the article the category that you want to go on so we’re automatically transfer their products from Amazon to that category and sometimes it might take a while depending on these servers they are hosted on but just let it run and run important products for you there’s a few things you need to know about WooCommerce it slows the other site down a lot it actually slowed my servers down so much that I had CPU capacity and had to upgrade so the few things you can do you can get a cashier Logan this cash carries the our website so it’s just a lot faster you can get a couple of other arm speed boosting plugins you just want to generally make your website a bit faster because WooCommerce does drag sites down big time so depending on how much traffic you plan to drive to your site I actually had a flood of traffic like hundreds of people coming at once so to crash my site but I ended up fixing it so that’s all good now when it comes to the homepage of the actual website that you’re building you don’t have to have have it to flash all I’ve got is I’ve got my categories at the top and I’ve got like popular items most popular items and on sale items and just some columns at the bottom and this is basically a widget that I that you can then automate automate eclis installed on WordPress anyway and you just transfer them to the sidebar and then that’s it so my home page isn’t very flash because I don’t want people miss around the home page it’s one of the buying products that’s it just buying the products and then going to Amazon and the best thing about this our theme and plug-in is there’s no Amazon like indication as Amazon store it adds it to their cart and then when they go to checkout and they check out their item then directs them to Amazon so it’s pretty cool feature it looks like a real store look slightly rustle you own that you’ve made and you look like a legitimate company which you should be anyway if you’re making money online and that’s it it’s dead simple now assuming you’ve set up your site and you’re happy with it the next thing to do is just spread that link throughout your whole tumblr and it is so easy you don’t even have to really lift a finger all you do is go back to Q plus you click on edit post and then you just put your link in the caption with some words if you want or whatever and that will automatically add that to every single post you’ve got queued with it’s two thousand posts three thousand posts four thousand posts five thousand posts whatever whatever amount you’ve got in there it’s going to automatically add that so you’ve just created a fully automatic money-making machine well if you’ve got your tumbles on your followers on tumblr so every time your post gets post your links on the BM there and I’ve got mine posting every 15 minutes every 15 minutes my links key gets post and it gets a hundreds and hundreds of our rate our reblogs reshares and stuff like that and that’s happening every day all day and I’m just getting massive amounts of traffic to my Amazon site I sold six items and 24 hours and I think I made like I don’t know they’re like 20 bucks it’s pretty good 420 for a project that I forgot about and wasn’t even going to use in the end but I you know just like that so easy so there you have it it’s a fully automatic way to make money from tumblr start a tumblr games and followers using a Q plus that that’s the hardest part I mean gaming father gaining followers on any social media platform is the hardest part especially now because they’re so saturated you know find the niche get those followers once you go up to like 10,000 start at our amazon website super easy you can you don’t have to use the plugins I suggested but I just suggest them because they’re way way super easy to use and understand it really easy to use them I started a Amazon site in like three hours I mean that’s just crazy because you want to spend too much time on this it’s just something you want to get done really quickly so it’s going to be all order or automated I like things to be automated so I don’t have to touch them for long periods of time once you’ve started your site you simply get your website URL and a caption if you like you know a sales pitch you put that into Q plus by going in it post and Ed’s it to all your post so if you’ve got a month worth of post queued for that whole month is going to spread your URL out throughout tumblr it’s going to be like just a wildfire of your links everywhere and people are going to see it and you’re going to get tons of people visiting your site I think I’ve had about 3,000 visits in the last two days and you know it just keeps coming it just keeps coming coming coming in so you know get out there make some tumblers this could probably work on things like Pinterest I’m not sure if there’s a Q plus website for Pinterest and stuff like that so anyway that’s one of the ways I’m making money online right now I mean there’s hundreds of ways you can make money online I’m not even going to get into it but that’s one of them you just want to think outside the box and it’s fully automatic that’s the best part so I’ll see you guys the next video go out there try make some money let me know how you doing ask me any questions I’m always glad to help you guys up and I’ll see you guys next time hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week at that affiliate marketing making money online ranking website to Google and heed some more you could also get my free e-book on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About How To Make Money On Tumblr – Earn With Autopilot Like a Champ!.
How To Make Money On Tumblr - Earn With Autopilot Like a Champ!

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

How to make money on Tumblr and Earn it the right way on full autopilot. Build followers and how to monetize your Tumblr.

I’ve been working on some projects but this one I kinda forgot about. I started 1 Tumblr a few months ago then I started another 2 not long after but then I forgot about them. I check them out this week and combined they have over 30,000 followers! I’ve had it sitting around posting on autopilot.

I thought well now it’s time to make some money from these awesome social media Tumblr accounts. I started an Amazon website then sent traffic from my Tumblr account to the website to make commissions. I wasn;t sure how it would work out, it was a huge success. I made $20 in the first day and not I use qplus to automatically post my link on the account 100 times a day. I’m now earning money with Tumblr without doing anything.

So that’s how you make money on Tumblr and it will soon become fast. The hardest part is getting the followers so you have to stay active. You need to post at least 100 times a day and I’ve explained how to do this in the video. this is called monetizing the social media account. You’re using Tumblr to make money from the followers and it will earn you some good money in the long run.

Best, thing about this? Once it’s all set up you can forget about it. The money will just flow in from the Tumblr and website. No need to post images because it’s all going to be done for you. You could try this on other social media platforms but I think this one will work the best.

Well, that’s how I’m making money on Tumblr right now and it seems to be earning me some good commissions. So if you want to have a go at making some money with Tumblr then this is the way to do it.

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