How To Make Money On Instagram With NO Followers In 2020

How To Make Money On Instagram With NO Followers In 2020

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in this video i’m going to show you exactly how to make money on instagram even if you’re a complete beginner and this will work in 2020 2021 and beyond this is a very good method that we haven’t really shared on this channel before and i’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to make money with this method and the best part about this method is you don’t actually even need an instagram account i know that sounds crazy why would i be doing a method on how to make money with instagram if you donation in instagram accounts well i’m going to show you how to do it without an account you will never need to sign up for an account to do this particular method and i’ll show you exactly how and another good thing is you won’t need any followers to do this at all because obviously you don’t need an account so you don’t need to go and build up loads of followers you don’t need to be a big influencer you don’t need to be popular you don’t need to have a personal brand or anything like that you can be completely new you can be a complete beginner and you don’t actually need to have your own account or followers and you don’t need your own product and this is not affiliate marketing or drop shipping this is a new way to this channel like one of the biggest problems people have with trying to make money online is they need to go and create a product and stuff like that you won’t need to do that with the strategy we can go and send traffic to something right now and i’ll show you how to do that and we can make money now instead of going and creating a product and wasted time with that because that can take weeks months and even years i know people who have taken years to create products now before we jump into this training make sure you smash that like button so everyone can see this valuable video hit that subscribe button and tap that notification bell so you know my next video comes out because i bring out videos every single week showing you how to make money online on different platforms using different strategies and the best methods that are working right now so go ahead and smash that like button and tap that subscribe button so you know the next video comes out and one thing i do want to mention before we get into this method is you’re going to want to make sure you stay towards the end because i’m going to show you a way to make extra money from this so you can scale it up and you can actually keep making money and keep making money but you need to follow this training all the way from the beginning to the end so you understand it and you watch this entire video and at the end after the main method i’ll show you how to make extra money with this method so let’s not mess around anymore guys make sure you subscribe and let’s jump into this tutorial and show you exactly how you can make money online with instagram even if you are a beginner all right guys so you’re gonna have to pay attention to this because there is quite a lot to follow through and if you’re new to online marketing and stuff this might sound a little bit foreign to you but i will try to explain it the best i can so we’re gonna be using instagram to go and make money with products that we don’t own we and we and this is an affiliate marketing or anything like that and you might be wondering how does that work don’t worry i’ll explain how this works and show you so i’ve got these three products lined up right here and what we’re going to do is we’re going to create what we call a cash flow machine we’re going to create a funnel that brings us in money consistently as we send traffic to this funnel so for example we might go and sell this book for one dollar and then we might go and promote upsell this is an upsell we might upsell this course here for let’s say thirty dollars and then we might upsell them on another book for say um nine dollars right now this can be done in any niche it doesn’t have to be the fitness niche this is just what i’m using as an example but what we do is we send people to from instagram that’s terrible arms from instagram to this book now this is called a really low ticket offer the reason it’s one dollar is because we want to get as many people as we can to purchase this product for us okay as many as we can to purchase this product so we can make money and we’ll make make money at this point this point and this point but what we can also do is we can then put them onto an email list so when they make a purchase we’ll get their email and they’ll get put onto an email list right and then we can later on promote more products to them down the line in emails that we send out we could send out other people’s products we could send out affiliate products we could send out our own products or anything like that but you have that email list and you can send out these products now this is called a sales funnel process but there’s one key thing missing you’re probably thinking well i don’t have a product how can i actually do this i don’t have a keto book a fitness course and a insider trading book how do i actually go and do this well what you can do we’ll come back to this later i’ll clear this right now what you can do is you can actually go out and you can find these websites called plr websites so this is called and i can simply sign up and i can go in and i can put something in like fitness what this is is these are websites you can find products you have a license to resell so you can resell these products with no repercussions or anything you can resell them now if i click on this one here insider trading for example insider training which i showed you before i can go down and it’s got all of these rules here so can this be sold yes i can resell this product okay can it be used for personal use yes it can be used for personal use and there’s all of the information down here so you can’t give it away for free so you have to actually sell it and what you do is you click download and you download this product as a pack and i’ll show you what it looks like here this one here the keto diet it gives me all the information so i’ve got the i’ve got the book here here’s the book that i can sell i’ve got the images and i’ve got all sorts of stuff here like landing pages and stuff if i want to use their landing pages and there’s all sorts of products so even in the make money online niches facebook advertising secrets there’s literally a product in any niche so this can be sold and if i actually go to products um you’ve got all of this information it’s got software you’ve got videos templates graphics music so if we go um software with resale rights okay i’ll be able to find software that i could sell so this um whatever this is a facebook plugin an seo plugin a landing page creator you can resell these as your own products you have the license to do that so that’s why it’s very simple to go and create a sales funnels process using this strategy now how do you actually create a sales funnel and stuff like this so you can go and check out this website you can have a look around there’s lots of stuff that you can go and build your own sort of sales funnels process to sell on instagram okay and you don’t need an account and stuff i’ll tell you how to do that but here’s some ebooks and stuff as well so this is called id the next step is you need to go and actually create a a funnel or a sequence of events so you can actually sell this product okay so i’m going to this is called you don’t have to use this but with click funnels you can set it up so you can take payments you can create pages you can really do anything to create a sales funnels process so i’m going to go add new page and i’m going to do checkout page book so i’m going to create a checkout page so when someone goes to this page i’m not going to create it but i’ll show you how it all works when someone goes to this page i can have my book on there and i can have details and to put in the credit card and stuff like that what you would do is you would go to integrations add a new integration and you can simply add payment processes like stripe paypal and things like that so i’m going to go back to here and i’m going to go to sales and sales page i actually order form and i can essentially um choose an order form so i’ll choose i’ll preview this one first and you can have a look and you’ll see here you can put in your contact um information your credit card details all sorts of things right if i go back to here and i select this template now you can go and make a big sales page and stuff like that that works fine and it works well but i’m just going to show you how to create a simple checkout page where you can actually go and promote the product so i’m going to go edit page and i could just leave everything like it is which i’m going to but i’ll delete this logo but i could go and put an image in here um add image i could go and put an image in and i can simply add my book now this is a pretty bad image obviously when i cut it out but i’ll get rid of the timer and i’ll get rid of this here and maybe you want to put some text and stuff like that and i’m going to click save and i’m going to go preview and you’ll see that i could send people to this page to purchase this product and what i could do is i can add a one-time offer i could say hey if you purchase this for like another one dollar fifty cents total three dollars i could go and find another plr product another book for example that i could go and put in there and i could sell it’s called a bump offer for more money now that’s awesome and all but how do you actually get the traffic now dude if you can hear me where it sounds right now it’s actually a rubbish truck right outside my window um but how do you actually go and get the traffic to this right first of all you want to set up your funnel so the sequence goes you basically sell a book then you up sell them on a um on a particular product here and then you upsell them again and you can add in more products or you could take out products or it just depends if you want to create an upsell very simple all you do is you put in a new funnel step to click funnels upsell and you simply just get an upsell page or something in my eye so you go to here and you go to a one-click upsell and you simply just add in a one-click upsell so to select this template here and that and then this is a template here so here this will be the one time upsell and then when you’re on this page here all you do is you connect it so you go to edit page and you go to um general i think and then on submit go to and you put in the url of your upsell okay that’s all you do and it’s very simple to do so now we’ll get out of this because you know you can go and learn tutorials online and how to create funnels and sales pages and things like that what’s more important now is how to get the traffic to this to this office you can make some money so what you want to do is you want to create a simple little story like this now i’m not saying this is going to work for you this is just an example but it says our insane keto diet guide is just one dollar today and it’s a keto cookbook uh use coupon get keto save and save 29 swipe up and what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be going and getting stories on specific pages so you can make money that way now there’s a few ways to do this the first way is to is to go to something like and you can simply type something in like fitness and what’s going to happen is fitness pages are going to come up and you can simply go to those fitness pages and it’ll tell you where the audience is from um you know this is 156 000 people following this one this one has 305 thousand this one here is 9 000 58 369 000 and you can simply click on these and you can buy stories or shout outs and stuff like that right you don’t actually need your own account so you sign in and you simply go and get a story done or something like that you ask them what their prices are and all you’ve got to do is go to make back enough money to pay for that cost and then some remember when these people purchase you’re going to get their email and they’ve already purchased products before so the chances of them purchasing again are quite high so yeah you can do that and the success rate is 88 oh it starts from 15 now this has influenced the cart but there’s also other ones as well like this one here which is called shout cart and they’ve got lots of pages you can go and get shout outs on and story views and stuff like that and there’s this one here which is called shout experts shout out experts where if you go down you register there’s also other profiles that you can go and pay to get a shout out now keep in mind that you want to keep it niche specific so if you’re doing make money online you want to pick that kind of you know entrepreneur type profile if you’re doing fitness you want to stick to fitness and stuff like that or there’s another way without using any of these profiles and stuff like that is to go to a witness what as i said go to a website go to instagram and type in keto or fitness or whatever you’re doing and find specific profiles that are actually already selling stuff the reason is is because these guys will still want to make money they’re kind of like your competition but they still want to make money so the chances of them doing a um instagram story for you for money are very high message them offer them some money say hey can you do a story for us and then you send them your link of your funnel that you’ve set up the products that you don’t you don’t own the products that you haven’t created you’re not an affiliate for them or anything like that and you can simply go and make money that way these guys have a million followers so you can imagine how many store reviews they’re getting these guys here nearly a million followers again and once again just ask them for a story this only really works for stories guys because stories are very interactive okay people can view the story they can see your message and they can swipe up and click the link it’s very simple to do and very easy for people to do it and that’s why you only want to do stories now the next one is keto recipes so this is another one that i found there’s fitness there’s in any niche that you do there’s gonna be profiles you can contact and they’ll do story shout outs for you so that’s the best way to get the traffic to this you just get the story and they send traffic to your link from the um funnel that you’ve set up from using products from websites like plr id now what you can do then is you’re going to have this email list that you’re going to be building up and you might want to go and make some quick cash without having to create your own funnel or anything like that very simple to do you can go to websites like this which is and you can actually find products that you can promote for a commission so yes this is affiliate marketing but this is in the back end once you’ve actually already made your money back profit on the front end on the funnel that you’ve created so for example i could go to um general health products and there’s all of these health products that people could be interested in that have purchased my other products that i created in my funnel now this is called there’s lots of other websites you can also use um to find affiliate marketing products to promote and another one of those sites is called click bank now do keep in mind very important we’re not doing affiliate marketing at this point here we’re just trying to make money from the funnel that we created you’re going to be doing affiliate marketing to the people who are on your email list okay you’re going to be doing affiliate marketing to these people that are on your email list you’ve already made your money back and now you’re essentially just getting free money in the back end so that guys is hey can make money on instagram now if you want some more affiliate marketing training and training on how to make money online i’ll leave links in descriptions to my training that you can check out if you want some more free training click the videos on the right that will take you through step by step how to start your own business online from scratch smash that like button tap that notification bell so you know my next video comes out and i’ll see one of the videos on the right

This Post Was All About How To Make Money On Instagram With NO Followers In 2020.
How To Make Money On Instagram With NO Followers In 2020

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This is how you make money on instagram without having followers! Perfect for beginners.
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Are you looking to make money online? In this tutorial for beginners, I will show you how to make money on Instagram even if you don’t have your own products. You can sell products online that are called PLR products. These are products you don’t own, but you have the right to sell them.

You don’t even need an Instagram account to do this! First of all I recommend you create a funnel by using a software called Clickfunnels. You want to create a sales funnel with PLR products in it, so people go through the funnel and you make money. People will buy this product as they go through your funnel.

The next step making money is to go to Instagram and find influencers you can contact so you promote this product. You can also use a service called Influencer Cart. Once you have found an influencer, you can pay them to promote your products you have setup in your funnel. This is how you make money with Instagram in 2020 and 2021.

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