How To Make Money on Instagram With a SMALL Following (SO EASY!)

How To Make Money on Instagram With a SMALL Following (SO EASY!)

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how to make money on instagram in 2020 starting today stay tuned that’s exactly what i’m gonna be showing you in today’s video i’m gonna be teaching you how you can use your instagram following even if it’s just a small number you don’t need a lot of followers to do this the more you have the better it’s going to be for you i’ll be honest about that okay if you have an account with like millions and millions of followers you’re going to make a lot of money with this but even if you have a smaller instagram account you can still use this method that i’m going to be sharing with you today to start making money using your instagram account straight away okay it’s gonna be super super simple okay i’m gonna explain absolutely everything for you from start to finish okay by the end of this video you are gonna be making money on your instagram accounts do not worry about a thing i’ve got you covered but before we do jump into the video guys just want to mention a few things so first of all welcome to the channel if you’re new here my name is digital millionaire and if you are interested in making money online and entrepreneurship be sure to check out my channel i’m posting videos just like this every single day teaching you guys a new way to make money online so if that interests you at all check out my channel maybe hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so i can update you every single time i post a new video and also guys while i did see this thing right here i want you to take this and just destroy it okay destroy that like button try to get this video to 1 000 likes please and thank you i really really appreciate that but guys without further ado let’s jump into my laptop and let me teach you how to make money on instagram starting today so let’s go all right then guys so here we are on my laptop now this is gonna be a pretty quick video for you today i’m gonna be showing you one simple website okay and this is it right here mnfst i think it stands for manifest okay so this is the website we’re going to be taking a look at and this website will literally pay you to work with big brands on your instagram account now like i said the more followers you do have on your instagram accounts the more money you’re gonna make okay that’s just how this works the more like engagements you get that they judge it based on not just followers because anyone can buy followers right but they judge it on the amount of uh engagement you get on your post things like that how many likes you get followers you got uh comments you get on every post things like that that’s how they judge it so the more you get uh the more you money you’re going to make from here okay but like i said do not worry even if you have a smaller account people are still making money on here with even just like a few hundred followers okay don’t worry about it you can do this and the more you use this the more your instagram account is going to grow anyway and the more money you’ll be able to make in the future just like anything guys start small okay and just grow it okay until it’s big so let’s take a look at the website now we’re not going to be focusing on this right here as you can see this is mnfst for brands we want to click on the users it’s not very clear but yeah you can click on this users button right here and that’s what we’re going to want to do because that’s what we’re going to be we’re going to be a user of this website all right so create get rewards raise your influence like i said you will be raising your influence over time and you’ll be able to make more money in the future okay so they are on a mission to democratize the influence and market the digital profile is a key underutilized asset of our time and we are here to change that so basically this website they were fed up of all these like huge huge huge creators getting all the sponsorships and then leaving smaller creators in the dust with nothing right that’s what’s been happening for a very very long time but manifest has changed that okay they are getting sponsorships for smaller channels okay smaller uh instagram accounts whatever you call those things again on a channel don’t know what it’s actually called account i don’t know how it works so mnfst is a fast growing lifestyle app that allows everyone to become creators and brand ambassadors benefit from the most valuable asset and support charities and causes they care about so i’ll go into that a little bit more later okay but you can support charities on you if you want you can get paid directly to yourself uh you can withdraw it via paypal or you can get it transferred to a charity if you want to you’re feeling generous okay it’s entirely up to you so this is how it works basically guys you create you make a branded photo or video takes you a few seconds right just to take a picture um they’re gonna have like an overlay for you to put on that as the sponsorship and then you post it you share them with your friends on social media and you get paid you receive payment within 24 hours that is basically how it works and like i said you can either withdraw it instantly to your paypal accounts or you or revolut to get your paypal or revolut i’ve never actually used revolut to any of you guys if you use revolut comment down below i’ve never even i’ve never heard of anyone using that or you can donate it to a charity of your child they’ve got a few different ones on here they’ve got the wwf wild a princess trust plastic oceans you’ve got a lot of different charities for you to choose from like i said if you’re feeling generous you don’t need the money you just want to help out you can do that if you want to all right so this is how it’s basically going to look like when you do posting your things this is basically how it works all right they give you something to post uh like uh like they’ll ask you something to post so they’ll tell you what kind of picture they’re looking for and then they’ll give you a sort of overlay to put on top of it okay um like i said like like this one here see banking that works for you pocket so that’s the overlay that they want you to put on this post and this one here what is this one so this is i can’t even see that bowl can’t even see it bali i’m gonna clear what that says really difficult to see but yeah everything has got a little overlay as you can see just to advertise the brand that you’re working with obviously okay they need something that’s showing up showing off their brand and that’s what they’re going to do give you a little overlay so that’s basically how it works now if you want to find out how valuable your profile is then you will use this okay if you type in your your phone number right here i think this is going to send you a link to the application you can get those links at the top here as well you can get it on the app store on your iphones or the google play store on your android devices okay so any devices are covered for this but yeah once you download the app you link up your accounts and things like that your facebook or your instagram whatever social media platform you’re going to be posting on i think instagram is the most popular one once you’ve linked those it’s going to work out automatically what what kind of money you’re going to make per post okay it’s going to look at all your engagement your followers your likes your comments all of that stuff and then it’s going to work out how much you will be paid per post that’s how it works okay so you’re gonna need to do that first of all download the app just come to or google that or look on the play store okay find that anywhere so guys what i would recommend you do as well as come down to this q and a before you start okay what is the main purpose they’ve got all of this answered for you right here on the website so i’m not going to go through all this a lot of reading not a lot of reading but too long for a little video okay so if you want to read more about this then come here okay come down here and they have a few questions asked for you all right so guys like i said this is going to be a quick video today i just want to show you this one website so if you do use instagram follow me by the way okay i do use instagram myself at digital millionaire yt i think that’s my uh that’s my account so digital millionaire yt i’ll have a link in the description down below it was also at the start of this video it will pop up so go follow me on instagram if you use it and then you can start doing these as well i might follow you back and i might be seeing your posts in the future your uh your sponsored posts from manifest all right so guys that’s it short video like i said thank you so much for watching i hope this helped you i hope now you’re going to be starting to make money on your instagram accounts i think you can do this on twitter as well maybe not sure exactly um but yeah that’s it guys thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy it please don’t forget to smash that like button okay just destroy it i want to get this video to 1000 likes also subscribe if you haven’t already okay i think like look take a look at this right here around 60 of my viewers are not actually subscribed to the channel you’re watching these videos but you’re not subscribing i don’t know why if you’re looking to make money online which you clearly are watching this video then just hit that subscribe button and i’ll post a new video every single day teaching you a new method but yeah as for this one that is it thank you so much for watching and i’ll catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About How To Make Money on Instagram With a SMALL Following (SO EASY!).
How To Make Money on Instagram With a SMALL Following (SO EASY!)

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