How to Make Money on Fiverr with Blog Comments – SUPER EASY! EP #3

How to Make Money on Fiverr with Blog Comments – SUPER EASY! EP #3

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what’s going on guys welcome back to another episode of how to make money on Fiverr and in this episode we’re going to be looking at blog comments these are very easy to do very quick so perfect for making five bucks on Fiverr and simply just have a look through so this guy’s got I will write five blog comments I will write ten high quality blog comments and another one here that I opened up he will do I will leave five manual comments on blogs in your niche for five bucks so that’s a dollar a comment and you could probably do five comments in five minutes easily so that’s five bucks in five minutes how easy is that that’s very easy you simply leave the comments and then just copy and paste the URL and put it in an Excel spreadsheet or some sort of report and then give it to the other buyer very easy now to do this I’ll show you how to do it with look cool little tool called drop by link so you want to go to drop my link calm and you simply want to go to comment backlinks and you just pick one of these when it off the first one will go a fitness from one of our other tutorials and you simply just open up some of these would you know you would open up five of them you’ll probably have to go so you probably wouldn’t be able to do it on the first five because you might not find five set up particularly good for you you know you’ve got to find ones that are related to what your customer wants and we’re going to let them load up here maybe I’m loading too much we’ll just quit out of a couple and here we go so you would simply leave a comment here like everybody else and you would either put a link to the website in here or you can simply put the website here and it will link through the name but if you do do that you want to make sure you tell the person that that’s what you’ve done otherwise they might look in here and they don’t fight and they can’t find their comment I can’t find their website but it looks like if you put the website in here on this blog it shows up through the name and here so this one you wouldn’t have to tell them they’ll be able to see it right here also another one here you could leave some comments here as well I see yep this guy’s the same he’s got his comment he’s got his name linking to the website and the website link right here and this is another one I mean how easy is that that is so easy and I might just go and do it myself I mean you simply just go and say you’re going to make some car make some comments for people and this guy has some quite a lot of reviews so it’s probably made a lot of sales and that’s it very very easy you’ve just got to make your advert better than these ones and you’re going to be up the top and people going to buy your comments very easy guys so that’s another episode of how to make money on Fiverr this is 100% free you can make money you can make 5 bucks and literally under five minutes I mean that this is one of the easiest ways to make money on Fiverr to go out and give it a go I see you guys in the next episode hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week at that affiliate marketing making money online ranking website to Google and heaps more you can also get my free e-book on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About How to Make Money on Fiverr with Blog Comments – SUPER EASY! EP #3.
How to Make Money on Fiverr with Blog Comments - SUPER EASY! EP #3

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Learn how to make money on Fiverr with blog comments. Using Fiverr is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You don’t need any talent or skill to do it.

This is episode 3 of my Fiverr series on how to make money online. All you need to do is and search for blog comments. You simply sell blog comments for $5, how easy is that! That would have to be one of the easiest way I’ve ever seen when it comes to making money on Fiverr. You want it to be easy because you are only making $5 so you need to do it quick.

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