How To Make Money Flipping Domains | Make Big Money

How To Make Money Flipping Domains | Make Big Money

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hey what’s going on guys I’m going to quickly show you how my friend just made $17,000 selling intervene name the first thing you want to do is go to just dropped calm and you can that you can either look for domains here but he prefers to disk in them sent all right so he goes to the daily deals in order to sign up to the newsletter you can sign up here and what they do is they send you a bunch of domains every day and a lot of them are really good quality you can find some I’ve actually been signed up this for a long time but I’ve never really used it I’ve used it for ideas and stuff I mean we’ve got Poland you could pharmacy or a drug website I guess energy replacement the forbidden chocolate you know that’s a really good company name you could get a logo that up and you could sign it with the logo we’ve got I haven’t really had a look through these yet and Asia incorporated some really good names here this is just from today and you can and they last seven days right so after seven days the price goes up so you’ve got seven days to get them at this price and a lot of them you know call for funds that could be like an escort company or something Inc lawyers by the hour there’s some seriously good names and it doesn’t take long Disick it you can get the email every day have a quick look through poreless things microwaveable z– you know you can do a thing on microwave recipes start a website on there and a Facebook page my laddle you could buy it and summon or anything you know this is this is a goldmine since this series called my right so that’s how my friend finds this domains this is all he does he doesn’t look anywhere else it just waits for an email every single day well every day odd to date they usually do every day or two now once you’ve bought your domain you want to check out the kind of see what I’ve thought about okay it’s good you don’t want to buy domain it’s got his serve that clinks that is stem so I’m going to find one here I found one before crunch it want to go to home you want to go to open site Explorer there’ll be a link in the article this one has some domain Authority and some page authority so that’s good a lot of them don’t but this news is good you want to make sure it’s got no spam score or low spam score and it will be all right I think and are no backlinks and I actually went to another this one does have some backlinks I checked on the site here until you have something online backlink really so you can double check but reason this in a sharpen the other one because this probably doesn’t mean anything else back next week nothing really here so right so we’ve done that you’ve checked all your domain ax now places you can sell it right brand bucket is probably my favorite actually I think he sells a lot on here so all you do is you get your domain let’s just say we’ll have a look here this is clear domain here so surely shooby or Chevy IRA shooting all right so let’s say you buy surely you want to get a logo that made up so I would go to fiver if you don’t off five visits a website where you can get logos made up and all you do is type in one go well you can make de la get yourself of course and all these guys will make your logos have $5 right 5 $10 $10 fee extra and you get you know we do is you say I want a simple logo with the name show minute or Chevy calm they’ll make it up for you and then you’re ready all you do is you listen on here and all you know look at the exam prices there’s crazy now if you you’re only going to be spending you know 60 70 80 bucks $100 on domain $5 to get to get a made a logo $150 is all you going to stand under there and you’ve got you think if you list 10 or 20 on here you could potentially make ten twenty thousand dollars in a year you know whatever so it’s some I’m actually thinking of getting into this myself I haven’t that was the reason why I did sign up to do to the add/drop domains a while ago just never got around to doing it no so this is all it a simple domain they’ve put up a price and the thing is if a company’s coming all the time if they see this and they want they’re going to buy it I don’t care about the price basically you know thirty thousand dollars he’ll probably sell this companies don’t care about the price because companies that are looking for stuff like this they’re you know they’re not looking around on Fiverr for logos and and you know domain names on GoDaddy they’re hire professionals to actually do their marketing and branding for them so this is what they do they go to places like this right so that’s the time that’s the fact that this way my mace he actually makes a lot of money doing it this way the next one is a flipper right this is probably the best around at the moment I think Stu do is pretty good as well so we’re going to go to a was go to means right or will go to what it’s got all domains here I think the good ones will show up first while that’s loading I’m going to get us to do domain logged it right so we’ve got to lock down this one here is sign for 11,000 but I think this is probably quite an old domain this is 19 years old it’s probably why the price is quite high in the name obviously if you’re lucky I’m gonna lose names you don’t solve the sold Sony there he X described here is another list we’ll go to this one here sorry something on modem at the moment I will go to I saw it just before this one here here’s a list of all these prices with domains of sod I don’t know if these are real right because it kind of seems out of reach to me but it could be in a 14 million I mean I would pay that I guess someone did so look at all these prices and and don’t think you know these are all small names and stuff but these do pop up and drop domains all the time I always see these these end but I do go far so better get in there really quick all right so that’s fluffy you can settle flutter you can sell under to do I don’t really like the site it’s a bit doesn’t really I just don’t like it you know as always make an offer and it’s about Nessie not my type of site but heed my friend users like this one as well the main market the main market is the same basically you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff you know you can Fitness looks like actually quite slow though I noticed before I’ve got all these Fitness things 20 grand fifteen thousand dollars ten thousand okay but this is all you know everyone’s selling all the stuff the thing is the secret is to get this sent to you right get this into you can get some seriously seriously real names and I’ve seen so many and I’ve got and I went to buy them and I’ve kind of forgot and gone back and they’ve been gone so I suggest signing up to this because it can you know really make you some serious money even if you just if you don’t buy anything and then one day you just see one that kind of catches your eye and you think wow I can make some money office because buy a list of ten thousand dollars of the logo somewhere and some of my buyer if someone doesn’t buy it you know just put the price down something I mean it’s only going to know sixty dots and nine dollars and a lot of money when when you could potentially make back thousands a total idiot proof you could sell you could even not sell domains and you could make her website about idiot idiot proof products off Amazon or something you know so that there are so much stuff in here that could really help you I write making money so I hope this helped I just thought I’ll quickly I did this up my mate described me before I thought it was quite an interesting thing that he sold at the name for seventy thousand dollars just off this list so I’ll see on the next video 

This Post Was All About How To Make Money Flipping Domains | Make Big Money.
How To Make Money Flipping Domains | Make Big Money

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Domain flipping can make you Big Money. A friend of mine just sold a domain for $17k! I show you how me makes money selling domain names.

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How did my mate sell a domain for $17k?. I’ll show you How to make money selling domains online. It was simple he used dropped domain to buy domains then sold them on websites like Flippa and Sedo.

What my article covers

*How to find good domains.
*Where to sell domains
*How to turn that Domain into a brand
* What Brand Bucket is used for.

I show you exactly where to find good domains and where to sell them online. Flipping domains online can earn your over $100k a year. My friend is currently earning a 6 figure income. flipping or selling domains online can be very simple if done the correct way. This video will help you sell domains for a profit online.

You could make a living doing this. My buddy is currently making 6 figures a year! This is all he does. If you are starting out with making money online then this is a great way to get started. Flipping domains is easy, all you need to do is find a good website name and sell it. You need to find a good rare name then you will make serious cash in the domain flipping game.

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