How To Make $300 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!

How To Make $300 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!

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all right guys we got a little special package in the mail i don’t know what it is but let’s open it together right now and check it out this is a lot of work to get this little uh box right here so i gotta make sure that i actually you know breathe and and take in this moment uh to really kind of uh memorialize years of dedication hard work and consistency to actually open this bad boy up let’s see what we got inside here oh i’m like nervous there’s like still tape on it i’m gonna cut myself trying to open this here we go youtube check out what is in the box super excited what’s it gonna be is it a unicorn what is up guys and welcome back to another exciting video we’re gonna be teaching you three new ways that you can actually earn 300 or more every single day even if you have zero experience and the best part is you can do this from anywhere in the world but before we actually get into the content today i just wanted to give a huge shout out and express some very genuine gratitude from the bottom of my heart that i love you guys so much and i just can’t imagine where my life would be if i hadn’t started this youtube and i haven’t interacted and you know gotten comments from and talked to literally hundreds of thousands and now over a million of you guys that think it’s cool enough you know whatever i’m talking about to actually press that subscribe button so shout out to all of you guys that have actually subscribed there’s literally close to 1.2 million of you guys now which is absolutely crazy to actually think about and say and so a little bit later on in the video we actually will complete um the unboxing of the golden award for actually getting a million subscribers on youtube but none of that would be possible without each and every one of you beautiful people who actually cares enough about me or whatever i teach or my tutorials or anything um to actually click that little red subscribe button so if you haven’t already and you’re new here make sure you do two quick things tap on that little like button until it turns blue for the youtube algorithm and make sure you tap on the subscribe button and turn on notification bells so that you will be the first to know every time we drop a brand new video teaching you how to make money online work from home and do the things that you want to do and live the life you want to live so like always guys we are going to start it off with our daily riddle you guys have been loving this and as always the first comments are on our next video and the first person who gets the answer to the riddle correct in the comment section on this video is going to be the recipient of a completely free 2 000 course just for literally being the first commenter on our video so today’s riddle is it belongs to you but other people use it more than you do what is it now the first person to get the answer correct down below in the comment section is going to be the lucky recipient of a completely free 2 000 course and do me one quick favor and comment down below make money online and if we get 500 people who comment make money online on this video then we will actually drop a crazy never before seen video next week where we’re going to show you guys a strategy to make money online that honestly might be the best strategy that we’ve ever found to actually make money and generate an income completely from the comfort of your own home on your laptop and now if you’re like most people you probably have realized that there’s been a lot of crazy stuff that’s happened this year um with the pandemic and everything that’s happened but you know you can either feel sorry for yourself and you know talk about how crazy and bad everything is or you can actually step up and take advantage of the situation for yourself to help people and to make more money right and so the way that we’re gonna actually be doing that in this video we’re going to be talking about all of the different ways that this has actually changed people’s behavior um you know forever more people than ever are going online for the very first time in their lives and buying things which means that e-commerce and amazon social media use all different types of social media platform usage has actually gone way up and when social media usage goes up that means there’s more people to see ads that means there’s more people that need help with social media marketing that means there’s more people that need help with digital marketing with social media management more people need help with e-commerce and shopify and amazon and that means that you can actually create a business getting really good at one of those things that makes other people money and thus make a significant amount of money yourself now are these strategies easy no are these strategies going to be stupid little time wasting things like doing online surveys where you’re gonna make a couple bucks and ultimately waste your time no these are long term strategies that you can actually grow into multi six figure seven figure even eight figure and beyond businesses how do i know that because first of all i’ve done it myself and second of all i’ve seen many many of my students actually emulate that same success just using the content of this video and so if you want to create a wildly successful online business and be one of our next student success stories then make sure you watch this video all the way until the end and don’t skip any steps because the truth is you can’t watch a 10 minute video on youtube you’re probably never going to create a successful business on the internet and beyond that you don’t want to miss out on the unboxing because i promise you it’s going to be pretty sweet so let’s dive in into the top three ways to make money online right now for a complete beginner from anywhere in the world starting with number three number three is becoming some sort of freelancer now you’ve probably watched other videos where you’ve heard people talk about this before but becoming a freelancer is such a wide ranging number of actual activities that you can really create a six figure salary becoming a freelancer in the right way right you can start out as a virtual assistant in customer service making a few dollars an hour if you literally have no skills yet but while you’re doing that you can actually start to study much higher value activities and higher value skill sets to make significantly more money later on now being a freelancer can mean so many different things you can be a graphic artist you can be a social media manager right what does that mean it means actually managing the social media for businesses out there like target or walmart or small businesses like entrepreneurs or doing any sort of things because it’s a lot of actual work posting content across linkedin and instagram and your facebook page and youtube and all of these different social media platforms that you need somebody to actually go ahead and do that now i know a lot of people who started as virtual assistants who’ve become social media managers who’ve then gone on to actually do even further high value freelancing tasks like creating websites or like doing you know coding of some kind or being a freelance programmer right you have to think about what your individual interests and skill sets are and if you would respond to me and say kevin i don’t have any skills how can i put you know possibly charge for anything the thing is everyone starts out at the same place experts now once were complete beginners and so if you’re a complete beginner right now you can become an expert like many other experts just by caring incrementally more about a certain subject matter now what subject matter do you actually want to choose well you want to choose something that not only you’re interested in so you can you know do it for many hours a day over the course of months or years but you also want to choose something that actually has the potential to make you a significant amount of money and if you’re watching this video and you say kevin just tell me what i should focus on well the thing that i would tell most people to focus on right now in today’s day and age is some form of digital marketing now you can become a digital marketing expert in either facebook or google ads and you will never have another day in your life that you actually go hungry or don’t have the amount of money that you want because those are skills and those are skill sets and those are expertises they will always be in very high demand because if you can actually make you know an e-commerce company or a business or an entrepreneur or yourself later on if you want to create your own digital or physical product if you can make more money with paid traffic meaning that you put a dollar into facebook ads or google ads and you take two dollars out you will literally be so much more wealthy than you could possibly imagine right now because if you can put a dollar in then why couldn’t you put a hundred dollars in and take two hundreds out or a thousand dollars in and take two thousand dollars out and that really is the beauty of being a freelancer you can start at the beginning you can start at the bottom you can learn from intelligent people and you can continually upgrade your actual skill sets to demand a higher wage for all of the skills that you personally actually have method number two is affiliate marketing now i’ve interviewed thousands of different entrepreneurs over the course of my career many of which on our top 25 shameless plug podcast the kevin david experience and all of them for the most part said that if they had to start over from zero they would do affiliate marketing and now to in today’s day and age affiliate marketing is actually easier than it’s ever been to get started doing because with platforms like youtube if you create high quality content and you actually help people and add value and you teach them something you can very seamlessly put an affiliate link in the actual description of youtube and you can make a huge amount of money literally just from people clicking on your affiliate link and ultimately buying the product or using the service that you use inside of your youtube videos now i’m going to give you an example when i first started on youtube i used to promote other people’s software you know software that i used in my business for my amazon business for shopify for facebook ads and these were legitimate software applications that i actually used in my business to find you know products or to do product research or to do you know certain things with shopify um and instead of actually you know just kind of talking about those products i went created an affiliate account talked about those products and just put my affiliate link literally in the description and very quickly i became the number one affiliate in the world for these software platforms and you know ultimately i ended up earning tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for those actual products and the thing is you always have to start from zero you can’t ever you know go straight to making a ton of money you have to learn and actually get better at things and affiliate marketing is something that you can create into a multi-seven or even eight figure business on if you are focusing on the right things there’s so many ways to do affiliate marketing you can do it for free with youtube with instagram with facebook um you know which is a little bit more of a grind um you can do it with paid traffic once you actually have some capital to deploy um where you can send them to a landing page that you own and then reroute them to the affiliate link so that you don’t you know upset the paid traffic gods you can create video reviews of courses or digital courses you can create blogs or websites and rank them in google you know for different products and services with your affiliate links um you know there’s lots of different blogs out there that actually use amazon affiliate links to recommend their favorite cameras or products and they earn commissions every time somebody buys one of those through their links and so there’s so many ways to make money with affiliate marketing um which is why i’ve created so many different affiliate marketing videos on my actual youtube channel um so if you’re interested after this video you can just type kevin david affiliate marketing and watch all of those different videos to learn so much more in detail about how to make money with affiliate marketing and the number one way to actually make money online right now in today’s current climate and day and age literally from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world without much money to get started is of course something that we’ll talk about right after i tell you guys about our other two youtube channels if you don’t know already make sure you subscribe to bold the first is called the more kevin david channel now we have you know over 5 000 subscribers all of a sudden um for that channel we go live every week and teach you the best ways to make money online the second one is called the kevin david experience now this is our top 25 podcast channel where we actually interview millionaires and multi-millionaires and even billionaires on the best and brightest ways to get started as a complete beginner and their stories and how they actually became successful so there’s so much awesome learning in both of those so make sure that you actually go down in the description after this video and subscribe to both of those channels as well and without further ado the number one best way to make money online with no experience is of course e-commerce in today’s day and age e-commerce is actually bigger than it’s ever been before because people are going online and they’re buying products for the first time in their lives because of the pandemic right they couldn’t go to the grocery store and the thing is after the pandemic is over they’re not going to change their behavior right when people buy something online they realize how convenient that is and they’re never going to go back to going to walmart or going to the store right unless they need something immediately they’d rather buy it online because it’s a more efficient better business model that means that e-commerce is going to have a permanent boost which you can take advantage of if you know how now there’s so many different types of e-commerce there’s shopify there’s drop shipping um you know there’s heavy drop shipping there’s google shopping network uh there’s woocommerce there’s amazon fba now obviously i’m a little bit biased because amazon fba changed my whole life right the very first time i ever launched products on amazon i was actually making more money within the first you know month or two from amazon than i was actually making from my nine to five job at facebook and the craziest part is i’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of my students by now actually have very similar explosive successful results on amazon now why is amazon so incredible well with other forms of e-commerce you have to actually pay for every single visitor to your website you have to make your website you have to accept payments you have to actually handle all the shipping all the logistics right but the thing is with amazon they handle 90 of the hard work for you right they actually handle the shipping logistics they allow you to actually ship your products into their warehouse they take the money they have the website and most importantly they have the customers right 82 of people in the united states have an active amazon prime membership right eight out of ten people that you see every day at the gym or anywhere you literally go are actively buying things on amazon sometimes as often as daily and you can actually tap into that traffic that amazon already has there and you can actually take advantage of free traffic that is literally not available on any other form of e-commerce you have to pay for every visitor with shopify via facebook ads or google ads or some way to actually get people there but with amazon they’re already there and if you know how to take advantage you can actually tap into completely free traffic that’s already there browsing every single day on amazon and if you want to learn more about selling on amazon you can actually check out the link down in the description where you can register for a completely free case study where we go into so much more detail about how thousands and thousands of my students have had massive massive success um selling on amazon you can check out a completely free 20-minute case study and then if you’re even more interested you can schedule a completely free 15-minute strategy session with one of our amazon experts who can actually walk you through a custom tailored plan of how you can actually get started selling on amazon completely from scratch right you don’t need any experience you don’t need anything literally we’ll create a blueprint of how you can actually create your amazon empire as a complete beginner and so make sure you do click that link register for our completely free case study i promise you you’ll love it right worst case scenario is you learn some cool stuff but a much more realistic scenario is you actually realize what an unbelievable opportunity amazon is and you decide to check it out a little bit more and hop on a completely free strategy session with one of our amazon experts see you there check out what is in the box oh it’s black you can’t see it at all um all right here we go i’m super excited what was it gonna be is it a unicorn oh you’re bigger than vancouver you’re bigger than venice you’re even bigger than las vegas one million subscribers maybe you’ve imagined that day for a long time or maybe you’ve never thought you’d grow so big either way not much can match the satisfaction of finding out that your creativity your ideas and your voice speaks to one million people across the globe we know that being able to touch the lives of so many people is reward enough but we’re so incredibly proud of all you’ve done so we hope you’ll accept this gold creator award as a token of our esteem with your track record we suspect you’re only going to keep growing and we can’t wait to see you reach the next milestone 10 million subscribers it might seem far away but remember the days when you’re psyched to have a thousand you’ve amazed us keep daring keep dreaming big and keep creating you are the inspiration for everything that we do sincerely susan watch kiki ceo of youtube appreciate you susan shout out girl don’t bail my account oh man look at this thing this is actually epic it comes with its own little frame oh my gosh it’s actually heavy jeez look at this thing this thing’s actually epic hold on do i take it out of this yeah i guess i do and they got a lot of packaging popping off here oh look at this thing it’s so beautiful it’s like a little mirror look at that you can see the videographer shout out to tyler man this is beautiful this is a lot of hard work look one hard work two hard works three four five six seven hard works at least to get this this is going right up on my wall next to the hundred thousand next to the ten million dollar award and literally guys i owe it all to you there’s literally a million of you beautiful people out there who care enough about what i have to say to subscribe so i appreciate it and i love you guys and i can’t wait to see y’all at 10 million peace click it come on click it do it click the playlist okay you don’t have to but i promise you’ll like it click the playlist see you soon peace

This Post Was All About How To Make $300 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!.
How To Make $300 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE With NO Website!

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Make Money Online for FREE in 2020 (available worldwide)
🔥 #1 Way To Make Money 👉

The Internet has provided us a huge opportunity to make money online, work from home, and build long-term wealth. If you have a passion to learn a new skill, you can earn money online fast. All you need is your laptop and Internet connection.

Earning $300 per day these days is not as difficult as most of you might think. In today’s video, you are going to discover three ways using which you can earn up to $300 per day. Even if you are a complete beginner and do not have any prior experience or skill you can start today, make sure you watch the video until the end. With these proven strategies you can earn big money online, if you put in effort and be consistent.

Here are the steps that you need to follow (with timestamp):
00:47 – Discover new ways to make money online without any prior experience
02:36 – Solve the riddle to win a free course worth $1000
05:10 – Top 3 ways to earn money online.
05:18 – #3 Start freelancing leveraging websites like Upwork, Fiverr
08:28 – #2 Make money through Affiliate Marketing
12:10 – #1 Build your own eCommerce business
15:47 – Unboxing Gold YouTube play button

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