How To Make $100+ Per Day & Make Money Online With This CRAZY BIG Trend!

How To Make $100+ Per Day & Make Money Online With This CRAZY BIG Trend!

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what’s going on guys in today’s video i’m going to show you how to make money online with a big trend that’s popping off right now so you guys always ask me for new stuff to this channel and this is a new method and strategy to this channel that we haven’t talked about before now i personally know one guy that’s made up of seven figures doing this and he showed me the ropes and stuff like that and i know a few other people who are also making money with this strategy and it works extremely well but it’s one of those strategies that’s trending right now and it will eventually drop off in the future so if you are looking to make money online you’re going to want to check this out right now because it could be a good method for you to go and make some money online now as i mentioned this is trending and if you know anything about the online internet space and making money the most money is made usually when there’s something new that’s come along or it’s trending so you can either jump on the boat or you can miss the boat and wait for the next thing but i highly recommend you watch this video all the way to the end to check out this method to see what it is and to see if you like it and the best part about this method is you won’t need to spend any money on starting a website for this so you won’t need to actually go and pay for hosting and have your own personal website now before we get into this guys once again we’re going to have the emoji in this video you find that emoji most of you guys know about this you find that emoji you comment below the emoji plus cash or plus course for whatever you want in this giveaway okay we’re giving away some cash or of course and the winners from the last one will be in the pinned comment in this video and if you want free videos every single week on how to make money online make sure you hit that subscribe button smash that like button and tap that notification bell so my next video comes out let’s jump into this video and i’ll show you exactly how you can make money online all right guys so in this video i’m going to show you how you can make money from a huge trend that’s going on right now now the most important thing about trends is if you catch them at the right time you can make a lot of money and this is called google trends you can go to google trends you can put in specific keywords and you can find trending topics now the best thing about google is it actually tells you what specific countries these niches ideas or keywords are actually the most popular in at this point of time and we can really use this data to make money online so we’ll actually come back to this in a second but i’ll explain to you how we can use this to make money online with this particular method now if you want to know what we’re talking about we’re actually talking about face mask and you guys probably know that these are extremely popular right now and there’s an opportunity to make pretty good money doing this but you might be thinking how do i do this how could i sell face masks what do i need to do what’s the right steps do i need to have a store well it’s actually not very difficult what you actually need to do is go to a website called and i’ll show you another website in a second that you could also use if i click on mask right here and i go to all mask you’ll see that there’s loads of marks that people are buying from these websites and here’s another one here if i put in mask this is called etsy if i put a mask you’ll see that there’s people selling hundreds thousands look at all the look at all of these reviews 2 000 reviews 2 000 4 000 reviews 4 000 reviews 2 000 reviews 4 000 reviews on these particular websites people are selling these products and making extremely good money by doing it and the best part is is they don’t actually need their own product to do this what they’re doing is they’re utilizing a method called print on demand where these websites actually go out and send the product for you all you do is you put the design on it so if we go to this one for example this banksy one you’ll see that they they do everything so they have the images for you they have um all of the stuff down here and you can also put on other products but everything’s here and i can go to add to cart and i can purchase from this red bubble store it’s really really good and then i actually have it in my cart right now and i could literally check out and purchase this product and not only that redbubble gets literally millions of views every single month of people looking to purchase products online so there’s a lot of money to be made especially with this trend really boosting up right now you can really take advantage of making some money right now so the first step you need to do is you need to go and sign up to your own redbubble account now i’m signed into my account if you don’t have one um already there will be a button up here on the right somewhere that will say create your account you create your account you put your payout method in so like paypal and then once you’ve created your account come back to etsy uh sorry come back to redbubble and go up to here and then go to add new work and what we’re going to be doing is actually kind of like creating our own store for these masks that we’re going to go and send people to to make money from so i’m going to go um so you might be actually also asking us how do you go out there and get these designs so all you need to literally do is upload a design and this website does the rest for you now you can go to a website called and you can actually find so if i go dogs you can actually find um images that you can use to upload to these these websites as designs and i’ve actually downloaded one that we can use in this example but if we go down here you can put on images of dogs people anything right you can put on cartoons it doesn’t really matter but what you also want to do is you want to go down to the bottom here it keeps reading or licenses sorry at the top here so go to the licenses section on whatever website you get these images from and just make sure that you are allowed to use them to sell some people do not let you do that so you need to double check that you can actually do that or if you’re not sure go to and put in face mask and you can actually pay people to create awesome face mask designs for you okay so that’s how you can get designs but for the sake of this video i’m gonna simply go and upload an image that i got from okay so i’m going to go to upload new work and i’m going to upload this little image that i found now you want to do a title and a description okay so the title is going to be um cute dog face mask pretty generic stuff but people will probably click on it cute cute dog face mask now i’m also going to put in a description real quick and then i’ll come back now i’ve put a quick description here but keep in mind you need to do your own i’m not going to do a big description right now because this is just a tutorial showing you how to set this up um but it’s really really cool and you probably want to put some tags in so face mask because tags is um people can actually find these on so i’ll just put face mask and face mask um but people can find these by searching on redbubble but i’m also going to show you another traffic source the best traffic source to use to get traffic to the the strategy now you want to go down and you want to disable all of this other stuff because really you you can go and sell t-shirts and that sort of stuff but we’re not trying to do that we’re trying to just sell this mask so i’m going to disable all of this stuff here all right so you want to disable everything until you get to the mask where it says new and you want to um make where it says it’ll say enable you want to make sure it’s enabled and you want to go to edit and you want to edit this and you want to position it just like that but most importantly you want to go to the little settings tab here and you want to click mask kids mask and small mask and you can actually put in the markup for your price so this is essentially you’re going to be a middleman so my markup’s going to be 20 i’m going to make 20 profit margins on this product so if you want to make more you can do 30 or you could do 25 and as you see it increases the product price okay so the percentage the markup on the right is how much you’re going to make per sale now you want to scroll down and you want to go to advanced products and you want to go to um you want to make sure it says enabled you want to go to edit and you want to make sure this is lined up good and you also want to go to the little settings tab if you want to go fitted three layer you’ve got to make sure that’s ticked and you want to put your markup in as well 20 is pretty good and then go to apply changes then you want to scroll down and click this box here and go save work oh and make sure this is um on no and go save work and then just let it process and do its thing and then we’ll come back all right so now we’ve created that you can actually go up to here there’s a few things you can do you can go to view view shop you can go to manage portfolio dashboard and you’ve got lots of options you’ll have a shop and essentially you’re creating a shop with products so you might want to upload a few but it really just depends on what type of traffic source you’re sending to this but if i go to my managed portfolio you’ll see that here is the product that i just upload let’s do a refresh get rid of that here’s a product that i just uploaded you can go to view it and you can edit it here you can copy settings you can go to promote products you can do anything you want here on this page you can get links to specific products that you want to promote so let me just get my text document up here because i want to take one of these links i’m going to take this link here fitted three layer i’m going to go copy link like actually maybe we’ll try view products page and it should come up here yep so here we go view product page we have our product here that we can now promote so somebody can come here and they can choose the specific product that they want so the specific type and then they can choose the size and then they can add it to cart and if they make a purchase you’re going to make some money 20 30 40 but now you might be asking yourself how do you actually get traffic to this now this brings us back to the trending tab from before so what you want to do is you want to copy this right here okay and you want to paste that link into here okay this is going to be the link that we can send traffic to now you can go and use a link shortener online and you can shorten this link if you want that’s up to you but this is your product here okay now the design wise really you should probably use someone from fiverr and get a nice good proper design that’s eye-catching and everything like that like this one straight out of lockdown that’s pretty cool that could be copyright but you probably want to go and get a proper design done for this so we’re going to go back here and we can actually notice that we can go and target specific countries that are trending the most that the google’s literally telling us exactly what country needs these masks the most so we can actually utilize this and what’s the best way to do this the best way to do this and the best way to utilize these stats is to go over to a paid advertising platform now in this case i’m going to suggest pinterest because it’s an extremely good advertising platform for visual images okay because we don’t want to create videos or anything like that so go to business and then hub if you have a pinterest account and then go to ads and create an ad okay we want to create an ad now you might be also wondering um is what how do we actually create an ad so let me take you through the steps okay you you can um do drive conversions if you set up a so what you’ll do is you’ll set up a pinterest tag on your product okay so essentially you’ll set up a pinterest tag so pinterest can track conversions if you want to do that you can go and find a tutorial online but if you want you can just do traffic okay and then put in a campaign name dog mask and then go to continue now this is the power of this type of stuff okay i can go down and i can go animals animals and i can go down to mammals and dogs and i can target people specifically that are interested in dogs and more importantly four million people and we can actually put in keywords if we want we don’t have to put in keywords but we can actually go down to specific locations so we know that united kingdom is just needs mass right now right so we can go down to here and we can put in united kingdom and we can target the united kingdom now the interest and stuff is really going to be up to you um if you put just interest it’s just going to show your ad to people who are interested in dogs and you don’t need keywords okay you don’t really need keywords to do this so don’t bother with that but if you want to get more specific then you can put in keywords but we’re gonna go down and we’ve chosen um united kingdom okay or you could put other countries in like united states canada whatever you want i would put in these top five probably would be a good idea then we’re going to go down and we’re going to leave all of this on we’re going to let it do what it does and we’re going to put our budget at just 20 bucks okay you want to start off slow to build up and try and get some sales at 20 i would ex be expecting at least one sale a day and then i can scale up from there and then i’m going to go to create a pin you might be wondering how do i create a pin if you actually go to this website here called this is a free website that you can use i’m going to put in pinterest pinterest pin and what i’m actually going to do is just create find a random pin so i’m just going to go with this one here you want to get something that’s vibrant and stands out okay so they’ve actually got a video i’m going to delete that we don’t want a video what i’m going to do is going to go back to my website and i’m going to just copy this image here okay by using the little screenshot tool that i have i’m gonna go back to here and i’m going to drag it on so you just copy and paste until it goes on top and i’m just going to put something like cute dog mask okay you would put something probably a lot better than that this is just for this tutorial so cute dog mask click here or buy now or something put on a call to action to get people to click you can actually do that by going to something like elements and putting on a button and you can tell someone to click here but it’s got a watermark so we’re going to take that away and now i’m going to download this and i’m going to go to download and i’ve got this image that i can now use in a pinterest pin now remember you will need to create a proper pinterest pen this is just for an example you could actually probably use fiver for that as well now what i’m going to do here is go back to pinterest and i’m going to drag my pin in this is it here and i’m going to add a title get your and i’m going to grab this link this is the link that i’m going to use to promote this product so add destination link at the bottom and then you can tell people what pin what your pin is about i don’t really worry about that with advertising because it’s not really needed i only use descriptions when i do um when i’m trying to get organic traffic on pinterest and then i just go publish this pin and it’s going to publish this pin on my profile then i can use it for my advertising and now you can start running this ad and you can start running ads to this particular pin so you can get traffic to that link and people could potentially purchase that mask from you don’t forget to check all your information okay check the country that you wanted to choose so i put in um united kingdom but i think it’s gone for some yeah so united kingdom check everything’s right check your gr ad group name is correct so cute dog and then go and run this ad to the product that you just uploaded to this website now you only really need to un upload one product to start with because you’re only going to be sending traffic to that specific link you’re not going to be sending traffic to your entire store right now because you just want to go and get sales to this now if you optimize your descriptions properly and all that sort of stuff so they’ve actually put features in so they’ve automatically put features in for you but if you go and optimize the description properly you’ll actually show up in the mask section automatically and as you get more sales you’ll also show up as well so you’ll get organic sales and traffic from redbubble who get millions of views per month all right guys that’s a great way you can go and utilize trends right now and find what’s working right now in the marketplace and how you can make money online if you want to see some of my other favorite ways to make money online i’ll leave some videos up on the screen that will take you through step by step how you can make money online and start your own business smash that like button tap that notification bell any comments leave them below and i’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About How To Make $100+ Per Day & Make Money Online With This CRAZY BIG Trend!.
How To Make $100+ Per Day & Make Money Online With This CRAZY BIG Trend!

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A big trend is happening online, and you can earn money from it. There are lots of ways to make money online, and I think this is one of the best ways right now to make money quick. This will take a bit of time to set up but once it’s setup you can send traffic and earn money on the internet.

The first step is to head over to a website called RedBubble and sign up. Once you do that you then want to look for some designer on Fiverr or similar websites. On Redbubble you want to upload your designs onto a mask and start selling those online. This is how you will make money. This is called print on demand and all you do is put your margin on top and they send out the products.

Now you need to get traffic, usually we talk about free traffic but paid traffic is the best to earn money with this trend. Head over to Pinterest and start running advertising to your product page. The best thing about Pinterest is you can choose a specific target interest. This is a great way to make money fast online.

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