How To Learn Faster – Read 5 Books Simultaneously – Tai Lopez

How To Learn Faster – Read 5 Books Simultaneously – Tai Lopez

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are you a fast learner or are you slow this question is of the utmost importance for your life so here you can see I just laid out all these books if you saw that other video spent seven hundred bucks or something on books I don’t always buy him new but I was at Barnes & Noble and I thought what the heck I do that every once in a while go on a big binge so I think there’s four there’s about roughly thirty books there twenty thirty books and on all varying subjects and what’s relevant for your life is a little experiment i rant i’ve been running now with fascinating results so basically most of us have been taught that we have to throttle our learning okay that’s what i call it this is the opposite you’re either a gulper or a throttler i did a talk on this it’s just an audio i think i have on my youtube but there’s a somewhat of a video version um it’s a little bit different but i’m going to talk about but so you have Gulpers and throttle errs so when it comes to knowledge the reason i believe are one of the reasons that most of us have become throttle errs meaning we when we drink water instead of drinking it real quickly you know like beer people some people can chug it they can gulp it real fast they’ve trained themselves because you have a natural reflux reflux that keeps you from wanting to drink too fast because you can drown in your own fluids right if it goes down the wrong pipe and goes into your lungs so there is good common sense to drinking slower but-but-but-but there is an ability through training where you can actually get to the point where you can drink much more quickly than the average person now when it comes to knowledge i think there is somewhat of a danger of learning too fast and people make a big deal out of this all you’re going to become to book smart pay most of the people you want to be around in your life our book smart I had to go up to my annual checkup with my doctor I haven’t gone a couple years us men always forget to go but you should go they say so I went and uh that’s a book smart guy I’m glad if I got there he’s a I want a book smart doctor I don’t want somebody who’s like yeah you know I just kind of go with my gut and sometimes I kill people and sometimes I don’t you know I want somebody who’s got a tremendous amount of book-smart and the doctor does of course I want that coupled with experience in the field so it’s not one or the other we live in such a scarcity minded world people can’t handle the fact that really what you want to be is book smart and street smart and experientially smart so what I found with the reason I’m showing you these twenty or thirty books is because I want you to break out the mold that we’ve been taught which is be careful of learning too fast we’ve been kind of slowly you know if you’re back in school if you started reading too fast other kids would make fun of you maybe your parents uh oh you know I was hanging out with Henry Winkler the Fonz from happy days and he talks about how his parents made fun of them any parent there’s all kinds of traumas that might have happened to you in life and so you become a throttler you’re somebody who’s like you know what I’m going to read one book a month I’m gonna go to one conference every year hey forget that life short you better start guzzling gulping life and now there’s unintended cool consequences you know what I found and Steven Johnson I’m talking about this the other day and video this negative quarter scaling effect it’s what physicists have found this in in biology and it can also be applied to things like knowledge um sometimes so my reading habits in terms of how I learn how I try to gulp sometimes I’ll read a book summary sometimes I’ll read the whole book from front to back I’m reading the Johnny Carson book it really resonates with me and and I’m learning a lot so I’m reading it pretty much word-for-word I tend to speed read a little bit but not too much there’s other books that I read one chapter and I’m like this is enough you know sometimes people go oh I you’re not really reading a book a day you all I am actually because if I Skeets speed read one book I’ll read four or five in a day so terms of volume others all these people out there that are crazy they spend their whole time trying to find loopholes and and little inconsistencies and what people say so there’s no inconsistency with what I say in the sense of reading because I really do read that much but it’s not always in the same methodology in the same modality of reading so my recommendation to you is to try shake it up a little bit and one of the modalities I want to introduce in this video is you don’t need to have twenty or thirty books I’m not actually going to do this with twenty or thirty I’ll probably pick a random row of books they’re all different kind of subjects let’s see this one is called the Greater code the attacker’s advantage John F Kennedy Carl Sagan’s Cosmos the opposite of small and barefoot – billionaire autobiography so I might take that role five or six books and I’ll just pick and choose today like today’s my mode is like gulping mode so I’m going to read and what happens is and this is what Bill Gates does ok Bill Gates he takes a book vacation and he brings huge stacks of books that he hasn’t had time to read and he tries to get through them all and he says that’s his most creative time because what happens is the idea starts the ideas start mixing matching bumping into each other and I think it’s James Altucher or somebody wrote you know it’s like ideas having babies right – people bunk together they get married whatever they have a kid now there’s three so sometimes with these books you get an exponential effect one book gives you a linear response ah you know you one book one increase in knowledge one unit of knowledge but you put two or three books and you don’t just have two or three you have ten that’s synergy so try that sometime so if you’re a lot of time to read for the day is 15 minutes just skim through three books for 15 minutes remember if that bothers you tomorrow you can go back to the old way of reading one book at a time always be mixing and matching humans do a lot better with recipes of variety variety is definitely the spice of life and this I found an unintended cool months of doing this is it makes me excited to read we all get a little dopamine response from buying new books seeing you know the new flashy covers I’m susceptible to that too and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it pushes you forward towards a logical goal the logical goal is improve your life so I’m gonna try this you try it now what question for you what happened in your life when you really started gulping at any time in history maybe it was a time when you went to a conference you had a mentor you were in college you were taking a lot of classes what’s an example of a time that you really learned a lot really fast okay because why am I talking about this well if you don’t do this you’ll be like 99% of the people on the planet they’re slow learners and they forget what the ancient philosophers used to say art is long but life is short right and people have said that in different ways you know the Dutch say we’re too soon old and too late smart so the problem with learning slowly is by the time you can reap the benefits of what you learned you are 60 years old or 70 or 80 or dead you know or is long meaning to gain a skill the Philosopher’s the Greeks the Romans were saying takes a long time but life is too short by the time you master the skill you’re too old to use it so the if you say no Tod I’m not going to go up I like my my you know reading one book a year well that’s great if you had a hundred years of your prime but one I don’t know if you wanna call it unfortunate thing but one surety about life even as we prolong our lives with better medicine in health care the prime of your life is not that long humans Homo sapiens have one of the longest um child-rearing periods of time I mean really in a modern world you take 18 years to mature into what we legally call an adult then you know you’re so if you just go by the the numbers go quote even though you don’t have to go by the numbers you know after 65 70 years old you not gonna have the energy that you have now but you might live another 20 years so you got 20 years coming up and 20 years going out that’s 40 years not in your prime that means you prime of your life you better optimize and there’s no better way to optimize it then get rid of limiting beliefs that people tell you a lot of stupid people unfortunately pardon my harshness people are dumb out there and not only are they’re dumb but they’re worse than dumb they want to keep you dumb so trust me it’s being done people are reading a lot learning a lot getting ideas getting ideas bouncing around their head and the reward and when you go up the chain and you study people who did big things all those people are bouncing ideas around in their head so leave a little comment here what three books can you pull together from your personal library or online or audio books that you’re going to go through in one day what three books hopefully there are some different subjects and different topics okay leave that as a comment below I’d love to get some ideas you guys have been leaving awesome ideas and so it helps me buy new books and and I helps me you know I do this to help to share with what’s going on in my life but a unintended side the consequence is that I learn you know what’s going on in your life so leave me a comment and I’m gonna let you know thing I’m gonna pick this robe this row here it has one about these Siamese twins I’ve read about them before the life of Chang and Eng these guys were Siamese twins connected but married two different women crazy life I think they camera for they got divorced tails both sides of brain book on Tesla book on World War one and the Lusitania thirteen things mentally strong people do equilibrium how to live a calmer life I’m a little bit high-strung need to learn to meditate stuff so and the wide open world about a family I just took off I’m gonna try this row that’s seven books I usually all do seven I find five is the max but uh maybe I’ll try to push myself start with a couple two or three leave me a comment what’s your is make sure you subscribe and talk to you tomorrow 

This Post Was All About How To Learn Faster – Read 5 Books Simultaneously – Tai Lopez.
How To Learn Faster - Read 5 Books Simultaneously - Tai Lopez

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If you want to learn faster you have to experiment with different ‘modes’ of reading and learning. One of my favorites is the ‘gulping’ approach, where you bounce around between 4 or 5 books all in one sitting. This takes advantage of what Steven Johnson in his book, “Where Good Ideas Come From,” calls “negative quarter-power scaling.” This means reading twice the books doesn’t just give you twice the knowledge – it’s exponential – it gives you 3 or 4 times the mental growth…

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