How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Websites – SUPER EASY

How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Websites – SUPER EASY

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what’s going on guys it’s Franklin and I’ve been requested to do a video tutorial on how to find keywords for an Adsense website I’ve been requested as for my followers I think it’s about time I got it done for you guys now there’s a few things that we’re going to cover as what tools to use and just generally how to do it so the first thing you need is a tool and I use our longtail Pro for my keyword research it’s basically the best keyword research tool you can get I mean you could do everything in here because you’re all the right metrics everything you need to know and it’s hands-down the best tool and this comes with a 10 day free trial if you click on the link in the description or the link on this video and you can just start it down and see if it’s the right tool for you or not but I do suggest trying it out it’s an excellent excellent tool for you I’m doing keyword research now keyword research is important if you turn around websites so if you don’t know actually I keywords it’s just what people type in Google and you want to you want your site to be on the first page not necessarily first but just on the first page so once you have your your program set up here this is our longtail Pro you want to sit a a project simple your title here and the country now I just want to cover something really quickly when you set the country all this means as it brings the search volume from their country it does actually bring up the keyword competitiveness it brings calculates the keyword competitiveness off the IP that you’re currently on and a lot of people don’t know this it’s kind of a bit of a secret because I found this out by mistake so what happens as you a few search are from the United States okay you put your not United States in here it’ll come up with the search volume from United States but then what will come up from the keyword competitiveness the competition from whatever country you’re searching from so I’m a New Zealand it will give me the competition can the keyword competition from New Zealand problem is it will be a lot lower like this one here is 34 when I tested it from my New Zealand IP it was 22 that’s a massive difference at 12 point France but then I changed it to an American IP I use our hidemyass Pro I’ll leave a link at the description when I changed your American IP the same country I’m actually wanting to rent for it came out of 33 competitiveness so this this could really make or break your research because a few let’s just say you’re from Australia and you as you sit your longtail Pro for UK or America or whatever the new search for a keyword and you find one that’s 12 the keyword competition is 12 really really really low and you’re like sweet I found a keyword that I can rank for problem ISM might be 12 from Australia because an Australian IP but in the USA or the UK or whatever you have your keyword longtail Pro said – it could be a lot higher so this has given you false information so so what I’m trying to say is before you do anything with the keyword research you need to make sure you’re on the same IP that your can of the country eternal rank for this is very very very important I can’t stress it enough I’ve always gonna get the wrong metrics so once you’ve connected to an IP the next thing you want to do is start a project so I’ve showed you that you just simply go through here I’ll do this you want to add a keyword so you click find keywords and go to Google Keyword planner and what I’ve done is you’re just simply putting a seed keyword so it what I’ve done is I’ve put a pottery okay so we’re gonna go back to my pottery on it and you just want to click generate keywords and fetch data what do you like – pottery it’s come up with all my pottery stuff I simply got our local searches and I want to go from the highest to the lease and there’s two things when I look at a search volume and suggested should suggested that sorry suggested bid and the advertiser competition is important kind of I mean I don’t really look at it a lot of people say it’s very important because it gives you commercial intent it means that companies are willing to advertise on that keyword but I’ve never really taken it into consideration as long as the suggested bid is quite high at least above at least over $2 u.s. I would probably suggest that’s what I go for so anything above $2 u.s. you’re you’re good you don’t need to really worry about this over here so as you can see I’ve found pottery painting for three dollars and twenty-nine new zealand cents so this is about two dollars fifty American and I’ve also got one down here for where is it the coastal living furniture now once you find one you just want to simply click on the keyword it will give you all the information here so as you can see it’s got page Authority pager links everything so this this keyword here isn’t now these things aren’t actually very optimized the titles so this one doesn’t even have the keyword in it this one just has paint pottery this one has paint pottery as well so as if it comes down to the titles I could probably do a lot bit of titles in this so they give me a bit of a ranking advantage clear word competition I don’t really take this into consideration because I’ll show you soon where the actual real work comes into it and then you’ve got page Authority and then you’ve just got links so links to that specific page a three to five so I could probably rank and may I think but from looking at this I could probably rank in third or fourth depending on the kind of backlinks that these guys have then you’ve got domain Authority most rank which is quite important I think you know the bit of the rank that you know this ones are five point nine four it’s really up there and you’ve got five points 17 five point six nine and then our page rank doesn’t really matter anymore and then he put the age of the site but I just want to show something okay so this one is a 33 and if we go down to our other one which is 30 coastal living furnitures this will be a bit harder to rent for even though it’s got a lower keyword competitiveness because it has very good titles you know it’s when when when the websites had good titles it means they’ve actually optimized their pages and their titles you know they’ve actually put effort into doing some on-page SEO but then they have some low links here and stuff so maybe we would be able to rank for us we don’t know until we actually have a good look so I really you just need to pick a keyword that has good cost-per-click here what this means is when someone clicks on your ed v you could potentially get three dollars 23 per click roughly but also depends on the country the person is clicking from so if they’re clicking from America you might get that if they’re clicking for someone like Indonesian you might get a really really low-cost pick like it just depends on the country and then you’ve got searches so I like to go for my main keyword anything above a thousand between kind of I don’t know I like to go high for my main keyword I found one the other day I was 8,000 and I’m trying to rank for that the reason I want to go high is because that’s my main keyword with what the rest of the keywords so let’s say your main keywords for your for your main site and then you’ve got your articles that you want to add in so I would do a keyword for each of my articles and I’ll go a lot less I will go maybe around eight eight hundred a thousand six hundred you know just but these don’t have very high our cost per clicks in this niche here oh this one does the tours forty-one that’s not too bad I could probably you know I could probably rank an article for that just later on once I grow our site a bit bigger this one here actually it’s five dollars five dollars thirty one you know she just got a I’m really looking just find the keywords that have the highest adjusted birds and the like good high local searches no it doesn’t stop here this is the easy part the next part is where the work actually happens so you want to go to your browsers and you want to simply search for your keyword right here and this is important need to actually look at every single site on the top ten and the reason is you want to see what kind of design they have and how much content they have as you can see from this website it’s very very content thin there’s not much content on content on here this is a very very good sign because it means you’re probably gonna have a good chance without ranking these guys we’re going to do is make a better page of more information more keyword rich information better on-page optimization and you’re gonna rank out rank it could possibly even outrank it without backlinks to be honest and I’ve done it plenty of times before this one is the same okay not much content you know the these are base these are really based on article type sites these are our businesses you could possibly out rake these and this one here as well same thing you could possibly outrank this as well you know I’ve got this one isn’t too bad not really much information here I’ve got a very big social following so that could probably help them out quite a lot and in this one here is definitely not much information here as well so you get definitely probably our reckless one as well and that’s it this thing is really to look at backlinks but I just want to show you something before we go so as you see how a good thing called balls to rank moles bath you can use this to do some more in-depth analysis of it but if we go back to our long tail Pro it’s already actually got it in the thing here anyway so links coming in like you know all sorts of stuff here and this is all you really need to look at so for this one here you would probably you know 22 this is this will be an easy one to beat you would only need probably three or four really good links or one or two really really really good links to beat this one as that this will be really easy to beat and to be honest I might try and rank in this one myself so that’s it for this this part that’s super easy it’s got to find the keywords and find one day you’re happy with and in do some more deep analysis now the the best you know the best thing you could do is check the backlinks off every single page on the top ten and I know it’s a very very tedious task can take a long time but this will determine whether you’re gonna rank or not it’s any anyone can come into a program like this pick a keyword and try rank for it but it’s not always going to work and you’re gonna understand this is what everyone’s trying to do but still we’re gonna what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually look at some backlinks I’ll show you how to find that there clinks and decide whether you can rank for that keyword or not alright so we’re going to check the backlinks now this is probably the most important part okay because you want to know how strong the backlinks are that are coming to the pages in the top ten so I’ve picked this website here which is then gross to do comm and I’m using a program called SEO spyglass and this is also they have a free version it could be love instead I’m not sure I haven’t use a free version before but I’ll leave a link in description this just makes book checking backlinks so much it is so much information you can check and stuff like that so this is all the backlinks from their website we’re not going to go through all of these right here and then it’s got backlink details penalty risker so this means I have actually checked them all what it means it’ll bring up their bad links which is kind of good because you can tell how much emphasis I had any bad links and stuff like that this one doesn’t really have any at the moment and then this is the links from home page now these are the most powerful links so the site had three links come in and these are these are them here these are the ones you really need to worry about because homepage links are very very powerful and all you simply do is click on the links click on that one click on this one and we’ll click on this one and you simply just want to have a look through I mean this look this link is really crappy link all it is is a blogspot post a blogspot blog here and that’s it so they’ve got a link somewhere from here they’ve got a link from a directory here and they’ve also got a link from some summercamp thing here Fort Worth summer camps org these are really really bad links so you could easily beat those three links in there without a problem you’ve got then you’ve got backlinks from blogs and forums this is kind of the same thing you know just go through don’t you go through all of those because otherwise that take a long time just go through one of your now and then you know just go through them here so they’ve got a they’ve got a link on here somewhere it could be in one of these it could be a blog comment on here it could be anywhere on here same with this one it’s got a link here as well could be in the comment section on one of their post well might have got deleted from here we don’t know so you something that’s going to go through and have a look and then it’s got here you know nofollow or do follow so these are all no followers these ones here so they don’t actually really do anything for the rankings anyway these ones are do follows and the best thing about this program here SEO spyglass is you can see still there backlinks oh yeah those go through or just kind of you know if if they’ve got a blog post you do still blog post as well on the same blog post or in the same forums like that so this one here is just a just a blog so they’ve obviously done a probably done a comment somewhere here where we specify so if we click here maybe this is it here no that’s not it maybe this one anyway they’ve they’ve a link on there somewhere and then that I mean that’s it really you’ve just got to go through and just do a lot of menu work and don’t rely on the keyword research tool too much I mean that’s just to really find the keywords for you and give you a bit of a guideline so this is our link backlinks from directories let’s check this one out here and there’s a links around here the best thing about this is this is this is a directory so you couldn’t submit your own link if you want as well so you basically to steal their backlink and there you go you’ve got a backlink to your website for free and this shows this shows if there’s any traffic coming from the backlinks so if you really look at that there’s not much backlinks these guys here it’s often the same websites home page links are three super easy to beat they don’t really have any high penalty rescue links for that doesn’t really matter and that’s it you know do this for all Tim site so you also have some pretty cool stuff on here so you can go to domain strength here the domain strength is 1.85 PR to Alexa rank how many pages are indexed how many links are do follow how many links are nofollow social signals you can do reports on it so it’ll give you a report here you can print out or you can send public you know do whatever really and you know backlink details here so yeah SEO spyglass is really good if you want to get into serious keyword research these are my main tools okay so long tail Pro finding the keywords and then you’ve got Google Force just checking out the sights in see what they look like it’s stuff like that and then you’ve got us spyglass or whatever backlink programming on you used to check the backlinks and if you have to check the backlinks okay this is so important because what if you go what if you find the keyword okay let’s just go back to one of our ones here what if you find the keyword that has two backlinks but and you think I can outrank this but you don’t check the backlink so what if it has a backlink from Huffington Post or Forbes or any big Authority news sites or any just massive Authority sites if you don’t check that you don’t know so if you start seeing sites of backlinks from BBC News Huffington Post BuzzFeed and stuff like that you’re gonna find a have a hard time out ranking them because those sites have so much Authority and Google so you need to check every single one that you want to outrank so if I want to outrank if I want to get to the just this position here I’ll only check these ones here I won’t bother around the rest until I actually want to outrank these guys and that’s it you just simply want to check the backlinks and this is so important I can’t stress it enough because that they don’t that’s what to kill your campaign if you go through all this effort of funding a keyword in here you think it’s all good to go you make your website and then you start doing SEO and you’re wondering why your your website’s not ranking it’s because you’re putting a whole bunch of links to your site that kind of have you know average Authority but then you’ve got things like the site’s theater now ranked have links from Forbes or BuzzFeed or something like that so it’s very very important to check these and you know once you once you have done your keyword you’ve done all your chicks and you really go make your websites and have a plan and then I’ll tell you what you’re going to rank and you going to start making some money online these exits website Adsense web such a very good moneymakers if you have enough of them and I hope that answered your question for the guy that asked me to do this tutorial I actually had a few guys ask me so you know I hope they really hugged you and I’ll see you guys in the next video hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week about affiliate marketing making money online ranking websites at Google and heed some more you can also get my free e-book on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Websites – SUPER EASY.
How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Websites - SUPER EASY

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

How to do keyword research for Adsense
Research is very important if you want to make money with Adsense.

SEO Spyglass:

A large request from my followers was to show you how I do my keyword research when building Adsense websites. This is the most important part when creating the websites, you need to find the right one that’s going to make you money when you get clicks. Look for keywords with a good CPC and a high search volume for the main keyword. Then you want to mind smaller keywords for the other pages on the website.

Once you have found the right one check the keyword competition with longtail pro o see what sort of link here it has. Don’t stop there, now it’s time to do into google and check how the sites look. If they are bad quality then this is a good thing, we can outrank it. Next check the backlinks, I use SEO spyglass for this.

When learning how to do keyword research it’s important that you have the right tools. To do this I used long tail pro, This would have to be the best research tool you could get. This will help you get to the top in those competitive niches. It’s best keyword research tool and I will be doing a long tail pro review soon.

This is the tutorial you need and I show you how to really do it. This is the easy part, the hard part is ranking but as long as you have followed this keyword research tutorial you will be just fine.

So when creating a website for Adsense you now know how to find those niches that will make you profit online. you don’t need a complicated website for this. all you need is some good keyword research and some time to check the backlinks so you know you can get to the first page of Google.

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