How to Buy a Website on Flippa and Not Get Ripped off.

How to Buy a Website on Flippa and Not Get Ripped off.

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More specifically, you want help with How to Buy a Website on Flippa and Not Get Ripped off.?

hey what’s going on guys basically making this video to help him in the future with finding websites on Flippa if you don’t know what flipper is it’s basically a website where people sell out other websites right so last night I was I was going to buy a website and I ended up going to sleep and so in the morning in it I wasn’t too happy because I really wanted this website so I’m going to start from the start and basically explain what I found in why I wanted it so I found this website on Flippa called Maine Coons are all gone what this is a famous cat and I had a lot of interest in this because the steps were really good like seven months old it’s getting super steady organic traffic financials not very good you know he’s making five bucks I’ve made since which was all right I guess but the traffic would really caught my eye and caught my eye because I had a an average bansuri which was good you know it’s a no no leave Sasson here at 80-plus but this call my organic search the organic search was over 70% which is what I look for when I bite websites refer on derricks you know I don’t really mind but it’s it’s not really worried about there right now social this guy doesn’t have any social accounts or anything so it’s really caught my eye my way and I started to do some digging into into the website first thing I did was look at it of course and all loaded up here I liked the the design is quite clean there’s not too much stuff on here I would probably do the sidebar up a lot more put some social stuff up here went through all the categories you know everything’s sweet I would probably get rid of the adsense the reason is there’s not much money in it on this news I’ll show you I’ll show you soon so I’ll get rid of the Adsense my next thing what I did was I did a speed speed test so I’m going to mean the reason I did this is because I want to check to say there’s anything I can possibly effects or anything that’s going to be hard to fix I’m going to cause me more problems or more work this is analyzing what I look for me and this is okay it doesn’t need a lot of improvement I usually like to have my sites over 90% on both of these and I don’t worry about this too much right now because I can always fix all this but what I do look at is things like this so he’s got issues with 4f walls here but see the main issue was all this and I suspected it’s these are images right and what this means is here isn’t optimizers images or compress them and stuff like that and this really kills the speed and in 2015 speeds quite important for ranking google does take it into consideration but these are major problems these can be fixed so right now I was looking good okay I have an issue here right see I seem to have issues with Adsense with this website it seems to be some issues there so they wouldn’t bother me because I want to be using Adsense all right so after I check the speed I basically want to check competition what it’s ranking for so I put the Maine Coon in the search bar but what happens is when you usually gets those stuff from your country like it’s personalized cool personalized is this before for your country right and I don’t I don’t want to laugh to see that so what I do is I use market samurai to bring up the top 10 and I click on View and Google and it brings up America or worldwide what I did now as I went to my Mars Tauber a Barrymore’s toolbar and this shows the authority how much links are linking back so I would probably have no chance of ranking in the top 5 unless I really really put some work in but this one I could probably outrank that I’m actually look at that site yet but this one is the one I had a look at and I think I could definitely outrank this I mean that’s not the designs average is the only thing that’s really probably keeping it going as all these shears but one thing that caught my eye was all the Pinterest stuff this basically tells me that it’s popular on Pinterest and I could use that to my advantage I can easily redesigned my site flipped it in this I could easily rank it at the time and this is nothing really here either so I could definitely probably get in the you know six seven eighth position without too much work so that’s a good thing the next thing I was ordered to do was check backlinks because this guy has said in this description that there’s been no search engine optimization work and he’s getting these great stats where are we this great stats so this is a good thing because basically all the hard work is done right here set up the website he’s let it do its thing you’ve started to get a little bit of authority from the traffic and all that sort of stuff so I checked the backlinks and he’s right he’s got absolutely no their claims so there’s not much authority really but your but the point is you’re getting you’re getting traffic naturally which once you start to post new content you’re going to create authority and backlinks super easy because people they’ll be sharing stuff but a link it to their friends and stuff like that so this is a this is a good indication I mean it’s got no backlinks really now the next thing I wanted to do was products what can I sell on this website like what’s my plan and if you go I went I went to the bottom he had am in a list of businesses that come there that he contacted that would want to list their stuff on his site and this is a good way to make money you know could charge them to list their stuff unless this is a great option here that’s all you’re like 300 connections or something that came with with the auction so you kind of go wrong there but my main selling point was going to be Amazon affiliates right so I’m going to go into my tell you that I using coquettes and what I did is I looked at basically what so and what’s hot and we’ve got our so this is Google mess it up again so we’ve got all the stuff here I actually looked at one before you know we’ve got cat toys we can put in you know I looked at one before Noah’s cat bowls or cat Bowl you know I’ve got some stuff here the prices aren’t really high enough for me I probably want to do more high-end products but it’s very hard in this niche because okay you know pet stuff is so cheap nowadays it’s hard to really get the high-end products and they see no dog kennels and stuff like that you know she’s got bowls here we’ve got cat toys cat toys here so the point is like I would my plan for this website would be to get rid of all all the absense I mean you don’t need it if you’re making  those a month of it there’s no point it’s just sitting there looks looks unattractive people tend to leave sites more when they see this kind of stuff because it’s just it doesn’t feel an avocation or for you so I’ve done a lot of studies on the river it seems to be the case so what I would do is maybe if I bought this I would do the theme up a little bit I would look at gain some products thinking some social accounts going going into forums and advertising putting in your form signature building up a connection with people that are interested in the cats you know getting your article guy to write funny things about cats tips tricks how to care for your pets or if you want to do it yourself that’s fine probably upload three to four articles a week maybe for the most those is do put a lot of time and you know really need to put in too much time with these because they’re going to initially start to rank themselves over time see this sites already got some some good you know it’s already got a 15 domain Rankin Scott page Authority sorry page Authority 22 was ranks 4.98 munition good step to come work off so we’ve got the products what I’ve got you know I had a plan everything was all good right so the next thing I did is ask questions and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions because you’re the person that’s potentially going to buy the product you need to know as much information as you can so the first question I asked was um you know have you got to buy now and the reason I ask this is because most of the time the people will put up the seller will say yeah sure I’ve got to buy now and I’ll put up a Buy Now that is undervalued because they don’t really have an idea of how valuable their site is and I even bought my trough flipper available on site but on a lot of other sites people put up a Buy Now for say $200 but the site’s worth a thousand of my eyes because you know I’ve had a value that that so it always asked for a Buy Now and if they put one up you can buy it before the big players come in and start getting their auction price up right second question you want to ask is if you can get access to the webmasters account and you can get access if someone tells you that I don’t use webmaster you can’t get access then just leave because everyone uses webmasters 90% of people use it and you can get restricted access so I just said you know do have a list of keywords but for the ranking because I don’t want to be direct and say let me go into your webmasters because it’s a bit rude and he said 408 to the webmasters so what that did is it gave me restricted access to the website alright I haven’t got any screenshots of it because I didn’t take any about I could go in and search for the you know search inquiries and for these it had about two 300 keywords and for probably about 20% of them it was ranking on the first page and not all of them had high search traffic but it was still enough to kind of keep me interested now one thing I forgot to mention is the reason I wouldn’t be using Adsense on this which is artists because I did a bit of research and there’s not really any money in it I mean this is New Zealand Dollars so click the cost in America would be about fifty fifty eight you know and it’s not that great to me you know to Lolo mediums are ok you know you want to get into the mediums and they’re so Adsense is alright but not to later you know you want to kind of start book an established all the ends establishment products get a game planned and I’m saying this only a few actually plan to grow the site I mean if you want to buy it and rank and just leave it and get Adsense or Micronesian that’s fine but I’m talking about growing a site to for future business so you can make two thousand three thousand a thousand dollars a month and this had a high competitiveness but this doesn’t matter because I’m probably not going to in a rank in the main one because you know you’ve got these brands here and you know these sites probably going to have a lot of authority I actually have an interest in this one you see well listen yeah this is the same song I was talking about no you I could probably outrank there and like I said get up to the maybe eight nine eight or nine on the top ten but I’m not gonna um there’s no way I’m gonna get anywhere past five unless I really really put some hard working with the SEO so basically that’s that’s what I’m you know that’s how you find the time of the rough one flip out you look at the steps the steps are good thank you no colossal organic traffic they have a genuine reason for selling he was selling because he he’s just got basically there’s got too many websites that’s the you know that’s fair enough but this is a fatal mistake I made he put a blind L up and I was ready to buy her but then I thought myself do I really need another website I’m gonna go to bed and think about it and I’ll wake up in the morning and it’s sold and the thing is I was gonna buy it in no matter what but I should think that myself will do I really need it even though I was going to buy it so that what I’m trying to say did he find a diamond in the rough on the flipper or any other website and they put up by now and just and you really want that site you have a game plan in action and just buy it don’t hesitate because I mean 497 dollars as a fair price I think it’s not too much it’s not too less to meet my country that’s about $700 I wouldn’t in paints in her a bell but I planned to bring this site up to one thousand two thousand dollar-a-month website right so I would have made that back on six or seven months so yeah what I’m saying is if don’t hesitate buy again until it make some money and work on their website and this is a this is a perfect example of something you should be looking into even if you’re not into cats this is a super tight niche you know it’s about a breed of a cat there’s so much potential at this site you could really really do some damage and make some serious money and by serious I’m talking you know two three thousand dollars a month and that’s serious there is serious when you’re when you’re talking about Amazon products you know because then I have very high commissions so you know or you can make an e-book about these cats I’ll get someone to run an e-book on that you can select for twenty dollars ten dollars you know there’s opportunities endless so I hope this design helped you basically giving you some advice on making money online just find a good nature good site or make a site and it goes well for you and don’t hesitate like I did does it buy it if you’ve got the money and you’ve got the play 

This Post Was All About How to Buy a Website on Flippa and Not Get Ripped off..
How to Buy a Website on Flippa and Not Get Ripped off.

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So, thinking of buying a website on Flippa? Make sure you don’t buy a site that’s going to fail! In this video I show you what to look for when buying website or domains online.

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First, thing you need to do is research. It’s very important. Check out the stats of the website and look for consistent growing traffic. Ask the buyer to put up Verified Analytics if they haven’t already. Ask for proof of income and not a picture, get a video. Anyone can photoshop a video.

Ask for restricted access to the webmasters account so you can see what keywords the website is ranking for. If they don’t give it to you then don’t buy. Ask lot’s of questions if you need to., this will help you make a decision in buying the domain or website. You can find lot’s of good niche website on Flippa you just need to keep a lookout and avoid the bad wensite. You can find some real winners

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