How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money

How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money

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More specifically, you want help with How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money?

Hi, what’s up guys. It’s Franklin here
from and in this video I’m going to show you exactly how I ranked all
my niche sites that make me money every single month above my competitors on Google.
I was going to do two videos for this. I was going to do Ask Franklin and a separate tutorial,
but I’ve decide to put them both together since my main question this week from my followers
is “How? do I rank my niche websites to make profits on Google?” I have a lot of
students who are kind of stuck on the second, third page or their fourth services that don’t
work. So, I’m going to show exactly how I do mine. I haven’t left anything out.
I basically, built myself a mini PBN with Tumblr and I added Weebly in their as well
and I have ranked most of my sites on the front page of Google. So on this tutorial
we’re going to need some things. We’re going to need a tumbler account, a Weebly
account, you’re going to have to get some social signals and a Pinterest account. So
head on over to my computer and I’ll show you exactly how I do this.
Alright guys, so before I start building links, I want to show you exactly how I structure
my link building. So here is my money site. I get social signals, high page authority
with tumbler and I get a minimum of ten and then I get one or two high page authority
with Weebly. I also have a Pinterest account pointed to my money site. As you can see,
down here I have some rankings; 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 6th and 2nd. I’m taking a shortcut
here, you would start with Tumblr and Weebly. If I was to do this without buying Tumblr
or Weebly, I would have to zero page authority, I would have to build links to these pages
and then I would have to build more links to these links to build up authority which
will then build up authority to my site. But we’re going to be buying Tumblr and Weebly.
I already have backlinks going to them so I we’re not doing any of this stuff and
we’re saving a lot of time. So first we’re going to cover the social
shares or social signal site and I buy some and get hem drip-feed to my site. So I go
to I’ll leave a link in the description of all the websites that
I will mentioned in this video. I get the $10 pack per page that I want to rank. This
is a 10-day drip-feed and as you can see here they do have some good power and ranking and
stuff like that. So you have 120 Facebook shares, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest nd
then you can give them one URL. Now, the next things we’re going to do is we need to buy
some Tumblr and Weebly. If you want to buy Tumblrs and Weeblys, together you can do that
or you can buy Tumblrs by themselves or you can ask these guys and they might just give
you Weebly. You want to get ten minimum okay you need ten minimum to do this, at least,
and you want to a get page authority of about 30+. I ally get about 29 to 30+. This guys
does 32. So it is that simple to get Tumblrs from here, or you could go to
This is my main supplier. The best thing about this guy is he sends it you all setup so you
don’t have to put an avatar on or anything; it’s all ready to go.
Now, I also want to show you one of my keywords, okay. This is an example of a perfect keyword
to do this on. So this keyword has a competition ranking of 13 which is crazy low. But the
best thing is it has search volume of 2900 per month and it has only two words. If I
get into the front positon of this or maybe 1 or 2, I’m going to bank and I’m going
to bank serious. I’m going to be making thousands of dollars per month. With the product
I’m selling, it has about $40 commission. So serious money and plus I would have some
add cents on there as well. So this is a good example of a low competition keyword. They
are out there. There are heaps of them out there, you just have to dig deep, do your
key word variation when you’re searching for your keywords. I use Long Tail Pro. I’ll
leave a description for those as well. Now, I’m going to show you exactly how I
build a link and we’re going to be building it to my page about selling dimes on my blog.
I’ve already done a few, but we’ll just do it for this tutorial because I don’t
want to give away any of my niches. The first thing you want to do is connect to an IP.
You need to do this because if you don’t do this, you’re going to leave a footprint
and Google might catch onto you and you will get in trouble or your website will get penalise.
So once you’ve changed your IP, I use a program called “Clean mac” to clean out
my browsers. This isn’t necessary, but if you look at my Tumblr here that I have brought.
I brought some tumbler here; here are my Tumblrs. There is actually a guide and it says “To
clean your browser using a 00:04:46] software like CC cleaners. That’s what I’ve done.
Then once my browser loads, I also clear my history. So clear recent history just to be
safe. Then I go to Tumblr and I’m going to copy my Tumblr email. Now, I’ve blocked
a lot of this stuff so you can’t see it because I’m going to be using it for my
niche websites. So you’re essentially just building a little private blog network for
yourself. That’s all you’re doing. It is a 10+ little network for yourself where
you can just post pictures and links back to site which will give your site juice for
ranking. Now, once you have logged in, the best thing is you can use a picture and some
words and that set sail. I’m logged in and I’ve already have an avatar here. I’m
going to go to “Photo” and add a photo. Here is one here. I’m going to write a quick
description and then I’ll come back and show you what I have done. Alright. So I have
just written a small description. I’ve just done it really quickly, ally I do it a little
bit bigger than this. So it says “Have a domain to flip? We sell domains for you at
great rates. You can also use websites like Flipper to buy and sell domains online. There
are a few more that I won’t read into. Now, what is o is I go to websites like Wiki or
Facebook and I want to do a link back to these because that just gives it a bit more. This
is a really good outbound link that I have used for most of my link backs. I don’t
always do it, but I do it maybe, about 70% of the time. Now, next I want to go back to
my website and get my link. I’m going to link out to…It doesn’t really matter.
You can use keywords. I just wanted to show you an example here. So in my article that
I have just written about this somewhere I talked about diversity. So okay, in a picture
here that I have done, you can see I used the URL instead of linking it through a keyword.
I linked this through Flipper. So what I usually do is make a URL. I’ll do the brand name,
Online Dimes; just this name, Online Dimes; and things like “click here on this site.”
So in this one I might do Online Dimes. So “Visit Online Dimes for more,” and I so
simply link this to my page. That’s it; I’m done. You want to put some tags in.
It doesn’t really matter how many you put in. I’m just going to put a few here then
post it and then you just created a link back to your website and Google who will possibly
pick this up for you. We’re going to go to our website, if I can figure out how to
do it. We should be able to see our link. There you go; it’s all done. Usually these
Tumblrs will have some photos on there; just leave them you don’t need to delete them.
Just leave it exactly how it is. Now, I have just created a backlink to my website that
has some authority as well. That’s it; as simple as that. Now, I’m going to go over
the Weebly and stuff like that. I’ll show you in my article here. I don’t actually
have a Weebly to show you because this one actually got deleted the other day by me because
I didn’t needed it anymore. What you want to do is get an article that is around 500
or 400 words long and you can buy these from a website called that costs about
$4, $3 or $4. When you get your Weebly, you want to sign in and you want to make a blog
post. It’s dead simple. I’ll show you here, this is one of my old ones. You want
to post the post; you want to put your phone; and then you want to link out exactly how
did on the Tumblr. So this site this is linking with Twitter for some authority and increasing
your network as linking out to the site that I am trying to create backlinks to. That exact
same thing. Then you want to do two articles on your Weeblys. So you want to do one first
without any link, maybe just one to Wiki or something like that and leave it for about
4 or 5 days or maybe even a week and then you want to come back and take and do the
second article with the link to your money site. Only do about three or four Tumblrs
per day and no more than that. You can use a program called Instant link away and you
can put them on a drip-feed. I drip-feed them for about a week just to be able to safe site.
It is a bit of an over kill but I like to be safe. That’s all you do. So you’ve
bought up your ten Tumblrs, one or two Weeblys and then I’m going to show you the Pinterest
as well. Now, doing a Pinterest isn’t necessary,
but I do it anyway because you can get backlinks from Pinterest. I’ll show you here. Although
they are no follow, they are still good links because you want diversity. You need link
you can get as a good link; not no follow or do follow; just any link that is not spam
or can harm your site. Signing up with Pinterest is 100% free and it has helped me rank sites
so this is why use it. Now, I’m going to go to Pinterest. Right,
so my Pinterest is loaded. So it took a while s my internet is a bit slow today. So what
I did is built his up for the video and I followed 500 people, done 500 likes and I
have 49 followers in about one day. What I’ve done is simply uploaded some pictures with
a little description and I linked it back to my site. Every time someone re-pins my
stuff I get a backlink and it also spreads my link out to people who click through to
my website. So that’s it; dead simple, dead easy and it is 100% free. It really is worth
doing, so get your Tumblrs and your Weeblys and do a Pinterest account and I guarantee
you will be ranking those low competition keywords in no time.
Now, I wrote here my article. If you want to go to my article, you can check it out
at by the way. I’ve put in here that I’ve only tested it on keyword
competition with 23 or less. I can’t speak to anything over that, but I think it will
work. I haven’t tested it, but I am going to test it. You just need to expand your strategy
so you get more time to Weeblys and maybe you can add some more things for diversity
like blog comments and stuff like that. This definitely works so definitely try it. It
is a really good idea to get into search engine optimization yourself because then you know
what you’re doing; you know how your links are pointing to your site so you’re not
getting any rubbish and things like that. So if you have any questions, let me know
and I’ll see you guys in the next video. 

This Post Was All About How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money.
How To Build Backlinks That Get You Ranked In Google & Make You Money

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

I show you how to build backlinks to your niche website that get you ranked in Google.

This week tops questions was: How do I rank my niche websites on the 1st page of google with backlinks. In this video.

I show you how I get my niche sites to the front page of Google and make money with them. First, thing you need to do is buy some high PA Tumblr accounts, I’ve listed some links below. You also want to buy social shares to your money site, Social shares and signals are very powerful when link building. You will also need to stock up and a couple Weebly High PA Blogs. Now it’s time to build those backlinks.

Now this is dead simple and very effective. With the Tumblr upload an image and some text then use anchor text to link back to your website. That’s it, you have just created a highly powerful backlink to your website. It’s also a good idea to link out to an authority site for extra link juice. If you want to make money online then spending some time on search engine optimization (SEO) is what you need to do.

Repeat this with more Tumblrs, about 3 a day. Do a minimum of 10 tumblers then use Instant Link Indexer to get them indexed. Once you have done this you should start to see some good rankings in Google, Maybe even the front page. This is where you can start making money online.

Next you want to add some more juice with a Weebly blog. I add 1 or 2 to the mix with 2 500 word articles and some pictures. There are extremely powerful backlinks. This is link building on steroids. Why do all the word from scratch when we don’t have to right? Upload one article to the Weebly then wait for about 4 days. Upload the second one then drop the link to your niche or money site. BOOM you have an awesome linking structure that will rank you in the search engine and make you some nice cash.

Next we want to create a free Pinterest account. Follow people and they will follow you back. Then share images for repins. every repin is a new backlink to your website or blog. Even though these links are no follow they are still good links.

That’s it, We have just built and created some super powerful backlinks that can help us get ranked on the first page. If you’re looking to get more income and make money or rank those affiliate products like Clickbank then give this a go.

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