How to Build a Clickbank Affiliate Website – Online Marketing | Part 4

How to Build a Clickbank Affiliate Website – Online Marketing | Part 4

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hey what’s going on guys this is Franklin here and this is part 4 of my affiliate video series in this video I’m going to be showing you how to make an affiliate website and this one converts what are the best for me out of all the ones I’ve used now first you need some hosting I suggest Bluehost because they have super cheap hosting I mean this is really the cheapest you can get and if you go through my link you will get discount and a free domain I’ll leave a link in the description for you now when you go to Bluehost or wherever you’re going to go valve is going to use Bluehost for this example you want to click get started now and you only need the cheapest plan okay you don’t need a bigger plan because we’re not going to have a website with a lot of you know we don’t need a lot of space so we’re going to click the cheapest one now with the domain you want to use a domain that has your keyword in it okay because our photo our main keyword is going to be on the home page now it doesn’t have to be exact okay that people say exact domains helped a lot and they do in some in some situations but then Google sometimes slap you for having over a optimized you know tablets that with the title the meta description and and all that and with the domain so you’ve got to be careful so I usually do the keyword the domain with maybe one or two other words but in this one I’m just going to do piano lessons online and online isn’t part of my what does add a number there to is probably taken online isn’t part of my keyword sauce that domain isn’t over optimized now this section is flat all your details you don’t really need sight lock because we’re going to be using something else site backup Pro is definitely a good thing because you can give your site backed up every day or if your week I think and this is very good because you do in this game there’s a lot of hackers the case you need to be backing up your site domain privacy protection that’s done protects or your private information service you definitely need this and I suggest using your real information with blue house because you will have to verify your account either by ringing them up and get on the on your mobile number or sending them an a picture of your ID now I don’t really like sending my ID online so I ring them up and they just confirm my phone number then you put on all your credit card details now once you’ve done you’ll get all your information sent to you and then you want to log into your cPanel and this is we’re going to be installing WordPress and then all you do is you click install WordPress I’m not gonna dog because I’ve already done on this I don’t overwrite my website once you’ve done that you will have a section like this you basically pick your domain from here you click check domain it will install it if you want to go view credentials and it will give you a URL here and a password and you want to keep this handy because you’re going to need this but you can change that once you log in so once you’ve got your your URL you want to go to your URL the miners online resources org select our forward slash WP dash admin for this tutorial next thing we want to do this is very important is go to settings permalinks you want to click post name because this will benefit us and when we do our SEO because it doesn’t show all the other stuff in here you know you want a nice clean URL next we want to go to plugins now I’m going to install all the plugins now and then I’ll show you them afterwards and I’ll explain to you what they do ok all right so I’ve got my goons installed and I’m going to show you exactly what all of them do first one I’ve got as content copy protection that stops anyone from copying any content on your website and duplicating it now what this can do is someone can come along copy your stuff and make a website exactly like yours and this is bad because it creates duplicate content and Google might slap you for or there may even help out rank your site and make more money than you so this is a very important plugin that stops anyone from copying your website disable author pages this is very very good plugin it disables your author page so hackers cannot see it by clicking on your name in the post the that you put up on your website let’s see if you don’t have this plug-in anyone can just hover over your name and a post or click on your name and it will give them your username for your WordPress website and they can use a tool or brute force program or anything to try and hack your website next is the enhanced text widget I’ll show you how to use this soon leverage brow browser caching ninja this speeds up your website very cool little plugin it will speed up your website and help you and Google with your rankings pretty link is a like a suppose a cloaks link so it doesn’t really cloak links but it will hide your affiliate links so we’re going to be using that as well w3 total cache II this will speed up the website as well I’ll show how to use that in a minute to sustain a security plug-in here your SEO plugin and then we’ve got a cleanup plug-in here that I’m going to show you as well so first we will go to the leverage browser plugin me not at all happen there here we go you just want to click enable and update standard settings are fine then we’re going to go to performance and all the standard settings all of us will be fine but we do want to do a few things we need general settings just want to Knable page catchy here and this just makes kind of like a mirror of your site so when people come back to your site isn’t it the load again for them and it’s not slow you don’t really need to mess with any of these other settings you can add a CDN what this does is this distributes your content from different locations around the world so it speeds up your loading time for different countries now I use Mac’s CDN I will leave a link in the description for you if you want to use it I use this on all my sites it’s not necessary but it will speed up your site and it does help with Google rankings okay having a fast site does help Google really look does like fast sites wood fence is the next one first you want to do a scan of your website okay once you finish with that make sure everything’s fine standard is fine but one thing you do want to do is change the login attempts now it’s an options and you want to change login attempts to about four or five okay because if it’s any higher than that it gives any kind of tool a chance to crack your whip your crack your password so you want to make up four or five there’s really no chance any tool is going to crack it and four or five attempts if you have a good password that is so we will change this to 5 here now I’m not actually making a real site okay I’m not really using the site I was going to rank this site but I’ve decided not to because I’m a bit too busy but I hope I’m going to be giving up to one of my students to rank so I’ll leave it up to them to do what they want to do with it next one is WP cleaner now what this does is every time you edit a post or you delete something call you do anything it leads it leaves a trail and your WordPress it just leaves you know every time you make a change to your post it will leave a draft so you like drafts here or you every now and then you just want to click everything and go empty they were empty all of the stuff for you and it will speed up your website let’s just load in here right now as you can see it’s cleared a lot of stuff out some sometimes it doesn’t do everything just leave it and there you go you’ve cleaned out all the stuff on your site all the rubbish that you don’t need next we’ve got link builder sorry pretty link and what this does is this will cloak your your URLs so you your fleet link sorry so it hides it from Google and you don’t get in trouble now let’s get to the good stuff so let’s have a look at our site it’s going to be ugly ok when you first start your WordPress website is going to look very ugly so this isn’t really what I want so I want to get myself a new theme I recommend my theme shop they have the best themes they’re super fast really good coded and they’re just a really good price you can get some free ones on here as well so it’s just a free one or you can buy one if you click on my link below this video you will get a 10% discount if you use the code online dimes now I’ve got a theme so I’m just going to upload this theme really quickly to do that we just click on themes add new at the top here add new upload theme oh here we go sorry and then you should have one in your weather you’ve got it after you’ve downloaded it from wherever you bought it from if you can just use you know the free themes that come with this WordPress bride I just like to use my theme shop because this themes are really really fast I’m going to go to activate if we refresh here we have a better theme I’m going to do a few things first we need rid of all the stuff on the side here we don’t need any of this this just creates cluster we’re going to go to widgets we’re going to get rid of recent comments meta tags categories and archives and just leave these two here we probably don’t even really need to search but I’ll leave it there for now next we want to create a page so go to pages and all pages we’re not gonna be making a post right now we’re going to be making our main page for the main website or for the front page you know for the main keyword I should have said there and one’s going to delete the ocean I won’t delete this that will create 404s I’m going to go add new page I’m just going to put anything in the title or your pineapple your keyword and I’m going to grab my article here now this article isn’t laid out the best I wasn’t too happy with it but you know you got to tweak it and stuff this is from my writer and paste it in here so I’ve got a lot of gaps okay we’ll leave that for now next you want to go to you want to save this okay so publish then we want to go to settings and reading I want to go we want to put on a static page we want to select a front page we get Peter Save Changes now our front page where we have our main keyword and domain should have that post on it there we go as you can see we don’t have any of the stuff on the side now and we’ve got got an article here now I’m just going to fix this up really quickly so we can kind of get a better looking article here alright guys so as you can see I’ve made my article look a little bit better they’re still not very good usually I would spend a bit more time than make it look really nice but since we’re in the tutorial I don’t think it’s necessary now you can see my keywords here and another one here and a few more up here doesn’t have to be in bold I would change that if this was actually going to be a website now we’re going to work on the sidebar first we’re gonna get a banner so we need a banner from wherever our product is from and we’re going to copy this code we’re going to go back to our site we go to widgets we’re going to add the enhanced text widget we want to put it above recent recent posts I just want to add the content here next we want to go to pretty link and we want to get our affiliate code so I’m going to get it from here promote create copy pretty link and a pretty link you want to make it up 301 permanent and you want to click nofollow this is very important now follow this link and click create I’ll the slugars taken ok click create you want to copy this link and you want to go back to our widget and you want to replace this here and safe now if we go back to our website we should have a banner and it is massive just how let me see if I can fix this really quick because that’s not the size we want okay as you can see now I have a banner here I just change the size by changing the numbers here and you can Center the banner if you want by putting some Center codes in or some align codes and it’ll Center for you next thing we want to do is add some text in the actual page with our link so I’m going to do that really quickly and then I will show you what I’ve done and explain why I did it so what I’ve done here is I’ve added some text with a link to my product and you want to make sure to opens in a new window and the reason this is people will get distracted and let’s just say they click out of the actual product and then go and do something like eat dinner go play with their kids or whatever when they come back your site will still be here and there you might possibly get a sale out of them now the Edit here and edit it here and I get most of my conversions off of these actual links here here I don’t get it off the banner so this is really simple really easy to do next we’re going to add a picture down here actually our you’re going to add a picture down here with some text as well so we’re kind of like we’re making the people read here and they get kind of interested in something and then they might click on here they might keep going they get more interest now I click here or they get to the bottom and they’re probably really interested in something you know learning how to play piano and then you’re going to have a call to action down here so I’ll do this really quickly and I’ll come back and show you exactly what I’ve done actually what I’ll do is I’ll I will upload it now and I’ll show you just so you kind of see what I’m going to be doing so I’m going to go back to dashboard I’m going to go to media here we go add new so let’s go add new up here I’m also going to drag in my picture okay so I’ve got our image here down here now we’re going to pages we edit my front page again all I’m going to do is add my image I just found this on Google you can find wonder slo-mo and related to your product we have a center here and I’m just going to do some text and I’ll show you what I’m what I’ve done alright what I’ve done is I’ve added my image here I’ve added some text now this is a very good text here this is just a quick example I would usually do a lot better make it more appealing and put on some really good call to actions and I might use a bigger picture because I actually had a look and it wasn’t very big so what I’m going to do is go preview changes the road under here as you can see I’ve got my image down here and some call-to-action you secure your copy now I’ll because you secure your copy before they run out and III left they not have a link here to their product and the picture and to do that you just go to your picture and you click that and you put your Lincoln and preview changes again we go down there we go or I would have a Buy Now button here or Buy Now button underneath but this has converted for me the best out of any affiliate site I’ve made ok so they come here they have a little read a lot of people put the product up the top here before the put the person even gets a chance to have a read and they just bounce the site because they’re not here to buy something they’re here to just you know look at piano lessons and teach their kids how to play piano but as they get down and they start to see you know usually my articles will be worded so the buyer gets I attract the buyer into buying my product okay and then you’ve got a kind of a call to action here it’s not too too much it’s just a subtle one and then they go down well they’ve got another one that they might click on then when they got to get to the bottom you’ve juiced them up for a for a sale so they’re probably going to buy the product so this is rundown of how my front page would look like and then you we’re going to I’m going to show you how to set up a category okay so if you want to do some other post and then when you do your other post you will have some here and you would edit those posts they look the same as this now let’s put in a category that’s super easy we just go to post categories just edit the standard one if you want to edit this because you it’ll be a dead page if you delete it and Google will pick it up and give it a 404 we return to piano lessons or change the piano here update and to add your posts to the page to the I don’t think can actually add a page to a category have a look here no you can’t so you have to only do it for a post so if we go to a post you can add this post to your category so piano it’s already added when we refresh our site we now have piano here can we have our post next thing I want to do is I want to add a free ebook now this is a necessary you don’t have to do this but at what it does is it brings in email subscribers to your page and you can then use that later to send them more products I wouldn’t necessarily do it in this scenario because there’s only really one product we can sell but I’m going to send it up anyway to show you exactly how I do it all right so I’m in my email platform and I use Aweber you can use MailChimp or whatever you’re used by to use a witness I’m going to show you here well I’m going to go to signup forms and I’m going to create a signup so if it’s a load really quick all right so my sign up fault here I’m going to add an image but I do need a URL so I’m going to back to my blog I’m going to upload an image here go add new I’m going to add my book that I found on Google I’m going to click on it in it more details and I gave the you URL I always mess that up copy it go back to my form copy it in here and there we go and I’m going to move it to the top and usually I would edit the image so I can kind of get a better center and stuff like that but we don’t need to do that right now why should I go center oh there we go so we’re going to Center here and then I’m going to add some text I’m just going to say I’ll just type it up really quick and it will come back eh all right so I’ll just put some text in here nothing to flash it could be a lot better next we want to remove power powered by air Weaver you can leave it there if you like I like to keep things nice and tight and then we’re going to go go to step two and then you want to kind of create I mean you should know how to set this up I’m not really going to go through it you need to set up like an autoresponder okay and then you need to link it to this an order responder is an automated message and in that message I would usually have a message that says so you can’t download the free ebook right now we’re going to fix this right away and then I’m going to try and sell them the piano ebook that I’m trying to sell or you can find a free ebook if you like and you can give out a free ebook that’s fine so there’s two ways you can do it you can either just say you know look the free ebook isn’t available right now and then you can have a email pitch and try and sell them a new one or the one that you’re trying to sell or you can actually give them a free ebook and then you know push them up do another sales pitch for the other one but I find that the first the first example works the best and I’m going to go go to step 3 so go back sorry I’m just going to save the form go to step 3 and I’m going to go I will install my for myself I’m going to go raw HTML okay I think JavaScript my work so we’ll copy this go back to our blog I want to go back to widgets enhance texts want to add it in here and we should have our form so we go refresh our page here then we go we have our ebook we have our banner and the dinner would use it is centered and what’s this has done is it’s not it’s not over doing anything it’s nice and subtle it’s not crammed with heaps of you know um heaps of other stuff you don’t want to have your sidebar full of a lot of stuff because the whole aim of the game here is to get the buyer to get your sign up to your email list and buy your product so you have a banner here you have some stuff here you have some stuff here and you have something at the bottom you can put a picture of someone here if you like to make it look more personal you can add maybe a few other things if you like but I wouldn’t overdo it okay because it tends to people concentrate more on the other crap that’s on here they don’t worry about buying it you know the product then you can add your logo up here this is super easy with this theme you just got I’m going to go to playbook here this is the theme options here and then you just load up your logo here your favicon you can put your analytic analytic analytics stuff in here you can change your footer text here your copyright text you have some styling options here color themes and this is a free free thing I don’t buy this thing and then that’s it it’s super simple you know with a little bit of tweaking you can really get this look really nice I’ve still got to do a lot of editing on the actual article here beer that’s it super simple and then just you just make your site live and there’s still a lot of tweaking to be done actually I’m going to in my next video tutorial we’re going to cover where’d we get pages here when they cover on-page SEO so on page search engine optimization which is all the stuff down here but this was just to show you how to set up your affiliate website super easier your front page and then you just want to add a few more articles if you want to rank for those articles but in this article right here we’re going to be ranking for three keywords that I will show that in the next part five I think it is part five I will show you exactly how do your on-page the SEO and how I’m going to be ranking for three keywords of this if I was to do this website so I have that out a couple days if you liked this video subscribe to my channel and I’ll have more videos coming up soon okay so here’s an example of my site I’m not going to be showing you most of it because I don’t want to expose my niche but I have a picture here to make things a bit more personal a little bit of personal information underneath because I have some social social buttons here I’ve got a header I’ve got all my categories about me page and contact me I would sadistically knows put on your website and down the bottom I’ve got this my banner and everything I showed you in the tutorial so if you liked this tutorial subscribe to my channel and I will have my next part out in a few days and it will be concentrating on search engine optimization hey if you like this video feel free to check out any of my other affiliate marketing videos and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel 

This Post Was All About How to Build a Clickbank Affiliate Website – Online Marketing | Part 4.
How to Build a Clickbank Affiliate Website - Online Marketing | Part 4

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Alright, so you’re looking to make money online? This part of my video series is going to concentrate on How to Build a Clickbank Affiliate Website. A simple website is all we need. Blue Host with a Free Domain!: Click Here

Affiliate Training + Mentorship

Theme Shop:

I don’t want to complicate things, you don’t need a crazy looking website filled with clutter. The aim is to get people buying products and not get distracted. First you need to get some hosting and I suggest Blue Host because it’s cheap. I would then grab a nice theme from My Theme shop. Hands down the best themes for Clickbank and affiliate websites. At this point, I would assume you have an article or you will write one of your own. Make sure it’s SEO optimized and I’ll be covering this in my next video.

Before we go into this though you need to install some plugins to make our website safer and easier to use. I’ve added a download at the bottom with a list of the ones I used. Once you have installed the plugins you are ready to learn wow to build a Clickbank affiliate website. It’s very simple, upload the article then add a banner to the sidebar and add a free e-book. You will be collecting e-mails with the ebook so you can push products at a later date.

Once you have all this up on the homepage you can throw 1-2 affiliate links in the article to start juicing up a buy. You will need to add a related image at the bottom of the page with some call to actions. By this time the buyers will be ready to buy after reading your convincing article. That’s really it, nice clean simple article and home page. don’t clutter up the side car and distract the potential customers on your website.


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