How I do SEO on my Clickbank Websites for Profits in Google | Part 4

How I do SEO on my Clickbank Websites for Profits in Google | Part 4

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hey what’s going on guys it’s Franklin here and welcome to part 5 of my flip marketing video series in this video I’m going to be showing you how I do my search engine optimization to get me ranked on the first page of Google now this isn’t a full in-depth SEO tutorial this is just the way I do it this heaps of different ways that you can do search engine optimization but I do mine with links and just really good on-page keyword optimization so I’m just going to show you here like kind of how SEO works if you don’t know and how I do it so first you have your main site we’re going to call us the money site and your site is nothing without links it’s just the site that’s randomly and google and his millions and millions of sites every single day so what you need to do is you need to build links to these sites there’s many ways you can do this but what I do is I use web 2.0 and what these are is these are free blog platforms and they have high authorities this is why I use them I will just put web there and web here now with these web 2.0 s if you start a new web 2.0 they have no authority they’re just dead links there’s nothing there and Google doesn’t really use that to link to your site so all you’ll have is a money site and these web 2.0 s but they probably won’t link back to your site so you have to build links to the web 2.0 s to give them authority and then sometimes you even need to build links back to these links now that’s gonna be very time-consuming as it actually is very time-consuming so if I have to do this I usually pay someone to do it for me so this is why I can’t give you a tutorial on how to dub because I pay someone for misunderstanding of time I used to do a long time ago but it’s changed now so what I do is I cheat a little bit instead of it doing all the linking here you know sometimes I’ll pay for it but I’ve oughta do it myself I buy the web 2.0 s that already have authority on them like Tumblr a wordpress web Li and then I linked them to my money signing I don’t have to worry about all these links down here because I’ve already got links linking to them so I don’t have to do any work all I have to do is link a few of these to my money money site and I’ll rank now depending on your keyword how hard it is you might have to ranked or three of these linked or three of these or you might have to link 100 or 150 it depends on your keyword but for easy keywords I normally have to use link 2 or 3 and I’m good I’ve got my website on the front pay for at least the second page so if we go into my computer right now I’ll show exactly what I mean and you get a better idea of how I rank my videos my sorry how I rank of my websites alright if you watch my last video you’ll know that I put an article on my demo website here about pianos and I have my e-book here that I’m going to be giving away for free and getting emails subscriptions so I can push more products later that’s like the files to do this site I have my article here with some links to the actual product we’ll just let that load I have a banner here on the right and I have some pictures down the bottom and this is the product they’re selling we well we would be selling if we were going to dip it on this website but I was doing this as a demo so it’s a piano lesson tutorial now before we start any search engine optimization okay the most important part is actually optimizing your article and this is overlooked all the time so I’m going to be using these three keywords here and we’re going to be using this plugin WordPress SEO by yoast and we’re going to be putting these three keywords in here so I’ll do this really quickly I’ll come back and show you what I’ve done okay guys so what I’ve done is I’ve used these three words and I’ve put them in my description here but I haven’t actually used the whole words so if you look at the title it says best online piano lessons for kids and toddlers so I’ve put all of these three in this one title and then if you look at the Meta Description it says are you looking to turn your kids or to those my key words there into amazing piano players I’ve got piano and then I’ve got we have reviewed the best online piano course so I’ve got best online and I’ve got piano again I’ve also added on course therefore extra kind of you know word for lessons so we’re gonna get rid of this right here so optimize that now I wouldn’t really trust this I mean Yoast is okay for a guideline but I don’t actually really follow it their mouth because if you see here it says mid a description that there’s nothing in there well that means is that this actual word isn’t in there because it only focuses on the whole word so of course the words not in here because we haven’t done it like that but if we go like this and we copy this in here now it shows up one okay but we’re not doing that we’re we’re spreading our words out throughout the minute description so it is in there it’s in there you know kids piano lessons and that’s it you know that’s all you need to don’t need to worry about the fourth because it’ll still show up now UVU would put you would put it in the URL as well but I’m using a demo site so it want to have your keyword in the URL somewhere another thing you want to do is you want to be linking out to some sort of authority site so I’m gonna use Wikipedia here and then will you just use piano and I’m gonna go through my article it’s going to add it to one of these random words here and that just outbound this it’s called an outbound link and what it does is it just gives you some extra you know extra juice here it’ll say here no you know outbound link so if we refresh that now we should have an outbound link I see now we have an outbound link so it says here no I can’t find that this actually happened somewhat it disappears so anyway we’ve done it now with the density I wouldn’t actually worry about it too much okay because the keyword density matrix in this plugin is way off it doesn’t work very well at all but here I’ve got a n6 x which was okay because I’ve it’s nearly a 1000 word article so that’s a bell one keyword phrase per 200 words maybe five would be a bit better here it actually says five so as you can tell it’s not very accurate but my density is around about 62 and then I’m happy with that it’s the real density is probably around one and a half to two percent because it doesn’t count the title the meta description and the SEO title and it doesn’t count the URL if you had it in there and then another thing you want to do is you also want to put your keywords and this is called an 8 a heading one h1 section so you want to change this you want to put maybe a keyword and one of these or you could make them an h2 page for anything you like as long as you’ve got your keyword somewhere in one of these now I would usually just do my main keyword so I’m main keyword is gonna be pure listeners for kids I might just copy that and put that in just anywhere but you want to also add other words to it so we’ll just say the best part about the best part about piano lessons for kids so you’ve got the key word but you’ve also got other things here because you don’t want it to be 100% the key word because it going to be over optimizing that h1 hitting one there but I’ve also got best as well which was part of my other keywords and the last thing that I would usually do is you want what’s your image you want to alter the alt tags we’re going to edit an alternative text we’re just going to put an L key word again and you want to add a few things I would say our panelists and for kids and toddlers for best online lessons so just add a few things you don’t want to have just the keyword just that because Google might see that photos over optimized for that one keyword update so now you’ve got it in the image we’re gonna update this really quickly and just see if it’s yo clerk’s will check here you see a lot of this doesn’t show up but that’s because we haven’t actually used the keyword the actual whole keyword and the things like meta description so if we go copy this and we add this in here it’s probably gonna change for us see now this is good but that’s the mistake a lot of people make they go by this plug-in and they think they have to put the actual whole thing in but they don’t and they end up over optimizing their pages do you think you just need to put variations because Google’s smart enough to go through and pick out the words it doesn’t have to pick out the whole section okay this is very important and this is why a lot of people fail at SEO because they over optimize their pages without even realizing it now we’re going to get into the off page SEO and I’m gonna show you exactly how I ranked one of my pages in my blog this is the page here quick and easy domain flipping guide my buddy just made 17k I posted this on the 15th of April and I didn’t do anything to it and it wasn’t ranking and then I’ve used these two tumblr blogs here three weeks ago and I ranked it in about two weeks so I’ll show you how I did it what I did is I went to and I just bought five tump I actually bought ten tumblr blogs with page Authority of thirty plus and the reason I do this is because it saves me a lot of time what this means is these blogs already have links pointing to them and I don’t just buy tumblers I’d buy WordPress sites Weebly sites and all sorts of web 2.0 s because when when you do SEO people will say oh you need a build we 2.0 so people build web 2.0 and point it back to their site but day of 100% pointless of the web 2.0 have no links going to them they have to have links go them to give them authority or Google’s not going to pick them up they’re dead Google won’t see them you know they’ll see them but they’re not gonna give you any link juice from it so you would either have to buy an SEO package or you would have to spend hours and hours of expensive programs building links to those sites then building links to those sites and building more links to those sites and just a whole bunch of links there and it can be very very confusing for people so what I do is I bought ten of these and I simply went into each of these domains they send it to you with passwords and emails and I posted a picture this is the beauty about tumblr you can just post a picture in a few small words and you’re going to get some of links back to the site because that’s what tumblr sports not for making big articles and I have a link here that says click here and this goes to my website here by online divers calm article now if we go back I also have a link to domain name here and this is linking to Wikipedia this just goes to the page a little bit of extra juice and that’s really you know it just lets Google know that you’ve got some links there and there’s some Authority and then I’ve got another one here and instead of actually having a link here I put a naked URL instead it just you want to have it different every time you don’t use the same keywords you don’t want to use click here all the time you don’t want to use join this site you want to use heaps of different stuff it does because it doesn’t matter you still getting the link to your website well this one I’m linking to flipper and this is where you sell domains and I’m linking to my main URL here now these are the only two that have been picked up by Google for me out of 10 okay you’re not not although they’re going to be picked up but from these two tumblers alone just these two tumblers nothing else at all I’ve ranked fifth for my keyword 260 sifters a month now that’s not a lot but it’s a lot when you’re doing three or four these a week if we have a look here we are ranking 4 1 2 3 4 5 we’re actually ranking above a whole lot of you know this one’s been here for a while I ranking above Forbes so you know it’s very very powerful stuff you know I’ll show the authority here so I’ve got 15 links linking back to this and I didn’t do any of that I just bought it like that and I cut out a lot of the hard work for me I’m just linking back to my site now this is another website here a wordpress site has eight links going back to it which I bought and this is for a site that I made about invites to a social network I’ll show you it but this is the article here and I’ve got a link here linking back to Twitter for some authority and I’ve got my link to my actual site increasing your network I’ve got a photo and then I’ve got some more of the article here now this is the website simple easy website here then once got another article ripped down here and I posted these a month apart and that that was that simple and that’s and it picked it up as a backlink but I did a few of these I did three or four I think and that that’s it and this is all I do an SEO I can’t show you how to do crazy you know building all these links back to your pages because I don’t do that because I don’t need to do that and you don’t need to do that either it’s overrated it’s just you know people are paying it’s your company’s thousands and thousands of dollars when you don’t need to be doing it as it doesn’t need to happen like that it’s just a waste of time I’m going to quit out of these and we’re just going to go and have a look at one more thing so buying SEO packages I do this a lot I know I just said you don’t need to spend heaps of money on buying links and all that but you’re not gonna be spending lots of money here it’s only $97 and it’s a small price to pay if you can get your site ranked because sometimes I just don’t have time to do it myself I don’t have time to sit there and do ten tumblers or ten word presses and ten webley’s and all that it’s easy for me to do but sometimes it just takes time so so my god buy a package and I do buy a lot of packages and I do test a lot of packages so this one here is a bronze I usually just buy the bronze one this is on black hat SEO forum don’t worry about the name a lot of this stuff is white hair and it works just fine now this one here has a package so they’ll build you some web 2.0 properties and they’ll build links back to those web 2.0 properties down here your second tiers I’m gonna be linked to your web 2.0 properties and these are gonna give them juice you know these your web 2.0 properties here so you’re basically just starting from scratch instead of taking a shortcut like I usually do and these are fine I buy these all the time so don’t be afraid to buy SEO packages but you just want to make sure you read the reviews and you’re not buying anything that doesn’t work and let me tell you this little secret about SEO a lot of people will pay two thousand three thousand five hundred dollars a month for SEO packages well those guys that are charging you that amount of money this is what they buy they’re charging you two grand a month they come back two threads like this and they pay two hundred dollars and that’s what they do but in declan charge you $2,000 fraud that’s how these guys are making money there’s no trick these guys don’t have any trick worth two thousand dollars three thousand dollars I’ve got no special formula that’ll do it this is all they’re doing okay so just cut out the middleman if you want to buy SEO and come and buy it from websites like this I’m trying to buy it from Fiverr because five is a really really bad place to buy SEO from it’s just full of spam and crap and that’s really it this is how I do my sites and you gotta remember that SEO doesn’t happen straight away you can’t just do it at a click of a button it does take it could take a week it could take a month it could take two months it could take six months it could never happen you might not even rank a site but that’s the that’s the thing about the incident if we could rank everything every day all the time we’ll all be billionaires and you know that’s what I’ll never have to work again so you can all rank sites you imagine how many people turnaround sites every single day millions all right guys that concludes my SEO tutorial I haven’t gone in depth with all of this SEO because this is how I do it I don’t actually go in and do all the crazy article submissions and the spinning and all of that old-school stuff because I don’t there doesn’t work for me so I don’t do that and I don’t use it I basically buy websites any type of domain web 2.0 that have authority to them already and I drop a link in it or I buy my SEO packages to rank my affiliate sites and that’s it and it works because all we’re trying to do here is get on the front page of Google that’s it we’re gonna be doing whatever we can to get on the front page of Google and if that means spending a little bit of money on SEO and that’s what you’re going to do because you’re gonna be spinning on your time anyway if you ought to do all the old-school link building techniques that take hours and hours to go through and you spend money on all the programs to do it anyway this is how I do it and this is what works and I’ll see you on the next video which will be part 6 on how to maintain the website once you’re ranked in Google hey if you like this video feel free to check out any of my other affiliate marketing videos and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my channel you 

This Post Was All About How I do SEO on my Clickbank Websites for Profits in Google | Part 4.
How I do SEO on my Clickbank Websites for Profits in Google | Part 4

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I’m going to keep this one short and do a guide on it in another video sometime. I’m ranking my videos by using high PA/DA web 2.0 websites. For more check

When ranking these websites I don’t have time to spend building ridiculous amounts of backlinks. If I need to do this I pay some to do it for me and usually just buy the cheap stuff. It works well. If I;m going to do any SEO or search engine optimisation myself I just buy website with links already going to them. These links have great authority. Just drop a link on them and away you go.

Building backlinks doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. As long as you have authorty links coming in you will start to rank. Don;t pay for over priced SEO for ranking in Google from search engine optimization companies. It’s a waste on money. Anything over $500 a month I would stay away from.

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