Get Paid $500+ Just To TYPE! *NEW 2020* (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

Get Paid $500+ Just To TYPE! *NEW 2020* (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

New To Making Money Online But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Get Paid $500+ Just To TYPE! *NEW 2020* (Earn FREE PayPal Money)?

and free paper money just for completing captures stay tuned guys that’s exactly what i’m gonna be showing you in today’s video but before we do jump into it just got a few quick things to mention number one as you see this little thing here i want you to go down underneath this video at any point and just destroy that like button for me please and thank you let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes that will be awesome second thing apparently around 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet so if you’re one of those if you’re watching this video right now and you’re looking for ways to make money online well guys go down there scroll down a little bit and hit that subscribe button and also consider turning on the notification bell just so i can update you every single time i post a new video and last thing i want to mention guys is i keep getting asked this question every single day digital millionaire how do you make money online well got good news for you guys it’s going to be easy for you all you need to do is scroll down again go to the top of the description and click the first link you see down there it looks like this says if you click that link you can see how i make money online and how you guys can basically copy what i’m doing this is my number one recommendation for everyone who asked me how to make money online okay so go down there click that link first link right at the top of the description and without further ado i don’t want to mess around anymore i want to get into this video it’s going to be a quick one but it is a very very powerful method that you guys are going to love stay tuned with me by the end of this video you will be making money online earning yourself some free paypal money or some free bitcoin got a few different payment options on this website and it’s going to be super easy very very simple method for you today so let’s get into it all right then so here we are on the website that i want to show you today okay so like i said at the start we are going to be doing captures we don’t know what a capture is you’re going to see in just a moment it’s one of those things right where you uh when you’re logging in or something it says check if you’re not a robot and you have to type in whatever you see that is a capture and that’s what we’re gonna be doing today to make some money now this isn’t gonna be a like a get rich quick thing you’re not gonna be able to make a huge amount of money with this this is gonna be four complete beginners who have probably never made money online you’re just looking to get a few extra dollars every single day to start building your way up okay getting that money to invest into bigger and better things this is a great place to start for beginners all right so you’re going to come out and come to this website right here it’s called to capture to you can see the spelling right here just put dot com after this and you’re good to go you can come here and create a free account first of all guys watch this video okay don’t skip ahead don’t leave right now you’re gonna want to watch all of this video until the end first all right just you get all the tips and tricks that i have for you and you can make the most money possible online from this website right here okay so let’s get into it guys let me just check out the website together first of all okay this is all you’re gonna need to do solve captures literally available like they’re available all the time every day just come onto the website complete some captures get money for it and yeah that is it it’s going to be very very simple all you’re going to be doing is solving these captures okay um it’s home data entry work that’s what this kind of job is classed as home data entry work you can do this from home wherever you are in the world again i think this is a worldwide website please let me know in the comments down below okay once you’ve tried this website if it doesn’t work in your country please let me know okay write it in the comments it’s going to help me out for future videos and it’s going to help anyone else who’s in your country know all right so go down to the comment section let me know what country you’re in and if it works or if it does not work okay so that’s very very important it’s going to help us out a lot so here we go the rate on average is 75 cents per thousand normal captures up to 2.99 okay for the recaptures i’m not sure what exactly the difference is between a capture and a recapture but they are a little bit different you can find out on this website and you can be doing both of them okay these recaptures pay more than the normal captures all right the solving speed should be around 15 seconds okay the service load should be 30 normal capture queues and the workers online currently all right there’s currently 423 people online right now doing these normal captures and 2010 people doing these recaptures most people are doing them because yeah they pay more as you can see right there all right so this home page is not very important for us this is mostly for people who like want to like do their captures and things like that all right so what we’re gonna do is create an account so very simply just click this registration button right here and create an account enter your email choose a password repeat your password and complete a capture okay so this is a simple capture that’s the ones that pay uh the least amount then this is a recapture apparently so this is one of those ones where maybe yeah okay so the recaptures is when these boxes pop up and you got to choose the pictures i actually prefer these ones act because i’ll show you why later on okay so traffic lights like i think it’s just those four right there let’s click next okay apparently i was wrong i don’t know let’s just choose those four this time there we go and then that’s all you need to do okay once you’ve done that click the register button and you can sign into your account that you’ve just created i’ve already got an account so i’m going to sign in just really quickly and i will be right back and we’ll get into the dashboard i’ll show you how this works and all that good stuff all right then so here we are this is my account right here i’ve just logged in so i made this account quite some time ago just to show you in a video probably a few years ago by now okay making it again just because i got a lot of new viewers since then and yeah i think it’s a pretty good website for beginners to start making money online so that’s why i wanted to make this video again show all my new viewers also guys i’ve got one quick thing to say in this video i’m trying something different i’m not putting music in the background let me know in the comments down below if you prefer no music in the background like this or my other style of videos than my normal style where i just put a little bit of background music please let me know in the comments down below i’ve had some people say hey i don’t like the music it’s distracting i want to know what you all think okay so please let me know and i’ll get a like i’ll see what the consensus the majority consensus is in the comments and i’ll choose from there if i should put music or not so let me know please in the comments that’d be really helpful as well so yeah this is the dashboard right here now one thing i’d like to mention as well they do have a referral program which you can earn even more money from right here okay this is the referral program this is my referral link right here as you can see i’ve referred 134 people to the website and i’ve earned 2.49 from my referral so you guys can do this as well okay you can send referrals here you can send your friends your family anyone at all to this website using your link which you’ll get on your dashboard right here if they sign up and they start doing some captures you will earn a small percentage of what they earn like it doesn’t take away from them if you sign up using my affiliate link it’s not going to take anything at all away from you it’s going to give me a little extra bonus okay so if you could use my referral link which i’ll put in the description i’d really appreciate that guys that would be awesome so thank you if you do use that link in advance but yeah this is the home page there’s not much to do you can see how many captures you’ve done how much money you’ve earned and things like that um how many normal caps you’ve done recaptures blah blah blah blah okay a lot of information on here they do have an faq if you do have any questions it might be answered here already they do have a facebook page as well which you can check out and just they post a lot of things on there but the main thing we’re going to want to do is click on this button start work this is the most important part obviously this is where we’re gonna make our money so click that button start work now this is a training mode you have to finish this first of all before you can actually get into the money making part of it okay this is like a test is it going to train you to do it as fast as you can and make as little mistakes as you can okay because they do kind of score you as you can see up here you have a reputation and mistake so so far i’ve made zero mistakes because i haven’t tried it yet repetition is zero now i did do this a long time ago i haven’t been on this website since if you are inactive for 60 days they will suspend your account temporarily and once you come back you can just activate it again but you will have to do this training once again as well all right so yeah right here you can choose if you want to do only the normals or the normals and the recaptures i would recommend sticking it to the normal and recaptures gives it a bit of variety makes you more money this is only training you’re not going to get paid but later on the recaptures as you saw earlier are the best paying ones so make sure that is not active okay that’s checked so this is what you have to do all you need to do is click start okay so before start working with our service you have to complete the training it’s free fast and easy it’ll protect your account from being suspended from making mistakes okay so just click the start button i’m not going to go through all of these because i would be here forever doing all these 45 minutes this video will be way too long but the actual work is the same as this okay this is training yes but the work you could be doing if we click on this i’m a worker okay now it’s on training mode you can click on i’m a worker once it’s done and you can get into it okay but it’s exactly the same as this so i’m just going to show you a few how to do it you see the capture right there on your screen two nine two uh what is that a seven or a j uh i think it’s a j a eight is that that’s the thing i don’t like the normal captures because it’s pretty difficult sometimes to work out what it is in my opinion like i don’t know if that’s a seven or a j or what i don’t know this isn’t a zero or an o that’s the thing about the normal captures i prefer these recaptures i’ll be doing those over and over and over again the recaptchas uh they’re just easier so i’m going to try this the safe is correct unfortunately it is not correct i’ve missed something there so it’s two nine two i don’t know is it a seven is it a j i have no idea let’s try the seven okay i don’t know i’m doing something wrong here this might be an o not a zero i don’t know guys this this is the thing okay that’s the thing about these these captures okay i’m just still wrong you guys can figure out yourself okay but this is all you need to do come on here type in whatever you see and yeah hopefully you can get it correct i don’t know what i’m doing wrong there i thought oh is that a four it’s a four isn’t it an a that’s what i’m doing wrong let’s try that damn it god damn it what’s wrong here two nine two j four eight zero five let’s try this as a zero again i give up guys i give up okay but you can do this yourself i’m pretty you might be smarter than me maybe am i just stupid am i seeing something wrong let me know in the comments what do you think this says okay so three things i’ve asked you to comment now one was about the music do you prefer it two what is this and the third thing oh let me know if this works in your country okay three things i want you to comment down below for me okay please and thank you so guys that’s basically all i wanted to show you okay like i said hopefully you’re smarter than me and you can do these without making million mistakes which i’ve done already um but yeah once you’ve done that you can keep going through all 45 of these and once you’ve done all 45 you can actually start making money okay click on this i’m a worker part you can actually start making the money all right so guys basically all i want to show you very quick video for you today but uh yeah pretty decent method easy anyone can do it it’s just simple so please yeah try it out let me know if you enjoy it okay thank you so much for watching this video if you did enjoy this video if you found it helpful at all please don’t forget to smash the like button comment down below all those stuff that stuff i asked you subscribe if you haven’t done so already check out my number one recommendation for you to make a full-time income online all of that good stuff and yeah i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Get Paid $500+ Just To TYPE! *NEW 2020* (Earn FREE PayPal Money).
Get Paid $500+ Just To TYPE! *NEW 2020* (Earn FREE PayPal Money)

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