Get Paid $450 Per Click | Earn FREE PayPal Money FAST!

Get Paid $450 Per Click | Earn FREE PayPal Money FAST!

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in today’s video i’m going to be showing you how you can potentially earn 50 or even more for every single click that you send to this website that i’m going to be sharing with you in today’s video this is an absolutely amazing method i’m going to show you absolutely everything from start to finish how this works payment proof everything will be in this video so stay tuned but there are a few things i want to mention just quickly before we get into the video number one is i get this question every single day asking me how do i make money online is the number one question i get every single day now guys if you want to learn more about how i make money myself go to the description click the first link down there it looks like this says click that link and i’ll tell you all about it on the inside number two is you see this thing right here i want you to go down there during this video and just destroy that like button for me please and thank you try to get this video to 1 000 likes that would just be awesome and third and final thing i want to mention just before we get into this video is take a look at this right here so apparently 60 of my viewers you guys watching this video right now are not subscribed to the channel so if you’re one of those then i want you to go down there and hit that subscribe button as well and maybe consider turning on the notification just so i can send you an update every single time i post a new video and you can be one of the first people to watch all right so three things first one number one recommendation for you guys to make money online first link also smash that like button and subscribe and without further ado guys let’s jump into my laptop and let me show you how you can get 50 for every single click you send to this website let’s go all right then guys so i’m going to try and make this video as quick and painless as possible for you okay by the end of this video you will be able to make 50 or maybe even more i’ve seen somebody get actually 375 per click that he sends to this website that i’m about to show you okay so stay tuned watch this whole video you’re not going to want to miss this one there is thousands of dollars to be made from watching this video if you implement what i teach you okay so let’s get into the website here it is it is called level rewards you can find at okay now don’t just run away from this video now you know the url don’t just run away and skip this video watch the whole thing you’re going to want to watch this whole video to learn all about this all right but yeah this is it this is level rewards right here you level up you share and you earn rewards basically it’s just as simple as that now what you’re going to be doing is this website they have a lot of high paying like offers they have a a lot of high paying offers from different websites all right now each offer that you do this website will earn a commission an affiliate commission they will make money okay every single offer that you do maybe it’s like sign up to a website things like that that’s what the offers are every single time you do one they make money but they share their revenue with you okay they share all their profits with the users on level rewards and they in the form of referrals so every single person you refer to this website you will earn some money all right now they do this on sort of a level system you’ve got level one and then you’ve got level i think there’s like a hundred maybe more than 100 levels i’ve seen one guy in the group which i’ll be showing you later with the payment proof i’ve seen one guy known as level 90. i’m not sure if you can go higher but yeah the highest i’ve seen so far is level 90. so that means every single level you go up you get an extra five dollars per commission okay every single level you go up extra five dollars per commission here you listen to that so if you’re level one when you first start out you’re gonna be level one you’re gonna get five dollars per referral you send to this website when you get the level 10 that’s going to be 50 per referral that you send to this website and level 100 that is 500 per referral and there’s actually proof in this group right here okay which i’ll be showing you very very very very shortly all right so first of all let’s take a look at their website okay so they do have everything on here that you need what i would highly highly recommend you guys do is read the faq right here all right let’s take a look at the the home page first of all and then i’ll read some of the faq with you because there is a lot to understand about this website okay there’s a lot to take in i’m going to reveal everything in this video as much as i can but if you don’t understand anything just go to this faq and then read it there okay so level rewards pays daily be sure to join our facebook group which i’m going to be showing you shortly where our members post proof of payments they’ve received there are a lot there’s a lot of payment proofs complete free or cheap offers to level up each offer is worth a certain number of credits based on its commission credits of every offer you complete are added up and every one credit puts you up one level so like i said they get these offers like sign up to this website sign up to that website blah blah blah some of them are completely free but they give you a very low like uh credit okay they can give you like half a credit something like that so you do two of those to get one level for example but some of them are paid now they make more money from these paid ones so they give they’re going to give you more credit some of them give you like five credits for one single thing that you do but you do actually have to pay for that yes you’ll get the money back in the form of commissions because of the levels but you do have to pay for it initially and wait for the money to come back from referrals i hope you’re understanding this if you don’t understand anything drop a comment down below and i’ll help you down there okay but i think it’s easy to understand maybe i’m doing a bad job of uh explaining it sorry if you can hear a weird sound that’s my cat a little sorry about that so yeah that’s what you’re going to do complete the free or cheap offers entirely up to you to level up you do need to level up but you can do it from the free ones if you wanna each level increases your earning potential by five dollars you learn five dollars per level your referrals reach but you can’t earn beyond your own level so that’s another thing to explain okay there’s a lot of explaining in this video like i said i really hope you’re understanding this but so you’re going to be referring people right now if you’re level 10 and your friend is level 15 or 20 let’s say your friend is level 20 just to make it simple so by that point you should be earning a hundred dollars right if you get if you’re level well you should be doing 50 per referral right because you’re level 10 but your friend is level 20. now if he’s level 20 he’s a higher level than you the person you’ve referred he’s overtaken you now you should be earning like the same amount as him right but by now you should be earning the hundred dollars but you’re not going to because you’re a lower level if you’re a higher level than them you can earn more money but if you’re a lower level you get stuck you get capped at whatever level you are on so make sure your level are leveling up and try and be the top level in your you know in your little group of your referrals try to be the top level that’s going to be your best bet you get the most money so there’s plenty of ways to share your link and start getting the money getting referrals okay on social media etc uh so you can do some email marketing things like this plenty of ways you should learn a little bit of affiliate marketing skills for uh to do that okay and then you’ll be good to go the more you and your referrals level up the more you earn so every time your referrals level up you will do request payment for their completions as long as they’re not beyond your level build a good relationship with referrals and you’ll continually earn like interest like i was saying you need to make sure you’re as high level as them or higher than your referrals because the more money the higher level they get the more money you will make unless you’re a lower level then then you won’t make the money god this is confusing but it’s it’s once you understand it it’s really good it’s actually really really powerful so start leveling up now and then join us in our groups and training site so they do have a training group as well where you can get some tactics get some skills are going to allow you to get more referrals from your links they’re going to help you share your links get get in front of loads of people the training group is really really good but then i want to show you the uh the other group for now okay let’s go to the faq first of all let’s see what we’re going to read in just a moment but i want to show you this facebook group i want to show you the proof in this website okay because there’s a lot of proof people have from getting their payments on this website so haven’t done level rewards in a minute now but looking to start back today so this person he has made two thousand five hundred dollars so far from level rewards okay uh this person just got a thirty dollar payment recently this person got a five dollar payment recently one thousand thirty dollars in total earnings this is the person i was telling you about look at that this person can earn 450 dollars per referral 450 per referral it’s absolutely crazy guys okay uh he’s made nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars in in in total okay he’s making a lot of money from this website but he’s making sure he’s level 90 is pretty high level so he’s making sure he’s staying up there on top of his game right that’s what you’re going to want to do as well and there are so there’s so much proof in you guys so so so so much um you can scroll through here for a very very long time look at this i’ve only gone back like two weeks and it’s still it’s still came through this is just like two weeks ago five dollars from level rewards uh what else we got we got fifty dollars twenty five dollars ten dollars these are all these payments every single payment that he’s got guys the proof is in the pudding right here this is this is loads of screenshots there’s so much there’s hundreds maybe even thousands of screenshots on you for payment proof so you can tell that this is legit they do actually pay out now let’s go back to the faq and let’s take a look at this is like i said because there’s a lot to understand about this it’s a little bit confusing to begin with you will get used to it you will understand and you’re going to be fine but you’re going to need to research it a little bit beforehand okay so what is their level rewards they explain it here is it free like i said it can be you can make it 100 free if you want to or if you want to level up faster then you need to do the paid ones the free ones are fine yes they give you like quarter of a credit or half a credit but just do two or three or four of those and you’re gonna be good you’re gonna be level up from those free ones all right um is level rewards a scam no blah blah blah blah read all of these guys come to this faq and read all of these questions how do the levels work this one’s really important but it’s quite long as you can see this video’s already been recording for 11 minutes so probably gonna wrap this up in just a moment but i would highly highly recommend you come to all right and then you can sign up for it you can read the faq you can join the facebook group have a look in here ask some questions if you want to you can do whatever you want okay guys but i highly recommend checking this out now the reason i’m not showing you how this actually works is because unfortunately this is only available to some particular countries okay so in here somewhere here we go only the usa canada and australia and the uk okay so us canada australia uk those four countries are the only ones that can actually let us sign up to level rewards i’m from the uk but i live in thailand so unfortunately i can’t sign up if i lived in the uk yes i could but i live in thailand so unfortunately i can’t sign up the website uh they just won’t let me okay just i’ve tried just they just don’t like me i’ve tried using a vpn and they just banned my account very very quickly so you can’t do that either unfortunately but guys yeah if you do have any questions if you don’t understand anything about this video please drop a comment down below that’s gonna be it for this video thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed if you did please don’t forget to smash the like button share this on social media comment down below uh subscribe if you haven’t already and like i said if you want to learn how i make money online myself go to the description and click this link that looks like this first link in the top description i’ll also put it in the comments section as well as the pinned comment uh so you can go ahead and click that and learn all about it learn how i’m making tens of thousands of dollars every single month and how you guys can too but yeah that is it for this one thank you so much for watching and i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Get Paid $450 Per Click | Earn FREE PayPal Money FAST!.
Get Paid $450 Per Click | Earn FREE PayPal Money FAST!

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