Get FREE PayPal Money Just To Play GAMES! (Make Money Online As a Kid or Teenager)

Get FREE PayPal Money Just To Play GAMES! (Make Money Online As a Kid or Teenager)

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hey what is going on my future millionaires hope you’re all doing good so as you can tell the title of this video in today’s one i’m gonna be teaching you how you can make money online even as a kid or a teenager just by playing games yes that’s right guys the title is telling the truth you’re literally just gonna be playing games i’m gonna be showing you exactly how to do this step by step in this video okay so make sure you stick around and watch this whole thing you’re not gonna wanna miss any part of this but by the end of the video you are going to be literally just sitting on your playstation your xbox or your computer whatever gaming console you have playing games meeting new friends and actually getting paid to do this and like i said i’m going to show you exactly how in this video but before we do jump into it just got a couple of things to mention really really quickly okay first of all is this you see this little guy i want you to go down there and just destroy that like button for me please and i try to get this video to 1 000 likes that would just be awesome and second thing is this take a look at this right here apparently 60 of my viewers so you guys watching right now are not subscribed to the channel yet and i just want to know why guys why why you’re not subscribed yet if you’re welcome to make money online this is the channel for you join one of the biggest online money making families on youtube just by hitting that subscribe button and also consider turning on the notification bell just so i can update you every time i post a new video you can be one of the first people to watch it and without further ado guys let’s come jump into my laptop let’s get to today’s video where i’m going to be teaching you how to make money online even if you’re a kid or a teenager just by playing games so let’s go alright then so here we are on my laptop now this is going to be a pretty quick video to be honest there’s not much to show you this is a very very simple method but i would highly recommend anyone who’s interested in gaming watching this whole video learning how to do this and then get out there start making making money online through this through gaming okay so this is the website you’re going to want to come to first of all fiverr you can find this at that’s f i v e double r you can see the logo right there okay come here and let’s get some ideas first of all okay i’m gonna show you what other people are doing show you how you can copy them and do exact same thing and get paid from it okay so let’s search for one of your favorite games i don’t know what your favorite games are these days um let’s try fall guys that’s a new one right four guys let me know in the comments down below what your favorite game is right now if you if you’re gonna try this what game you’re gonna try it on okay so let’s search for four guys for now full guys coach because that’s what we’re gonna be doing that’s what you guys are gonna be doing becoming coaches okay and you can do this for pretty much any game that you can imagine any game you can think of you could do this okay so look at this for results for four guys coach this person right here i will coach at forger as play until you win okay ten dollars okay he’s charging ten dollars at times and he’s got two reviews already and that’s just his baker basic package somebody might have even bought the standard or premium package we don’t know okay but if they did buy the gold the premium package sorry gold win pack that’s 60 dollars a time so if somebody if two people so he’s got two reviews that means two people have bought this and he’s got two orders in queue actually as well so that’s four orders in total i think that’s pretty good so sixty dollars i will coach you and then we play and i sacrifice myself at the end to get you ten dubs okay this guy will sacrifice his life to make sure you get the wins okay he’s charging sixty dollars now you can do exactly the same as this you can just come to create a free account click on become a seller okay that’s what you’re gonna wanna do become a seller and just copy everything pretty much okay change little bits the title i will coach at four guys play until when do something along those lines something similar not copied exactly but something very very similar to this uh look at his thumbnail okay take a look at his thumbnail he’s only got one picture maybe you can get some victory royales or whatever you call them some wins that’s on fortnite right not not on here maybe you can get some wins on four guys take some screenshots of those and save those and upload them here okay he’s only got one image which isn’t great you should probably get a lot more than that okay try and put as many images as you can all your wins and things like that okay people you’ve played with try and get as many things as you can and then copies packages as well like i said don’t copy exactly but get some inspiration from them all right and that’s just one guy you can do this for all of them okay take a look at this guy as well have a look what he’s doing find inspiration from all these people and look at their thumbnails their titles their packages and just see what’s working for them and then make your own based off that okay so this guy he’s got a nice nice thumbnail going on here friendly professional any skill level any course let’s get those crowns so this guy’s starting at 15 he’s got two reviews already as premium package goes up to 30 okay so yeah you can do this guys anyone can do this and this is just one game that i’ve shown you if we go to let’s have a look at fortnite coach here we go so these people it’s a bigger game it’s been around for longer a case more popular they’ve got a lot more reviews 51 reviews this guy has i will be a fortnight coach and make you cracked in seven days okay i will be a fortnight coach 67 reviews i’ll professionally coach you in fortnight on na east or any west 25 reviews 59 reviews people are making this guy 126 reviews starting at 25 a time his stamina package goes up to 45 and his premium package goes up to 65 that’s for three hours of coaching and matches three hours of coaching for 65 dollars he’s got 126 people that have paid them to do this okay this is what i’m telling you guys anyone can go out and do this you can as well doesn’t matter what game you like anyone can do this i don’t even i can’t even think of any of the other games let’s have a look at let’s look for pubg i will coach you on pubg mobile two reviews four reviews five reviews five reviews 13 reviews guys any games you like you can come on a fiver start creating a gig checking out all the other people that are doing it copy what’s working for them start doing it yourself like i said it’s gonna make you some decent money you can charge whatever prices you want i would recommend starting maybe five or ten dollars first of all just to get some reviews probably five dollars just to get those reviews in the bag once you’ve got start and get to get reviews bump up the prices slowly and slowly and slowly okay bump up to ten dollars and fifteen and twenty example for example okay but make sure you get reviews first is very very important so one idea for you is to get your family and friends actually okay get your family and friends to buy this from you they will send you five dollars you just give them those five dollars back okay then they can they can write a review for you that’s a good way to get a head start ahead of the competition okay so guys that is pretty much all i want to show you in this video i told you there’s going to be a quick one uh if you enjoyed it if you found it helpful then smash that like button right now please and thank you and subscribe to the channel as well if you do have any questions about this method if you don’t understand anything you need any help just go to the comment section and drop a comment down there i’m always replying to you guys down there i love speaking to you in the comment section so yeah you can go ahead and do that uh what else is there to say not much so guys that is it for this video thank you so much for watching comment down below what you’re going to spend your money on if you’re saving up for something let me know what fall in the comments down below yeah thank you so much for watching this video i will catch you in the next one you

This Post Was All About Get FREE PayPal Money Just To Play GAMES! (Make Money Online As a Kid or Teenager).
Get FREE PayPal Money Just To Play GAMES! (Make Money Online As a Kid or Teenager)

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