Facebook Advertising Tips and The Guide To $0.01 Clicks

Facebook Advertising Tips and The Guide To $0.01 Clicks

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hey what’s going on guys it’s Franklin here and I’m about to show you exactly how I set up my Facebook adverts to get low cost cost per clicks and amira care and stuff like that I advertise on Facebook every single day this is one of my burner accounts because I get a lot of accounts banned I’ll show you why in a second but I ever tied every single day I’ve made quite a lot of money on Facebook and right now I’m going to show you exactly how I set up my adverts so before we get started I’ll just show some I admire some of my ads here so as you can see I’ve got some here at one cent and I’ve been testing these and they I put these on about 24 hours ago and these are my final results that I’ll be going with so I’ve got Portland here in Portland OR again my age is a bit low I might change that but I’ve got one cent 18 percent click-through rate relevance score sieve and I probably could get getting a little bit higher this is my advert here nice and simple and that’s that one and you know if we go back to my campaigns I’ve also got another one here in New York which is going pretty good at 1 cent I’ve got some more down here so I’ve got Nevada and Texas here at 2 cents just have a look at this one here so Nevada Missouri Texas this is for micro blogging tumblr Twitter or Pinterest this is the same this is another advert this one’s a little bit different though but the same article and then we’ve also got some more us a mixed search engine optimizations this is LA here 36 percent click-through rate and then we’ve got the effort here mobile either you know the state’s Los Angeles California and the search engine marketing content marketing backlinks Edwards organic search Adsense and all that sort of good stuff so I’m going to show you exactly how I do it now I’m still eternities off for a second I’m just going to explain something to you guys before you go ahead and do this I want to turn this off so we don’t get confused we sit up there first but the thing is with getting these types of low cost per clicks you have to do a lot of testing no guide or no course where you can just click a button and get these amazing results it doesn’t work like that and it never heads in a Niva wall because it all depends on who’s advertising in their specific location and their specific niche at that specific time one day you might get once in and then the next day Michael white because someone else’s advertising in their nation so it just comes down to a lot of testing now you there’s a few ways you can set up adverts okay you can set them up in the audience insights section and you can also set them up in the create ads section on Facebook here now if you’re a beginner I would suggest you do it through here first and I always do boost post at most of the time because I say get my most engagement and I get most clicks through my site and I get the lowest cost per clicks now this is just a very easy interface you put in the location that you know USA put turkey their age you can do a lot of stuff here but we’ll come back to this in a second I’m gonna show you exactly how I do my stuff so first do you want to get an image and you need it an image is one of the most important things with the Facebook advertising because this would make or break your campaign if you don’t have a good image people are gonna be interested in your advert and they could even black flag it giving you higher cost per click the more people don’t like your advert the higher your cost per click goes as well that’s another factor so what I do is I go to a website called canva com okay this is our free I use the free bit you can buy images here but I wouldn’t suggest that because you know it’s a dollar an image it starts to really add up you want to go to the front page and click on Facebook ad now with Facebook Ads I really push the limits with these guys and I get a lot of accounts banned because you’re only allowed 20% text on your images but I find that the more texts do you have nowadays then what you get so much more engagement because to see a text advert now it’s a very very rare if you can get it past the Facebook testing then you can usually make money on what I do is I will just make a whole lot of heads and I’ll put way more ticks and I should and then they might get approved for about an hour or two hours and what happens the machine would tell Facebook and they’ll come back and manually review it about three or four hours later or something if you can make a lot of money in its bed and then amount of time it’s worth it you’ll get your account banned and you probably want to get it back but if you’ve made a lot of money it doesn’t matter so I you use my normal Facebook account for just like ads that I’m doing that I know I’m not gonna get banned but most of the time I use Facebook accounts where just ones where I’ve uploaded coupons or used a one of my other credit cards because you know if your account gets banned I think you could it can’t get spend as well so I just have a lot of credit cards now I just got to upload and I’ve already got an image you just click upload here oh sorry upload your images here and I’ll bring in an image this is the image I made yesterday I made this on canva when I actually uploaded it it was I don’t know why that’s like oh when I uploaded it uploaded it didn’t have this text so all I did is I just clicked text and you can just put some text in here to change the color type whatever you want in there and move it around okay so that’s how I made this one here super dead simple and very easy and I have a very basic image because you don’t want to put all your information on the image because people might see it they say you’re selling search engine optimization services for a hundred dollars but then you have other things on your website that people could buy or interested in you don’t want to put a search engine optimization service for five hundred dollars on your image because people will be like oh no I don’t want that I’m just going to scroll through it but if you just put something very subtle and plain people will click through and then didn’t know clicks earlier products where you have other products and other stuff you might want to sell the more email leads and stuff like that so this one I’ve just got a basic graph here aligned with our dominate Google rankings and I’m selling a giving away a search engine optimization ebook for inner leads so once you’ve got this you just quickly you just go download and you download your image and you want to upload it to a place called Facebook image grid I’ve got it in my bookmarks here and this will tell you if your text is over the limit your choice file I just had to pause of the video there for six it took a while so here you can see I’ve got my image I just click on a squiz and I’m just under the 20 percent threshold you can go a lot more and I just wing it but I always give like a count Bend but if you can get some of these adverts out with more words on them or a better design you’re going to get some really good sales so there’s my 20% so I can now use this image next thing I do so this is how I do my head very systems and how you know everyone does the adverts but I use audience and sites then what you can do here is you can just go through and you can change a whole lot of stuff so page likes country interest you know connections advanced behaviour languages and all that but what I do is I use a program called insight hero so you know it’s hard to get a low cost per clicks on Facebook Facebook but you can use programs that help you do it so I bought this a while ago and I just it’s just an extension for your browser you just click click it to activate it and you just want to put in your project name so we’ll just put in fishing fishing 5 because I think I’ve already got some fishing stuff I I was selling some fishing Clickbank products the other day and if we go to where sometimes you have to do it a couple of times and you just want to go to load project and this is the interface you’re gonna have it and you can also search for interest job titles employers majors and schools I’m just going to go for fishing now all this does for me is it finds head and keywords and it just speeds things up fin it saves trying to go through and find all the stuff manually you know it would take ages a long time and that’s how used to do I used to take about eight hours a day to set up on my head verse now it takes me about three or four so as you can see here I’ve got a lot of interests here you know this is so much here that you wouldn’t find if you were doing it manually but it’s going to go with best fishing spearfishing commercial fishing fishing line fishing float and this is how I sit at my head vert when you saw my wonders before in these search engine optimization niche and then all I do is I just add this to my project they’re going to add selected to project and then you want to go to audience thora and then just add them again to your project here as you can see I’ve got my interest here and I’ve got my age and all you can just get on here you can edit things so I’m gonna do age at twenty two and forty interested only added exit we’ve got that there you can add more interest if you want and then you can do or you can still do all the same stuff you’re doing before so I’m not gonna go throw it but you can still change all this stuff once you’ve done that you simply want to go to create add and this will create an ED fleet in the power editor so we’re gonna create one called fishing USA I think we head there I’ll create new fishing USA auction cost our clicks to website now what we want to do here is when I click on it and you want to change this to us about three long three dollars just for your testing start with and then we want to we’ve got us a we’ve got that’s all good you want to keep it on mobile news feeds desktop news feeds and right column just for now I’ll show you how will change this soon and then you want to go to add sets and you want to find it in here so fishing I think this was the one we just did that wasn’t I just want to go to sorry create new add so you just wanna and go to the little create add button up here use existing we’re going to go fishing USA fishing USA and we’ll paste it in here as well and then you want to go and pick your your page so I’m just gonna go off Franklin and then you want to click on use existing post now you can you can create a net if you want that’s fine but I just like to do a post because I get a bit of results with that most of the time I don’t always use post though but for this we’re just going to do that so we don’t have to ice it up an ED and then once you’ve done that you just want to go to upload changes if we go back to our facebook advertising here we’ve got fishing USA then now once that this is reviewed we’re gonna do this now but once this is review wanted to start duplicating our advert jalisa say this is reviewed right now we’re back to our fishing power editor and we’re going to find our fishing one here I just I think I might be in the wrong sick show okay so I’m gonna get rid of this one here so I don’t confuse myself and we’re gonna go to fishing USA we’re going to click that and then we’re going to click copy and paste copy and paste and we’re going to do this one here we’re going to do so this one here is min and woman this one here we’re going to do men desktop this one here we’re going to do I’m gonna keep it the same so next woman and men and we’re going to go mobile we’re going to go to our heads I’ve got them here and so this one here is mean desktop we’re going to change this again we’re gonna change this one again here to USA mobile and you can change everything so you can change your age and all sorts of stuff this is how I do it for this one we’re going to back to our ad set I’m going to go to min desktop and we’re going to go is just going to change it to desktop so that’s that one done and then for fishing USA mobile we’re gonna change it to the mobile feed and that’s that now I would usually do three four five you know ten twenty of this on each each niche at the pins I’ll change the age the location all sorts of stuff and then you want to go to upload changes and we’re done there we go back to that all campaigns and we’re going to close us off tonight want to advertise the people fishing waste my money as you can see now we’ve got mobile we’ve got disc top and we’ve got the original odd this is the original one yes we’ve got men we’ll end this is the original I always say desktop now why do I do this I’m going to show you why we go back to our results here we’ve got so we’ve got mobile here which is one cent and Chicago and then we’ve got two cents in Nevada for mixed social mixed on this one was mobile desktop and it’s the sidebar on this one here we’ve got this top 18 cents in the UK and USA but then you know if we go to some of these other ones not that one with God’s so here we’ve got LA Mobile right and this is one cent and then down here we’ve got LA here the exact same advert la at 50 cents but this was next this was desktop mobile and sidebar so what this means is that there would have been a lot of people advertising in the desktop and sidebar section which drove the price up but because I changed it to mobile I had the mobile one obviously doesn’t have many people advertising it in the moment so I got a one cent post engagement now I don’t know how long this will last it could last a day it could last a week could last a month it just depends on who’s advertising in their specific niche specific location that’s specific a time and another thing is you don’t want to just go in and make an advert in USA for technology there is such a broad broad keyword and location you want to target cities so Nebraska you know Canada places in Canada or just whatever because cities tend to not have as much competition in the advertising on Facebook because most people would just just go out and advertise in the whole country and that’s it right but if you target a specific location you’re going to get better cost per clicks and you’re going to get a better outcome you just want to mix it up you know you won’t change the ages you want to change the mobile and you just want to do heaps of ads until you get the ones that convert for you so I’ve spent $13 on this on tests and news ones and I have some that came out at $1 but then I have some that some that came out at one cent so you know as you can see you know dollar here so I cancel it I just cancel it straight away 50 Cent’s cancel it like nine cents counselor and these are just all different variations of the original campaign which was this here that’s all it is add this here sorry different variations that’s it so you want to have your same with this one so this is our different variations here and that’s all you do you just test test test test and this is how you get low cost per clicks on Facebook there’s no other way of doing it because it all depends on who’s advertising in this specific location for those specific settings at that specific time and then if we go back to our create an ad here I’ll just show you you know if you’re a beginning of Facebook I would suggest you just do it this way to start off with because this is the most easiest way to do it the power editor can be very confusing to start with I know I found it very confusing and you just go through here and you just add a whole bunch of stuff so United States and then you can add your interest here but just remember this will take a long time to go through all of this but we’re just going to add family relationships fatherhood behaviors so you can add digital activities season events you know baseball cricket we can go and add in more deep in a relationship education and all this type of stuff so if you’re a beginner to Facebook advertising stick to this section here dude lots and lots of um testing and if you want to do a let’s say you set up an advert with this and you want to create another one like I didn’t a power editor you simply just go to your advert so we’re gonna go to one of these ones listed to the fishing mobile here you click on your advert and all you do is go create a similar ad and this is just basically you duplicate in the head so you don’t have to go into the power editor that might be confusing for you so this is all your doing who’s go creating your head sit we’re going to go create new Adsit and there you go and we’re going to just create this ed really quickly we’re just going to add on a name here is the name we’ll just go blah blah blah blah blah and we’re gonna go to add a I said I haven’t done post engagements here sorry so we’re going to go back okay so I’ve just I changed it here we’re going to go to boost your post same thing and it’s got all the same settings here and then you just want to do your name what does leave like that place an order and you’ve now got an advert in your you’ve now got another advert somewhere here with the same settings as the fishing one you had before so did simple it did easy just like that so I suggest definitely getting the insight hero program if you are a seasoned Facebook advertisement haven’t got this year because you can definitely speed things up but I just want to say so you know it comes down to testing testing testing testing testing testing this is the only way you’re going to get low cost per clicks I’m you know a guy the other day said to me hey Franklin I’m getting really high cost per clicks can you show me what I’m doing wrong so you know I was like yeah I’ll help you out he sent me his advert and he was advertising in Canada the whole of Canada for business and I said some well dude you’re not going to really get a low cost per click because you imagine how many other people are advertising their exact same settings so you know it’s just testing testing testing and if you put in the hard work and test it you’re gonna get you’re going to find a gold morning you’re gonna make a lot of money this is how I make my money online I made over five hundred thousand dollars in two years so and there’s so there’s still a lot of money left in Facebook no matter what people say they say there’s no money left in Facebook and all that sort of stuff well to be honest Facebook advertising is Edwards on steroids you can really narrow it down a lot more so I hope this helped you guys out with your advertising if you want to get insight here oh there’s a link the description for that I definitely recommend it I mean just speed things up really and you can really go wrong it does exactly what it’s supposed to do it’ll it just finds all your interest and a click of a button and that’s it so I’ll see you guys in the next video and got any more questions just let me know hey just before you leave if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my channel I bring out videos every single week about affiliate marketing making money online ranking websites and Google and heaps more you could also get my free ebook on how I rank my websites and Google and outrank my competitors it’s 100% free just click on the e-book below this image feel free to also check out any of my other videos on the left over there and I’ll see you on my next video 

This Post Was All About Facebook Advertising Tips and The Guide To $0.01 Clicks.
Facebook Advertising Tips and The Guide To $0.01 Clicks

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My Facebook advertising tips and getting $0.01 Cost Per Click with Insight hero

I’ve made over half a million dollars on Facebook and this is how I set up my ads. When it comes to making money with Facebook You need some important things

Testing, testing and more testing.
A good picture for the advert
Low CPCs
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If you don’t get a good ROI then there is no point in advertising. In this video I show you how I get my adverts setup for the best outcome. The plan is to get a super-targeted audience where no one else is advertising. This mean that only you or a few other are dominating that niche and location.

Why is it so important to test and find those hidden keywords and audiences? because this is the only way you can get low cost per clicks. Don’t believe the hype when people tell you it’s easy to get low clicks on facebook advertising. It doesn’t happen at the click of a button.

If you’re new to Facebook or even an expert then this will help you. This would get an awesome method to get a laser targeted audience to sell t-shirt on Facebook. In fact I know a guy who make over 80k On social media just from extensive advert testing. This would also work great with affiliate marketing and even selling Clickbank products. Facebook Advertising doesn’t need to be complicated

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