Earn FREE PayPal Money NOW | Make $10.00 Over & Over Again!

Earn FREE PayPal Money NOW | Make $10.00 Over & Over Again!

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More specifically, you want help with Earn FREE PayPal Money NOW | Make $10.00 Over & Over Again!?

in ten dollars in paypal money over and over and over and over and over and over again stay tuned says exactly what i’m going to be showing you in today’s video by the end of this video if you watch it until the end i will tell you exactly how to make dollars in paper money just on repeat and this is gonna be super super simple anyone anywhere will be able to use this method that i’m gonna be teaching you today you just need to bear with me for a few minutes listen to what i have to teach you and then implement every single step okay and you will be making some decent money through a website that i’m going to be showing you to very very shortly okay so guys i don’t want to mess around in this video but there are a few things i would like to mention first of all number one is take a look at this right here yeah this this is not acceptable okay 60 of my viewers aren’t subscribed to the channel if you’re one of those right now if you’re watching this video but you’re not subscribed yet what are you guys doing just go down there right now okay go down there hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so i can update you every single time i post a new video and you can be one of the first to watch it okay i’m teaching you how to make money online every single day if you’re watching this video right now i’m guessing you are looking to make money online right well there’s no harm in hitting that subscribe button then is there so guys do that please and also take this little thing right here okay i want you to yeah there it is there it is i wanted to take this and just boom destroy it okay go down there right now destroy that like button try to get this video to 1 000 likes that would just be awesome so if you guys could do that for me uh i would really really appreciate it please and thank you and without further ado guys let’s just jump into my laptop here it’s gonna be a very very short video today i haven’t got much to show it’s a very simple method but it is very effective you can earn ten dollars just over and over again on repeat and it’s gonna be very very little work and it’s worldwide can’t go wrong so let’s get into the video um let’s go all right yeah and guys so here we are on one of the websites i want to show you today now you’re probably very familiar with this all right then guys so here we are on the first website today and that is fiverr.com now i would be very surprised if you haven’t heard of this website yet but if you haven’t just very quickly this is a marketplace where you can freelance yourself doing basically anything you can imagine all right so what i want you guys to do is come to fiverr.com and create a free account takes two seconds just like normal put in a name a username a password email address all of that usual stuff it’s gonna take you two seconds and it is free to do and then you can go ahead and start creating some gigs now guys i’m gonna be showing you one gig in this video that i recommend you to do if you have zero skills okay on this website you can do anything you want come on here take a look at these categories uh there’s graphics and design and on here there’s loads of subcategories as well loads of stuff we’ve got writing and translation music and audio business lifestyle there are so many different things you can do on this website and i’m going to be showing you one in this video so like a little kind of trick a kind of hack that’s going to allow you to make money on this website without really doing a whole lot of work yourself okay so bear with me and i’m going to show you exactly how in this video very very shortly all right so guys come to fiverr.com create a free account that is your first step okay and then what i’m going to show you right now is how we’re going to be making this money okay so you’re going to be want to come to this website right here canva.com this is what we’re going to be using to make the things that we’re gonna be selling on fiverr.com all right and what we’re gonna be doing is selling business cards okay we’re gonna be selling creating and selling business cards now do not worry about a thing that website i just showed you canva.com they make everything super super simple they’ve got a bunch of templates we can use okay and that’s completely free as well all right so this is what we’re gonna be doing i will design minimal and elegant business cards this guy’s charging 60 dollars a time all right starting at this premium package actually hundred dollars a time now i wouldn’t recommend you guys charge this much because on canva.com yes they’re nice but they’re not like professionally handmade things okay they’re not like like hand designed you know what i mean they’re not they’re not as good as this guys probably i imagine this guy’s actually putting in a lot of time a lot of effort designing these things so we’re not gonna be able to charge that much i wouldn’t recommend you to anywhere you can if you want to but i would recommend doing something like this starting at 10 okay and then going up to 15 for the better package and then the best package 20 this is a good price point for you guys to copy as well so i will do amazing professional business cards with the source file so that’s what you’re going to want to do we’re going to be making these right here so this guy he has 78 thank you where was that so this guy right here he has 78 reviews right now whoo it’s not corona guys i promise you that i’m just like i got a little allergy i don’t know what to but it’s not corona it’s not corona trust me okay but guys this is what we’re gonna be doing all right we’re gonna be making these business cards just like this guy he has 78 reviews starting at ten dollars a time going up to twenty dollars a time so he’s probably made somewhere around a thousand dollars just from this one gig alone right here and there are plenty of other people doing this as well i will do any kind of business card for you fourteen reviews starting at ten dollars ooh this guy let’s take a look at this one because he has a lot of reviews 1801 reviews starting at thirty dollars per card okay going up to 50 per one so this guy’s making a hefty amount of money okay or this this girl sorry this big girl is making a hefty amount of money imagine all like 1 800 people will be buying this standard package uh i’m bad at math but that’s a lot of money all right so this is why i want to show you guys this is the amount of money you can make on this website it is possible trust me you can be one of these people selling these cards like this now let me show you how to make them it’s going to be super super easy let’s go on canva.com and let’s search for business card all right we’re gonna search for business card there we go we’ll choose that one now on the left here we’ve got all sorts of templates to use all right really really nice one so this one for example um so by the way guys these ones so music business cards these are music business cards you can click on those these are dj business cards catering business cards but that’s going to click on this music one and let’s just get this one up as an example for now there we go boom flow guitar lessons acoustic electric and bass now as a business card you probably want their phone number or email address or something like that on there um pretty sure that that wouldn’t be enough just having this but um yeah that’s all you need to do just make this get a template up like this and then you can go ahead and edit it to your liking okay just add whatever you want to so if you want to add some text you can just edit the text here so like i said you can put someone’s phone number there 0 7 there we go phone number now we can put the email address music that’s not how you spell music music lessons at gmail.com boom just like that okay it’s really really simple just spread it out make it all one line and there we go that could be somebody’s business card that you can send to them that took me two seconds to do right if somebody was looking for a guitar lessons business card boom there we go done download it just click this big download button right here you can get it in different formats png jpeg pdf whatever you want i would recommend doing like png probably that’s probably your best bet and then just click download it’s gonna prepare it for two seconds and then it’s gonna automatically download so there we go boom it is right here okay let’s just open it up boom there it is we’ve downloaded it we can go ahead now and send that over to our customer on fiverr and get paid for it it’s really as simple as that now there are hundreds of different templates on here okay you don’t have to use that one obviously if you want to use a different one by all means go ahead so teachers business card let’s have a look at this one here we go boom there’s a teacher’s business card now this one okay this is a good example to show you actually this one is watermark as you can see some of these are paid they do have like a premium thing that you do need to pay for but that’s only if you want to you don’t need to at all they have plenty of free templates available for you they’ve got so many free ones on you you do not need to pay for this at all i’ve been using this for years and i’ve never once paid for it because you just don’t need to they’ve got enough free things on here okay but that’s what i want to show you guys very very simple idea for you just selling business cards on fiverr now i didn’t go into too much detail in this video because i think it’s pretty self-explanatory it’s very very simple any one of you guys can go ahead and do this yourself but if you don’t understand anything and you do have any questions at all just go down to the comment section and ask me down there don’t be shy i will get back to you i’m always reading and replying to your questions okay so guys the steps again very simple come to fiverr.com create a free account now the hardest part for you the most time consuming part is creating your gig okay now you’re going to want to click this switch to selling and you’re going to want to create a gig you’re not going to show you exactly how to do that if you click this five will guide you through it anyway it’s going to be it’s going gonna be really easy and then just copy these people okay don’t copy them exactly but get some some inspiration from them look at their titles look at their thumbnails look at the gigs this time the prices they’re doing it for see what they’re doing see what’s working for them look for the people the most reviews like this person right here she’s doing something right okay she’s got 1 800 reviews so she’s doing something right so look at her packages right here maybe copy these all right but charge cheaper prices she has 1800 reviews she can charge these premium prices right here okay thirty dollars going up to fifty dollars you guys just starting out with zero reviews i would recommend starting at maybe even five dollars a time but i would try to get 10 maybe 15 and put your premium your last package at maybe 20 25 okay and there we go that’s it it’s really really easy if you do have any questions like i said just go down there and ask me okay i will get back to you but as for this video guys that is it thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it please don’t forget to hit that like button comment down below uh share this video on facebook or any other social media so what else is the subscribe if you haven’t already all of that good stuff and i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn FREE PayPal Money NOW | Make $10.00 Over & Over Again!.
Earn FREE PayPal Money NOW | Make $10.00 Over & Over Again!

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