Earn FREE PayPal Money Just Watching YouTube Videos! (Yes, REALLY!)

Earn FREE PayPal Money Just Watching YouTube Videos! (Yes, REALLY!)

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More specifically, you want help with Earn FREE PayPal Money Just Watching YouTube Videos! (Yes, REALLY!)?

in free paypal money just for watching youtube videos yes guys that is right the title is telling the truth you can literally get paid some free paypal money every single day all day just for watching some youtube videos and i’m going to be showing you exactly how to do this in today’s video so make sure you stick around and watch this whole thing you’re not going to want to miss this video guys trust me you are going to love it easy easy money just sit back relax enjoy and let’s get into the video but there are a few things i want to mention first of all just click the okay number one is this you see this right here this is not acceptable guys 60 of my viewers okay so 60 of you people watching right now are not subscribed to my channel if you’re one of those guys then look out and coming for you i’m just kidding but i would really appreciate it if you could go if you could go down there right now and hit that subscribe button please and thank you and maybe consider turning on the notification bell as well just so you never miss an upload i can send you a notification every time i post a new video teaching you a new way to make money online because i’m posting videos every single day it’s every day bro i’m posting videos all right so if you’re interested in making money online entrepreneurship just subscribe to the channel and also you see this thing right here i want you to take this and just boom destroy it okay destroy that like button go down there right now hit that like button please and thank you and without further ado let’s get into my laptop let me teach you how to earn some free paypal money just for watching some videos so let’s go all right then guys so here we are on the website that we’re going to be taking a look at today rapid workers now i’m going to be showing you how to use this website right here to make maybe 20 30 40 every single day in free paypal money it’s going to be 100 free i’m not going to cost you a single cent okay do not worry about a thing by the end of this video you’re going to be watching videos and getting paid to do it all right so first things first you’re going to want to come here and create an account okay so i’m going to put a link to this website in the description down below it’s just to make it easy for you to find and i’ll put it in the comment section as well so go to the comment section and you’ll see this link while you’re down there drop a comment let me know what country you’re from what you’re saving up for with your money anything at all i love speaking to you guys down there so guys what you’re going to want to click on is this first of all sign up now okay if you haven’t got an account on here already just click sign up now and it’s very very simple it’s going to take you two seconds just put a name email address password uh let them know what country you’re from and be sure to tell the truth with all of this okay otherwise you will get banned okay they’ve got some rules for you here rule number one if you’re using a vpn or other type of masking ip software you will get banned if number two multiple accounts with the same ip or using public hotspot wi-fi you will get banned and number three doing other countries jobs that are not where you’re not from you will get banned okay so do not do any of this thing that these things it says right here you’ll be wasting your time don’t even try to make another account just just stick to the rules and you’re gonna be fine okay so once you’ve created an account you can go ahead and just sign in which i’m going to do right here just do the capture again and click submit and that will be signed in so here we go this is my account right here and now here are all the jobs that you can do right now these are all the jobs that are available and look how many there are now this website my friend uses this himself and he makes around 30 every single day just from a few hours of work in the mornings and then he’s set for the rest of the day that’s his that’s his income as his only source of income okay he makes 30 dollars a day but in thailand that’s enough for him to just get by on and he’s happy with that so this could be the same for you but in today’s video we’re focusing on watching videos right so let’s just do a little search right here job name search for youtube and here we go so youtube view subscribe like and share international so anyone in the world can do this job right here and all you got to do is watch a video subscribe to the channel like it and share you can get paid six cents for that okay it’s not much but it’s gonna take you two seconds to do that all right trust me it’s gonna be super super simple to do not gonna take you any time at all you don’t actually have to sit there and watch the video yeah you don’t have to do that you can if you want to if it’s an interesting video you can watch it and get paid for watching it if you need to but you don’t have to do that you can just you know open it in a new tab and then do it like that there are plenty of jobs just like this okay these are just a few of the youtube ones right now and there’s a lot of them and there’s constantly new ones coming up every single day these are just youtube right here these are just the ones with containing the word youtube on this website though i just showed you there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of jobs posted on you every single day you’ll never run out of work trust me it’s a great website so that’s one of them again we got here like a youtube video subscribe to the channel they pay 14 cents for this one uh easy task in youtube so they want to do something on youtube don’t know what it is if you click on it it’s going to tell you exactly what they want okay so just go to youtube and search for this and find this or try this link subscribe watch the video comment anything and share on social media that’s what they want you to do on here so just go through all the jobs okay scroll through them all have a look which ones you can do some of them are for particular countries like this one is for usa canada uk and australia only okay so if you’re not from any of those countries you can’t do it and if you try to you will get banned all right so don’t do it just stick to the international ones or whatever ones available in your country you can filter it if you want to as you can see if you’re from mexico boom target mexico unfortunately for youtube like the specific term youtube there aren’t any jobs for mexico there’s two right here when i took away the term youtube let’s have a look for france there because a few jobs for french people so that’s what you’re going to want to do but there’s plenty of international ones these ones the international they accept anyone worldwide and look how many of those there are so do not worry about that okay there is there’s gonna be no problem with that at all now this is just one website i did want to show you one other website as well just so you definitely got enough work to do all right so this one very very similar this is called pico workers the last one rapid workers this one pico workers now this is exactly the same the same concept on here uh just really really simple tasks for you to complete okay so we’ve got all sorts of different things some of these i don’t think they have a search option on this website i’m not sure why but you can just scroll through okay have a look which ones you can do these ones on here though they’re all worldwide okay i think these are all worldwide so it doesn’t even matter so you can do any ones you want pick and choose the jobs you can do you want to do and yeah start earning free paper money just for doing really really really easy tasks and that’s all you got to do so guys just a quick video for you today that’s pretty much all i wanted to share with you if you found this helpful or you enjoyed it please don’t forget to smash that like button comment down below anything at all like i said let me know what you’re saving up for the money what you’re going to spend it on uh let me know what countries you’re from anything at all just love speaking to you guys down there and replying to you so thank you so much for watching share like comment subscribe all of that good stuff and i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn FREE PayPal Money Just Watching YouTube Videos! (Yes, REALLY!).
Earn FREE PayPal Money Just Watching YouTube Videos! (Yes, REALLY!)

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