Earn FREE PayPal Money | Get Paid $299 Over & Over!

Earn FREE PayPal Money | Get Paid $299 Over & Over!

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hey what is going on my future millionaires hope you’re all doing good so in today’s video as you can see by the title i’m gonna be showing you how you can earn 299 or potentially even more over and over and over and over and over again i’m gonna show you exactly how to do this in today’s video so make sure you stick around and watch this cool thing you’re not going to want to miss any part of this i’m going to be giving you a lot of tips and tricks throughout to make sure you get the most money possible from this method that i’m going to be teaching you today but before we do jump into you guys got a few quick things to mention first of all number one is i keep getting this question every single day just constantly all day asking me how do i make money online myself well guys i’ve got good news for you all you need to do is just go down to the description and click the first link down there it looks like this says getcommissionsdaily.com click that link and you can learn exactly how i make money online myself and how you guys can copy me and do the exact same thing so that’s the first thing i want to mention number two is you see this thing right here i want you to go down underneath this video and just destroy that like button for me please and thank you try to get this video to 1 000 likes that would just be absolutely amazing i would love that and last but not least guys i want to mention i want to talk about this you see this right here so apparently 60 of you guys watching my videos are not subscribed to the channel so if you’re one of those i want you to go down there right now and just hit that subscribe button and also turn on the notification bell so i can update you every single time i post a new video i’m guessing you’re looking for ways to make money online if you’re watching this video right now you definitely are so join one of the biggest money-making families on youtube right now by hitting that subscribe button and without further ado let’s jump into my laptop let’s get into today’s video and show you how you can earn some easy easy paypal money 299 or more over and over and over and over and over again let me show you exactly how right now so let’s go alright then guys so here we are on the website now like i said make sure you stick around and watch this whole video a lot of tips and tricks to come which you’re not going to want to miss so let’s take a look at the website first of all this is at 99designs.com that’s what you need to find 99designs.com that’s the name of this website this is where we’re gonna be making all of this money today now this home page isn’t really for us these are for businesses who are looking to like take off okay this is for businesses the homepage right here we are not interested this is for people looking for designers now we are going to be the designers getting paid okay by these businesses but don’t worry you’re not gonna need any design skills at all i’m gonna be showing you a very very simple trick that’s going to allow us to do all of this and get paid with very very very little work okay i’m going to be showing you exactly how to do that so do not worry about a thing you need no skills whatsoever and best thing yet this is going to be completely free as well so what you’re going to want to come and do guys is scroll right to the bottom to the footer down here and let’s go to design contest because this is what you’re going to be doing this is what you’re going to be trying to win okay these design contests they’ve got hundreds of design contests all the time okay they’ve got like look at that there’s 577 397 contests finished that’s how many contests have been like started and done and people have got paid 577 000 so there is never a shortage of of things on you of contests on you you’re constantly constantly going to be doing them okay i’m making money there’s 812 contests open right now that is 812 contests that you can come and just do right now okay so you’re never going to run out of work on here because by the time you even get you you’re never going to even get close to finishing you know what i mean you could probably get like 12 done today maybe and by tomorrow there’s probably another 20 available do you know what i mean like this is so much work on here but you can do it in your own time you work whenever you want wherever you want it doesn’t matter it’s all entirely up to you okay this is your freedom that’s what working online is all about right having the freedom to do what you want this website will allow you to do that you don’t have and there’s no times or anything like that it’s not a job it’s not a nine-to-five job do this whenever you want okay so let’s go back to the finished contest first of all and let’s see what people have won already so this person right here three well i don’t know who won an exact doesn’t say 359 euros that was the pay for this contest so whoever won this earned themselves 359 euros okay i don’t know what it is it’s in french so i can’t read that exactly but it’s some sort of logo they wanted some sort of logo made or something like that um this one right here 299 market message accelerator logo for digital product brand so this business this company they were looking for a logo design and somebody came up with this logo right here and got paid 299 dollars for it hento pan publishing they wanted the logo as well so 299 dollars 299 loads of these 299 this one that’s a big one so this one was a create a kick ass logo for cloud re they would they paid somebody 899 to make them a logo okay they the person who won this was laughing because he got paid a lot of money so this is what we’re going to be doing now you probably think to yourself well how i can’t make logos i have no idea how to make logos so literally no clue well don’t worry i’m going to be showing you exactly how to do that right now so you’re going to want to come to this website right here free logodesign.org free logo design.org it’s completely free to use this website and you can make any company logo you want so let’s get some ideas here so bravo dog so they wanted the logo bravo dog let’s have a look for that bravo dog uh animals and pets perfect you choose your category you okay right here in this box you enter the name of the business or the company okay that was bravo dog you just saw it right there this one so that’s the name of the company the the category i couldn’t think of a word then animals and pets and now let’s just click get started and see what this website comes up with it’s going to automatically make hundreds of logos for us and we can pick and choose whichever ones we like download them upload them to that website and hopefully win okay that’s all you need to do so let’s have a look this one quite nice right there this one’s a simple like a paw print really really good then that one right there they’ve got pages upon pages of different logos as you can see okay pages upon pages of all pre-made logos that you can just go ahead and use so this one right here looks quite nice i’m gonna double click that and it’ll open it up just like this now here’s where you can customize the logo if you want to okay if you want to change the colors or something sometimes these people will have like colors they have in mind and things like that so make sure you read the brief first of all otherwise just go ahead and do it whatever you want whatever you think looks nice if they don’t tell you what colors they want but yeah you can change the colors right here you can make this dog whatever color you want you can make them like that if you want it’s entirely up to you do what you want okay see you can do anything if you want to delete the cat because it wasn’t that didn’t have anything about cats then just delete it okay hit the delete button boom there we go very very simple to use this website and you can get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of logos made within no time at all okay if you don’t like this one just go back just click leave go back and do it again okay you can do this over and over and over again you can you can submit a few different logos for each one okay but each for each contest submit as many logos as you can maybe like two or three if they allow you to okay they only allow one and just do one but if they allow more do as many as you can customize it a little bit to your liking on here change the colors make it look good send it on here upload it and hopefully you will win and get paid big big money like this one will be 399 dollars and these ones are all closed and finished but you can like i said filtered right here to the open contest and all of these ones are on right now there’s one right here for 499 dollars i don’t know what it is it’s in the language that i can’t understand uh but yeah just keep scrolling do the ones you want to that 1020 for this one so yeah people are making big money on this website 500 and something thousand contests done already with people who have been paid already you guys could be the next ones so guys that’s pretty much all i wanted to show you in this video really really simple method today um but very powerful okay there’s a lot of money to be made now if you do want to make the logos yourself actually forgot to mention this you can you can just go on a photoshop or whatever whatever illustrator adobe illustrator adobe photoshop make some logos yourself if you want to if you’ve got a good mind for it if you think you can do it you’re skilled enough then do that okay do it yourself it’s better than making them on here to be honest excuse me if you’re making them yourself it’s going to be 100 times better but this is another option i’m just going to make it very very easy for you and it’s free to do photoshop you’re going to have to pay for it or you can download it in some like illegal means but yeah you photoshop you have to pay for it freeload design is free but it’s a lot less work entirely up to you guys but if you do have any questions you don’t understand anything drop a comment down below uh but that’s pretty gonna be pretty much it for this video guys thank you so much for watching smash that like button if you enjoyed comment down below anything at all share this video on social media uh check out my number one recommendation if you want to learn how i make money online myself just click that link and i tell you all about it on the inside copy what i’m doing make thousands and thousands of dollars a month uh and that’s it thank you so much i’ll catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn FREE PayPal Money | Get Paid $299 Over & Over!.
Earn FREE PayPal Money | Get Paid $299 Over & Over!

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