Earn FREE Gift Cards Online! Just Watch Videos And Get PAID! (SO EASY)

Earn FREE Gift Cards Online! Just Watch Videos And Get PAID! (SO EASY)

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in today’s video i’m gonna be teaching you how you guys can earn some free paypal money by literally just watching movie trailers yes that is right guys movie trailers i’m gonna be teaching you exactly how to do this in today’s video by the end of this video if you watch until the end you watch the whole thing you will literally be sitting there on your phones your laptops computers whatever device you want watching movie trailers and getting paid to do that and i’m going to be teaching you exactly how right now but before we do jump into it guys just got a few things to mention real quick first of all i keep getting asked every single day hey digital millionaire how do you make money online well guys i’ve got good news for you just go to the description and click the first link down there it looks like this says get commissionsdaily.com if you click that link i will tell you exactly how i’m making money online on the inside and how you guys can copy me basically do the exact same thing so guys that’s the first thing i want to mention second thing is check out check out this you see this right here so apparently around 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet so if you guys are one of those if you’re watching this video right now and you’re not subscribed yet what are you doing go down there right now hit that subscribe button i post videos nearly every single day teaching you guys new ways to make money online so if you’re watching this video you’re definitely looking for ways to make money online right or join one of the biggest money making families on youtube by hitting that subscribe button and also smash the like button while you’re down there as well let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes that would be amazing so go down there and smash that like button hit the subscribe button turn on the notification bell all of that good stuff and without further ado let’s get into today’s video where i’m going to teach you how you can make money online just by watching some movie trailers so let’s go alright then guys so here we are on the website that i want to show you today now this is called volcano v-o-l-k-n-o dot-com okay come to this website and create a free account that’s the first thing you’re gonna wanna do well the first thing you wanna do is watch this video until the end that is very important because i’m gonna be giving you a lot of tips and tricks throughout this to help you and make sure you make the most money possible from this so watch the video first and then when you’re done go ahead and go to the website sign up and start making money by watching these movie trailers but i’m going to show you exactly how this works first of all okay guys by the way i’m i’m sweating bullets right now i don’t know if you can tell it is hot in here just turn off the fan because this is too loud i’m sweating guys it’s hot it’s like 35 degrees in thailand so bear with me so guys here we are on the website it’s called volcano like i said now here we go we need your feedback select a video and give feedback to earn flow redeem flow in our store for amazon gift cards okay so this is what you’re gonna earn this flow stuff i currently have 2030 flow which is worth two dollars which isn’t bad considering i barely ever use this website to be honest uh the only time i ever use it is to show you guys how it works so getting two dollars from that is pretty good because i’ve literally used it like twice i’ve watched like two videos on here maybe but guys this is what you’re going to want to come and do okay i’m going to show you exactly how right now so project power i just watched this movie the other day on netflix pretty good movie i highly recommend watching that if you haven’t already by the way but yeah let’s click on this and let me show you how it’s going to work okay let’s click on start let’s go on let’s go on freestyle for now so i’m gonna have to blur some of this out just because these are movie trailers and i might get copyright strike okay so i’m gonna blurs the actual trailer out but everything else i’m gonna leave it clear so you can see what i’m actually doing all right but yeah i will be posed uh blurring this part out because i’m not sure about copyright laws and things like that to be honest and i don’t want to get in trouble okay so this round right here literally all you need to do is if it plays here we go so give feedback as you watch so any part you like you’re going to want to click on hot okay just click the button hot okay boom done any part you think it’s not so good just click on not okay click the not button right here and that’s literally all you need to do it’s as simple as that and once you’re done watching the whole trailer then you will get some flow which you can redeem later on for some money like gift cards paper money things like this okay it’s literally that easy okay this is this is i’m making it sound easy because it is really really that easy now my wi-fi in this place that i’m in right now isn’t great so it’s not it’s not playing it’s gonna have to buffer for a while which is quite annoying but yeah all you need to do keep going through the trailer hot not do whatever you want okay it’s selected however you want and by the end like i said once you’re finished you will get some free flow now this is just one way you can do it okay they’ve got a few they’ve got a few different things that you can do this is called the freestyle one right uh but they do have some other things as well so let’s find another movie let’s go with this one hubie halloween whatever that is never heard of it um okay that’s actually not the one i wanted to do i want to show you one of the other things okay i’m not sure how to get it up uh let’s click on start for this okay but just keeps doing hot or not so once you’ve done the hot or not round it’s gonna keep taking you on to different parts different things you need to do okay let’s just do this round okay it’s gonna be a little bit painful for me because my internet right now is super bad it’s not usually this bad i can usually watch videos no problem today i’m just unlucky for some reason and it doesn’t want to work but yeah once this round is over once you’ve watched the whole trailer it’ll move on to a next round with things like emojis you press a different emoji every time you like like if you like something you’ll do like a thumbs up emoji or smiley emoji if you don’t like someone you’ll do a sad face emoji things like that they want your live reactions to the trailers okay they use this for research to give to the the movie company the movie maker people whoever they are and they use that data to better their trailers okay that’s basically all there is to this now unfortunately my wi-fi today is super bad as you can see super super bad give feedback as you watch hot that is super super hot uh and then guys i’m having really bad luck with my wi-fi today but you get the picture it’s as simple as that every single one you do this video is gonna be very very short because i can’t show you all of it unfortunately but i would highly recommend coming over to the website v-o-l-k-n-o dot com volcano dot com okay signing up is completely free to sign up it’s not gonna cost you a single penny and just go through all the trailer trailers you’ll see exactly how it works guys literally like i said once you’ve done that one thing okay the freestyle thing is gonna move on to the next round and then the next round and i think there’s like three rounds in total if you do them all can you see this sweat i’m literally dripping here guys it’s so hot but yeah once you’ve done the first round it’s gonna keep go taking through different rounds once you’ve done all those you’ll get your flow then you can move on to the next trailer okay and do that one and then move on to the next trailer then the next trailer you get the picture very very simple really easy to understand unfortunately like i said my wi-fi is not working so i can’t show you it exactly uh if you do have any questions and you don’t understand this you’re having troubles with it please leave a comment down below and i will help you out okay but it is simple all you need apparently is some decent wi-fi because my year right now is not decent soon i will be upgrading it and it will be better do not worry about that but for now not very good but yeah that’s the one thing that’s the explore page right here you can see all the different trailers and stuff they have new ones they have the surging ones which are popular coming movies that are coming soon not even out yet you can watch the trailers for those movies tv show trailers as well if that’s your thing if you’re getting bored of movie trailers move on to tv shows you get the picture guys really really simple so here’s the store where you can redeem your flow okay once you get 5 000 flow you can earn five dollars in amazon gift cards okay really really simple not much to show you guys but that is all i’m gonna do for this video like i said if you do have any questions you don’t understand any part of this just go down to the comment section and ask me down there and i will get back to you always in the comment section helping you guys out that is what i’m here for but as for this one guys that is it thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video if you found it helpful please don’t forget to smash that like button drop a comment down below subscribe if you haven’t already share this video on social media uh all of that good stuff and like i said if you want to learn how i make money online myself go down the description click the first link down there says getcommissionsdaily.com click that i’ll tell you all about it on the inside but as for this video guys that is it thank you so much i’ll catch you in the next one you

This Post Was All About Earn FREE Gift Cards Online! Just Watch Videos And Get PAID! (SO EASY).
Earn FREE Gift Cards Online! Just Watch Videos And Get PAID! (SO EASY)

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