Earn FREE Bitcoin Just By Watching VIDEOS Online! (2020)

Earn FREE Bitcoin Just By Watching VIDEOS Online! (2020)

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earn free bitcoin just by watching videos online on your laptops your tablets your computers your smartphones this can be done on any single device that you have and i’m going to be teaching you exactly how to do this in this video so if you’ve been looking for ways to get some bitcoin but you can’t afford to just buy it yourself well don’t worry guys i’ve got you covered in this video by the end of this you are going to be earning free bitcoin literally just by watching videos and you don’t really have to actually watch them you can just click on a video let it play put your phone on the side and get on with whatever you were doing during the day guys i’m going to show you exactly how this is done in today’s video so make sure you stick around and watch this one you are not going to want to miss this one so guys before we do jump into the video just a few things i want to mention first of all this okay just i don’t even i don’t even have words take a look at this right here so apparently about 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel so if you’re one of those what i want you to do is just go down there right now okay go down here and just hit that subscribe button and maybe consider turning on the notification bell as well so i can update you every single time i post a new video and you’ll never miss an upload and also you see this little guy here you see this thing i want you to just go down there again and just destroy that like button for me please and thank you try to get this video to 1 000 likes if we do get this video to a thousand likes i will be doing another giveaway and i’ll make this one maybe a bitcoin giveaway just to match the video all right so try to get this video to 1 000 likes and i will give away some bitcoin to one of you lucky viewers all right so guys without further ado let’s jump into my laptop let me show you how to earn some free bitcoin just by watching videos it’s gonna be super super simple and teach you exactly how to do it uh so let’s go all right then guys so here we are on the website that i want to show you today now this is probably going to be a pretty quick video because i’m only going to be focusing on this one website today okay and you can see it right here it’s called esptco.com but guys do not skip ahead watch this whole video first of all just so i can make sure that you know what you’re doing all right because you need to know exactly how to do this so you can actually start making some bitcoin by using this website right here okay without watching this video first you’re gonna get lost you’re gonna get confused you’re not gonna know what to do and you probably won’t earn as much bitcoin so stick with me and watch this full video okay so first thing we’re gonna want to do is come to this website obviously i’ll put a link to this in the description down below or you can go to google and search for esptco and you’ll find it down there all right and now literally all you need to do is create a free account this website is completely 100 free to use do not worry about a thing literally just create an account for free and you’re good to go once you’ve created account you can start watching the adverts getting some watching some videos and getting paid some free vidcon all right it’s gonna be super super simple so what you can kind of guys got to do is go to the top here very very very very simple okay super super easy this website so the first thing i want to show you is the viewing the ads all right then we’ll move on to the videos in just a moment okay so viewing ads literally just click on it and you’re gonna see all these things so ptc advertisements click on the ad to start viewing it and it tells you exactly how much you get on here for uh for doing it okay so view for 10 seconds to get 8.36 satoshi so all you need to do is click on this view site so view the ad in the window that opened do not close the window that is opened until the timer is complete so for me i do not actually see an advert that has opened let’s have a look let’s see what’s going on here so pop-up block there we go that’s why always allow pop-ups that’s what you’re going to want to do if this happens to you okay i’ve just turned it on so it always allows pop-ups and boom here we go this time it has work so if you’ve got a browser that blocks pop-ups like i have uh then do what i did up in the url bar i don’t think you can see it actually think of this just cutting off but up in the url bar on the far right side there’s a little box with an x in there click on that and it said uh to turn it off to allow pop-ups all the time so all it told me to do was just stay on here for 10 seconds i don’t know there we go it’s done okay so done all you gotta do now click the box i am human please click each image containing a car so we got this one this one and this one check and submit and now boom we should earn ourselves yeah there we go you have earned 8.36 satoshi click here to close boom that’s one done straight away okay now you can do these over and over and over and over and over and over again there’s plenty of them for you to do and you can repeat some of them and they’re always adding new ones on here as well okay so that’s one way for you to earn but we’re focusing on videos in this one so what i’m gonna do is come on over here and click on videos right at the top just right next to view ads click on that and again just the same as the last one now we have a list of videos to watch okay they’ve got some featured ones right here which pay you the most i think the featured ones that are the ones that they really want you to watch they’ll pay the most for it okay so let’s just click on one of those so this cat gets a credit card watch for 60 seconds to get 615 es coins all right so es coins are their own cryptocurrency which you can then sell for bitcoin okay you can trade it for bitcoin or litecoin ethereum whatever you want on their website okay so uh that’s what we’re gonna do later on but for now just build up their es coins uh and then sell it later on in the future when you’ve got enough okay to trade so let’s click on watch video and let’s see what happens so 10 seconds left so uh view the video for the time specified do not stop the video until the time it is completed video pause please resume so there we go so we have to now watch 60 seconds of this video alright so again you can just go ahead and do whatever you want right now okay what just you can just sit back okay phone out 60 seconds just look look look at whatever you want on your phone do whatever you want to do on your laptop speak to you speak to your wife speak to your girlfriends with your sister whoever whoever’s in your room do whatever you want guys while this 60 seconds is playing okay and then once it’s over we will have earned ourselves 600 and whatever whatever it was 615 yes coins okay so that’s all you need to do so i’m going to fast forward this last 20 seconds and i’ll be right back all right so there we go that’s the video over and done with that 60 seconds watch now the same thing again click on the capture thing i am human please click each image containing a car again one two three it’s a car too that’s a car too there’s a lot of cars in this one there we go check i am human and submit now we should earn 615 es coins boom there we go straight into our account all right and guys this is easy as that just keep going through all the different videos you could do the ads as well and by the end of every single time you do this you’re gonna have a decent amount of coins which like i said you can then trade in for bitcoin or whatever other cryptocurrency that you want now this website it is like part of es fosses now i do want to show you this really quickly as well because these two things come hand in hand all right the es coins you’re gonna be using them on this website most of all all right now this is another way to get some even more bitcoin so i’ll show you that okay so they know i’m using an ad block i’ll just turn that off now don’t run on pages on this site there we go let’s reload this so if you have a night blocker you’re probably going to get the same thing they just turn it off on these websites because that’s how they make money through the ads and they share that with you guys on the website so if you’ve got an ad blocker on they’re not making money they’re not going to share money with you right so uh it’s just it’s just fit okay so let’s have a look guys this is the es faucet now this is part of esptco all right like i said they come hand in hand together now on here you can actually earn even more bitcoin so let’s go on these faucets i want to show you one of these faucets just really quickly now they have a bunch of them as you can see loads of different ones bitcoin ones yes coin which are the things we were earning uh from the videos we were watching on this website uh but i also want to show you this how you can get even more bitcoin very very easily just click click on the faucet that i said on the left here click on earn click on faucets click on whatever currency you want i chose bitcoin for this one and now click here to claim so click on that button click i’m not a robot and then click verify and it’s claiming it’s just claiming some free bitcoin for me right now boom there we go total earned nine satoshi so that that’s that’s another thing i wanted to show you just to get even more free bitcoin uh you will need to create an account on yes faucet i think to actually sign up to here as well i think they both come you need them both okay and you definitely should have them both anyway because like i said the currency another voice crack this keeps handing me so the currency you get from this website esptco you can use that on here as you can see that’s their main coin on this website so guys if you have any questions about this at all i think it’s pretty simple i think you’ll only understand this but if you do have any questions at all don’t be afraid to go down the comment section ask me down there i’m always replying to you guys down there i love speaking to you helping you out that’s what i’m here for so if you do if you do get stuck with any part of this comment down below ask me a question and i’ll get back to you but as for this video guys that is it thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it if you found it helpful please do not forget to smash the like button share this video with your friends and family help them earn some free bitcoin as well comment down below anything you want subscribe if you haven’t already all of that good stuff and i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn FREE Bitcoin Just By Watching VIDEOS Online! (2020).
Earn FREE Bitcoin Just By Watching VIDEOS Online! (2020)

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