Earn $700 PayPal Money Doing NOTHING! (Apps That Pay)

Earn $700 PayPal Money Doing NOTHING! (Apps That Pay)

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in this video i’m going to show you guys how to earn 600 and literally all you’re gonna need is a smartphone this isn’t even gonna take up any of your time guys this is gonna be completely passive income now if you don’t know what passive income means that is money coming into your pocket without you doing anything at all okay now it’s gonna require a little bit of setup that’s what passive income is you set it up and then over time it’s gonna make you money without touching it okay that’s basically what passive income is and i’m going to show you how to get 600 from this and what you need is a smartphone yes guys that is true and i’m gonna be showing you exactly how right now so let’s get into the video all right then guys so just to quickly before we do start the actual method today this is gonna be a quick one i’ve already got one app to show you and it’s going to be really really easy to use and set up and you’re going to be making money with this in no time but i do want to mention a few things first of all okay number one is take a look at this right here you see this apparently 60 of you guys watching my videos are not subscribed to the channel so if you guys are if you’re one of those okay if you’re watching this video right now but you’re not subscribed yet then i want you to go down there and hit that subscribe button consider turning on the notification bell as well just so i can update you every time i post a new video and you can be one of the first people to watch all right i’m posting new videos every single day teaching you how to make money online if you’re interested in that i’m guessing you are because you’re watching this video right now and yeah just hit the subscribe button and also one more thing is boom you see this little guy here i want you to go down there and just destroy that like button make it explode okay please and thank you try to get this video to 1 000 likes and i might do another paypal giveaway for you guys all right just go down there and smash that like button and hit that subscribe button and without further ado guys let’s get into my laptop right here and let’s take a look at this app that i have for you which is going to get you some passive income all right now here we are this is it it’s called cash magnet now this app as you can see get money from your android phone we pay for every minute of that time when you do nothing you literally have to do nothing at all with this app there’s a few things you need to do like i said to get it set up that’s what passive income is you can’t expect to just literally just sit there and have money come to you you need to do some setup right that’s just that’s just how it works so what you’re going to want to go and do first of all is just come to cashmagnetapp.com okay and sign up to start working right here put your email address and your password click sign up really simple it’s all you have to do or you can use your google account right here and sign in with that it’s going to take you two seconds now unfortunately this is only available for android users i do have an android device so i can use this but apple users unfortunately you cannot do this all right i don’t know why you just can’t i don’t know why it’s just one of apple’s rules okay so i’m going to show you through the website and then you guys can go ahead and go download the app and set it up yourself okay and i’m just going to show you the website that you know how this works and how you’re going to be making money with it okay so as you can see you can download the apple download the app from the google play store right here you can just click that button and it’ll take you to their website first of all okay now you do not need to perform tasks watch ads or play games earnings will come in an absolutely autonomous and passive mode that means there are no simple little tasks like i’ve shown you a lot of apps before you need to do surveys you need to watch videos either click on ads that sort of thing now these apps are great but they pay you very very small amounts and you have to actually be there doing things on your phone right this one right here like i said it’s just passive income you don’t need to do anything it will just run in the background and while he’s running in the background it’s gonna be making you money okay that’s literally all you need to do install the app have it run in the background and it’s gonna make you passive income that way okay so prepare to earn several times more only two months of working with cash magnet and you can buy another phone okay and within two months you’ll be able to buy another phone that works for you around the clock okay that’s how a lot of people do it on this website they will use this okay and then once they’ve got enough money they’ll buy another phone and have it run on there as well and then once that’s made enough money they’ll buy another phone and you can do this i think it’s up to four on four different devices okay imagine having four devices making you money every single day now you might be wondering yourself asking yourself well how much money can you actually make i don’t know if you can tell guys but it’s just gone super super dark outside it’s gonna rain any second now super great don’t know the lighting’s changing here or not but yeah this app they will make you around two dollars per day okay that doesn’t sound like a whole lot right but imagine two dollars every single day for an entire year that’s like six hundred over six hundred dollars nearly seven hundred dollars okay seven hundred dollars in your pocket just for doing nothing that’s only on one device you can do this on four different devices like i said so you could be earning 2 800 every single year from four different devices okay without doing anything at all just letting the app run on them eight dollars a day for doing nothing at all it is super dark it’s 9 a.m and it looks like it’s bloody 9 p.m outside right now so guys i keep getting distracted by the weather outside uh but yeah let’s take a look at more of the website okay so it’s absolutely safe we guarantee that their data and personal settings will not be used in any way don’t worry about that there are plenty of reviews things like that backing this website up do not worry about a thing now what i want you guys to do is come on over to the website cashmagnetmap.com and you will see this at the bottom now i’m not going to go through all of this because it is so long as you can see this is like an faq and it is quite long there are many many many questions right here which i would recom look at this there’s so many i don’t know how many there are right there like maybe 30 or something there’s a lot of questions now i would recommend you go through all of these like i said i’m not going to go through them all now because it’ll just waste your time you can do this if you want to all right come to the website and scroll to the bottom you’ll see all these i’ll go through a few so what is cash magnet is an android app to allow you to earn extra income while you are not using the phone is it free to use yes completely free to use and always will be which operating system supported only android devices any additional requirements blah blah blah blah accumulation of points how do i connect the phone to the internet how can i redeem my point there are a lot of questions on here answered already so if you have any questions for me come to the website first of all and see if it’s answered down here okay and if it’s not then drop a comment down below asking me and i will get back to you down there okay i’ll find out the answer for you and i will get back to you all right but guys that’s all i want to show you in today’s video to be honest you literally just need to install the app write it right in the background and then you can start making some money with it okay it’s just as simple as that that’s why this video is so short not much to show you um but yeah that is it thank you so much for watching i hope you will start this and you’re going to earn 600 a year from 700 even from every single device that you have and yeah you’re going to make some decent money with this so guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed please don’t forget to smash that like button comment down below share this video on social media uh what else is the subscribe if you haven’t already all of that good stuff and i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn $700 PayPal Money Doing NOTHING! (Apps That Pay).
Earn $700 PayPal Money Doing NOTHING! (Apps That Pay)

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