Earn $70 Over & Over Again | FREE PayPal Money (2020)

Earn $70 Over & Over Again | FREE PayPal Money (2020)

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in this video i’m going to teach you guys how you can earn up to 70 over and over and over again by doing some very very very simple tasks online this is going to be completely free to do and this website i’m going to be showing you they accept people from all over the world so guys stick with me because i’m gonna be showing you exactly how to do this and by the end of this video if you watch the whole thing you listen to everything i have to say and you follow my simple steps you will be earning up to 70 dollars like i said over and over and over again you can do this on repeat and it’s very very easy and all you need is either a smartphone a computer a tablet a laptop or all of those devices the more you have the more money you’re gonna make all right so guys i’m gonna show you exactly how this works in this video and we’re getting started right now so just quickly guys before we do get into the actual method today i just want to mention a few things first of all take a look at this right here you see this this says that 60 of my viewers so you guys watching right now are not subscribed to the channel yet if you guys are one of those i want you to go down there right now hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell please and thank you i’m posting videos just like this every single day teaching you guys new ways to make money online so if you’re watching this video right now i’m guessing you’re interested in that so yeah be sure to just hit that subscribe button and one more thing guys i want you to take this little guy right here i want you to go down there and just destroy it okay go down and destroy that like button try to get this view to 1 000 likes that would just be awesome so you could do that i really really appreciate it thank you very much so guys without further ado let’s get into my laptop and let me show you this website today so we’re taking a look at this website right here it is called validately now it’s as simple as this look you test websites and you make money that’s literally all you need to do you test websites you make money it is really that simple now i’m going to show you how this works in today’s video to show you how to sign up to the website and all of that good stuff and like i said by the end of the video you will be making money with this website right here so thousands of companies use validity to improve their products including google amazon microsoft salesforce allstate don’t know what those last two are but those first three pretty big public companies right so guys like these websites they come to validate me if they have like a new feature on their website they’ve got something they want to test so you guys will be one of these tests they want real people real users not like biased workers that you know in the google company they want real unbiased workers to test their different things and let them know everything they need to know all right that’s what they want you to do and that’s what you’re going to be doing so how does it work you make money for every test you take you’ll be asked to complete a set of tasks speak your thoughts aloud and answer questions regarding a website or app now guys they will send you to some website or an app like i said this can be done on smartphones and tablets as well sometimes they require that and you do need those devices if you don’t have those devices don’t worry you just can’t do that particular test but they’ll send you other tests for whatever devices you have like a computer or a laptop whatever you have they will send you devices tests for what devices you have all right so they will send you to a website and then they will ask you some to do some that some tasks once you do those tasks you speak your thoughts aloud as you’re doing them okay you speak whatever you’re thinking you speak it out loud because they will be recording your screen and your audio as whether we’re recording whatever you’re saying so be careful what you say all right now it’s as simple as that guys really really easy step one sign up click here to sign up you’ll be asked to provide basic demographic information and show you how to do this in just a moment you start taking tests you’ll start receiving emails offering money for feedback on websites and apps and you get paid you’ll be paid for every test you successfully complete thanks for the feedback that is all you need to do now they do have a few questions here that you need to know so i’m going to go through these just quickly this is what you need to get started you need a computer with a microphone okay now you don’t need a computer specifically uh these right here smartphones they have microphones built in already tablets do as well laptops usually do as well computers like i’ve got there that like chairs hiding it computers like this uh they don’t usually have microphones built in so you do need like an external one if you’re using a computer but any other device like a laptop or a smartphone you’re gonna be fine you must use google chrome a high-speed internet connection you must be at least 18 years old you must be able to speak in english and you must have a paypal account those are the rules you need to have all of these you need to follow all of these things right here if you don’t and unfortunately you probably won’t be able to use this website to make money but this is really easy stuff guys high speed internet you don’t need like super fast things okay it just needs to be relatively fast and yeah everything else right there how often are new tests available tests are available daily okay how much money will i make and how will i be paid you get paid between ten to seventy dollars per test the longer test will pay you seventy dollars and the average shorter test will pay you around ten dollars okay and all pro payments are processed through paypal within seven business of completing your test so after seven days okay as soon as you finish a test exactly seven days from then you will get paid into your paypal account so that’s how it works okay so i’m going to click here to sign up i’m going to take you through this signup process just really quickly so just click that button next step create an account and now here are here’s when you choose all the devices you have so i actually have a spare iphone back there um i don’t have an ipad i do have a tablet but i don’t have an ipad just going to leave it blank i’ve got an android and i’m going to put other as well click on next what type of computer do you own i own a mac and i own a windows pc i don’t know any of those other things so leave those blank what version of windows do you use i use windows 10 click next i am mail next what year were you born i was born in 1993 next what’s your level of education do they have college dropout some college university i lasted like one month in university to be honest and i dropped out so i’ll just put that i have some what is your employment status uh self-employed in what industry are you working um can i i don’t know i’m just gonna put let’s talk about information technology for now what is your job title oh god can i can i type well let me put you nah i have to choose something on there um green marketer market none of these these are just weird things i’m just going to put green marketer because i made that green yo what’s your annual household income what is your full name digital millionaire boom what is your email i’m not a robot and then click the palm trees verify next what is your paypal email so guys i’m not going to put that i’ll put it in i’ll just i’ll just cover it let’s blur this part out you guys can’t see i’m not a robot again next choose a password boom this password is not that yeah there it is what time zone do you live in detect my location so uh let’s have a look let’s see if it detects a location this is all you guys just answer all these questions and you’ll be good to go after this okay once you’ve done all this you’ll be signed in you’ll have a cur an account created and click never on there yes i agree make sure you check that click sign up and then boom there we go you’ve sent a confirmation email and then after you’ve confirmed your email they will start sending you tests and it’s as easy as that guys okay it took me how long like a couple of minutes to register on this website and answer all those questions took no more than a couple of minutes really really easy and now all i need to do is block in my emails okay turn on notifications on my emails so every time i get one from validately pops up straight away i’ve got the notification i click on it i do the test and i get paid simple as that really really cool website and the test is super easy as well they’ll ask you to like find this on the website find that on the website it’s really really easy tasks they ask you to do do not worry about a thing you will have no problems with this at all i can assure you guys it’s gonna be really really easy okay so that’s it for this video if you do have any questions at all okay i know i didn’t show you how to do an actual test um but i don’t get in trouble i don’t know i’m not sure if i can show you that but trust me guys you’ll be able to do it if you do have any questions about this at all drop a comment down below and i’ll get back to you down there they do have an faq if you scroll to the bottom of their page oh this is the home page for the the companies that want things tested you’re going to want to click on get paid to test then you’ll be taken here okay scroll down and they do have an faq as you can see visit our frequently asked questions if you can’t find your answer on there then ask me and i will get back to you okay but yeah as for this video guys that is it thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it if you found it helpful don’t forget to smash that like button share this video with your friends and family help them make some money online as well comment down below subscribe if you haven’t already all of that good stuff check out my number one recommendation as well this is what i use myself to make money online uh i highly recommend checking that out it’s a no-brainer guys i make thousands of dollars a day with that sometimes so if you want to learn how just click the link first thing top description i’ll tell you all about it down there thank you so much for watching i’ll catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn $70 Over & Over Again | FREE PayPal Money (2020).
Earn $70 Over & Over Again | FREE PayPal Money (2020)

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