Earn $500 FREE PayPal Money EVERY DAY! (Money Making App)

Earn $500 FREE PayPal Money EVERY DAY! (Money Making App)

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in this video i’m going to be showing you how you can earn 500 in free paypal money every single day yes you heard that right guys 500 free paypal money every single day i’m going to be teaching you exactly how you can do that in today’s video and you’re literally only going to need one thing and that is a smartphone it’s literally all you’re going to need a smartphone so guys stay tuned you are not going to want to miss this video super super excited to show you this one but before we do jump into it guys just got a few things to mention first of all number one is i keep getting this question every single day asking me hey digital millionaire how do you make money online well guys got good news for you if you just go down to the description first link down there looks like this says getcommissionsdaily.com click that link and you can learn exactly how i’m making money online and how you guys can basically copy what i’m doing do the exact same thing it is the best way to make money online right now second thing i want to mention guys check out this right here you see this so apparently around 60 of my subscribers are not my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet if you guys are one of those if you’re watching this video right now and you are not subscribed yet then i want you to go down there and hit that subscribe button for me please and thank you join one of the biggest money making families on youtube and last but not least guys i want you to see you see this little fat guy here i want you to go down there again and just destroy that like button for me okay please and thank you let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes that would be amazing try and go try and do that for me 5 000 likes and then i will do another paypal money giveaway for you guys all right but without further ado that’s enough uh messing about let’s get into today’s video i’m going to teach you how you can earn some free paypal money every single day and get up to 500 every day so let’s go all right then guys so like i said all you’re gonna need for this method today is a smartphone okay because this is an app that we’re gonna be taking a look at today so uh by the end of this video guys you will be using this app to potentially make 500 in free paper money every single day and you can get so so so many chances to get that 500 okay you can literally get like 300 chances every single day it’s absolutely crazy okay so guys here we are on the website of the app that i want to show you today okay it is called daily raffle now if you don’t know what this app is basically it’s like a lottery all right you choose some random numbers okay it’s up to you what numbers you choose or you can do them randomly entirely up to you you choose some numbers the six numbers in total up from one to nine okay when you choose those numbers every single day at 7 pm gmt they will do a raffle draw okay and they will just pick up random numbers like of the lottery completely random numbers they will choose them well they don’t choose them they get them from random but yeah they get these random numbers and if you match the numbers you win money as simple as that so it’s like the lottery but it is completely free to do i’m going to be showing you why and how in this video all right so here’s the website like i said so daily raffle is a free application with a daily prize starting from 10 up to 500 so yes you can win smaller amounts as well you don’t need the 500 is the jackpot okay 500 is the jackpot every single day some lucky people will win this every single day but if you don’t match all the numbers don’t worry you can still have a chance to win something okay if you match four or five numbers you will still win something you need to match four five or six for the jackpot all right and that’s basically how it works so this is how the app looks on the inside once you download it by the way i’ll have a link in the description down below where you can sign up to this app download it and sign up and by using that link guys then you will actually get some free tickets okay you’ll get five free tickets to enter into tonight’s draw or whatever draw you want to do okay so be sure to use the link in the description down below and also you can enter referral codes as well so i want you guys to comment your referral codes in the comment section down below okay so once you’ve downloaded this app and installed it and created an account get your referral code copy and paste it in the comments down below and then i want you all to use each other’s codes okay that’s gonna be awesome uh you’ll get some random people using your code from the comments and you’ll get some free tickets through that all right so use each other’s codes get everyone some free tickets okay anyone you see just use it and yeah boom free tickets for both of you so whoever uses the code you’re both going to get free tickets all right so as i said daily draw at 9 00 pm gmt that is like london time okay daily hints about the winning numbers this is also very important to know on the app they do have a hint page where they will tell you some of the numbers okay one of the numbers one of the six numbers is three for example that clue right there the first number of the winning ticket is one so for this draw right here you would know that you have to put a number one in there and again the other one you’d have to put the number three in there okay so watch these hints keep an eye on those hints every single day i’d also recommend following them on instagram as well and follow me on instagram as well digital millionaire yt i think that’s my uh my instagram username but yeah follow them on instagram so because they post some hints on there as well and also follow me while they’re at it as well okay so and then guys we win okay get six numbers in the same order to win 500 jackpot okay or get four or five numbers to win the smaller amounts all right but that’s basically uh all there is to their website because this is an app it’s not much to show on their website but i do want to show you the reviews first of all as you can see daily raffle 31 000 reviews pretty much maintaining a 4.3 star rating i’ve had so many people i’ve made a few videos on this before and i keep pushing them out because uh people love this app and it’s really really good a lot of my viewers are making a lot of money on this app trust me guys i’ve got like 5 000 of you referred onto the app already and i can see that you guys are making a lot of money every single day i’m checking the app doing my draws and i’m seeing you guys it tells me if you want and things like that and a lot of you are it’s really awesome to see i’ve had a few comments saying you’ve won some money on here it’s just really really great to see all of that guys so keep it up keep using this app you’re doing really really well so yeah daily raffle 31 000 reviews very very trusted app people are loving it okay the reviews speak for themselves you can ask anyone in the comment section down below and who subscribed to me and who’s already already using this app they will vouch for it as well trust me this is a great app that you will make some decent money with okay yes it’s luck okay it’s some sort of luck and chance because it is a lottery they choose ran num random numbers okay six random numbers but it’s not too difficult it’s only between the numbers one and nine look at this this is how you choose the numbers okay you get nine numbers to choose from one two three four five six seven eight nine click on any numbers you want in a random order to to get them then click add ticket and boom you’ll get yourself a ticket added to the draw now if you don’t have tickets okay you they do have some free ways for you to earn some all right once you’re on the app you’ll have this button called that says get a ticket all right click on that and a little advert will play like 30 seconds sometimes 15 20 seconds little advert all right once you’re done watching that you will get a free ticket straight into there and you can choose six round numbers and keep repeating that 300 times a day yes you can get 300 free draws every single day all right so you’ve got a lot of chances 300 chances every single day to win the 500 and now it says here look play for free win daily prizes up to 1 000 they will be doing some bigger giveaways some bigger draws very very soon okay christmas for example they’re doing a massive draw on christmas right now only on special occasions because uh if they were giving away a thousand dollars every single day they’d probably lose money themselves once they get more users and more people using it and they start making more money they will be upping the the jackpot every single day all right but for now special occasions like christmas things like that they will be doing the bigger ones like a thousand dollars so you do have a chance to win a thousand dollars on some special days okay so guys that’s pretty much all i wanted to show you in this video to be honest very very simple app i’ve got some other videos on the channel showing you exactly how this works i would highly recommend checking those out if you haven’t seen them already because it’s pretty simple app i’m not showing you the inside today because just want to show you this app and get you to help you to know about it okay inform you on it because it is a great app very very simple to use a lot of money to be made is completely free it’s a no-brainer guys just get on this app download it right now go to the description check the first link well i’ll actually put it like a second link just go down there and i’ll have a link for this okay somewhere down in the description i’ll also put it in the comment section as well but guys that is pretty much all there is to this video thank you so much for watching just a quick one today if you enjoyed this if you found it helpful please don’t forget to smash that like button uh subscribe if you haven’t already share this with anyone or your friends and family help them make some money online to tell them about this app get them to use your referral codes you get some free tickets don’t forget to comment your referral codes as well in the comment section just so we can all use each other’s get some free tickets and that’s it i will catch you in the next video you

This Post Was All About Earn $500 FREE PayPal Money EVERY DAY! (Money Making App).
Earn $500 FREE PayPal Money EVERY DAY! (Money Making App)

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Hey guys, welcome back to another money making video! In this one I’m showing you How to Earn $500 FREE PayPal Money EVERY DAY! (Money Making App)

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If you’re looking for ways to make money online, this is one of the best. By following the steps in this video, you’ll be able to work from home and work on your laptop or computer or smartphone. This is the best way to earn money online in 2020 and it’s completely free to do! Digital Millionaire teaches you step by step, how it’s done!

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