Earn $200.00 EVERY DAY! (Fast & Free PayPal Money)

Earn $200.00 EVERY DAY! (Fast & Free PayPal Money)

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hey what is going on my future millionaires hope you’re all doing good so as you can tell by the title of today’s video i’m gonna be teaching you how you can earn 200 in free paypal money every single day by literally just copy and pasting some names now you might be thinking to yourself what doesn’t even make sense well guys do not worry it does and i’m going to be showing you how in this video okay so stick around and watch this whole thing and by the end of the video you’ll be making 200 every single day and free paper money by just using command c or copy and paste that’s literally all you need to do it’s going to be super super simple i’m going to be showing you how in this video so guys before we do jump in i’ve got a few quick things to mention first of all i keep getting asked every single day how do you make money online digital millionaire tell us how do you make money online please please please how do you make money online well guys got good news for you all you need to do is go down the description and click the first link down there it says get commissionsdaily.com i will put this in the comments section as well just to make it super easy for you to find click that link and i will take you to a website where you’ll learn everything about how i make money online and how you guys can pretty much copy what i’m doing and use the exact same and strategies and start making money online just like me as well guys second thing i want to mention is this right here you see this so apparently 60 of my viewers are not subscribed to the channel yet if you’re one of those if you’re watching this video right now and you’re not subscribed yet then what are you guys doing go down there and hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so i can send you an update every single time i post a new video i’m posting pretty much nearly every single day teaching you new ways to make money online so yeah join one of the biggest money making families on youtube by hitting that subscribe button and last but not least guys you see this guy right here i want you to take him and just destroy it okay go down there right now and destroy that like button let’s try and get this video to 5 000 likes that would be awesome and without further ado let’s get into my laptop and let me teach you how you can earn 200 free paper money every single day by copy and pasting so let’s go alright then here we are on the website that i want to show you today now this is it it’s called naming force all right so guys i highly recommend watching this video until the end do not skip ahead do not leave right now do not go to the website and try this yourself watch the whole video first that is very very excuse me very very important okay trust me so here we are on the website now this is a business name contest website basically people come here looking for business names okay and you can be the ones coming up with these business names and potentially winning these contests and getting yourself like i said maybe 200 so right now there is actually only one active contest but i’ve been on here some days and there’s like 20 active contests some days there’s none okay you’re gonna want to keep coming back and checking uh if there are contests and enter them every single time there are now i will have another method very very shortly after i show you this website i’m going to show you another website we can do this exact same thing but it’s going to be consistent money okay this one right here is just basically luck of winning and waiting for the right competition okay like the right contest right now like i said there’s only one so it’s quite a small chance of winning but don’t worry i’ve got another method for you i’m going to be showing you shortly so it’s going to be consistent money for you all right but let’s take a look at this first of all so business name contest so this one a menopausal supplement we recently took over a menopause blog and in the process of replacing something click on the thing if you want to learn more about it okay they’re going to tell you all about it so they’re replacing much of the content and look and feel we want to launch a supplement to market to the readers either through the current website or separately the readership is almost entirely women in a pre pair perimenopause perimenopause i don’t know perimenopause or menopause we are empathetic to you can read the descriptions guys and then come up with business names by yourself now if you have the mind for this if you can do this by on with using your brain power good for you do that if you can me personally i can’t i’m guessing a lot of you can’t as well you can’t just come up with business names like that on the spot do not worry i’ve got a trick for you okay we are going to be using this website right here this is called nameless n-a-m-e name lex lax.com nameless.com okay this is a business name generator okay you can generate short brandable business name using artificial intelligence it does everything for us we have to do basically nothing we don’t have to use any of our brain power we can just rest our brain have a little sleep or something just do whatever you want you don’t need to use your brain power so let’s go back to this so they were using this is for a menopause thing right menopause blog so i’m gonna copy and paste menopause okay copy this plus command c and i’m gonna paste that into here menopause okay let’s generate these names all right so we can choose short names medium names all long names entirely up to you i’m just going to select all three selecting name style brandable names i’m pretty sure they wanted a brandable name right they didn’t they want something brandable it’s because it’s for a it’s for like a product right so yeah the party wants to be brandable um let’s go with i don’t know real words oh okay you can only choose one here right so let’s go with brandable names generate and boom let’s wait for it to generate 15 60 70 boom here we go key fertility misfitility overland estrogen fertility b fluoxetic neurosis renal and menopause guys look at all the names it comes up with and that’s for like a kind of a weird category slash thing okay kind of a weird thing to come up with right but that’s the only one on here right now this is the only uh contest available right now so that’s why i’m using this as an example okay uh but yeah this one is in the voting phase right here these ones all are like um recent ones that have actually worked out and people have actually been paid from some money from this so somebody got a hundred dollar reward for coming up with some name for an accountancy firm okay so you’ve got all sorts of different things you’d be coming up with so you can come back to here if it’s for an accountancy firm you can put in the accountancy okay if you can spell it right accountancy boom generate okay go through the same things choose what kind of names you want blah blah blah and it’s going to come up with loads for you okay accountingly and the good thing about this website here nameless is most of these websites or maybe even all of them are actual like real websites that are available right now to buy so like this thing study money you can buy that domain studymoney.com for it’s a bit expensive 2395 but it is available okay ranking this one isn’t actually available i don’t think it’s quite a quite a hard one but a lot of these do have the the domains and everything available ready for them and that’s what a lot of these businesses want okay they want ones that aren’t taken at all the websites available to buy all of this stuff nobody else is using it obviously okay they want that so that’s why this is a great place to do it on name links very very simple come here look at the contest search whatever what they want read the little briefs they have for you find out what they want what they’re looking for what kind of name they’re looking for come to this generate a name find some that you like send it to them and hopefully you will win now i do have another method for you like i said because these aren’t like frequent you’re not going to get all of these every single day you’re not going to get 10 every single day you’re not going to be winning them all now i would highly recommend doing this on the side as well as like a little side gig on fiverr.com i’ve already done a search for business name okay and there are people doing this are charging a lot of money for it look at this this is absolutely crazy guys you can do this i will think of five original name ideas for your business brand or service so this guy for 95 dollars will come up with five five basically just brand names that’s it he comes up with five brand names now that would take you 10 seconds to do okay literally 10 seconds let me do a little search let’s get my how do i get notes so let’s do this for a second um how do i do a note on here no idea okay let’s make a new note uh so let’s go to business name generator right here so accountingly okay there’s one name accountingly boom copy okay it’s gone okay let’s just do it right here copy go to notes boom there’s one okay that’s one business name done already next one consultantship.com boom okay let’s copy and paste that that is expensive to buy if you want that domain name that’s going to be expensive 23 000 domain somebody might buy it i don’t know somebody might but guys boom that’s the next one let’s move on to another one let’s close down this close down that uh let’s move on to let’s choose study money right here copy go to your notes paste it in there look how quick i’m doing this guys well i’m not doing it even that quick i’m sure i’m not very good on max i don’t use this mac too much i use this pc a lot more than i use this um but yeah account okay for some reason it’s taking me to something else right now i want i want you to take me to account site boom did i copy it i don’t know damn it account site okay there’s four i’m just going for five right you just so i’ve got the same thing as that guy okay let’s go with uh investly let’s go with investly let’s choose that one boom and there we go that is five different things okay i just removed it on x and deleted it nice and like set up where you go to max boom five names copy and paste those onto this guy not this send it to your customer this guy’s just earned 95 from what two minutes of work took me like two minutes to copy and paste those five names from there super super simple and yeah 95 this guy’s charging for that you guys can do the same thing as well have a look what other people are doing there’s plenty of other people doing the exact same thing as well go back to fiverr search for business names and you can see loads this guy look how many reviews he’s got as well i didn’t even notice that he’s got 1138 reviews so 1138 people have paid him to do what i’ve just literally done copied and pasted some names from there crazy right and you guys can do the same thing now that’s what i wanted to show you in this video it’s all i wanted to basically teach you if you do have any questions you didn’t understand anything drop a comment down below and i will help you down there that’s what i’m here for to help you make money online so yeah if you don’t understand anything just ask me in the comments don’t be shy don’t be afraid i will reply to you i will help you but that is it for this video thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it you found it helpful do not forget to smash that like button uh turn on the notification bell subscribe and mess those around turn that over subscribe and turn on notification bell uh share this video on social media all of that good stuff check out my number one recommendation as well for you guys to make some money online copy what i’m doing all of that stuff and uh i’ll catch you in the next video see you later you

This Post Was All About Earn $200.00 EVERY DAY! (Fast & Free PayPal Money).
Earn $200.00 EVERY DAY! (Fast & Free PayPal Money)

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