Earn $150 Daily by Giving Away FREE MONEY (Make Money Online)

Earn $150 Daily by Giving Away FREE MONEY (Make Money Online)

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and i know this sounds too good to be true but yes you actually can make a hundred dollars or more every single day literally to give away free money what is up guys welcome back to another exciting video welcome back baby shirt gang and if this is your first actual time watching one of our videos first of all welcome to the baby shirt gang um and second of all uh make sure you do two quick things if you like making money if you don’t like making money you don’t have to do it but if you do like making money make sure you tap on that like button until it turns blue for the youtube algorithm and also make sure you subscribe turn on the notification bells why so that you can be our next big winner like these two awesome people right here who are the first commenters on our videos and who got the answer to our daily riddle correct what’s the daily riddle well you guys have actually been loving our riddles so much we decided to put them in every video and today’s riddle is i’m lighter than what i’m made of and more of me is hidden than seen what am i now the first person to get the answer correct down in the comments below will be the lucky recipient on our next video of a completely free 2 000 course so if you want to be the next winner of a two thousand dollar course completely for free all you have to do is actually get the answer the riddle correct and you’ll win on the next video so make sure you check it out so you can know whether or not you won or just by being the first commenter on any of our videos which is why so many people choose to turn the notification bells on so that they can be our next big winner and now without further ado let’s get into what the actual video is today and so to be able to actually take advantage of this you do have to understand some basics about what cpa marketing is now cpa marketing basically means cost per acquisition this is a huge massive business that many people out there and many of my own personal friends are making millions of dollars a year doing at huge scale but the cool thing is you can actually get started very very quickly and easily if you know where to look and if you know what to look for and one of the cool things about cpa marketing is you don’t have to actually get sales like you do with traditional affiliate marketing let me give you an example so it makes sense with affiliate marketing generally you earn commissions when you get sales of other people’s products so if somebody has a product that’s a hundred dollars i say hey friend come buy this hundred dollar product they might give me 40 of every sale that i generate them but that means that i have to actually go out and convince somebody to buy a product and that’s the only way i make money with traditional affiliate marketing the cool thing about cpa marketing right is with cpa marketing people don’t actually have to buy anything there’s massive companies out there like geico and insurance companies and car insurance and all sorts of different companies that know their margins and know their numbers so well that they’ll actually pay you money to just get them a lead without any sale taking place so they’ll literally pay you you know a dollar ten dollars 20 sometimes 50 or even more to get them what’s called a lead which basically means all someone has to do is fill out their information submit a form and then you get paid they don’t have to buy anything they don’t have to do anything they don’t have to spend any money all they have to do is give their legitimate information and every time you can get somebody to do that which is free for them and free for you you actually get paid just to provide that person’s information that’s the beauty of cpa marketing that is what we’re going to be talking about today how to take advantage of cpa marketing as a complete beginner and then you know even potentially scale it into a multi-six figure or even seven figure business by leveraging a lot of the same strategies but doing so in an actual more kind of grandiose way with paid traffic and more sophisticated methods and email marketing and all sorts of fun stuff like that but we’re actually going to break it down in the simplest possible terms we’re going to jump into my computer right now and i’m going to show you exactly how cpa marketing works and how to take advantage for yourself all right guys welcome into my computer so the site that we’re actually gonna be taking advantage of today um is called cpa lead and now what you can see is cpa lead you know they’re recognized as an inc 500 company um you know they’ve actually paid out over a hundred million dollars since 2007. you know to all of their publishers and to cpa marketers and to beginners i mean people watching youtube videos i just like you they’ve paid out a huge amount of money right a hundred million dollars and you guys can see right here they do all sorts of different things um but i’m gonna show you guys some of the best ways um to actually take advantage of this right they have you know they work with chase hulu amazon netflix spotify supercell um you know a good friend of mine actually how he first started making money online was doing cpa marketing for netflix right so he would actually get paid you know some amount of money 10 20 every time somebody signed up for a free trial for netflix which is super cool because nobody has to buy anything and you still get paid so what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually scroll up to the top here and we’re going to click sign up and what we’re going to do is we are going to actually create our account um you can sign up with facebook or google you can also sign up with your actual email address i’m going to fill out my information really quick so you guys don’t have to like watch me do that and then we’re going to jump into my account all right guys so you can see right here your account is immediately activated and available for use you are now signed up and on your way to earning money from your digital content right so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go to our dashboard right so this is kind of the dashboard you guys can see that there’s a lot of different um things that they offer uh here um what we can do is we can actually click offers and once we click offers this is all the different offers that they actually have available um so what we can do is we can go to offer type you know we can see all different sorts of offers here we can see things based on payout we can see things based on the actual offer itself there’s so many different actual offers here i like to just kind of explore you know what they have they have spin and win apps they have sugar daddy dating apps uh they have all sorts of different things here so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go back to the dashboard and we can see that they have a lot of different stuff right what we actually want to do though is something that is the least friction right because you don’t want to you know do something like a sugar daddy dating app or something like that that very few people probably want to actually sign up for right what do people want people want free money and they want free money that is very easy to actually get or at least have a chance of winning so what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to look for an offer right here like this one for example that says get a hundred dollars for free right there’s also things like win a free iphone um win real cash right all these sorts of things what we’re looking for is is something that has the least friction like winning a free iphone or having a chance of winning 100 google uh play certificate right we’re looking for something that has the least friction and we’re also looking for something that has the highest potential cpa payout and so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to actually uh choose one of these uh right here so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually go ahead and find one of these ready to promote landing pages right here and we’re going to actually do um a paypal a thousand dollar gift card right so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to promote page um and what we’re going to do is press get links and then what we can see right here this is our landing page link right and so if you actually open this up right here um welcome free gift card right so basically it gives people a chance to actually have a chance of winning a thousand dollar gift card right that’s very easy a lot of people will probably do that um you know and give their email address and things like that for a chance of winning um you know a gift card i mean the cool thing is you’ll make money every time somebody signs up to this for free and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually open up our link shortener now you can use uh bitly or something like that if you want to but i use all of my link shortening actually inside of a tool called marketer magic and then a mini me uh the reason that i do this is i don’t want my link to look super ugly because when when we start to promote it actually you know on social media and things like that you just don’t want it to have be some big ugly link people are gonna be more wary to actually click it if it’s a nice little you know shortened link that looks presentable and things like that um then it’s much more likely that somebody’s actually gonna click it sign up and give their information and then you are of course going to make money every time somebody actually gives their email address what we’re going to do is we’re going to actually click create a link we’re going to take that link that we actually had from cpa lead right here and we’re going to copy it we’re going to come back into marketer magic we’re going to paste it here and we’re going to press create a link now what we’re going to do is we’re going to put free 1000 right as the name of the link get a free thousand dollar paypal gift card um we’re gonna click save now when anybody actually visits this link that says free 1000 it looks much nicer um and it’s still going to take them to that same link which is of course your affiliate link and every time somebody actually um you know grabs a one of these and fills out their information you will actually make money now are you going to be rich from one person filling it out probably not right some of the cpa offers have better actual returns than others for example if we go to the offers tab right here we can see kind of how much you get paid every time somebody signs up some of them you know you only get paid six cents per time that somebody signs up some of them you get paid a dollar right so if you get a hundred people to sign up you make a hundred dollars if you get you know 25 people to sign up for the spin and win um then you actually make a hundred dollars right so it really depends on what you are interested in actually promoting what you think you’d have a higher chance of getting people to sign up for and specifically what you think has the least friction right because trying to get somebody to actually fill out their information to like a terrorist database is probably less likely than somebody signing up to potentially win a free thousand dollar paypal gift card right so you want to think about what would somebody actually want so that they would spend their time actually filling out their email address and their information to be able to actually have a chance of winning so once you actually have your affiliate link how do you actually get people to click it well the easiest way to actually get people to click it probably is just to share it on your personal social media right because the thing is you’re not actually promoting anything that’s difficult to sell you’re not trying to get people to pay a bunch of money you’re literally giving them a free opportunity of potentially winning a thousand dollar paypal gift card which is not a very difficult thing to get people to do right but beyond actually just using your own social media there’s a lot of other ways to do this right you can create youtube videos saying how to get a you know free thousand dollars on paypal and you can talk about how to actually sign up give your information and potentially win uh you can even talk about other offers that they have on the site you can talk about how to create you know groups of people that actually you know sign up with each other and use you know all of their personal information on all these different offers to make each other money you can create viral tick tock content right tik tok right now is absolutely crazily viral um you can talk about how to win a thousand dollars on paypal for free with no work you can create you know a basic video talking about it publish it on tick tock if it goes viral right a ton of people might come to your link and you know if a hundred thousand or a million people watch your video and one percent of those people sign up you could potentially make you know five figures just from actually creating high quality content on tick tock you can go on tick tock look up giveaways look up free paypal money look up you know what types of content actually has viral amounts of views and then remake it and improve it and actually add your own flavor and your own creativity to it and if you get even one thing that goes viral or even semi-viral on youtube on tick tock on facebook or instagram right you can make a huge amount of money doing this you can also use other forms of social media like reddit you can actually go on reddit and look up giveaways and gift cards and paypal money and comment and tag people and message them um with your actual link that they can potentially win from you can create an instagram account and actually create content related to giveaways or all the different cpa offers and you can actually go out and find other different types of instagrams or other different types of content on instagram similar to that see who’s commenting you know message them follow them like their stuff shoot them a message of your actual affiliate link truth is the more you hustle and the more you grind the more people are actually going to sign up for a chance to win that free thousand dollar paypal and the more people who actually do that and sign up um the more people that you’re actually going to get paid from um for those people giving their information to the cpa network you can also buy shout outs from influencers on places like influencer cart or fame bit or shout car are so many different alternatives um where you can actually find influencers you can pay them 5 10 15 20 to actually post a link to potentially win a free thousand dollar paypal gift card with your affiliate link and if you even get one percent of their audience to actually sign up and give their information you could potentially profit on every single shout out that you do and if you find a shout out where you’re spending twenty dollars and you’re making a hundred back in commissions you can just keep buying that shout out over and over and over again until you stop making profit so hopefully you guys are understanding you know just how powerful of an actual system this is i’m putting in a lot of work to bring you these videos guys and it would mean a lot to me if you just do two quick things like the video it takes one second to do and also subscribe turn on the notification bells and one final favor comment down below make money online and if you get a thousand people who comment make money online on this video and we’ll drop a never before seen video on the best way to actually make money on the internet on our next video and if you didn’t know already we actually have two additional youtube channels we have our top 25 in the world podcast channel called the kevin david experience and we also have the more kevin david youtube channel where we go live every single week and answer your questions live and teach you the best ways to actually make money online so you can find those down in the description make sure you actually subscribe to both of those channels because we do giveaways and a bunch of fun stuff every single week where we give away cash and courses and t-shirts and and books and so much more and if you’re interested in seeing other videos just like this on this youtube channel then we have a brand new playlist of awesome videos the best ways to make money in the world coming to you live in three two one click the playlist in the middle of the screen guys see you there click it come on click it do it click the playlist okay you don’t have to but i promise you’ll like it click the playlist see you soon peace

This Post Was All About Earn $150 Daily by Giving Away FREE MONEY (Make Money Online).
Earn $150 Daily by Giving Away FREE MONEY (Make Money Online)

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How To Make Money Online for FREE in 2020 (available worldwide)
🔥 #1 Way To Make Money 👉

If you want to make passive income, make money online fast, earn some extra cash to build your own online business, create a side hustle, then this video is for you.

Today you are going to discover how to make money online using CPA marketing. CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you have to put very little effort and you can start earning online from the very first day.

Here are the steps that you need to follow (with timestamp):
00:55 – Solve the riddle to win a free course worth $1000
01:35 – What is CPA Marketing
03:44 – How CPA marketing works
03:51 – Leverage the website CPAlead to make money online
04:46 – Create an account on CPAlead
05:18 – How to select offers and get started with CPA marketing

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