Earn $100 Per Day To Copy & Paste Video Clips – BEST TUTORIAL (Make Money Online)

Earn $100 Per Day To Copy & Paste Video Clips – BEST TUTORIAL (Make Money Online)

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100 a day right on youtube yep just by simply copying and pasting videos this is a planet and it’s made up of several different elements it’s 50 silicone 30 aluminum and 20 percent sodium and iron among many other elements in this video i’m going to show you how you can make money online by using parts of this planet you are absolutely going to love this the very first step that you must do is go right over to this website go to www dot welcome back guys my name is big mark i create videos that show people how to make money online and if you subscribe right now i will send you a notification and an update whenever i create a new video so you don’t miss anything and if you stay towards the end of this video i’m going to share with you a bonus that will allow you to make even more money right online warning results are not typical you may only make seventy dollars a day or just eighty dollars a day using this method so please be careful before you proceed watch this entire video and if you do you’ll learn how to make money on autopilot by the end of this video exactly how to make between one hundred and two hundred dollars a day on youtube how to make sure you have a consistent daily income coming in there’s a hidden secret behind one of the most popular search engines in the world yep you guessed it youtube they pay out millions of dollars to their content creators the average viewer on youtube spends 40 minutes a day watching videos in a few simple steps i’ll show you how you can grab a portion of all that money and yes this is a hundred percent free and you can start today just think about all the free time you will have sitting at home making money on the internet and having total freedom to go and do whatever you want all this and more is starting right now let’s go ahead and begin you can make hundreds of dollars a day right on youtube you can make a hundred dollars 200 300 a day just by using the youtube partner program but how exactly do you do it where do you start what type of videos do i have to create what’s this copy and paste method all about well i’m going to share this with you right on this video and you’ll really see how simple it is to make money with youtube let’s take a look at this website right here it’s called pixabay and you’ll see something very similar with all of these video clips and it’s clips of the earth it’s something that we can resonate with something that we can connect with and we’re very familiar with it it can almost be relaxing to see these images and when you overlay a soundtrack or maybe an ambient soundscape it gets even better it can help us sleep at night we can use it for background music and much more what’s also great is that there’s something called the youtube audio library and this is a huge collection of different audio files that you can use on videos and these are 100 percent royalty-free so youtube’s providing us with music already and a lot of people don’t know about this you don’t have to worry about any legal issues or getting copyright strikes on your channel or anything like that or getting your channel demonetized because of a simple audio file i’m going to show you one of the simplest ways that you can make money on youtube just by creating simple videos copy and paste drag and drop that’s all you have to do you don’t even have to show your face you don’t need a camera you don’t need to be a musician you don’t even need a microphone and you can do this as an example let’s type in the keyword relaxing music inside of youtube and we get several different results here there are millions of different views that are on these videos relaxing beautiful music for stress relief people play these in their cars while they go to sleep at night for background music around the home or even at businesses maybe at a spa or massage therapy this type of thing is extremely popular people can connect with it they feel relaxed from the music as a case study let’s look over here at nova relaxing music looking through here i can see she has several different videos about helping people fall asleep relaxing piano music 10-minute meditation music relaxing sleep for babies uh just a rain sound and or even pregnancy music and just plain old relaxing soft ambient soundscapes that when you come home from a long day of work maybe you can just put on and relax or maybe you have company over and you just want to have some background music going along this is really really powerful let’s go over to socialblade now socialblade is a way for me to look and see the different stats and how many views and how many subscribers any particular channel is getting on a daily basis so let’s just go ahead and scroll down here and you can see she’s getting around 1 000 subscribers per day now just from being on youtube a while i know that it’s not really all about the subscribers as much as you might think really what it’s all about is the views because the views translate into money on youtube and you can see over here with the estimated earnings they’ve got to be earning anywhere from 500 all the way up to 1300 a day yeah it’s not a typo that’s how powerful these videos really are the cpm on youtube which means the cost per 1000 views is somewhere between six and eight dollars and this can be as high as 25 dollars per 1000 views and so you can see how powerful this is if people are playing these videos over and over and over again especially at night if they’re playing the same soundtrack from maybe a video that they like they like the type of music they’ll probably listen to that over and over every single night well this channel is getting all those views and that’s translating into a lot of money through adsense revenue so let’s take a look at an example video and see really what this looks like so i’m over here at nova relaxing music and let’s just go ahead and play this back it’s nice you have views of nature soundscapes to go along with that you have landscapes meadows and mountains is relaxing with all the things going around in the world today no wonder so many people enjoy watching these videos i’m going to show you how to put all this together and you can do it all for free even the software is free all you have to do is go over to effectshome.com and they have a piece of software it’s called hit film express if you go over to the menu here at the very top right go ahead and click on that and you’re going to find hitfilm express and it says free well if you download this you can follow along with me right on this video this is going to be a complete tutorial and i’m going to walk you through step by step and show you exactly how to compile your own videos once you install the software it’s going to look something like this so this is a new project i have my viewer area so you should see like a black screen there and then down here on the bottom left we have our little media box where we drag in our different video clips and audio clips and then we also have an editor which is our timeline and this will be the length of the video so i’m going to show you how to create your own video right now let’s go ahead and get started if you’re enjoying what you’re seeing on this video so far smash that like button right now give me a thumbs up and tell me below which country you’re from leave me a comment and this way i can provide more videos for making money online that work in your area all right let’s go ahead and jump back into the video before we can start creating relaxing videos with soundscapes well we must download clips from the internet so in order to do this let’s go back over here and one of the websites we’re going to take a look at is going to be pixels now there’s two websites you guys can use for videos if you’re not finding what you need over here at pixabay then you can also use pixels as well there’s several videos here and these are free for you to use there’s no charge there’s no monthly subscription you don’t have to pay per download these are 100 free so pick out a video anything something that looks nice to you maybe where you have a drone or you’re flying through the sky or through a forest or whatever resonates with you whatever that you find very interesting and click on that video and that’s going to take you to the video page that looks like this and you can play back the video and the scenery to see what it looks like so if you like it then all you have to do at this point is just come right up here where it says free download i would recommend using quality that says full hd or higher and so just to keep this simple i’m going to keep it on full hd which is 1080p resolution which is pretty common on youtube and then i will click on free download once you do this that’s going to download the file straight to your computer so wherever your downloads folder is on your hard drive go ahead and go there now now i’ve already got several videos that i’ve already downloaded for this tutorial so i’ve already got these ready to go by the way just as an extra tip the longer your video for this the better the reason is is because people like to play these videos in the background so they can just continue over a longer period of time so i have some videos inside of my downloads folder i’m going to go over here to hitfilm express and i have no clips inside of my media box over here on the bottom left so let me just go ahead and let’s go to the downloads folder and i’ll click on some of these clips and i can just drag them right into the media folder look at that very very simple guys copy and paste drag and drop really straightforward and once i have a video clip here that’s in my media folder all i have to do now is drag it into the timeline so we can see it and play it back so let me go ahead and do that i’ll click and drag it right onto the timeline look at that and now i can take this transport bar and i can move it around and i can even play this back i can just press the space bar on the keyboard to do this there we go beautiful coast some nice ocean waters but there’s one thing missing and that’s the music like i mentioned earlier the best place to find music for your videos is over inside of the audio library which youtube provides to you you can even go to google and type in youtube audio library and you should find it right here now this has been updated recently so actually the audio library is right inside of your channel so i don’t have to go anywhere outside of my channel to get these files i can simply download them right within my studio area so if you already have a youtube channel just go over to the left side here and click on audio library which is the last option over on the left menu and that’ll make this appear now for the music for these videos we want something really relaxing some soundscapes some ambient music maybe not with a lot of beats or drums or anything like that something that we could really relax to the next step is just to come right up here and click on this button just on the top left and that’ll display a little menu and select genre youtube allows you to sort all of the music by different categories and this is really really cool so depending on what type of video that we have for these videos that we’re creating uh we’re gonna want something more like soundscapes maybe some ambient music with no singing uh no drums and no rhythms or anything like that just some nice subtle tones that we can relax to so in this case for the genre i’m going to select ambient and then i’ll go ahead and click on apply and you can see youtube sorts everything only by that genre which is really cool so what you’re going to do now is just simply go to the left of the different titles and click on the little audio playback button here to listen to the music and so nebular focus let’s go ahead and check this out i’ll go ahead and click on play and let’s listen to this back that sounds nice yeah see i could really relax to this i’m sure there are many other ambient tracks and different soundscapes that you guys can use on your videos and it’s so cool that youtube has created this for us for us content creators so we can use these and not have to worry about any any copyright issues so once you’ve chosen a track then just to the left of the name of this track click on this little arrow that’s pointing down and this will download the audio track straight to your computer and the best part is is that all of these music tracks are compatible with your video editing software so i’ve downloaded nebular focus and i have it here inside of my downloads folder on my computer let’s go ahead and load up hitfilm express so here we are i’m going to go back to my downloads folder and i’ll just click on this music file and just drag it right in here to the media box there we go i’ll wait for a second for that to load perfect and then what i’ll do from this point is click on the file inside of the media box and then just drag this right over to the timeline just like that and that’s all i have to do let’s go ahead and play this back and see what it sounds like i’ll go ahead and press the spacebar on the keyboard that makes a huge difference we’ve got the ocean we’ve got the music in the background now all we have to do at this point is extend this video and the way you extend it is by adding more clips now there’s no limit to the amount of clips that you can download from these websites which is really really cool so let’s go back over here to the downloads folder and let’s grab another clip so maybe i’ll grab more than one clip you can do that so i can just select more than one clip with my mouse and then let’s just drag all three of these clips inside of the media box down here great i’ll hold down the shift key and i can select more than one clip and i can drag all of these in right on the video timeline look at that and let’s go ahead and play this back there you go now i want to show you guys something else this is really really cool but you actually have the ability to include transitions with this software okay transitions what does that mean well if you come right over here to effects underneath where it says transitions video you’re going to have a folder called dissolve and inside of that folder you’re going to have a transition called cross dissolve so all you have to do is click on that transition and then drag this in between the different clips look at that and then release the mouse now we have a transition between these two clips so it’s going to fade from one clip to another clip let me go ahead and show you this let’s go ahead and play this back look at that isn’t that beautiful and this just looks a lot more professional so far everything that i’ve done here has been free we’ve downloaded video clips we’ve downloaded audio clips i’ve installed the hitfilm express software we didn’t pay anything to anybody all we have to do now is come right up here to file and select export and export this video and save it to our hard drive and upload it to youtube now before you can monetize the videos that you post on youtube you must be a part of the youtube partner program and there are some qualifications for this so the minimum eligibility requirements to join you must live in a country or region where the youtube partner program is available you must have more than 4 000 valid public watch hours in 12 months now i know you guys can do this i’ve just started a smaller youtube channel just recently i’ve only got 100 subscribers on it and it’s already almost up to 300 watch hours this happens very very fast when you have several people watching your videos that number can increase rapidly so don’t get too hung up on the numbers i know you guys can do this you must have more than one thousand subscribers which is pretty simple to do especially with these videos since people enjoy watching them so much and you must have a linked adsense account so to get an adsense account it’s free to join all you’re going to do is just go over to google.com or type in google adsense inside of google that’ll bring you to this page right here and you can simply just create a new account now this is powerful guys did you know that you can have 500 youtube channels all going to one adsense account because this is how you guys are going to get paid this is how youtube and google transfers the funds to your bank account so it’s really important to go out there and get one of these the best thing to do right now is to start creating the content by going to these different sites and looking at the different video clips whatever inspires you it could be something about flying through the forest or over the waters or maybe snow or flying through the mountains or looking at different landscapes there’s so many different things and different videos that you can download and you can put them all together and create videos with these and there is no limit to the number of videos that you can make you can make hundreds of videos a day if you want to and this really reminds me back in the day when i was struggling trying to find the fastest and easiest way to make money online and i’ll be honest with you guys this is going to take a lot of work you’re going to have to make a lot of videos and it’s extremely competitive there’s thousands of channels out there already that are doing this and it’s going to be hard to get your videos seen and get your videos ranked inside of youtube so there is a shortcut though and this is something that i want to share with you guys you know it wasn’t that long ago when i was struggling to figure out how do you make money online and i’ve seen all these screenshots of people making money every single day every single month and i’m like how are they actually doing that and here’s a picture of me here um this is actually uh back a couple years ago this is me inside of my garage my garage was my office i got a plastic fold up desk there with a little laptop and i had a little heater out there i’m always wearing that jacket but this picture really means a lot to me because this is where i started i just want to share this with you guys i was looking for the secret you know something that would maybe not just pay a couple bills but something more life-changing that would really uh dramatically change our financial situation something full-time and i found it and i want to share it with you guys right now and as a matter of fact this has allowed us to move down here to southern florida so we got away from the cold up north and uh what i did is i plugged in with the right people that showed me step by step exactly what to do what to say where to go what do i click on what do i download what resources do i go to what’s the website that i go to how do i put everything together people that knew a lot more than me that could guide me and show me the way and i found that and so once i found that i applied it see a lot of people don’t apply they only consume and so when i applied this it changed my life changed my whole family’s life and so what we did i asked my wife i said honey i’m tired of being cold up here if we could live anywhere where do you want to go she’s like okay let’s go to florida so what we did is we hopped in the car and this is some of the weather conditions here that we used to deal with in in oregon and it was really really cold guys had to keep the kids in nine to ten months out of the year and all that stuff couldn’t really go outside that much so we traveled clear across the country this is our last day in oregon and we’re in that huge jacket and full pants and everything we towed this trailer clear across you know it took about like a week to get here and we finally made it we saw a lot of beautiful things along the way but i went from wearing that big jacket and pants and everything a week later wearing flip-flops and shorts and a t-shirt and i’m like this is much better right but guys i mean it’s not all about that it’s also about the freedom the freedom of having a full-time not only a full-time income but a passive income now a lot of people don’t know what a passive income is a passive income is where you’re making money when you’re sleeping you’re making money while you’re out and about while you’re traveling while you’re shopping while you’re doing something else besides work as a matter of fact i woke up this morning i checked my phone and i have new money inside of my account so it’s kind of cool i wake up i roll over and i i get up and i look at my phone it’s like oh cool cool you know let’s see what i made last night assume how much money did i make you know yesterday or this early this morning you know what are my results and i can just check that right on my phone how exactly do you do that well i want to share this with you guys right now this is super super powerful down below in the description of this video there is a link there go ahead and click on that that’ll take you over to another video another video of me kind of explaining everything on what this whole thing is all about i highly recommend it this is my number one recommendation for you guys okay so go check out that link right now i will get that information over to you right away if you guys enjoyed what you saw on this video well give me a thumbs up hit that subscribe button and i’ll send you a notification and an update whenever i create new videos i really am so happy that you guys are here and you’ve watched this video all the way to the end thank you so much and we will see you on the next video peace out you

This Post Was All About Earn $100 Per Day To Copy & Paste Video Clips – BEST TUTORIAL (Make Money Online).
Earn $100 Per Day To Copy & Paste Video Clips - BEST TUTORIAL (Make Money Online)

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My #1 Recommendation To Make a Full-Time Income Online.

Earn $100 Per Day To Copy & Paste Video Clips – BEST TUTORIAL (Make Money Online)


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