BEST Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2020)

BEST Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2020)

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let’s say that three percent of those people actually converted right so 24 000 times .03 and then we’re gonna multiply that by 18.50 right that means that you made 13 320 and you did that without selling anything to anyone right literally all you have to do is how would you like to learn a business that you can literally get started for completely for free that you can make literally thousands and thousands of dollars every single day and i know that might sound hard to believe now but the reason i can so confidently say that is because myself and many people that i’m friends with actually do this still to this day at such a massive scale and i’m going to teach you on this video which is probably one of the craziest videos that we’ve made a lot of people told me not to make this video because it’s actually so informative that you can use these exact strategies to make thousands if not multiple or tens of thousands of dollars per day doing and you can actually get started building the skill sets completely for free we’re gonna go into how to do this for free we’re also going to go into how to scale this into a massive full-time business where you can actually create a complete empire now is this video going to be easy no it’s not so you definitely want to make sure that you stick around throughout the entire video because no matter what anyone ever tells you it is not easy to become an online millionaire and i’m going to show you in this video for one of the first times ever sharing this publicly exactly how myself and many people that i’m friends with have used this exact strategy to generate millions of dollars online and i’m gonna do all of that completely for free so do me two quick favors if you’re new here first of all welcome to the baby shirt gang all of our subscribers if this is your first time do me two quick favors make sure you actually tap the like button until it turns blue you don’t have to but what it does do is it helps the youtube algorithm actually show these videos to more awesome people just like you and also make sure you subscribe and turn on the notification bells now why would you do that so you can be our next big winner like these two awesome people right here who each got access to a completely free 2 000 valued course just for being the first commenter on our video that’s why you join the bell squad so that you can get notified every time we drop a brand new video so you can be the first commenter on our next video to be our next big lucky winner and last thing before we actually get into this video guys if we get 3 000 likes on this video and we get a thousand comments down below that say make money online then we will actually drop a follow-up to this video next week or very soon where we actually go into a much more detailed thorough strategy on exactly how to use this method literally from start to finish making the websites making the funnels showing the ads literally everything that you need to scale this from a way to make a hundred dollars a day um to making a thousand dollars a day or even more using these exact same strategies but scaling them with unbelievably scalable methods we’re gonna show everything but only if you get three thousand likes and a thousand comments on this video that say make money online now without further ado guys let’s jump into my computer and i’m going to show you how myself and many of my friends have generated millions of dollars online for the first time ever using this strategy let’s go alright guys welcome into my screen so what we’re going to be talking about today is something called cpa marketing but in a way you’ve probably never seen it before now cpa marketing is cost per acquisition this is very different from affiliate marketing for one important reason with affiliate marketing you actually need to convince someone to buy something that’s very hard to do even after learning and trying things and spending a ton of time and money on this still i only can convince people one to three percent of the time to actually buy something right but in doing that we’ve made tens of millions of dollars with cpa marketing you don’t have to actually convince anyone to pull out their credit card and buy anything all you have to do is convince someone to give their information their email address sometimes their name and sometimes their phone number and if you can do that which is very easy to do you can get paid hundreds thousands or even millions of dollars if you’re doing this at a huge scale and we’re going to show you exactly how to do this for free from anywhere in the world now the website that we’re talking about today is actually called max bounty now what max bounty is and you can see that they’ve been featured in you know all sorts of different uh magazines and things like that trusted partners they partner with companies like apple microsoft godaddy mcafee right shutterstock and square american express these massive companies now the cool thing is these massive companies like microsoft like apple like american express they know from analyzing a huge amount of data about their customers they know exactly what a new lead right a new member a new person entering their information is worth to them american express knows that if they get one person to sign up on average after looking through millions of different data points on average that person let’s say for example is worth 47 to american express so they’re willing to pay 47 to actually go get cpa marketers like yourself like myself you know and even if you’re brand new right promise you you can do this they pay marketers just like you and me 47 just to go out and get someone to give their email address and sometimes things like their name and phone number because they know after millions of data points and a bunch of different time and energy that’s how much just an email address of a new potential customer is worth to them and so what we’re going to do is we are going to go through a case study of exactly how this might look um just so you can kind of get an idea of how cpa marketers are making millions of dollars using this exact strategy so we’re actually going to go to max bounty um this is actually their campaign section you can see right here they have a bunch of different categories automotive biz op business to business dating downloads e-commerce right all these different things through a bunch of experience and talking to a bunch of other very successful cpa marketers and also of course doing some of this stuff myself i know that generally insurance and refinancing are the best actual options for you to do right that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things like you know business opportunities where you can actually you know show people ways to get paid working from home but the thing is it’s so saturated you can’t actually earn that much for a lead and what a lead is guys is it’s just another word for an email right getting somebody to give their information to another company but you can see right here right they only give a dollar and 30 cents a lead or a dollar a lead that’s generally not going to be scalable to actually do that on paid media and so we’re not going to be talking about that what we are going to be talking about is for example auto insurance right you can see right here they pay 18.50 per lead you can see that there’s also business opportunities for example where you can actually get drivers for doordash and you can get 50 per lead now the cool thing about this is you know certain companies especially heavily funded companies like doordash that are worth billions of dollars sometimes they just desperately need new drivers and so they’re willing to pay cpa companies like max bounty for example you know 50 every time they get a new qualified lead to actually potentially become one of their drivers because it’s worth it to them to actually increase the overall valuation of their company right and so what we’re going to be talking about today is auto insurance but there’s a lot of different ways to do this right there’s auto insurance there’s life insurance you know there’s refinancing refinancing auto loans refinancing mortgages those are incredibly profitable businesses for these companies which means that the more profitable a business is the more they’re actually going to be willing to pay you to actually get them new customers or new leads into their business so let’s say that we wanted to actually go ahead and promote auto loan zoom which gives 18.50 per lead now how do we actually do that well what we could do is we can actually do what’s called content marketing right of course you could tell your friends and family you could post on your social media but that only goes so far right what we want to do is actually figure out ways to help people save money on their insurance you know for example for their car and you can actually just type in how to save money on car insurance on google right that’s all i did literally you can see that there’s a hundred different ads right here um i just clicked one of the first ones right here i know nerdwallet and i do trust them right so what you can see is you know shop around take advantage of car insurance discounts you can see that there’s a lot of different discounts for being a good driver for being a student you know for being in the military if you have employment right if you have family members in the in the federal government all of these things that you wouldn’t readily know unless you did research right so what you can do is you can actually take these uh the information in this uh blog right here and you can turn it into a youtube video you can see right here how to save money on car insurance this has 81 000 views right so let’s say that one percent of people actually um click the link that we have in the description let’s say that we make a video you know that has all of the best stuff from this blog article um in an actual video so let’s say that we make a video just like this um let’s actually use one that has a little bit less views right 250 000 uh views right 62 000 views let’s take one that has less this one has 24 000 views so you can see right here get a free car insurance quote um and he has in the actual description and this is a buddy of mine right minority mindset you guys should all go check him out he’s awesome you can see right here he has a link and this link of course would be a cpa marketing or an affiliate link of some kind um you can see minority med site is a paid partner with insure right perfect so this is exactly how i would do this how to save money on your car insurance so let’s say that one percent of people just gave their email address remember guys they don’t have to buy anything if one percent of 24 000 people right you can see 24 000 views right here and only in four months so this will obviously get more views as time goes on let’s say that one percent of people actually gave their in their email address which and in reality this would actually be much higher um because it’s free right you don’t have to buy anything so it would be much higher than one percent but let’s just say for the sake of argument you only would do one percent um you can see right here that you get eighteen dollars and fifty cents per lead so we’re gonna do times eighteen fifty right that means that you’d make four thousand four hundred and forty dollars just from this one video let’s say that three percent of those people actually converted right so 24 000 times 0.03 and then we’re going to multiply that by 18.50 right that means that you three hundred made 13 dollars and you did that without selling anything to anyone right literally all you have to do is you know click this link grab your unique link same as affiliate marketing shorten it you know using a tool like marketer magic or bitly in the actual description and then as people watch it right you get paid and literally all you have to do is just you know do some research very easy make a content marketing very simple video um like this put your link in the description exactly like he does you know you can even make a similar thumbnail or you know whichever thumbnail really catches your attention you can make a similar thumbnail record it on your phone record it on your computer right the thing is guys 99 of people will make an excuse and not do this one percent of people will actually try it and those are the people who are gonna make four thousand dollars thirteen thousand dollars um by actually implementing and doing this stuff and the cool thing is you can scale this to major major levels even if you don’t have any following right you might be saying yourself but kevin your minority mindset has a huge following right he has 690 000 subscribers how can i you know compete with that i wouldn’t get 24 000 views on my video well two things first of all minority mindset myself every youtuber started at zero subscribers right zero everyone did and so getting started is the best way to actually get this going but if you don’t want to do that right there’s so many other ways to do it um you know that do take a little bit of money to get started but those are the ways that you know my friends and you know the biggest cpa marketers in the world are making millions of dollars right so let’s let’s take a quick example and then if you guys are interested and we get a thousand comments that say make money online below and we get 3 000 likes on this video then we’ll make a brand new video that shows much more in depth how to actually scale this with paid traffic but let’s look very quickly so this is geico you guys have probably all heard of geico um if we scroll down here to page transparency every facebook page has this we’re gonna press see more and we’re gonna go to add library now we can actually see the ads that geico is running right save more on car insurance if it isn’t magic it’s math 15 minutes can save you 15 or more on car insurance right here’s a bunch of examples of little like cute memes and you know what’s it like getting car interrupts with geico we can actually take you know what ads we like and the ad copy and the ad headlines and things like that um we can run our own ads for car insurance quotes now why would we do that well what this does is you’ll get better and better at actually targeting people who need car insurance what ages what demographics where do they live what are their interests right you can literally target people that like geico and other insurance companies and then show them ways to save money right and then all you do is you actually direct them towards these links and so let’s say that you actually start a facebook ad campaign and it costs you eight dollars per lead right or ten dollars per lead right or twelve dollars per lead for example if you’re paying twelve dollars per lead uh to get a lead on facebook and they’re paying you 18.50 per lead that means that you’re making six dollars profit and if you spend a hundred dollars a day right if you spend a thousand dollars a day you’re still getting those leads and you’re making more and more incremental profit every single time now to end this video i’m going to show you guys a quick example of how people are actually doing this they’re doing it with little quizzes right they’re making a quiz they’re sending people to a quiz instead of directly to an affiliate link because facebook doesn’t always like that um they’re collecting the email addresses themselves so that they can remarket new cpa offers right and this is much more advanced guys i know some people right now their eyes are glazing over their head is bursting right but if you collect email addresses you build an email list you can remarket new cpa offers similar stuff to that email list and you can exponentiate the actual amount of profit you’re earning you can make facebook happy by not sending people directly to an affiliate link now if you guys want to learn this advanced strategy then we do need to get 3 000 likes and we do need to get a thousand comments uh down below i know this was a little bit more of a complicated video but a lot of people have been saying they like some of the complicated stuff but if you’re a beginner this will work for you too and i showed you at the beginning of the video how to do this completely for free and so if you guys like this video make sure you tap the like button subscribe and turn on the notification bells and before we end today’s video i want to let you guys know we actually have two additional youtube channels the kevin david experience our top 25 in the world entrepreneurial podcast and more kevin david where we go live and answer your questions live on the best ways to make money online those are both down in the description right here make sure you do subscribe to both of those or if you want to just hang out on this channel and check out more of the best ways to make money online be fulfilled and live the happiest and best life you can then we have a brand new playlist coming to you live in three two one click the playlist in the middle of the screen guys see you there click it come on click it do it click the playlist okay you don’t have to but i promise you’ll like it click the playlist see you soon peace

This Post Was All About BEST Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2020).
BEST Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner! (2020)

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I’m Kevin David, and I have been teaching thousands of ways how to set up online businesses from home. When I started my journey, I knew nothing about making money online and had ZERO cash to do it…but I found a way, and here I am, sharing my knowledge and experience to help millions just like me to build an independent financial empire.

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