Best Books – What I Read – Tai Lopez

Best Books – What I Read – Tai Lopez

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alright the guy just said I set a record I think this is $800 worth of books five bags here at Barnes & Noble so my question to you is what is your knowledge budget most people if you go through their closet like if you watch MTV Cribs they show their shoes they show all their you know what I call rrd expenses things that Russ rotten depreciate this stuff you should be spending yeah you don’t know I don’t always spend $800 like sometimes I spend fifty bucks but you have to have a daily brain budget you know people have all kinds of budgets budgets for shoes stupid stuff budgets for rent even food now obviously you have to eat but it’d be better to skip a meal skip some sushi cost a hundred bucks take the hundred bucks and put it here at the end of the day there’s only one person on this planet that will take care of you or will take care of you best it’s you you’re the only person in possession of a hundred percent of your DNA so let me just share you share with you the type of books that I like to buy well this is a not even sure that I bought that book how does this kind of how’d this one get in here did you buy that I don’t know this one’s on history World War one okay I think one book slipped in here what do you mean to buy I’ve got a book on autobiography courage of John F Kennedy I’ve got hooks on Martin Luther King jr. I love autobiographies in history and biographies but I’ve also got some cell phone I got some health ones make sure your invest in a health eat what I eat to live by Fuhrman I’ve got mindset new psychology of success Mike Huckabee I feel like a little politics I’m not very political now one thing you can do when you buy a whole bunch of books and and by the way if you’re on a budget you know I buy a lot of books because I’ve got a book club and there’s a business purpose for them even though I bought them even before I had the book club but if you’re on a budget just go to a used bookstore too I like to support Barnes & Noble because I don’t want every bookstore in the world ought to be out of business but for you you could pick up books I was in New York City they’ve got guys selling books on the side of the street for talking you could buy I probably bought I don’t know 30 books you could buy 30 books for $30 they have one two three dollar books even on Amazon and use what else did I get here can you help me pull some of these out got a book on how to improvise increase your creativity I’ve got one on state troopers and their stories up in the last guy likes I like books about courage here’s a more political one on when the rise and fall of I’m sorry when civilization fails so you know I was just over at some clothing store some big department store and there was thousands of people everywhere and this is one of this is at the Grove in LA and I find it ironic that there’s so few people in here like in the world that I’d love to live in there’s a line thousands of people in Barnes and Noble and there’s you know a hundred people in the department store but it’s backwards now people have their values flipped around and I’m not talking about you know cheesy values I’m saying value yourself this isn’t it you don’t have to be religious or anything you don’t value yourself who will I’ve got a book about Siamese twins these two guys I read this story once these two guys were married to two different women even though they were connected crazy story I figured find out how the heck they lived their life persevered through all those obstacles got a book on Pat O’Brien I love hearing stories I like celebrity stories just because there’s a lot of insight on when you get to the top of any field ghetto side a true story of murder someone’s killed every day in LA County murder and this is the story of police investigation corruption potentially I don’t know we’ll find out so as you can see one of the things that I think is a trick that um Alan nation and Joel salads had taught me is you got to be eclectic what you can do is buy lots of books like this and just read one or two chapters of each one in one day so I read a book a day and I’ll read a full book but I flip it around sometimes I like variety so sometimes I’m reading a full book sometimes I read a couple summaries sometimes I’ll get like five books I found this works really well and just read like a couple pages from each one and then see how they intersect that’s called being eclectic it means different divergent viewpoints getting into your brain Steven Johnson really one of the top authors right now and one of my favorites he says that creativity can go up in an exponential way it’s called the law of negative power scaling it’s a physical it’s a physicist came up with this concept and basically it says you know a city that has 50,000 people versus a city with 5,000 people isn’t just you would think it’d be 10 times more creativity coming out of it no it’s 50 times because the more ideas coalesce and intersect and bump around in your bread in your brain from different sources the more creativity it gets it goes to it because a compounding effect so five books in one day not even the full books if that’s too hard for you reading one page from five different well-crafted books you’ll actually it won’t just be like getting five times more ideas in your brain it’ll be according to that negative power scaling it’s something more like you know 50 times more knowledge in your head or 25 times so try that sometimes too so anyway I just thought people asked me you know how I’m doing books and this is kind of how I do it sometimes I’ll buy 50 books and sometimes I’ll buy one mix it up keep life full of variety like the old cliche variety is the spice of life see what’s the last book I got here Oh opposite of spoiled raising kids who are grounded what else here I buy parenting books even though I’m not completely applicable to me oh this is cool how volunteering around the globe change one family’s life forever I thought that’s cool I always tell people if you’re broke you have nothing to lose the best that you could do is sell everything you don’t have much travel around the world that’s what I did people say I went into 51 countries I now some of that’s when I was in business but a lot of it was when I was completely broke so go when you’re broke like I said be like if you ever seen that movie Motorcycle Diaries jump on a motorcycle and just take off obviously you have responsibilities it’s a little harder but anyway I love the ideas we need more creativity that’s what I’ll solve the problems in the world everything that’s wrong will be solved through create creativity and investing in individuals brain start with yours ok so question for you what’s the best book you have read recently that I should be reviewing or that you want to share with other people watching this video all right leave a comment below leave a review if this is on podcast and make sure that no matter what you do you don’t be cheap with buying stuff for yourself be cheap on the stupid stuff all right so subscribe and I will talk to you tomorrow 

This Post Was All About Best Books – What I Read – Tai Lopez.
Best Books - What I Read - Tai Lopez

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How I went from broke to buying a Lamborghini: How much do you spend on your “brain budget?” You must spend a ton of money on your own brain. People ask me what books I read. Here is a sample from my last trip to Barnes & Noble. Most people are too “penny wise and dollar foolish” to invest in themselves. They have no problem spending on stupid things to make other people rich but they forget to spend on things that could make them rich. The cashier at Barnes and Noble says he watches my Youtube videos on books, haha, and that this is a new record for him to checkout someone buying $800 worth of books at one time. I shouldn’t be the exception. This should be the norm…

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