8 Ways To Not Waste Time And Procrastinate

8 Ways To Not Waste Time And Procrastinate

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all right today’s book of the day life-changing one I really mean on this one Seneca on the shortness of life I picked this up I was travelling in London and I went to waterstones that’s like their equivalent of Barnes and Noble and I saw you know I already carry so many books with me when I travel I was like ah do I want to buy other books but I found these little teeny ones up in their classics section it’s always amazing to meet classic books these are books that stood the test of time to 3000 years they’re in some little rinky-dink corner and the bet nobody ever goes to advise and then all the more it just shows you how much marketing influences us you know the good books this book that’s stood the test of time and I open it up and I’m like oh man how is this not the book that everybody’s reading he says you’ve heard uh the saying that life is short but he says it’s not that we have a short time to live but that we waste a lot of it life is long enough and a sufficiently generous amount has been given to you for the highest achievements if your time is well invested but when it is wasted in he this luxury and spent on no good activity we are forced at last by death to realize that it has passed away before we knew it was passing so it is we are not given a short life but we make it short and we are not ill supplied but wasteful of it now if you look at my notes here you can’t really see it but this whole about well the second half isn’t as good in my opinion but the first half it’s like I’m trying not to circle every part of this now so I’m going to go through this because the book is called on the shortness of life life is long if you know how to use it I you know what’s the scarcest of all things I think you can argue its energy or time those are the two scarcest thing and everyday you live is a diminishing amount of those left for you now he says now for some people they don’t like to hear that and I want to go through this book this book is important enough that I’m going to go through quite a bit of it I’ll do it relatively quickly because it’s it’s very focused on what it says but he says if you look back at your life right and you go why have I not accomplished whatever it is I want to accomplish he says here’s the reasons eight reasons that you haven’t got what you wanted out of life number one greedy activity number two dedication to useless tasks number three drinking or drugs number four laziness number five worrying what other thing other people think of you six self-imposed servitude to thankless people think about your dating life maybe spend all this invested or someone your family or friends they never gave back you just gave to them right number seven pursuing other people’s money worrying about your own he’s saying making someone else rich or he’d litter are endlessly worrying about making yourself rich but listen it’s number eight when he says going after no fixed goal tossed about in ever-changing plans by a fickleness which is shifting you know I’ve been guilty of all 80s but I would say number one is probably the one that gets at all of us and you know if you’re if you’re in the 67 steps that I that I have or if you’re watching the videos that I talk about here here YouTube or podcast or whatever ah I say it you have to start with defining your endgame what’s the endgame goal you want do you want to be a billionaire do you want to be the next Martin Luther King jr. do you want to be the next Einstein that discovers new theories pick a goal I was in the UK with if you saw that video with John Lee and one of the things I like he said the most was when I asked for his parting words of wisdom he would leave with the planet if it was to die tomorrow he said I would leave do something even if it’s the wrong thing I was teaching in the if you’re in my I’ve got a VIP program and I was going through the book by Sam Walton called made in America and he lists out the ten things that made him the richest man really of our time maybe of all time but he says that number one is you have to have commitment to something so picking a goal and committing to it Joe Sal can you say pick one thing if it was the wrong thing so just think of these these eight you may have a tendency towards one may be drinking some of you self-imposed servitude to thankless people that’s a horrible one anyway so he keeps going through life think it through the book it is a small part of life we really live indeed all the rest is not life but merely time so if you violate these eight principles what will end up happening and I see this like you go outside and just look and you’re like everybody is just passing time they’re not living life you know that Thoreau saying the mass of men live lives of quiet desperation what is called resignation is confirmed desperation and and that’s that is that’s the world that you’re in right now you have to be different than that a says one of the things you have to start with is being not so liberal with your time says you will find no one willing to share out all their money but to how many people do we divide up our life people are frugal and guarding their personal property but as soon as it comes to squandering time they’re most wasteful of the one thing in which it’s right to be stingy so he’s saying don’t be stingy with money but be stingy with your time you know if you’re in a movie and it’s a stupid movie get up and leave if you’re at a party and there’s no end game goal and your round horrible people get up and leave be stingy hi I think about yourself like I know a ton of stingy people they’re stingy when they tip a waiter they’re stingy with valet they’re stingy with charity that might be you would he suggest Seneca here you know great philosopher he said switch it up be liberal with those things because you can always earn those back at the overtip somebody who cared you can make more money but you can’t get back time so let’s see keep going through I just took out some of the ten bits that was from page four get this book by the way you have to buy us a must-buy so then he goes in that we become the problem the reason we waste as our mind is overactive he says generally agreed that no activity can be successfully pursued by an individual who is preoccupied so think about your life what preoccupies you are at the bait is it the big picture most important things where you’re going how you’re going to get there or are you thinking about what you’re going to wear today and you know what color you’re going to paint your walls or what time are you going to that dinner with a friend is that really important because he says since when the mind when distracted absorbs nothing deeply but rejects everything when it’s crammed when the brain is crammed see living is the least important activity the preoccupied man yet there is nothing which is harder to learn so he’s saying the hardest thing for you to learn is how to live and you’ve got to start if your writing is down number one you cannot have a preoccupied mind and if it is preoccupied make sure you don’t fall prey to one of the 25 cognitive biases which is misleading you can’t be thinking for hours on things that you should only be thinking about four minutes and thinking about four minutes the thing is you should only be thinking about I mean the thing you be thinking about for hours your career how to have impact in the world is going to take tremendous time and tremendous brainpower think through think on that don’t be pre occupied but learning how to live takes a whole life and which may surprise you more it takes a whole life to learn how to die takes a while to get to that endgame goal that’s what I think he means by dying but here’s something interesting on page five and I think he’s speaking to me and you might feel the same way he said the problem is you’re living as if you’re destined to live forever your own frailty never occurs to you you don’t notice how much time has already passed but squander it as though you had a full and overflowing supply so many people are you want to bring this up before like oh it’s so negative like it’s not negative it’s not negative at all it’s not a negative it’s realistic he says you act like mortals and all that you fear and like immortals and all that you desire so you know think about your brain let make bill a part of your brain the strongest or one of the strong strongest areas in your brain or most overpowering I should say they make the lip controls your fear memories so you and I are like continually moved from right to left by fear which he says we act like mortals in fear oh what if this person what if my husband leaves me or my wife leave me or what if I go bankrupt but then he says in the thing you desire like yeah these are my big picture goals we go so slow Adam as if they’re always going to be there I think he’s suggesting fear less on some of those other things it’s going to happen someone’s going to betray you don’t think about it all the time it’s going to happen let me try to avoid it but when you think about your endgame goals that’s where you need to build up the fear like what if I don’t get it let me work harder and not paralyzing fear but motivating fear huge differentiation all right how late is it to begin really to live just when life must end how stupid to forget your mortality and put off sensible hands to our 50th and 60th year aiming to begin like from a point at which few have arrived he said you know he goes through talking about I think I Gus to Caesar or some of these great people in life and he said all they could think about was what they would do when they retired and that’s how the world is now it’s Picasso’s dichotomy I’ve talked about that you know four Gospels I do not live the dichotomy where you do what you don’t want in order to save up money to have time to do things in your spare times like make your spare time and work the same so what he’s saying is that most people on this is debt this was true thousands of years ago and it’s definitely true today most people literally live as if they’re sure they’ll get to retirement you don’t know so if you’re putting off what you should be doing doing something you know has no end game called working in the job or dating somebody or having a friend that you know is not going to be there in the long run or you don’t want to be there alone but you’re just going to do this a little longer he’s saying how stupid to forget our mortality he says what if each of us could have the tally of his future years set before him as we can in the past how alarmed would be those who saw only a few years ahead and how carefully would they use them and yet it’s easy to organize an amount however small which is assured we have to be more careful in preserving what will cease at an unknown point so he’s saying if you knew if you look back under life or I should say first if you could look forward and see that you only have five years left one year left one day left maybe 50 years I don’t know you don’t know and that’s the point how differently would you live though if you knew a certainty but he said here it’s even worse or not worse it’s even more important that you plan because it will cease at an unknown point my life and your life flow so he’s saying get your button gear can anything be more idiotic than certain people will boast of their foresight they keep themselves official officiously preoccupied in order to improve their life they spend their lives in organizing their lives man this when I read that I highlighted that 30 times are you guilty of this do you spend your life in organizing your life he’s saying that in a negative way are you directing your purposes with an eye to a distant future but putting things off is the biggest waste of life it snatches away each day as it comes and dot denies us the present by promising the future the greatest obstacle to live in is expectancy which hangs upon tomorrow M loses today you are arranging what lies in fortunes control and abandoning what lies in yours can anything be more idiotic than you and I planning our lives but never living our lives that’s what he’s saying and he said the greatest obstacle to living a good life he brought up earlier the preoccupied mine now it brings in a new point it’s living life when the expectancy being sure that tomorrow you’ll have a day to do something that you could do today it reminds me of the famous saying you know do not put off for tomorrow you can do today the whole future lies in uncertainty live immediately he does not say uh Yolo that’s not what he means it’s not like just eat drink and merry for tomorrow tomorrow we die that’s you know an epicurean understanding he’s saying live immediately go toward your goal not tomorrow you might not accomplish your goal you might not achieve your goal to the future but you can start today see ultimate book about eradicating procrastination he says you must match time swiftness with your speeding using it he said life’s short so you better act quickly so life’s divided in three periods past present and future of these the present is short the future is doubtful the past is certain so only thing we have a certainty is something relatively irrelevant past now one of the things I liked is he talked about as you start going towards your endgame goal be careful of a few traps he talks about people who reflect how pointlessly they acquired things they never would enjoy and how all their toriel has been in vain but for those whose life he’s armed up business uh he says this is on page 16 don’t toil to acquire things that wouldn’t you get them you’ll be like I don’t really want this that’s keeping up with the Joneses it’s okay to make money I believe in that that’s okay to be capitalistic or entering the workforce I’m not even a capitalist per se but we live in a capitalist world so I’m capitalist and so are you by the way you’re watching this on something built by Capital capitalism but uh what he’s saying is it’s very easy to work towards something he says that somewhere else it’s one of the most tragic things to work for something and then once you get it realize this didn’t do what I thought it would do so be very clear like if you want to make a billion dollars because you think it will make you happy that’s a bad reason because we already know scientifically it makes you a little happier to be a bit later but if you have an endgame hole like Bill Gates goes I want to eradicate poverty from Africa and me having a billion dollars will give me the power and the control over resources to accomplish that then go out and make a billion dollars see that’s an example of an endgame goal right then you make your life on a day-to-day consistent with that ain’t gain goal he says of all people only those who are at leisure make time for philosophy so in this book as he goes through this about us wasting our time the answer he ends up giving us is that you must make time for philosophy now he doesn’t mean what you think about philosophy he doesn’t mean like philosophy in the sense of reading philosophy Nietzsche and you know Schopenhauer Bertrand Russell and all that what he really means here is I think whoa the contemplation of life the understanding of life the planning of life the curiosity of life right he says for they not only keep a good watch over their life but they annex every age to theirs and now he starts getting into like really study which is what I’m talking about book a day that’s to him it’s philosophy he says you will annex to you you will bring into your life all the good things from throughout history into your ring all the years that have passed before you will be added to your life in terms of experience knowledge ability to not make mistakes all the distinguished founders of holy Creed’s he’s talking about the wise people of the past men and women were born for us and prepared will prepare a way of life for you the toil of others we are led in the presence of things which have been brought from darkness into life meaning you don’t have to toil and go through the struggle if you study what other people have struggled with we’re screwed from no age doesn’t matter you can study Gandhi even though he’s dead you can study Aristotle even though he’s been dead for thousands of years we excluded from no age we have access to all we’re prepared and loft units to mind to pass beyond the narrow confines of human weakness since nature allows us to enter in a partnership with every age why not turn from this brief and transient spell of time today and give ourselves wholeheartedly to the past which is limitless Will Durant would say the best philosophy is history I just say let’s sum it up and make it more practical we eat more that’s what he’s talking about that’s how you will acquire obviously that’s what he was talking about so uh he says none of these people will be too busy for you none of them will send you away not happier and more devoted than you were before they’re at home too you mortals by night and my day the knowledge and and I’m going to just change his words a little bit because when he said philosophy he clearly meant reading the philosophers write books you got to read more seminars YouTube videos audio books whatever it takes you got a pull knowledge in your brain that’s what he says is the way to not waste your life then he goes on we are saying we’re in the habit of saying we’re not in our power to choose the parents that were allotted to us they were given to us by chance that’s true you did not choose your parents I did and so many people as all of us get older we started to blame our parents for things they didn’t do right but he says but we can choose whose children we would like to be he’s saying become the children of the world’s greatest people Charlie Munger calls that making friends with the eminent dead right so I recommend that you and I become friends with the eminent dead eminent meaning great those people no longer with us but they’re with us right here so the life of the philosopher extends widely is not confined by the same boundaries as brothers if you want your life to be without bounds you want to rise above the masses I was reading Nietzsche’s book man alone with himself he says in all of us has that innate feeling that we want to rise above and this is how Seneca advises he does that if you want to be alone to be free from the laws that limit the human races and all ages you must step back out of the fray step back out of this mindless planning to plan and just majoring in minors all day that most people take 15 minutes a day sit in a chair read a book think he says so it is inevitable that life will not just be very short but very miserable for those who acquire by great toil what must be kept by greater toil they achieve what they want laborious ly they possess what they achieved anxiously and meanwhile they take no account of the time I will Nevermore return you must he’s talking about just aimlessly going after material pursuits whether it be money love that’s the material pursuit another human health so if you must have tire from these pursuit to the pursuits which are quieter safer and more important I says to do this you have to ensure we do not waste our energies pointlessly on pointless activity think about what you did yesterday how much of us it was pointless activity did not contribute to anything that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break have fun because fun recreation can be part of the end game you got to take a break I think it was Nietzsche in fact who did not follow his own advice because they end up going crazy at one point he said you gotta let your brain relax sometime and that’s okay but you can under relaxed or over relaxed and most of us are over relaxed our brains working but not on anything important so you begin to say so let all your activity be directed to some object let it have some ending of you so if you’re taking a break take a break because you need a break from the activity that you were doing that was getting you towards you all what you wanted pick your any angle what do you want to be the sushi chef you want on hotel chain gonna be a great mother or father you want to build amazing architectural masterpieces you want to be an actor whatever pick your goal and don’t be pointless in your activity uh interesting he says anyone wishes to live life should not engage in many activities either privately or publicly meaning of useless ones so look through your life what’s the useless ones you play too many video games that’s useless you’re just making money for the videogame company you’ll watch too much TV average person I think in America watches three or four hours of TV a day some TV is okay but it starts to cross the line now is it when you make your plans you should make ourselves flexible so we’re not pinning our hopes too much on our set plans and can move from thing to thing which chance bras okay to do that he said your mind must be recalled from external objects into yourself so you gotta go inward now I’ve talked a lot about the answers are not within and I continue to believe that he says here they are answers is and philosophy and studying great people but you must go inward to process what you took in from the outward that’s why the inward and the outward must work together a lot of people just focus on the inside the answers all within no you need the raw ingredients coming in but they get mixed up it’s like salad you know put you buy the lettuce from this farm or this grocery store the carrots this you bring them all together in one Bowl you got to mix them that’s you going inward it says you have to withdraw from things that are pointless right we should withdraw a lot into ourselves the mind should not be kept continuously at the same pits of concentration but you need some diversion he says to Socrates did not blush to play with small children Cato soothed his mind with wine and Skippy Oh used to deport his self triumphal eat to relax so it’s okay for you to relax a little bit it wasn’t done Ichi by the way it was actually the two things must be mingled and varied solitude and joining a crowd so he’s saying don’t be overly social or – uh you know – hermit-like said do both the one will make you being a hermit will make you long for people and the other when you’re too much with people make you want to have saw to each one is a remedy for the other solitude will cure our distaste for a crowd and a crowd will cure our boredom with solitude yet at all times you must be simulated to rejoice stimulated to rejoice without restraint and austere soberness must be banished for a while that’s what he also means how fun that’s what I was saying so to go through this book absolutely vital that you read this book just keep in mind the big picture points we waste our lives in about eight different ways okay number two ah the problem is not that life is too short it’s that we don’t invest it so then he says the next point that you must remember is that you can’t be miserly with your money frugal with your money and just spread your time out there be frugal with your time if you’re doing something that has no endgame goal stop be frugal be cheap with your time now then he says what you must do is you must begin to go into a place where you become a little mini philosopher and I don’t mean philosopher in the sense of you know what you learned in school I mean somebody who reads learns loves knowledge that’s really what a philosopher is just someone who loves ideas you know loves the experience books knowledge seminar just a lover of learning says by doing that you annex you take into yourself all the greats of all time into your brain he says you become timeless then he says you must begin to hone down a specific goal that you want that you invest in and they says put all your energy towards it but he balances out by saying take some time to relax some down time he said even Socrates even Skippy alene Cato took some time drink some wine have some fun okay and last but not least he said don’t spend your time planning and fruitlessly being I call it flurries of activity just doing stuff all the time mindlessly doing stuff major in the majors take time step spend 15 minutes sit in chair every day reading thinking reading the grades so question for you remember if you’re watching on YouTube subscribe here on my channel right below subscribe give out all this good stuff for this on podcast subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already leave me a review there’s a comment for you I want you to leave question for you to questions what’s your endgame goal simple Zen number two what for Billis activity are you doing but you got to just cut and be more frugal with your time number three uh which which area is it reading so going to more conferences is going to make you more of a philosopher so that you make friends with the eminent dead with those great people in life so go to Tai Lopez comm join my free book of the day I put these out it’ll help you read faster I do it the reviews for you it’s free it’s a title page calm put your email in and this is Seneca on the shortness of life also my books if you go to Tyler Pez calm slash books you can get a link to buy this book on Amazon pretty cool or you can just go to the bookstore and get it it’s really cheap it’s like three dollar for dollar bill so but don’t judge a book by the amount of money you spend it’s not always correlated so thanks so much reach out to me on Twitter I answer my Twitter at Tai Lopez calm you can also email me at Tai at toyota.com believe it or not those emails do come to my phone and I check them Kenna always answering but I usually do all right talk to you soon stay tuned 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This Post Was All About 8 Ways To Not Waste Time And Procrastinate.
8 Ways To Not Waste Time And Procrastinate

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Today I was reading “On the Shortness of Life” by Seneca and I was thinking about one of the 8 ways he says people waste time, “going after no fixed goal.” You must have an end goal. Time is limited, you have to know how to use it properly.

Can you answer these three questions?
1. What is your end game goal?
2. What frivolous activity are you doing?
3. Which area of your life is going to make you more of a philosopher?

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