7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online – How To Make Money Online

7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online – How To Make Money Online

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More specifically, you want help with 7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online – How To Make Money Online?

top seven websites to start making money online today stay tuned that’s exactly what i’m gonna be showing you in today’s video and you are not gonna wanna miss this one guys i’ve got the seven best websites possible for you you can pick and choose which ones you wanna try out to start making money online so in this video i’ve got seven websites for you and i’m going to be showing you them from lowest paying until the highest paying at the end of the video okay so make sure you stick around and watch this whole video you are not going to want to miss this one trust me it’s going to be a banger you’re going to love it so guys stick with me watch until the end of the video and that by the end like i said you can pick and choose whichever websites you want to try out for yourself and start making some money online so before we do jump into it got a few things to mention first of all see this thing what i want you to do guys is just grab your fist or grab the nearest object anything you can and just destroy that like button okay please and thank you let’s try and get this video to a thousand likes so go down there right now and hit that like button or just wait until later on in the video see if you like it and then if you do then you can hit the like button but uh i’d appreciate if you did it right now and also the subscribe button 60 if you look at this 60 of you nearly are not subscribed to the channel you’re watching my videos but you’re not subscribed yet why go down there right now if you watch this video go down there hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell if you haven’t done so already okay join one of the biggest money making families on youtube all right join one join digital millionaire become one of my future millionaires and let’s make some money together and without further ado let’s get into my laptop let’s start making money with these seven websites so let’s go all right then guys so we’re gonna fly through these seven websites today if you do have any questions because i’m gonna be going through them fast just off the top of my head this isn’t scripted or anything like that i’m gonna be telling you what i know about these websites explaining how much money you could potentially make with them and by the end of this video you can pick and choose which ones you want and start making money with them okay so if you do have any questions if you if i missed something out and you’re confused go down to the comments and let me know and ask me a question and i will get back to you always in the comments replying to your questions so uh yeah let’s get into it so first website is this one right here user testing now this website will pay you ten dollars for every single test that you do on here okay you’re gonna be testing some websites for all sorts of big brands okay big brands and companies look they’ve got walmart capital one facebook domino’s flowers lululemon these are just a few they work with thousands of websites all over the world big and small okay huge huge companies they work with like adidas nike walmart facebook massive companies all right trust me and you’re going to be working with them as well so how it works is you will let’s click on this get paid to test first okay this is what you’re going to want to click on get paid to test and you can read more about it here okay but basically guys every now and again they will have a test available for you and this is how it works you sign up to the test okay you just click you take the test and they will take you to a website all right this website can be absolutely anything like i said and then once you’re on the website they’re gonna give you some simple tasks you complete maybe four or five tasks you complete them and you get paid ten dollars every single time you do a task a test sorry okay not per 10 not per task every test you do you get paid ten dollars i used to do this myself and i made like a hundred dollars a day from this okay really really great website highly recommend you get on it great place for beginners to start there’s no requirements at all basically just need some good internet uh you need to be able to speak english there’s some questions here okay what we need to get started a computer the road ones windows reliable internet connection a microphone ability to download screen recorder you must be 18 years old and you must be able to speak english that’s basically it so yeah get on usertesting.com absolutely amazing platform start making some money online using this today all right next website i have for you is pico workers okay so this website is a crowd-sourcing website if you don’t know what that is basically people come on here it can be absolutely anyone even you can do this you can come on here and start creating small little gigs okay like little jobs it can be absolutely anything if you’re making a new facebook page you can come on here and ask people to like your facebook page and pay them to do it or you can be one of the ones who gets paid to do these simple little tasks okay so they can be absolutely anything these tasks can be like basically anything you want okay sometimes you’re gonna be liking youtube videos watching youtube videos liking facebook pages like i said retweeting tweets really really simple tasks that are gonna take you like 30 seconds to a minute maybe okay really really really really easy tasks and you get paid for them okay now they don’t pay you a lot maybe 10 cents 20 cents per task but that adds up you can do hundreds of these in a day i’ve got a friend who does this as a as a full-time job he lives in thailand so it’s cheap to live here and he makes around 30 a day which is enough to live on in thailand believe it or not okay so that’s what he does he spends around four or five hours on here makes thirty dollars a day and yeah lives from it okay so great website to check out picoworkers get on it guys um yeah let’s move on to website number three next website i have for you here is rev.com so this website will pay you to do basically some typing jobs okay they can be transcribing captioning subtitling all sorts of different jobs like that and they pay you per minute so if we scroll down here we can see the different pay rates so for example a transcriptionist you’re going to be listening to audio and video accurately typing what is being said labeling speakers and that will pay you anywhere between 30 cents only up to one dollar and 10 cents per minute captioners up to 1.10 cents per minute as well and there are more higher paying things like subtitlers okay if you can speak different languages you’re gonna be good to go guys okay you can earn up to three dollars per minute just for subtitling some videos all right really really great place to make money all you need to do is be able to type which i’m sure most of you can so yeah get on rev.com start making money just from typing next website here number four is going to be fiverr okay so this website is i’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this one a place where you can freelance yourself doing all sorts of different things so what i would recommend you guys do is come out of the website first of all have a look what other people are doing okay look at these categories and the subcategories there are hundreds of them on here just take a look and think to yourself if you can do any of these okay if you’re good at graphics and design start freelancing yourself doing that if you’re good at uh like music and audio freelance yourself doing that you can basically do anything on here if you have a talent you can start making money on this website straight away otherwise guys i do have a lot of videos on my channel already giving you some easy easy methods to make money on here with basically zero work okay so if you go to my channel right now and search for fiverr or just go to youtube search for a digital millionaire fiverr and you’re gonna find a lot of videos that i’ve done teaching you different ways to make money on you like i said with zero skill required and very very little zero work okay really really easy a lot of videos teaching you how to do that so fiverr.com you can set your own prices work whenever you want really really great website okay so get on here if you’re not already and website number five we have shopify so you might know what i’m gonna be talking about already and that is drop shipping so if you don’t know what drop shipping is basically you are gonna make a website a store on shopify okay you make your own online store and then you find other stores okay and then you upload their products on your website every time you get a customer to your website you come on over to the other website where you found the products buy it from them and ship it straight to your customer but you’re obviously selling it at a higher price on your website and keeping the profits okay for example you could find a i don’t know a phone case on this website they’re selling it for two dollars on alibaba for example okay they’re selling a phone case for two dollars on here but you list it on your website for six dollars okay now the customer comes to your website they find your website they pay six dollars for this phone case all you do is go over here pay two dollars for it get it shipped to them and you’ll keep that four dollars profit that’s basically what you do with drop shipping now there’s a lot more to it a lot to be learned it’s pretty difficult to get into i’ll be honest with you and this will cost you a little bit of time a lot of time actually and a little bit of money okay so be ready for that okay it’s gonna require a lot of dedication and it’s gonna take you a lot of time to get it all set up and running smoothly okay i would highly highly highly highly recommend you get on a course for this okay trust me you you should definitely be on a course otherwise you’re gonna be lost you’re gonna be clueless you’re gonna be making mistakes and mistakes are costly when it comes to drop shipping a single little mistake could cost you a lot of money okay you do not want that so get on a course i’ll link one in the description down below that i recommend for you okay and you can start making money online with drop shipping now let’s move on to website number six all right website number six that i have for you here is legendary marketing now this is an affiliate marketing training platform and that’s the method we’re focusing on in this part affiliate marketing if you don’t know what that is basically we’re going to be promoting other people’s products and if we get them sales we will earn a commission okay now a good example of this is amazon okay amazon.com now they have an affiliate program so all you got to do is sign up for the affiliate program get your affiliate link for any product okay find a product that you want to promote get an affiliate link for it send it out to as many people as you can and if somebody clicks on that link and purchases something from amazon you will earn a small commission for example uh like a tv if you have a tv for a thousand dollars okay you send this link to somebody affiliate link they purchase this tv amazon will give you like i don’t know five ten percent of the the price of the product okay depending on the product depending on the percentage commission that you get all right that’s just one example that is for physical products but legendary marketer really focuses on digital products okay online things now these things like courses and stuff they are things that cost thousands and thousands of dollars and they give you very very high commission rates like 50 60 70 sometimes all right so for example you could sell an online course that costs i don’t know ten thousand dollars for example that they are out there okay there are courses that cost that much if you get an affiliate link for one of those and somebody purchases through your affiliate link you could potentially earn i don’t know five thousand six thousand dollars from one single sale there is potential to do that i’ve done it myself okay that is through of the power of affiliate marketing it is a great way to make money online uh it might cost you a little bit of money to start up okay it’s going to cost you a little bit but not too much not like drop shipping drop shipping is going to cost you a lot more and it’s going to require a lot more time and attention as well affiliate marketing that’s why i do it myself this is my main source of income to affiliate marketing i learned everything from legendary marketer so i’m gonna put this at the first link at the top of the description okay because highly recommended if you take anything away from this video at all it is affiliate marketing get on affiliate marketing okay and now finally guys let’s move on to website number seven the final one so the last website i have for you here is youtube okay i’m saving this one until last because there’s the most money to be made on youtube you can implement all sorts of different things on your youtube channel okay affiliate marketing is a perfect one to implement into your channel every single one of my videos has an affiliate link in the description okay every single video without fail we’ll have an affiliate link i will be trying to promote a product uh to try to sell it to earn an affiliate commission okay because that’s just how you make money this is one of the that’s the one of the biggest ways to make money on youtube so for example you can make money from the the adsense obviously every ad you get on your video once you get a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours on youtube you can start putting adverts on your videos and getting paid from that but i make more money from affiliate marketing on youtube than i do from the actual adsense okay because it is just that powerful and there are other things you can do as well you can start selling merch and promoting that in your youtube videos you can make a drop shipping store and promote that in your youtube videos there are so many different things you can do on here to make even more money okay that’s why i’m saving uh youtube until last it’s just you can implement everything into one place on youtube okay so if you want to if you want me to make a full in-depth video on how to make money on youtube let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions about any of these seven websites that i showed you today comment down below if you have any questions about anything in general comment down below and guys that is it for this video pretty much thank you so much for watching do not forget to subscribe if you haven’t already go down there right now hit that subscribe button i’m posting videos just like this nearly every single day teaching you new ways to make money online so if you’re not subscribed you’re missing out also smash that like button right now if you haven’t done so already go down there hit that like button make sure you turn blue for me try and get this video to a thousand likes and i’ll be super super super happy and i might even do another paypal giveaway for you okay so guys thank you so much for watching this video i will catch you in the next one you

This Post Was All About 7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online – How To Make Money Online.
7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online - How To Make Money Online

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