7 BEST Money Making Apps Right NOW! (November 2020)

7 BEST Money Making Apps Right NOW! (November 2020)

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in today’s video i’m gonna be showing you seven of my favorite money making apps that you guys should be starting to use right now if you’re not already you’re just missing out on free money okay all you’re gonna need for this method is a smartphone obviously we’re going over apps so literally all you need is a smartphone or even a tablet if you have one of those you’re good to go just sit back relax watch this video and i’m gonna be talking about the seven best money making apps that are working right now and we’re getting into it straight away so let’s go alright so guys no messing about in this video we’re just getting straight into these apps today i don’t want to waste your time we’re getting straight into them i’m going to talk about them let you know how much money you can make on each of these apps what they do and how you can get your hands on them okay so the first app i want to show you today is this one right here it is called dosh now dosh is one of the best cash back apps right now okay is this is one of the best hands down all you need to do on this app is connect your credit or debit card and basically you’re done that’s all you need to do download the app link your card and now every time you use that link card in selected stores that dosh is partnered with you will earn cashback straight away like no questions asked nothing to do you don’t have to do anything at all except connect your card at the start and then it’s hands-free you don’t have to touch the app ever again which is what i like about it there are a lot of other cashback apps out there but most of them require you to go onto the app find the store you’re looking for click on it buy it through their link it just takes a lot of time whereas with this app all you need to do connect your card and every single time you use that card it’s going to give you cash back automatically you can see from the reviews right here 113 000 reviews with a 4.7 star rating this app is huge people are absolutely loving it because it’s just free money there’s no point going out shopping if you don’t have this app okay because you just you’re just throwing away money basically okay download this app and you will not regret it so that’s app number one that i want to show you now let’s move on to app number two we interrupt our program to bring you this important message hey so just quickly guys i did a very short intro in this video but i want to talk a little bit right now so if you are watching this video right now and you’re enjoying it at any point please don’t forget to smash that like button and consider subscribing as well i post videos just like this every single day teaching you new ways to make money online on your smartphones tablets computers laptops any single device that you have i will have some methods for you i’ve got 700 videos on the channel already with all sorts of different methods for you to make money online so check all those out yeah and just remember to smash that like button it really helps up youtube algorithm and i appreciate it so much okay back to the video so app number two that you should definitely have on your phone this is one of the best money making apps right now in my opinion and that is called daily raffle now on this app you will get a lot of chances every single day i think it’s 300 chances every single day to win up to 500 in free money okay literally just win free money every single day okay i’ve actually been using this app and recommended it to a lot of you guys already and you’re all loving it okay i can see you all winning all my referrals that i’ve sent to here i can see you guys winning okay because uh yeah they’ve got a leaderboards on there i see every time somebody wins i can see if they’re in my referral and a lot of you guys are actually winning which is just super super cool i love it okay every single time i see one of you win i get super happy so that’s why i want to show this app again because uh you’re you’re all loving it okay i’m getting comments on a lot of different videos saying digital money i won i won 500 which is just insane so join one of john join it okay just join the app i don’t know what to say about it but just just join this app so how it works guys is you choose six numbers between the numbers one and nine okay let’s click on this right here this is all you need to do choose the numbers between one and nine right here any order you want you can go one one one one one one if you want it’s up to you okay choose whatever six numbers that you want and then you will enter that into a draw which they do every single day at 7 p.m gmt time okay and in that draw you can enter 300 of these tickets you can pick six numbers 300 times per day which is just insane okay you get a lot of chances to win which is why so many of you are actually winning on this app already 31 000 reviews on here so far with a 4.3 star rating you guys are absolutely loving this app honestly i couldn’t believe the the amount of you who are winning on youtube so keep keep downloading it guys keep playing it and keep winning just try every day it takes two seconds to get those tickets by the way so to get these tickets you’re probably wondering completely free it’s like the lottery right you buy you’re getting into a draw a raffle kind of thing where you win money kind of like the lottery but on here it’s completely free all you need to do to get the tickets is watch a little advert okay it’s gonna be like a 15 second advert you watch that and then you get a free ticket which you can choose your six numbers to enter into a draw you can do that like 300 times a day okay so just just download the app guys and let’s move on to number three all right so this app right here they are going to pay you for your opinion okay it’s your typical survey app but this one is one of the best by far surveys on the go you can see just from the reviews they speak for themselves 80 000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating let’s just read this at this one review right here surveys on the go is one of the best paying apps out there i would recommend it to anyone they actually pay compared to other app servers undergoes my favorite survey taking app redeeming your cash through paypal is never an issue payments are sent out immediately and overall i’m happy to i don’t know what it says i’m not going to click full review but yeah people are again loving this app all you need to do answer some questions and that is simply it it’s super super easy to do anyone can do it guys just download the app surveys on the go create a free account everything everything i’m showing you in today’s video is completely free okay so don’t worry about that nothing on here is going to cost you a single pen but yeah surveys on the go 80 000 reviews people are loving it just answer some questions give your opinion on things typical surveys okay very very simple but yeah download it really really good app people love it including me all right and app number four is gonna be sly joy so if you don’t know what this app is basically every time you unlock your phone sly joy will show you a little advert okay it could be absolutely anything they cater the adverts to your liking the more you use the app the more they get to know you and what kind of ads you’re interested in things you’re interested in and they will cater the ads to you so you’re only seeing things that you’re actually interested in and that happens like i said every single time you unlock your smartphone you just click the button to unlock your phone this little advert will pop up okay let’s see if they got a little example on here um basically just like this okay it’ll look like that a little advert will pop up that’s very very small little advert will pop up just like that on your phone and you’ve got three different options okay you can swipe one way to get rid of it swipe another way to see a new ad and swipe another way to look at it okay we’ve got three different options every single time if you actually open the app okay open whatever ad they’re showing you they will give you some extra money okay but every single time you unlock your phone you’re gonna get money so it’s passive income apparently around i think it’s like a something stupid like 150 times a day something crazy i can’t remember the exact number but it’s something stupid that we unlock our phone every day like we just unlock it just look at it do nothing with it it’s nothing crazy like 150 times a day and you got paid every single time you do that because you’re going to get an advert every single time you do that and you’re going to get money every single time so guys download slidejoy it’s basically free money it’s not much of a pain if you’re in a rush just swipe it away and it takes half a second longer than it usually would to unlock your phone but you’re gonna get paid no matter what okay every single time you see an ad so get check it out guys sly joy really really cool app i love it you guys will too next up we have for you here number five is going to be quick thoughts okay so again this one very similar to the one i showed you earlier surveys on the go but just a little bit different okay just another app that you can download and start doing surveys on 113 000 reviews on this one again very very popular app it’s because it’s just simple to do people love easy things this is one of the easiest things that this is as easy as it gets basically just answering surveys really really really simple i’m not going to talk much about it because you get the picture you answer questions you give your opinion on things and you get paid for your time as simple as that so let’s move on to app number six so app number six folk now this app is insane i love this app because i love taking photos okay i’m a photographer myself i’m not like a professional and i just like doing it for fun but yeah upload your pictures on here and you can start selling your photos okay basically just like instagram it’s like a little social media community kind of thing okay but on here people can actually buy photos as well so you’re gonna want to make sure they’re really good photos really high quality that people are actually going to want to buy okay and yeah you can get your chance of somebody buying your photos which is just really really cool now that’s just one way of making money on you one of the coolest ways in my opinion is what they call missions they have these every single day these missions and it’s big companies that come here it could be like pepsi or something like that pepsi will be promoting a new i don’t know they’re just having a new campaign or something new ad campaign and they’re trying to promote their pepsi brand even more so they want you okay people like you just go out to the shops buy a little bottle of pepsi take a photo with it and they’re gonna pay you for your time doing that as well okay they want to get some like people sharing their campaign that’s what they want okay and it could be anything pepsi anything absolutely anything like why can’t i think of brands right now my mind is just blank but yeah missions really really cool you can see them right here okay so nivea they have one there for nivea so they could ask you to go out and buy some like cream product or something like that take a picture of it and they’ll pay you for doing that really awesome app you should definitely check this out 12 900 reviews right now with a 4.5 star rating i love this app you guys definitely will too so check it out and let’s move on to the last and final app number seven so the last app i have for you today is going to be swagbucks now this is a gpt website or app okay if you don’t know what that is it’s a get paid to so they will pay you to do very simple tasks you get paid to do simple tasks just like watching videos answering surveys downloading apps all sorts of very very simple things you can do it all on swagbucks this is like your one stop shop for everything basically okay if you want to do surveys you can do them on here just like those other two apps that i showed you earlier on if you want cash back you can do it all on just this app right here if you want to uh all sorts of different things you want to watch videos you can do it on here and get paid for it you want to find some new fun apps and games do it on here because they’re going to pay you to download games play apps it’s really really awesome app you should definitely check this out 4.4 star rating with 33 000 reviews really really good insane app you can do everything basically on here uh yeah whether you want to shop all your favorites retailers from the convenience of your phone take service on the go or watch up to date news the swagbucks app has you covered fans find a fancy hotel or shop for a new pair of kicks your favorite retailer shopping you get the picture guys this app pays you to do all sorts of different things get paid to do everything basically okay so check out this swagbucks and that will be app number seven so that is all of them okay we had dosh we had daily raffle surveys on the go slidejoy quick thoughts folk swagbucks those are seven apps money making apps that will literally pay real money that you guys should have on your phones right now so that guys what i want you to do okay your smartphone’s out right now okay maybe you’re watching on your smartphone already if so just open up the play store or the uh the app store whatever you have on your phone find these apps okay find them all and just get on them see which ones you like see which ones make money for you and work in your countries because a lot of these apps don’t actually work in every single country what would be really really helpful is if you guys commented down below which apps work for you comment your country and which apps work or don’t work in your country that would just be super super helpful it’s hard for me because i’m in thailand it’s difficult okay i don’t know which apps are working in philippines and and all these other countries india and pakistan i don’t know unfortunately i would love to but i just can’t i just some of them are just hard to figure out it’s just hard to find answers so you guys could help us out okay scroll down comment down there which apps are working for you okay that’ll be really really helpful but as for this video that is going to be it thank you so much for watching if you did find it helpful please don’t forget to smash that like button uh share this on social media facebook instagram twitter any way you want to subscribe if you haven’t already okay hit that subscribe button turn on the notification bell and that’s basically it i think i will end it here and i’ll catch you in the next video

This Post Was All About 7 BEST Money Making Apps Right NOW! (November 2020).
7 BEST Money Making Apps Right NOW! (November 2020)

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